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Father Rene Labelle

Rene Paul Emile Labelle

Rene P. E. Labelle

26 August 2014:  news that Father Labelle, age 65,  had been found dead in his apartment the previous day (26 August 2014:  BLOG “Any further info?” )

Priest, Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario.  Ordained 1978. Served as chaplain at various schools, including Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School (Kingston), Holy Name Catholic School (Kingston) and Nicholson Catholic College (Belleville).  January 2012 stepped down as pastor at St. Barnaby (Brewers Mill) amid news of an on-going police investigation and word of allegations of some form of ‘inappropriate activity.’ 21 February 2012 charged sexual assault, sexual exploitation and invitation to sexual exploitation involving a teenage boy in the summer of 2004.   17 January 2014:  GUILTY on all three counts.  Sentenced to 16 months jail.  Appeal filed (out on ball pending appeal – as of 12 August all required paperwork had not yet been filed)

July or August 2014:  two charges breach of bail (failure to report to police – this was post sentencing while out on bail pending appeal) (12 August 2014:  BLOG Priest breaches bail while appealing conviction )


Obituary in Kingston Whig Standard 28 August 2014


 20 August 2014:  BLOG An apology?

27 August 2014:  Disgraced former priest found dead

26 August 2014:  “Priest convicted of sex related crimes found dead in west end apartment” with VIDEO

26 August 2014:  Priest convicted of sex related crimes found dead in west end apartment

26 August 2014:  BLOG “Any further info?”

12 August 2014:  BLOG Priest breaches bail while appealing conviction

14 April 2014: “Priest sentenced to 16 months for sexual assault” & VIDEO

And he’s appealing his conviction:  14 April 2014:  Retired priest gets 16 months in jail


Please note:  Anyone with any allegations against or information regarding Rene LABELLE is asked to contact the Leeds County OPP Crime Unit at 613-659-5200 or 1-888-310-1122.


17 January 2014:  Reasons for Judgment (Father Rene Labelle conviction)


Archbishops of the Archdiocese of Kingston from time of Father Labelle’s ordination: Joseph Lawrence Wilhelm (14 December 1966 – 12 March 1982); Francis John Spence (24 April 1982 – 27 April 2002 ); Anthony Giroux Meagher (27 April 2002 Appointed – 14 January 2007 ); Brendan Michael O’Brien (01 June 2007 – )


Next court appearance:

On breach of bail charges 28 August 2014:  09:00 am, Kingston Ontario Courthouse, 279 Wellington St. Kingston;

On sex chargesCONVICTED.  Appeal filed.  14 April 2014:   10 am, Sentencing hearing in am and possibly sentencing in the afternoon, Frontenac Court House (5 Court Street), Kingston, Ontario;  13-20 January 2014:  10:30 am, TRIAL, Frontenac Court House (5 Court Street), Kingston, Ontario05 April 2013: 10 am, assignment court, Frontenac Court house (5 Court Street), Kingston, Ontario27 March 2013:  10 am, Pre-trial hearing (NOT open to the public) ,  Frontenac courthouse (5 Court Street), Kingston, Ontario15 March 2013: Pre-trial hearing (NOT open to the public) , 10 am, Frontenac courthouse, Kingston, Ontario; 06-07 February 2013: preliminary hearing, 10 am, Kingston Courthouse, 279 Wellington St. Kingston20 February (changed to 06 Feb) Preliminary Hearing, 10 am, Kingston Courthouse, 279 Wellington St. Kingston; 05 June 2012: pre-trial conference, 09:30 am, courtroom #1, Kingston Courthouse, 279 Wellington St. Kingston; 15 May 2012: 09:00 am, Kingston Courthouse, 279 Wellington St. Kingston24 April 2012: 09:00 am, Kingston Courthouse, 279 Wellington St. Kingston 27 March 2012:  09:00 am, Kingston Courthouse, 279 Wellington St. Kingston, First appearance, Bail hearing, Ontario Court of Justice, Kingston, Ontario


Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact the Leeds County OPP Crime Unit at 613-345-1790 or 1-888-310-1122.


26 August 2014:  BLOG “Any further info?”

12 August 2014:  BLOG Priest breaches bail while appealing conviction

14 April 2014:  16 months prison for priest charged in sexual assault

14 April 2014: “Priest sentenced to 16 months for sexual assault” & VIDEO

23 January 2014:  BLOG Reasons for Judgments posted

17 January 2014:  “Priest guilty on all counts” & VIDEO

17 January 2014:  Priest found guilty of sexual assault

17 January 2014:  “Priest found guilty of sexual assault ” & related article

15 January 2014:  “Priest denies sex assault accusations” & related article

14 January 2013:  Alleged victim cross examined at sex assault trial

13 January 2014:  Man waited years to report abuse, court hears

08 February 2013: Roman Catholic Priest Rene Labelle Faces Sexual Assault Charges

07 February 2013: Kingston priest to stand trial for sex charges

06 February 2013: BLOG Committed to stand trial

06 February 2013:  BLOG Prefers trial by judge alone

22 February 2012:  Counselling available to students

22 February 2012: Former Read priest charged

21 February 2012: Police charge priest (with comments from Sylvia’s Site)

31 January 2012:  “Priest steps down” with comments


Unless otherwise indicated the following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand, the 1980 Ontario Catholic Directory (OCD) and media (M)

25 August 2014:  found dead in his apartment.  Age 65.

August 2014:  case filed with Ontario court of Appeal is ‘not perfected yet” – meaning required documents have not yet been filed in order to proceed.

Late July or early August 2014:  Two charges laid for breach of bail conditions (failure to report to police)

14 April 2014:  Sentenced to 16 months in jail and 30 months probation.  Appeal filed

17 January 2014GUILTY on all three counts

February 2013:  Committed to stand trial after 06 February 2013 preliminary hearing – has elected to be tried by judge in Ontario Superior Court of justice

20 February 2012:  charged with sexual assault, sexual exploitation and invitation to sexual exploitation involving a teenage boy in the summer of 2004 (M)

2012 (?):  Chaplain at Holy Cross High School in Kingston from Wednesday to Friday.  According to HC website:

“Fr. René Labelle is the priest chaplain for Holy Cross, and was ordained for the Archdiocese of Kingston in 1977. He is currently pastor of St. Barnaby’s Parish in Brewer’s Mills and works at the school from Wednesday to Friday. He provides priestly ministry to the school community including confession, spiritual counselling and daily Mass in the school chapel.” (he was ordained 1978)

–  listed as staff at Holy Name Catholic School, Kingston

2011, 2010:  Saint Barnaby Roman Catholic Church in Brewers Mill (Seeley’s Bay), Ontario – address  (CCCD)

2006St. Barnaby’s, Brewers Mill

2005:  on sabbatical for first semester of the school year.  From Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School September 2005 newsletter:

Our pastoral theme this year, “Come, Let Us Adore Christ”,
challenges us to reflect on how every aspect of our lives can
lead us to worship Christ in a deeper way. We look forward to
meeting new students and staff as they join us in making this
theme come alive in our classrooms, in the gym, at school
Masses, and in every aspect of our life as a school community.
Our school chaplain, Fr. Rene Labelle, will be away on
sabbatical for first semester. We are pleased to have Fr. Rod
McNeil and Fr. Michael Reed, two local parish priests replacing
Fr. LaBelle. Fr. McNeil will be with us on Tuesdays and
Fr. Reed will be here on Thursdays, which means he will celebrate
our Opening School Mass on Thursday, September

June 2005Said Mass for Grade 8 graduation at Sacred Heart School in Wolf Island.  That probably means he was Pastor at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Wolf Island at that time?

