Pictures of Father Philip Jacobs in Saudi Arabia: a tough life!

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Clerical molester Father Philip Jacobs during his years in Saudi Arabia.  A tough life!

Jacobs landed in Saudi Arabia sometime after his history as a molester in Ohio caught up with him in Victoria, B.C.

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  1. John R & Janet J Nungesser says:

    We reported Jacob’s abuse to the Pastor of St Philip Parish, Columbus OH. We also reported him to Bishop Griffin of Columbus Oh Diocese. The reply, in short, forgive and forget. It made no diference that Phil Jacobs molested 2 of our sons! The “statute of limitations” was past!
    Several other St Philip parishoners’ sons had also been molested by Jacobs! Griffin and Monsignoir Malloy advised us overly concerned parents that our children, now in their 20s, have to “apply” for mental help! That the diocece was being beseiged with “unfounded allegations” simply jacked up the Diocese’s determination to ignore the problem!
    We heard that Ratzinger (now our illustrius pope) filtered the information that finally got to Pope John Paul!
    The bishops and cardinals that had so much contact with the MOLESTER problem are the same gang that agreed that RATzinger should be pope!
    Which came first, the threats to expose the coverups of the bishops / cardinals, OR the threat that if RATzinger wasn’t made pope, RATzinger would expost the dirty little secrets of the bishops / cardinals????!!!
    It is obvious, that given the sheer numbers of exposed priests, that many bishops and cardinals either were, and/or still are, pedifiles themselves!!!!

    • John Mac Donald says:

      Mr. and Mrs. Nungesser:

      I found the following information re: Staute of Limitations concerning sex crimes in Ohio……..

      Under the Ohio criminal statute of limitations laws, many serious felonies (except murder) have a 20 year statute of limitations. Less serious felonies have a statute of limitations of 6 years. Most misdemeanors have a statute of limitation of 2 years and petty charges, or minor misdemeanors carry a statute of limitations of 6 months.

      “According to the Ohio criminal statute of limitations laws, the statute of limitations for sexual assault, or rape, is 20 years. Other serious felonies with 20 year statutes of limitations include sexual battery, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and gross sexual imposition.”

      If your sons are in their 20’s then the statute of limitations has not run out. Have them go to the police to report, if they are ready to do so.


    • Peter K. Perkins says:

      The problem was not with the conservative Pope who has now abdicated. The problem was with the liberal Bishop of Victoria who accepted Jacobs into the Diocese in the first place.


  2. Sylvia says:

    My heart aches for you and your sons. Two of them! And to be brushed off by the diocese like that! ‘Forgive and forget’ indeed.

    Was that around the time he was recyled to Canada? or was it afterwards?

    And, a question: What is the statute of limitations there?

  3. Sylvia says:

    Yes. John is right. If your sons are ready, and if the statute of limitations for the State has not run out, encourage them to go to the police.

  4. John R & Janet J Nungesser says:

    Our sons are in their 40s now. And they are still deeply aware of the lack of justice rampant in the church! Of our 5 children, only 1 is “practicing” Catholic. That has removed 14 of16 grandkids from the church!
    Janet was “managed out” of being principal at St Philip School, as she was too close to the problem.
    Several years later we found out that another priest at the school was also a pedifile!

  5. Sylvia says:

    John & Janet, if you can, would you tell us about the Father Philip Jacobs that you knew? If it is too painful then my apologies for even asking.

  6. Sylvia says:

    John & Janet, let me clarify my question. I am not aksing you tell us what Father Jacobs did or did not do to you boys. What I am interested in is how people saw him. Before there was any word at all of sex abuse, how did you see Father Jacobs? What did you think of him? What did other Catholics think of him?

  7. prima facie says:

    ….and of course, I abhor the fact that we openly discuss statute of limitations surrounding the crime of sexual abuse. Victims, survivors and the informed people clearly understand the reasons why there should not be a statute of limitations. In my opinion, “statute of limitations”, in this matter is another way to elude the law. In addition, there is no doubt in my mind ANYONE can motion and thereafter prove, why the “limitations” should be “tolled”. It is my opinion, that ANYONE with allegations of historical sexual abuse DIRECT their lawyers to argue that the statute of limitations be “tolled”.
    What we should be doing is ACTIVELY convincing legislators to change the laws; including removing the statute of limitations in these types of cases.
    THE REASONS why nothing has really changed is, in part, because the “accused” and their mouth pieces, have become more powerful with legislators AND because more and more of the “advocates” have joined the other team-ie) legislators.