07 July 2004:  Pastor, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Wolf Island, Ontario (online)

was serving at St. Anthony of Padua until his appointment in July 2004.  Had also been chaplain at Holy Cross High School at time of his appointment to Wolf Island

2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996:  Pastor, St. Anthony of Padua, Centreville, Ontario (CCCD)

1988- 1995:  Pastor,  St. Charles Borromeo, Shannonville (Read) Ontario (online)

1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991:  Pastor, St. Charles Borromeo, Shannonville (Read) Ontario (CCCD)

1984-1988:  Chaplain at Nicholson Catholic College, Belleville, Ontario and Pastor at St. John’s Roman Catholic Church, Flinton, (M)

1985-1986:  Pastor, St. John’s Roman Catholic Church, Flinton, Ontario (CCCD)

1980:  392 Palace Rd. St. Joseph Roman Catholci Church with Monsignor B. J. Walsh (OCD)

Born in Brockville, Ontario


Priest steps down

Kingston Whig Stanard

31 January 2012

By Elliot Ferguson/The Whig-Standard

A Roman Catholic priest who worked as a school chaplain at Holy Cross Secondary School in Kingston has stepped down from his parish because of alleged involvement in inappropriate activity.

Members of the congregation at St. Barnaby Catholic Church on Hwy. 15 near Brewers Mills were told Sunday their parish priest, Father Rene Labelle, had voluntarily stepped down from his position.

Brendan Michael O’Brien, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kingston, made a short statement informing the church’s congregation of Labelle’s removal.

“There has been an allegation of misconduct involving Father Rene Labelle,” O’Brien said.

“Father Labelle has voluntarily withdrawn from ministry while the allegation is being investigated and until the matter is resolved.

“I ask for your prayers for all concerned.

“The Archdiocese will be looking for ways to continue providing pastoral ministry at St. Barnaby’s.”

According to a biography on the Holy Cross website, Labelle was ordained for the Archdiocese of Kingston in 1977.

He worked as a priest chaplain at Holy Cross from Wednesday to Friday, providing priestly ministry to the school community including confession, spiritual counselling and daily mass in the school chapel.

“Because of the allegation, and while the allegation is being investigated, he has been withdrawn from that role,” said Jody DiRocco, director of Education for the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board.

DiRocco said there were no Holy Cross pupils involved in the alleged incident.

“No,” DiRocco said. “I am not aware of that.”

Kay Weerasooriya, a canon lawyer for the archdiocese, said Monday the allegations against Labelle came to the archdiocese’s attention in the middle of last week.

“It is a recent allegation,” said Weerasooriya, adding that the archdiocese’s protocol is to contact police immediately of allegations against priests.

Weerasooriya said she did not know if there were any other priests involved in the investigation, nor did she say what was the nature of the allegation against Labelle.

“Until we hear back from the police there is nothing more we can say,” she said.

“We’re kind of waiting.”

Police were tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding Labelle’s removal from the parish.

“I can confirm there is an ongoing police investigation,” OPP Sgt. Kristine Rae said Monday afternoon.

Rae would reveal no additional details about the nature of the investigation.


Local priest steps down

Quinte News (

Tue, Jan 31st, 2012 – 7:38 am

A Priest who used to serve in Tyendinaga Township has stepped down after allegations of inappropriate activity.

According to the Kingston Whig Standard, Father Rene Labelle, who used to serve in the late 80′s and early 90′s locally, left a church near Kingston this week after allegations were forwarded to the local Archdiocese.

Labelle used to serve as the Priest at Saint Charles Borromeo church in Tyendinaga Township, and has also served at a number of other Parishes around the Diocese.

It has not been made clear what the allegations are, however police have confirmed there is an ongoing investigation.

The allegations come on the heels of a slew accusations against two other Priests and the Archdiocese earlier this month.


Kingston archbishop appoints 6 pastors

The Ottawa Citizen

16 July 1988

Kingston Archbishop Francis Spence has appointed six pastors and three associate pastors effective Aug. 10 for parishes in the archdiocese.

Appointed pastors are Rev. Francis O’Neill, who takes over the parishes of St. Laurence O’Toole in Spencerville and St. Theresa’s in Augusta; Rev. Peter Murphy in Annunciation parish in Enterprise; Rev. Patrick Kelly, St. Mary’s parish in Carleton Place; and Rev. Brian McNally, who will serve in Sacred Heart parish in Lanark and St. Columkill’s parish in McDonald’s Corners.

Also appointed pastor are Rev. Rene LaBelle in St. Charles Borromeo parish in Read and Rev. Richard Racine in St. John The Evangelist parish in Flinton and St. Killian’s parish in Ardoch.

O’Neill is a native of Read and was ordained in 1947. For the past three years he has associate pastor at St. Francis Xavier parish in Brockville.

Murphy, a native of Elgin, was ordained in 1957. For the past five years he has been pastor in St. Mary’s parish in Carleton Place.

Kelly was ordained in 1960. The Belleville native has been pastor of Read since 1976.

McNally has been chaplain and and director of pastoral services at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston for the past 13 years.

The Westport native was ordained in 1970.

Labelle was born in Brockville and ordained in 1978. During the past four years, he has been pastor of St. John’s, Flinton and chaplain at Nicholson Catholic College in Belleville.

Racine was born in Cornwall and, following a teaching career, was ordained in 1986 as a graduate of Saint Paul University Seminary in Ottawa.

For the past two years, he has has served as associate pastor of St. Peter’s Parish in Trenton. He receives his initial assignment as pastor of St. John’s, Flinton and St. Kilian’s, Ardoch.

He also will provide chaplaincy service to St. Paul’s High School in Trenton.

The following were appointed associate pastors:

Rev. William Powell, a Smiths Falls native who was ordained in 1957 as a member of the Capuchin Fathers. He will serve in St. Joseph’s parish in Kingston.

Rev. Robin Gwyn, of Montreal, was ordained in May. He becomes an associate pastor in Brockville’s St. Francis Xavier parish, where had been assigned temporarily.

Rev. Joseph McAuley of Prescott, a former teacher and principal, becomes associate pastor at St. Peter’s, Trenton.

94 Responses to Labelle: Father Rene Labelle

  1. Glen says:

    Isn’t someone innocent until proven guilty? There have been many false accusations. There is nothing commendable about lying, especially for financial gain. If charges are laid and a trial then we’ll know whether this priest is guilty or not.

    • baud says:

      Boom, charges laid. The catholic church is a joke. I am completely fine with people having their own faith, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I certainly have no problem with people practicing that faith either or gathering to do so together. What I can’t wrap my head around is the prejudices that the church openly have, specifically against homosexuality. Very sad. I am not a religious person, nor a homosexual, but I take pride in living a good life, caring and helping others especially those in need whenever I can because I feel that is the right thing to do, not because some crooked organization tells me to. I also have friends and family members who have been shunned by the church for their sexual orientation (how ironic…). I have always been an Atheist, and I went to this high school because I lived near by only. The priest in question was there for all four of my years. It just goes to show you that it is really dangerous to put all of one’s faith into something so corrupt, without knowing all the facts. One must look at what they are being taught in a critical way and really think before blindly following and trusting strangers in a position of authority.

      • JG says:

        Your words:

        “…I take pride in living a good life, caring and helping others especially those in need whenever I can because I feel that is the right thing to do…”
        You understand very clearly…
        More “Christians” should understand that “Message” as you say you do…and you don’t need a “label”, a “frontier” or a “flag” for that…
        Better to say you don’t know Him and do what is right than to pretend you do for the “wrong reasons”..
        Good for you and don’t play the labels game…
        You’re alright and sincere. That means a lot more…


      • Richard says:

        Yeah, Father Labelle was there for all four of my years too, he was an amazing priest. I’m not religious in any way shape or form, but school was closest. He was hilarious, but after finding this out, I’m shocked =\.

  2. JG says:

    “There is nothing commendable about lying, especially for financial gain.”

    A very fitting ,”Historical” quote to describe the actions of “the church”…


  3. Glen says:

    jg, Are you familiar with the line that comes after “and forgive us our trespasses as…”

    Yes crimes were committed, but the gates of Hell will never prevail against the Church. It is the path to Salvation.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Glen, and the road to Hell is paved with good intentions!
      Whoever you are trolling for, tell them you are not successful. Should you be addressed as Father, or are you perhaps acting on behalf of a certain Bishop who is presently feeling some heat ?

  4. JG says:

    …yes, and further…”lead not into temptation and deliver us from evil”…
    Christ is the Path and the Way. You have forgotten that?!!…
    You and so many others are so quick to attempt to intimidate with “the gates of hell”…
    because His Love has been misused by the church for its own worldly purposes…
    Because you have been unable to “surrender”…Because you serve two masters!
    The catholic church with all the arrogance of the servant chosen to look after His house and instead decided to call that house its own, will get its just reward.
    You can pretend with the church to be the chosen but you should have remained the loyal servant and she the “Faithful” chosen.
    The Church has been writing its own script, rewriting the words and failing the Spirit.
    The Gates of Hell threat is used by the very ones who are looking in that direction…
    I do not fear, am not intrigued nor do I see what your eyes contemplate in your empty distraction…Because it feeds off your dark spirit!

    Yes, crimes were committed against the Master of the House! He will be furious!…
    You who are looking for forgiveness should start to repent and stop trying to explain away unspeakable crimes against the “first” chosen, chosen by Christ before “the Bride”…
    ..the “children” will trump anything “the church” will ever claim. If you couldn’t look after the most vulnerable in your charge, imagine His fury at the sight of all your denials ,excuses…The church is asking for the benevolence it has not shown…You can relate that to the right passages of the Bible I’m sure…Reading is not your problem: understanding is the gift.
    I know of Christ and he is my contemplation and my guide, MY salvation… You wish to speak of Hell.., does that mean you are looking away???…in the wrong direction! Go down on your knees, head to the ground and be the servant you claim to be.
    Then you may be forgiven your trespasses. Then you will feel His presence “above” the church…
    I feel His Love and Try to be better every day. I ask for nothing and I am overwhelmed by His care… He gave you everything and you are here always asking for more! Blind and selfish!…
    Serve, repent and be quiet until He speaks to you. Find Respect… the church is no longer in a position to have “demands”. It was supposed to be the “Giver”…not the “Taker”.
    Forgiveness is earned, given freely! Not ever requested! or expected. It is a gift!…Understand if you can.
    Seek the Light or the darkness will consume you.

  5. Mr T says:

    This site is being taken over by nutbars

    • JG says:

      Funny stuff…
      You had me at “Mr. T.”…with the hair cut, 5 foot two…But, come on! Lighten up on the senior citizen with cabin fever.!
      Nutbar!! third biggest laugh for me this year…after some precious ones from Cheryl…You are down to earth, obviously, Mr. T….
      Remember when in Rome, speak and do as the Romans…otherwise, they don’t figure it out.
      My diatribe was in answer to “Father Glen’s” repeated rationalizing…
      Tell me I’m wrong, you are not really like Mr. T of the “A” team…


  6. Glen says:

    Nutbars, a.k.a. people with issues.

    Of course some of the criticisms are valid and deserved. However, many Church critics use any scandal as fodder for their personal vendettas due to their disagreement with doctrine on things like homosexuality.

    Bottom line: yes crimes/sins have been committed but the Church goes on. Crimes/sins get committed by our politicians; do we condemn them or democracy? The Church isn’t a haven for saints, but a hospital for sinners.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Glen, ooops, sorry, Father Glen, you really do protest too much. Is it getting too close to your home?

    • JG says:

      Father Glenn,
      …and the “father” is not to show respect but to see your face for what you are. Sad you need to hide and continue to look for excuses…rationalizing, minimizing, deflecting, towing the line at all “costs”…
      …and always repeating that everyone is doing it! That doesn’t make it alright…
      Politicians? We have known for ever that they are at the bottom of the barrel…and we thought priests were sitting on the top of it.
      …”doctrine on homosexuality…” Church priorities have certainly progressed in the wrong direction. This one seems to be yours repeatedly!…your issue!
      Aren’t you quick to jump on the “nutbar”…Include generosity in your next hypocritical sermon!!
      A lot of the Saints, unfortunately, have been used by the church, conveniently!
      A lot of people with “issues” have spent too much time in your “hospital”…
      Now you don’t have to hide anymore!
      Speak up. Share “your” wisdom!…


    • Michel Bertrand says:

      That’s rich a hospital for the sinners..more like a haven for criminals..The children and people in your pews are not being helped at all with rationalization or minimizing or hiding or abetting men and women who target children for their own selfish criminal ends.. Unless your maybe indicating that the hospital staff’s purpose is to create a world in their own likeness one that feels it has a monopoly on guilt and shame and tries to make everyone feel like they did something wrong by standing up to such tragic crimes. I am sorry my spiritual life is filled with love, kindness and compassion..I do not tolerate criminals who hurt and hinder a child’s spiritual development and neither did Christ. I bristle at this kind of stupid commentary.