  8. John R & Janet J Nungesser says:

    Jacobs baptized, married, camped at our farm, ate at our table, taught religion at St Philip school where Janet taught, and where she became principal. The creep heard our confessions, and then invited our boys and their friends, several not Catholic, to the Jacobs’ cabin at Buckeye Lake.
    The St Philip Parish thought Philips was “God’s gift to us”!!!
    Years later, Philips was invited to our graduation party. He was “outed” by #3 son who refused to enter our home to celebrate #5 kid”s Graduation because “that S__ O__ A ___ B____ Q_____r was still our friend! We had NO IDEA Jacobs had “partied with our young boys”!!! We IMMEDIATLY contacted the Diocese! The “go-fer” there said we had a large imagination! Bishop Griffin was Non Co-operative!
    Janet and I called fellow Parishioners. Many were aghast. We got feed-back from several other families whose boys, also now adults, admitted to being MOLESTED by Jacobs.
    Then the S___ hit the Fan! Jacobs, long transferred to another parish, was “disappeared” to the east coast (we tracked him there). He was then moved to Europe for “re-education sabbatical”! We then opened the flood gates when we contacted Rome, … and all hell broke loose!
    We were TOLD by the Columbus Police, and Lawyers, that the statute of limitations had run out, and we didn’t have enough “suction” to take the Church to task, Spell that $$$$$$! and, in truth, we didn’t! Then, after all that, even though Janet didn’t grasp the significance, that she was “managed out” …. (made so miserable that she went for medical help, Depression) of employment by the Diocese of Columbus!
    Janet retired “early” to save her sanity! (and probably avoided getting “demoted” out!)
    I have talked to many “clergy”, including several Pastors, all who hate the stigma, but suggest that we will be happier if we “let go and let God”!! Oh, well…………………..

    • Gary Bauman says:

      My name is Gary Baumann and I too was a victim as an altar boy at St. Philip’s in 1981. I tried telling the principal about this and it fell on deaf ears. I started acting out defiantly and actually got into a physical altercation with Father Phil. I punched and kicked him several times and I screamed out on the play ground “I know what you are mother f#****r ”
      This occurred on field day in 1981. I never saw him again, although I would love to. His lambskin really covered the true goat that he is. I’ve had nothing but troubles since and I refuse to step into church ever since. If memory serves me right I was the only kid who refused confirmation… I lost faith in God, Man and sadly myself.

  9. Sylvia says:

    Thank you John.

    Not a nice story. Yes, “let go and let God.” Perhaps those who touted the line would like to the speak to a few parents in the Diocese of Victoria?

    Did the local media write anything on this?

  10. Nancy E. Neff says:

    My family and I were parishoners of St. Philip’s at the time Phil Jacobs served there. I remember Janet, John and her family well. We moved in 1982, a few years after Phil left. He shared a number of meals at our home, blessedly our children escaped his horrific behavior, but the knowledge of what he really is has destroyed the faith of at least one of our children. Sylvia, you asked what this man was like? That’s the awful part – and, of course how he got away with all of this. He was handsome, highly intelligent, a charismatic speaker, talented guitarist and singer – parents were so glad to have a priest their children could relate to – someone who would draw young people to the church rather than push them away. So many lives have been damaged by this man. I still believe strongly in the spirituality of the Catholic faith, but never again will I blindly have trust for a man just because he is called “Father.”

  11. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that insight Nancy. Isn’t it amazing how very charming these predatory priests can be? So many people think they sport horns. Would that they did. It’s easy enough to spot those with horns: it’s a different matter sorting out which are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. We truly must be prudent.

    • Sharon says:

      I was just remembering when we used to attend St. Joseph the Worker parish in Victoria and how impressed I was with Fr Phil’s sermons. As a mother of young children, it makes me shudder how easily I was fooled by ‘charisma’. My husband is still a practicing Catholic but the whole institution of the Catholic church makes me sick to my stomach – the cover-ups prove how systemic the problems are. My heart goes out to the victims and their families – thank you for coming forward about his crimes.

  12. Kate says:

    Wow, so glad he was revealed here in BC and will be standing trial – but why the hell did it have to take more victims for this to happen! So sorry for your family’s pain. I think this evil man is going to get nailed at last though- we can only hope.

  13. TJK says:

    Any news on Jacobs’ court appearance this week? Concerned about it being put off for another year.

  14. Sylvia says:

    TJK: Jacob’s preliminary hearing is still scheduled to start 07 November 2011. He had a trial confirmation hearing 03 October – that is for just setting dates and/or confirming dates.

    I just made a phone call and confirmed that the preliminary hearing is still scheduled to start 07 November 2011. That’s at 09:30 am, court room #201, in the Victoria court house.