  7. Helena says:

    Father Glenn,
    Kingston priests are the worst priests I have ever seen, including Joe Lynch [deleted]. I know very well some of the priests like you are wolves in sheep cloths!

  8. Where has ‘Glen’ identified himself as a priest or are you just calling him ‘Father’ because of the defensive nature of his posts? If he is a priest, I hope he will say so openly as I do.

    Fr. Tim

  9. jon smith says:

    To Helena

    Has Fr Joe Lynch been convicted of a crime? If not be careful!

  10. Michel Bertrand says:

    Wait and see and stop trowing rocks at each other the articles state

    It has not been made clear what the allegations are, however police have confirmed there is an ongoing investigation.

    Yes something s amiss yet we don’t know what….if it’s impropriety and crimes against children t will be reported soon enough..

    Common people now smile on your brother everybody come together try to love one another right now..Youngbloods.. as much as the commentary is entertaining it presents no positive manner to protect kids..

  11. jon smith says:


    You better be careful – you are hosting a site where people have be libeling others!

    Certainly shows the character of some of these people.

  12. Sylvia says:

    Not to worry Jon – people are usually careful – sometimes there’s a minor slip of the tongue/keyboard which can be all too readily misinterpreted as bad will by some. I will keep on eye on that.

  13. deeplybetrayed says:

    Bishop Brendan O’Brien served as archbishop in St. John’s, NL archdiocese.
    Bishop Douglas Crosby served as bishop of St. George’s Diocese, NL. He changed the name of our diocese after bankruptcy. They all do the same political coverups and play the mind games like “pray for him”, subtly meaning it’s our fault because we’re not praying for him/them? If prayer would change them, we’d have a holy, catholic church. God cannot change anyone who doesn’t want to be changed or feel there is anything wrong with them – and if they haven’t done anything wrong, what’s there to forgive? We shouldn’t play with God’s Word (Scripture) to justify any of this. This is truly diabolical, reprensible acts by “men of the cloth”, a darkness that must be brought into the light. I thank those of you who came forward about your abuse.
    I sure do pray for you. Many I’m sure were threatened, coerced, given money, etc. to remain silent. What a sad history our church has!
    What power the church has had! How they have abused that power!

  14. tk says:


    Fr. Joe Lynch is one of the most caring, intelligent people, let alone priest that I have ever been privilidged to know. His kindness to greiving families is unsurpassed and despite the pressure of holding so many positions, he always has a kind word or smile for you. I have not aptly articulated just how kind and gentle this man is, but one thing is certain, to let a negative comment pass unrefuted about this good soul, I cannot abide.

  15. Michel Bertrand says:

    A lot of people thought he looked like a duck and now that he is charged he looks like he walks and talks like a we only need the court to confirm by due process that he is in fact a duck. No disrespect meant to ducks.

  16. Mike says:

    Quack – Quack! I agree! Mike

  17. Mike says:

    Re: Fr. Rene Labelle;
    I think we might find that Sister Leona Fitzgerald has something to say about Fr. Rene Labelle. Mike

  18. Mike says:

    Hey Glen;
    You seem sudennly very silent! Have any prayers for Fr. Rene Labelle? Mike

  19. Sylvia says:

    Father Rene Labelle’s first appearance in court is at 9 am, Tuesday 27 March at the Kingston Courthouse on 279 Wellington St., Kingston, Ontario. It was previously listed as bail hearing, but I just checked and was told that it is his “first appearance.”

  20. Mr T says:

    I too, have nothing but the highest regard for Fr. Joe Lynch. His care and compassion for my extended family when my nephew committed suicide was remarkable in every way.

  21. Sylvia says:

    Father Rene Labelle did not appear in court this morning. His next court date is 9 am, 24 April 2012.

  22. John Scarborough says:

    why didn’t he appear?

  23. Sylvia says:

    I don’t know John, but I do know that it is not at all uncommon for the accused not to appear for any number of countless court dates which generally transpire after charges are laid. I had thought he would be there today because it was supposed to be “first appearance” – obviously not the case.

  24. Mike Blum says:

    They never show up for the first date, nothing can happen at the first date because it is for both side to disclose the information they have, and that is done by a lawyer and the crown.

  25. Sylvia says:

    I have been told the case was adjourned to 09:00 am, 15 May 2012 (Kingston)

  26. Sylvia says:

    Father Labelle’s next court-date is 05 June 2012, 9:30 am, courtroom #1 for a pre-trial conference (this is probably NOT open to the public)

  27. Sylvia says:

    Father Rene Labelle’s Preliminary Hearing has been set for 20 February 2013: 10 am, Kingston, Ontario court house.

    That’s a long long wait for those who found the courage to come forward.  Keep them in your prayers

  28. JH says:

    *…. a lot of interesting comments.. alot of hurt out there…. but having known Fr. Labelle for many years I was very shocked at this news…. that being said… I cannot help but pray for his accusers AND for him…. he was an integral support for my husband and I through several miscarriages and a very difficult high risk pregnancy… it was he who returned us to our faith…… for sins that may have been done I cannot help but have room in my heart for Father…  perhaps an unpopular sentiment, but true never-the-less.  I have no idea how I would feel if the shoe was on the other foot and it was my child in question…. I cannot imagine the pain the person involved is going through…. I pray they find the peace and forgiveness they will need to heal.

  29. P. Black says:

    Just how accurate are your findings and updating of the
    outcome of charges?  As for Rene P. E.
    , I heard the charges were dropped and it was all a fabrication.  I hope that you also state publicly for the
    wrongly accused as well.  It appears to
    me that you are on a mission to bring awareness to people who have done wrong
    to people, although I condemn all sexual abuse on a person, child or adult, I
    do not think it is fair that you are just targeting Priest….I am sure you are
    aware that Pedophiles and or Sexual deviants are found in a vast population of
    professionals. i.e. teachers, doctors etc… If you want to keep a blog, be
    non-discriminatory and fair-minded… otherwise your website is taking up
    valuable web space!

  30. P. Black says:

    Don’t you worry that you could be indicted for defamation
    of character or more? I mean with the innocent people?  You are aware that some people are abusing
    the system to get money or revenge.  If
    you want to raise awareness to past sexual abuse that has been proven and convicted
    by all means go for it… But I think it is discriminating to openly post names
    until the outcome has been determined. Don’t you agree? Again, I condemn all
    sexual abuse on a person, child or adult but I also happen to know some really
    good Priest and what you and others are doing is making the outside public
    think all Priest are sexual predators, and that is sinful, that is like saying
    all bloggers are mentally insane and out to get the public with their words…It
    is just not right…

    • Baspuit says:

      “Defamation of character” and what do you call; what an innocent child that was abused by a man of god goes through life as? Walk a mile in my shoes!

      Condemning all sexual abuse is a start, but understanding “why” it’s a crime, we should all have this (understanding) at heart.

      You’ve met good priest? How many innocent child has these good priest saved; by denouncing a pedophile con-frère to the police?

      History will prove that a pedophile priest had a hell of lot more victims than any other pedophile, all combined together!