  15. TJK says:

    Thank you for the update and for the work you do at your site. I am from the Central Ohio area where Jacobs was at St. Philip. The pieces you cobbled together about his life add up to an even more disgusting picture than I had imagined. We’ll keep tuning in.

  16. Sylvia says:

    Thank you TJK. It’s not a pretty picture, is it?

  17. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    I will be attending the trial in Victoria. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems U all r talking about the Statute of Limitations in the U.S. It may be different in Canada. I will try to find out & post here. My Mother & Father attended St. Joseph’s Parish in Victoria, BC since the 1970’s & were there when this defrocked priest was at that church. I met him once & couldn’t see anything amiss. They thought he was wonderful. Little did they know about his “dark” side. The whole Congregation was literally shocked. The Priest that took over (sorry can’t remember his name) addressed the Church members by saying: He is ill & to think of the victims. Forgive the person but not the crimes.

  18. Sylvia says:

    I and many others I am sure are glad to know that you will be attending the preliminary hearing Jacqueline. Please keep us informed as much as you can and within the parameters of the publication ban. There are many people in the States and overseas who are watching this case very closely and anxious to get whatever information they can on what’s happening. Any little snippets you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Re the Statute of Limitations, I think most people now know that there is no statute of limitations in Canada for these crimes. Things however are different in the United States and vary from State to State. There are instances of sex abuse allegations against Jacobs in the States which apparently and unfortunately can not be prosecuted because they fall outside the statute of limitations.

    Look forward to hearing from you…..

  19. patrick says:


    I am one of Phil’s victims from St Paul’s in Central ohio. I will be checking this blog throughout the day. I hope that someone will be updating this site with information. If anyone knows of a place to get updated information could you please post it to this site?
    Thanks! Patrick

  20. EMG says:

    Dear Sylvia. Thank you much for this site. It is so sad to see a man with such talent use it for such evil. I knew him for many years and trusted him enough that when we had suspicions about another priest in the Columbus Diocese, he was the one that we trusted to find out the answers for us. We played golf together, went to the lake with him and his family and spent time with him when he was in the Boston area studing for his PhD. at Boston College. We trusted him to help a young adopted boy who was having a very difficult time with his new family. Last Christmas when that boy was here for a visit, I asked him about his experience with Phil when he was up to the lake with him and also spending time with him at St. Paul’s rectory in Westerville. Sure enough, I found out that all of these allegations against him were true. My heart breaks for the children that were so harmed and for all those other boys who were friends and family of these victims who no longer trust the Church as a result of Phil’s behavior. How does a man live a life of such deception? How does he live with himself? How did he practice as a priest? How does he live with the knowledge that he let so many people down… his family, his friends, his Church, his community were all profoundly affected by his behavior. There is a depth of sadness that cannot be reached or touched when you hear of situations like this one. Thank you for keeping us informed of the outcome of this trial.

  21. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    ok I am going to write a document about the happenings of 1st day of preliminary hearing yesterday & will post here. I just want to make sure I do an accurate job & abide with the Ban on Publication rules of the court.

  22. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    p.s. FYI I found the letter written by Bishop Richard Gagnon to the congregation.

    hardly adequate

    • Linda says:

      This was only finally distributed after a group of concerned parishioners said that the church needed to take a strong stand and let people know it was supporting the possibility that there could be victims. It was so woefully inadequate as to be laughable. I was told by the Bishop personally that ” nothing happened” but when I inquired as to how he knew that he replied ” father Phil told me”. Pitiful.

      • Leona says:

        Thank you for this information, Linda. It is useful to hear that the hierarchy continue to stonewall these investigations by their inaction.
        I’m curious to know what your response was when the bishop told you that Fr. Phil had told him.

      • Sylvia says:

        I was sure I had posted the Bishop Gagnon letter but either it disappeared or I overlooked it. Thanks to your comment drawing attention to Jacqueline’s link it is now posted

        Isn’t it amazing that Bishop Gagnon did not identify Father Jacobs by name – he referred to him only as ‘a member of our clergy.” Why do you suppose he didn’t name him? I’m sure everyone knew who it was, and if they didn’t they were soon to find out? Why do you suppose he opted not to name him? I think that’s a bit bizarre.

        The letter is a particularly interesting read now after Linda tells us that the bishop told her that “nothing happened” because, presumably, Father Jacobs said nothing happened.

  23. Sylvia says:

    That’s great Jacqueline. Just be sure to stay away from any testimony, and any documents which were entered into evidence, or anything which would reveal the identity of the complainants.