      Here in our diocese, the bishop won’t mention the bad ones that Bastarache has discovered, so how can one tell which one is GOOD?

      That’s over 60 parishes and we’ve said that all churches has seen one pedophile priest under its roof and we’re not talking about the same priest!  My 2 cents!


  31. JG says:

    *P. Black…

    Read some more, then some and then some more again…you are and old script, really boring!

    Next court appearance 20 February 2013.   This is public record.

    Someone else may have the energy and desire to educate you further.

    …what you and others are doing is making the outside public
    think all Priest are sexual predators,…”

    Sorry! The Church actions, inaction, secrets, lies, deflection,…has caused that damage. Take the blinders off and read…listen!

    “...I also happen to know some really
    good Priest..” 
    That is very good news, Mr.Black.  You know at least one! There is Hope!


  32. Mike Fitzgerald says:

         P. Black sounds a lot like “Glen” Head stuck deep in the sand, unable and unwilling to hear the truth.  Mike.

  33. PJ says:

    Well said jg…tag team time: P. Black, you are so misguided.

    As for Rene P. E.
    Labelle, I heard the charges were dropped and it was all a fabrication.
      You “heard”…in other words gossip! Says a lot about your integrity not to do some further research.

    If you want to keep a blog, be non-discriminatory and fair-minded…  Sylvia certainly is. You sound like someone who has serious blinders on likely put there by that church.

    otherwise your website is taking up valuable web space! If there is valuable web space being taken up, it’s because of morons who blindly defend collars all the while still giving money to that church.

    Although you stated that you condemn all sexual abuse (and I agree) you devoted most of your blog defending collars and attacking Sylvia…go start your own website and leave us to do what we need to do, that is, expose that church for the sinful way it defends it’s perverted collars and fights the victims tooth and nail.

    Goodbye Mr. Black.

  34. P. Black says:

    Pj, Mike and Jg, I see you three must be the ombudsman for
    this site… and that the freedom of speech doesn’t transpire on here, if you
    dare to disagree then you three little watchdogs are right there to pounce on
    the person… I think they call that ‘bullying’. LOL

    As for my integrity not to do some further research, you are
    right I didn’t share where I received the information from but then again it
    isn’t my web site, so I don’t have to share or do any further research, that
    would be the job of the webmaster or publisher of the site.

    I am thinking your philosophy is…. if one is guilty, then
    they all are? So, I guess that we (the public) should expose all… School
    employees, Doctors, Dentist, Choirmasters, Coaches, oh and don’t forget about
    other places of worship, and the list goes on and on. I mean according to your
    perspective, because there was more than one, two or three than that means all
    would be guilty of sexually abusing, correct?

    If you could read, you will see that I said… or should I
    type this slower…. I think it is discriminating to openly post names until the
    outcome has been determined.
    Once they have been proving guilty than by all means
    post it, shout it out, do whatever you want.


    As for my head in the sand… I beg to differ, I am aware that
    the church had handled it wrongly, so are all Catholics and the public, the
    church is aware of their wrong doing to which they have made some significant
    changes on how they handle allegations and also how they allow anyone to work
    or volunteer within the church.


    Oh yeah, If I want to give the church money I shall,
    especially knowing that my money could go to pay for counselling for the
    victims who did suffer at the hands of some priest, if I want to consider not
    all priest are offenders I shall, if I want to say anything I shall, if you
    don’t want to read it,  have your friend
    Sylvia change the posting abilities to ‘members only’ or better yet have a fee
    and donate the funds to the victims that would help them more than this website


    I find that with narrow-minded people like you three make it
    hard for the church to recover from the damage the past pedophiles and abusers
    have done to the church. Surely, you are all clever enough to know that a
    pedophile or sexual abuser usually will put themselves in a position where they
    can easily get their prey. Yes, No?


    Anyway, I will not visit this site again; it is a waste of
    my time to deal with people who are closed-minded. I said what I wanted to say
    and I don’t want to hear any more of the Three Stooges (Pj, Mike and Jg)
    ineffectual feedback. May God Bless you, and help you out with your harden

  35. P. Black says:

    Baspuit, You, do not know me.  So please don’t tell me I don’t understand
    what an abuse victim goes through. I can also assure you that I completely
    understand how physically degrading and emotionally harmful it is to be abuse
    by a person of trust and authority.  I am
    sorry for what has happen to you and I can understand why you don’t understand
    where I am coming from but I think everyone is jumping on me way to fast! You
    all make it sound like I am protecting the abusive Priest and I am not.  I just think one is innocent until proven

  36. JG says:

    *P. Black…

    Either I lost an earlier comment or Sylvia has raised the “moderation flag”…understandably. In my Oct.3rd comment I simply said your comments were “boring” as they are a repetition of the same old excuses we have been hearing from the Church, priests and supporters. I gave you a court date and expressed my opinion on the Church response, which is definitely inadequate.

    You said you knew “some good Priest” and I finished by saying “There is Hope!” ….”lest there be but one righteous man…” Don’t be blinded by your rage: type more slowly if you wish but take the time to “weigh” someone else’s words also!

    I cannot be responsible for what anybody else says on this site. If you think your comments  gain any credibility by adding “May God bless you”, you do have a problem beyond boring!  Your response is anything but Christian-like and failed to “turn the other cheek”…

    I have no need or desire to qualify your insults further. You have shown your “open mind” just enough and your good judgement also.  

    If we are to wait for the guilty ones only, the Church will delay forever until all are dead! No insults to trade with you. I just feel sorry for your mental ‘blockage’…


  37. Sylvia says:

    No jg, I didn’t moderate a comment of yours.  If it’s not there then somehow it didn’t make it through. Try again.

    I had an email from PJ with an apology and asking that I delete his last comment if I thought that would be appropriate.  I decided to delete.  

    P. Black, do you really think it is appropriate to allow a suspect molester to have continued access to children?  Do you think it is fair to Catholics in general and Catholic parents in particular to pretend there have been no allegations against a particular priest until two or three years down-stream when he is finally brought to trial? or years and years downstream when word gets out that a sex abuse lawsuit was settled? I don’t.  That of course is the essence of what has been happening for the past fifty years.  Look at the mess that has put us in.  And look at the number of children whose souls were raped because they and their parents trusted ‘Father’ never for a moment suspecting that he was a predator.


  38. JG says:


    That was not a criticism….and my last post is in the same vein as the comment “I” lost!! Too many fingers probably! One of those Oops! moment…but I wasn’t sure. Jg is not that thin skinned!


  39. Lina says:

    *I’ve been reading the postings between P. Black and the other posters.

    P. Black said:  “….I find that with narrow-minded people like you three make it hard for the church to recover from the damage the past pedophiles and abusers have done to the church…… “

    P. Black is acknowledging damage from pedophiles and abusers have done to the church in the past.

    P. Black is not acknowledging the serious covering up for these pedophiles and abusers by those who are still part of the clergy at all levels and especially the Catholic Church’s “hierarchy” (Vatican).

    JG said it very clearly in his post to P. Black:….”The Church actions, inaction, secrets, lies, deflection,…has caused that damage…..”

    There are heaps of cases in the present that are still being kept under-wrap for many different reasons.

    Another point…numerous clergy abuse cases are still happening in the third world to this very day. These cases will not come to light for many decades to come, if ever. The lack of human rights that hinders progress in many these areas especially where the strong influence of the Roman Catholic Church is so strong.

    P. Black said:   “Anyway, I will not visit this site again; it is a waste of my time to deal with people who are closed-minded. I said what I wanted to say and I don’t want to hear any more of the Three Stooges (Pj, Mike and Jg) ineffectual feedback. May God Bless you, and help you out with your harden hearts…”

    P. Black is saying he will not visit this (Sylvia’s) site again. 

    I tend not to believe P. Black because P. Black may want to keep an eye on this site to see if one or more of his clergy friends’ name make the Accused list and it’s even possible aka P. Black is a clergy member?

    It is a scary and a difficult time for all priests and clergy in the Roman Catholic Church and it’s only going to get tougher for them all.

    I do trust God more than I would ever trust any Roman Catholic Clergy.

    Thank you,


  40. JG says:


    Question from above:”P. Black is a clergy member?”…

    Check back on “Horgan” from Vancouver,… Glenn, Jon Smith…If not the same, they are quadruplet brothers, working the same office with a lot of “inside information” and just as much deception and disguise!  Possibly one very angry “bishop”!!!!


  41. PJ says:

    JG and Lina: You’ve both hit the nail on the head..p black is probably a fake name for a collar in disguise. Sad that they stoop this low isn’t it?

  42. MS says:

    *Sylvia’s comment: “That of course is the essence of what has been happening for the past fifty years.’  
    This has been a cancer in the church for centuries, a secret, a hidden reason for celibacy.
    Even the “saints” could tell us stories.  I have often wondered what revelation the Lord gave to  Joan of Arc to cause the establishment to burn her at the stake.  Probably the same reason Jeshua was nailed to the stake.  She was speaking the truth.
    The Truth will set us free.  Let’s keep digging.  We don’t need to resort to “atheism” or any other false god along with the myriads who tickle our ears with soulish ideologies.  Atheists do have a god, do not be fooled, they just don’t know it.
    Scripture that has NOT been manipulated by replacement theologies, dispensational theologies and supercessionism (which are very popular among Christianity today) is still our best moral compass and contains the truth we need to live by.
    I do not believe that we can live the Greatest Commandment referenced in Luke 10:27 until we believe how deeply, unconditionally and intensely God loves us.  To be baptized in that Love is called the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.  That is life changing, meaning it changes our perspective and direction…we love Him then because we know that we know experientially that He has loved us first.  Yes, Jeshua died for the world but He “died for me” while I was kicking and screaming and swearing and mocking, etc. just like those who were in the crowd.
    Repentance is the ONLY position before our holy, loving God, for the human heart is wicked
    and in desperate need of spiritual regeneration.
    Even in our strugglies and pain – may God be glorified in all of this.

  43. Spencer says:

    Sylvia, your site is atrocious. You open the floor to all who haven’t the brawn or brains to speak out or make a stand so they hide behind the keyboard. You are all a bunch of cowards. Worst than the priests themselves. I also noticed that some of your posters, Mr. T (LOL) and P. Black are on the money. I call out all of you jokers. Of course abuse is awful and tolerance must be zero….but you all condemn a man prematurely. SHAME ON YOU! Sylvia you are the WORST OF THEM ALL. Obviously some personal issues have motivated your narrow focus onto that of the church….easy target as far as most are concerned. Step aside and let justice run it’s course. Oh ya….all of you that don’t know if it’s punched or bored, SHUT UP! God bless.

    • PJ says:

      Speaking of hiding behind a keyboard like a coward, who are you Spencer??
      and who are you to condemn every poster on this website because they are standing up against a pervert collar and that church led by Rocky Raccoon? You are obviously a collar or one of the blinded sheep in that flock…pity. And I do know what is punched bored or drilled…you forgot the “drilled” part. And as far as hiding behind a keyboard, I call YOU out. Let’s meet somewhere to discuss this if we could. I’m not afraid and am not violent…just a mere survivor of abuse by a collar named John Sullivan…go look that pervert up. Ball’s in your court now.

  44. Michel Bertrand says:

    Of course abuse is awful and tolerance must be zero ..please… You abuse the people you address. At the very least this site holds to account those, convicted and accused of preying on children and puts it in the light where it should be.(hard to save face with the truth being shared) Get a life nutbar. BTW that’s my real name there your reading I’ve got nothing to hide and personally don’t give a rats ass about collars, clerics and the going on of Benny the idiot ratzass and his nazi henchmen. There would be no justice if Sylvia and people like her and the strong men and women who have the courage to share the deepest hurts in their souls in support of others on here if it was let to run it’s course. We all know how the hypocritical church handles justice. Truly bizarre, “shut up and God bless ” you must have fallen on your head. You may want to consider the notion of shame yourself for standing up for abusers and their kind. foll..quack quack quack

  45. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    With personal respect to you, I must take issue with your rather one-sided and slanted opinions.
    First up is the “coward” moniker you place on everyone “behind the keyboard”. I really don’t believe that throwing that blanket over “everyone on this site” is well thought out, responsible, and even worthy of a response (yet here I am) I have found that most victims here on this site are in fact the courageous one who have come forward to either press criminal charges, or to assist others via information sharing, to get the truth out.My own case is now public knowledge, as is most of the other’s cases.
    With regards to Sylvia, she has been a source of comfort, encouragement, and has given us the venue here to vent our “steam” so to speak, because it isn’t tolerated in the courts. I have never heard her condemn anyone prematurely. She does however have the balls to report the facts, which you appear to not like very much, even though she speaks the truth.
    I would also call your tune on your statement “abuse is awful, and tolerance must be zero”. Do you mean sexual abuse, or just any abuse? If you mean abuse in general, then go look in the mirror, because you are abusing a whole lot of people who really don’t need any more. They’ve had a lifetime of it (myself included) and don’t want any more.
    One last little thing! If it wasn’t for us cowards hiding behind keyboards, most if not all of these sexually deviant “priests” would never have seen the inside of a criminal courtroom. Think about it! Mike.

  46. Spencer says:

    Wow it appears as though I have provoked some of you. I will not address each reply individually. I will add the following.

    I understand that persons on this forum have the right and may take peace of sorts by exchanging words online. I would never take that away or imply that it ought to be taken away. The reality is that the churches have and continue to cover up abuse. I am not a supporter of any church…and I consider all abuse wrong regardless of type…but I digress. The issue at hand is that the vast percentage of persons on this post are condemning a man prematurely. This is wrong.

    I have read many of the posts here and it appears as though the misfortune of the Catholic church (and it’s members) has managed to evoke a unified anger and outrage from the public and past and present victims (this makes sense). To assume the guilt of a person based on the actions of others is illogical and morally unethical.

    All persons who have been victimized by priests and churches have every right to form a chat room or start a website to speak with others and/or shame the convicted. The posts on this site are stemming away from the “Support” theme and crossing into another.

    While I agree that the church is not the purveyor of justice, rest assured that this site is not the place to bring anything intelligible to light for all to see. Sylvia has not condemned anyone directly. Allowing it to occur while moderating the site is another thing. Posting of court dates…big deal. Ranting and raving…big deal. Blowing off steam with others…big deal. Let the facts speak for themselves. Let justice prevail blindly or let innocence be proven.

  47. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    You have failed to address all of the immature and irresponsible statements you have made.
    What about the “coward” moniker? What about all of us “jokers? “Step aside and let justice run it’s course”? “Haven’t the brawn or brains to speak out?”
    If, according to you we have earned the right to vent on this website, why are you telling us to shut-up and get out of the way, so “justice can run it’s course?
    What do you mean when you say “I call out all of you jokers”? Is that a threat meant to intimidate, or is this just your own personal way of defending YOURSELF?
    What’s this “god bless`crap at the end of your epistle. Do you really mean that, after all of the immature name-calling and innuendo that rolls out of that hole in your face.
    I normally try to be respectful to all including those who do not agree with me, but you are testing those limits Spencer. I hope this makes your day, for I feel you are just a pot-stirrer, who sits back and gets a chuckle out of it. Your opening statement “Wow, it appears as though I have provoked some of you“ is very immature and condescending, because this is exactly what you want to see happen.
    By the way, what parish are you in charge of. Mike.

  48. PJ says:

    Mike F: Let’s not spend any more time trying to understand a moron. He insulted many of us and he’s now trying to back-peddle. His comments have hit a raw nerve with many of us and he’s trying to focus on what he thinks we want to hear. What he doesn’t understand is that his derogatory comments have negated any possibility of being taken seriously. If you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

  49. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I agree completely, and thanks for the advice. I think I know who it is, and we would all be wasting our words and time.
    Hey, I hope you have a great Christmas down there! Take care. Mike.

  50. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Sorry PJ, I meant “up there”. Hah. Mike

  51. northern fancy says:


    Your statement “Let the facts speak for themselves.” would have been sufficient.

    Sneering at Sylvia’s motives and making ugly assumptions about the readers/responders on this site are not needed.

    Do you have Labelle’s permission to be THIS offensive?
    Clearly you want to help him. How is “going postal” helping him?

  52. Spencer says:

    Wanting to help…not so much. I needn’t ask for or require permission to state my opinion. Quite frankly, needed or not is irrelevant here. As for the going postal…I suggest you learn from what unfortunate event that term originated. Definitely not applicable, humorous or profound.

    I am done here. To further engage in any sort of battle of wits would be futile…and not responsible on my part. Read between the lines.

  53. Bandoson says:

    Spence will be back..he’ll just assume another ID. The Boys in black won’t stay away, their job is to jump to the defence of these moraly bankrupt pedofiles, and protect the “Church”.

  54. Lina says:

    I remember one clergy abuse victim giving me this helpful advice to be very careful what I say because the clergy will set traps for you. This courageous victim who sees himself as a survivor knew very well what he was talking about.

    I foiled one trap that only my husband and my immediate family know. All I will say it was a supporter of a priest that tried something. Thankfully, it came to nothing but I did learn a good lesson. Trust my gut intuition!

    I believe the clergy will do anything to protect their power and image even use all kind of mind games to confused and bring on endless needless fears.

    Folks like Spencer in above posts are frustrated and not happy. It’s not easy for people like him or her to keep trying to defend the Catholic Church in this area of clergy abuse scandals.

    The Catholic Church leaders brought it all upon themselves this abuse mess. They kept on for ages ignoring this major problem by downplaying the seriousness of these abuse crimes. Sadly, these Catholic officials have many followers willing to help them soften the effects of these crimes.

    So much data tells us the covering up of these crimes has been going on for ages.

    So much variety of intimidation was done to the victims to cause them great anxiety and fear. They were reluctant to seek justice. It was all done under the umbrella of supposedly caring and understanding the clergy abuse issues. The power and money hungry Catholic leaders still do their best to get away with these large scale cover-ups.

    It’s obvious not taking full responsibility for these crimes is not a strong point for the Roman Catholic Church.

    Many priests/clergy are uncooperative when it comes to speaking out against priests who have done evil criminal deeds. Many have information. Any information they can give can make a big difference towards bringing justice and much needed closer for these victims.

    So many clergy will not wear their collar in public. Do these priests feel embarrassed about something?

    Priests who don’t wear their collar in public maybe are not happy the way the Catholic Church are conducting themselves in dealing with the problem of these scandals.

    I believe these priests have this image to protect it’s called “the brotherhood of silence”.

    The good news is ever day the Catholic Church is losing support in the arena of public opinion. That is thanks to the perseverance of the victims coming forward and all the different support they are getting and this website is one fine example.



  55. John says:

    You might want o do some checking, Sylvia – word in Kingston is that all charges against Labelle have been dropped. no word on the reason.

  56. Sylvia says:

    That was the word I got a few months ago too. John. It was incorrect.

    I will certainly check on Monday to see if there is any truth to this latest rumour. I rather doubt it, but, one never knows. One way or the other, I will report back.

  57. Sylvia says:

    John, I don’t know where all these stories are coming from that charges against Father Rene Labelle have been withdrawn or dropped. It’s good however that brought it my attention. The preliminary hearing is still very much on, but I discovered that it’s a couple of weeks earlier than was previously scheduled .

    So, here are the next court dates for Father Labelle:

    06 & 07 February 2013: 10 am, preliminary hearing – at the Kingston, Ontario courthouse on 279 Wellington St., Kingston.

    As you see, two days have been booked. The hearing is open to the public, but will be under publication ban, meaning the testimony can not be publicized. There will also without doubt be a publication ban on the name of the complainant. The public however is still free to attend the hearings. Those who plan or hope to attend should mark their calendars now.

  58. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I wonder when Glen, jon smith, Spencer, Mr. T., P. Black will rear up to insult us again. I’m thinking likely today, after we get news about Rene Labelle. Mike.

  59. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I continue to be amazed at meeting so many of you on this site, usually under tense and trying circumstances (hearings, trials, etc.), and of the resultant friendships and bonding that occurs during and after these meetings.
    Yesterday, I attended the hearings in Kingston for Rene Labelle. It was a gut-wrenching experience for me watching and listening to the one and only complainant being grilled for the ENTIRE day. It was also my first chance to meet Sylvia face to face. I consider myself lucky and very blessed to now have an association and friendship with this beautiful lady! She has devoted SO much of her time to us, the victims!
    As was the case in Windsor last fall, I left Kingston yesterday afternoon with a song in my heart! As terrible a day as it was for the witness in Labelle’s case, there WAS silver lining in the very large cloud! Thank-you Sylvia!!! Mike.

  60. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot!!! No parking tickets, the car started on time, no CAA, no need to explain to “lovey” why I was late. (hah) Mike.

  61. MikeyK says:

    The complainant was heroic. [Edited because of publication ban]? Sick Sick Sick!

  62. JH says:

    Being a close a personal friend of Father Labelle AND knowing the complainant and their family very well, I find all of the hateful comments very hard to read. So much hate being spewed back and forth on here. I have not been harmed by the church in any way, but I have been the victim of rape….. The only way I was able to move forward with my life was to forgive…. It was hard but I did it. Only Father and the complainant know the truth and when all this is over in the court no matter the outcome, no one will be able to move forward without forgiveness. So all of your arguing and hurtful words to each other will not solve anything…… Please pray for everyone involved….. To speak the truth , for strength to forgive and for faith to heal.

    • PJ says:

      I have NOT forgiven the pervert collar that molested me or that church and I don’t intend to. Why?? Because they preach “forgiveness” and “reconciliation” yet fight us tooth and nail forcing us to relive our hurt many times while they continually drag us through the court system for years. Even while they abused us, they preached their brand of “holiness” as a model for us to emulate. They lie to us constantly to protect themselves and their money. I will forgive them when they actually do the right thing…immediately defrock ALL convicted collars, then settle with the victims (through lawyers, NOT the bastarache way) without dragging them through the court systems for years. Will that happen? Doubt it, so the next best thing would be the demise of that church…and if they stay on the path they are on, that church will eventually crumble under the weight of it’s own lies and deceit.

  63. JG says:

    It is too bad you have to feel a “ripple” in your perfect impressions of the ACCUSED and his family. I don’t know how long you have been visiting this site and reading as much as your heart can withstand but it would be a worthwhile exercise if you are trying to understand the depth of the pain and the “destruction” the victims have had to survive.
    The hateful, hurtful, inconsiderate comments in my experience have been largely “instigated” by anonymous clergy, their friends and supporters in an attempt to discredit and distract from the abuses. Every exchange has not been “rosy” but there is a lot of pent-up anger, frustration and despair. Personally I am willing to give some room for the expression of that pain, yours included.
    You may want to spend a lot of time trying to understand the tremendous damage caused by the church. Sorry if (because others before you have USED similar tactics before to pass their misguided messages!) you have also suffered a sexual assault but that should only make you more understanding and patient with others like you. To compare yourself with others in your “recovery” I believe is not appropriate. Everyone’s circumstances, strengths and support systems are very different. Not everyone has entered this decathlon at the same time. Some will reach the finish line much earlier.
    Others will never get to make the end of the race…and that is a lot more hurtful for friends and family!
    If “Father” is headed to Court, maybe the victims should at least be given the privilege to forgive in their own time. Your view from “above” was polite at best and I didn’t feel your empathy for the victims.
    Many will forgive you if you promise to read on.
    You may find it very difficult to feel “inconvenienced” by some language! I urge you to not criticize the container but to open your eyes to the “content”.
    You should be “offended” by the church response or lack of response, the lies, denials, cover-ups…
    Doesn’t that offend you?

  64. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Well, JH, there’s not much left for me to say, huh? JG and PJ echo my feelings exactly. Forgiveness is not possible unless there is sincere remorse for wrong-doing, and I haven’t seen ANY sincere remorse on the part of the “church”.
    This “church” has robbed a lot of people of most of their adult lives, and when cornered and questioned, they deny, minimize, and blame the victims! Mike.

  65. Sylvia says:

    Father Rene Labelle’s next court date is next Tuesday for another pretrial hearing – NOT open to the public:

    Tuesday, 10 am, Frontenac Country Court House, Kingston, ON.

    (Note that since the proceedings have moved to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice court hearings are now being held in the Frontenac County courthouse on Court Street. A reminder too that these pre-trials are ‘get-togethers’ for the defence lawyer, Crown and judge. It is rare that the accused, in this case Father Labelle, is present. )

  66. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Father Rene Labelle is:

    05 April 2013: 10 am, assignment court, Frontenac Court house, Kingston, Ontario

    The assignment court is to set another date – that new date could be for anything, in other words, it will not necessarily be a trial date.

    Please keep the complainant and his family in your prayers as this meanders its way through the system.

  67. Sylvia says:

    A TRIAL date has been set for the week of 13 January 2014. It’s a long way away, but at least a date has finally been set. A reminder here that charges were laid against Father Rene Labelle February 2012. It’s taken nearly two years to get to trial – that unfortunately is about the norm in Ontario.

    Please keep the complainant in your prayers. That is long stretch ahead. I suppose that the bad news is that that is indeed a long wait ahead, but the good news is that at least the trial date has been set.

    (You may recall that Father Labelle elected for trial by judge)

  68. Thanks Sylvia, and yes I will most definitely pray for the complainant! It’s been a long ordeal, and I hope that the complainant will hang in there. Mike.

  69. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Just my personal thoughts after a very eventful day, if I may.
    An individual, or an organization who purports to assume any leadership role over others MUST do so by example only. If that individual or organization is unable, or unwilling to do so, they have lost ALL moral authority to lead in any way.
    Further to that, I also believe that respect MUST be earned, not commanded.
    Need any of us say any more?
    I’ve spent a lifetime making mistakes and doing wrong things, but it did not render me incapable of further learning, and betterment.
    I just wish my old church could do the same. Mike

  70. northernfancy says:

    Re: Labelle deceased

    First of all, prayers for his victims

    Secondly, one would hope the institution he served does not provide him with a Mafia style over-the-top, public funeral which smacks of a defiant one-fingered salute to the ones he harmed. (referencing: the funeral of Martin Houston, The Devil of Grollier Hall). If institutional and personal repentance is genuine, the need for sensitivity to those Labelle harmed will be reflected in the tone and content of this final event.

    This post may trigger the “keyboard bandits” aka Mr T Mr P Mr Black and gang. Go ahead.

  71. Sylvia says:

    He was found dead in his apartment Monday afternoon (25 August 2014). He was 65.

  72. Mercy Lucero says:

    Luke 6:37-38

  73. Anonymous says:

    I have strong reason to believe that Labelle abused at least one other child, in this case during his tenure as chaplain at Nicholson Catholic College from 1984-1988. The victim— a teenager at the time of the alleged abuse— took his own life several years ago. I am so angry that this damaged man almost certainly hurt my friend, and horrified to have been part of a culture that allowed pedophile priests to inflict pain on so many with such utter impunity. I would like Labelle’s name to bear the shame of my friend’s abuse in addition to the abuse for which he was convicted and sentenced, and I would like the institutional church to bear its share of responsibility for my friend’s suffering and death. But as both abuser and victim are now gone, I must reconcile with the fact that truth and justice will not be served in this instance. It is indescribably sad.

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