    It may sound as though that leaves little to be said, but as you know there is a lot to see and hear both in and out of the courtroom which has nothing to do with the evidence or testimony. You can describe the courtroom for us. The Crown. The defence lawyer. How many assisting on each side? Were there police officers in attendance? Give us a little bird’s eye view of what you saw Jacqueline 🙂

  24. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    OKAY people here we go.

    My Notes on Philip Jacobs 1st day of Preliminary Hearing, November 7, 2011, 9:30 a.m. File #: 1 151281-1
    *Strict Ban on Publication by Judge – Limited Access – Sections 486(4)(3) & 486(4)(1) of Criminal Code.
    Number of public attending: 10. No police officers in attendance.
    Attire and physical appearance of defendent: grey pin striped suit, white shirt & striped tie. Physically Jacobs had grey hair (balding) & short beard & mustache. Holding burgundy coloured briefcase on lap.
    Location in Courtroom: Jacobs sat in the first row to the right, two seats from the end of the row near the door & sheriff. For first session 9:30 – 10:30 am I sat in the third row in the middle. (break 15 minutes). After morning break I sat in the second row to the very left to get a better view.
    Demeanour of defendent: Stone faced originally mostly, swallowing often, biting bottom lip, smiling on occasion when humour between lawyers & Judge (can’t say what they said). Jacobs looked intently at both lawyers.
    The charges are being disputed by Jacobs & defense attorney N. Considine. There was a man seated with defense counsel but identity not known. He had a small laptop and was typing frequently.
    Four counts:
    Count 1: Sexual interference of person under 14 Section 151 of the Criminal Code
    Count 2: Sexual Assault, Section 271 of the Criminal Code
    Count 3: Sexual Interference of person under 14, Section 151 of the Criminal Code
    Count 4: Touching young person for sexual purpose, Section 153(1)(a) of the Criminal Code
    There will be three complainants testifying at the Preliminary Hearing including the one called today.
    As Jacobs held his burgundy briefcase with clasped hands, the body language indicated to me seemed to suggest that he was getting ready to stand up/leave or maybe just wanted to.
    *These are only MY views/analysis and not to be taken as fact. Also, to my knowledge of the Criminal Code, not meant to breach Ban on Publication.

    *Jacobs was appointed to St. Joseph the Worker parish in Victoria, B.C. in 1997.

    I will not be attending day 2 or 3 but will on last day scheduled for Thursday November 10, 2011 @ 9:30 a.m. in Courtroom #201, 850 Burdett Avenue, Victoria, B.C. Law Courts.

    • Sylvia says:

      Excellent Jacqueline. I can see him sitting there in his grey pin-striped suit and white shirt, holding his burgundy briefcase on lap with clasped hands, biting his lower lip, on the ready.

      Thank you 🙂

  25. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    PATRICK: I just wanted to say I am so sorry for U being one of the victims of this abuse. It takes a courageous person to come forward & deal with this kind of trauma. I hope that justice is done in these charges. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have been abused & have the abuser walk free & not be convicted. Maybe after these charges & if convicted could be put forth as evidence in Ohio charges if the statute of limitations has not run out.
    Take care,

    • shane says:

      He was Father at St. anthony church in cols . He always invited me to go to his cabin. 2 of my friends went and said that he tried to scare them in the middle of the night wearing a mask. This guy had everyone fooled. Sad.

  26. Jim Delphia says:

    I am one of Philip Jacobs victims. They abuse occurred while he was a seminary student
    at Josephinium Pontifical College in Columbus. He was assigned as leader of a youth group at my parish – Immaculate Conception , Columbus. I was probably one of his first victims – I am greatly saddened when I think of how many other boys were preyed upon by this man over the last 40 years. He never should have been allowed work as priest after being kicked out of the Columbus Diocese.
    Thank You for the info on Father Jacobs trial and for all the work you folks are doing.

    • patrick says:

      Hello Jim,
      It was 1989 when this man abused me. It seems an eternity in some ways and in others like it was yesterday. He has hurt so, so many children.
      That same year that he took me to his parent’s lake house he also took me to the Pontifical College of the Josephinium for an “overnight.” I went to some of the college classes, ate at the dining hall and in the evening… he passed me off to go for a late night swim with one of his students. It was awful to say the least. I do not live in Ohio any more but when I go back to visit my sister I have to pass by that place. It makes my stomach rot. It is no wonder that college is also where Cardinal Bernard Law attended, the man who oversaw the abuse cover-up in Boston. It felt at that time to be infested with pedophiles. I hope they have cleaned house.
      Peace, patrick

  27. Jacqueline Lamoureux says:

    FYI: The preliminary hearing for former priest Philip Jacobs abuse charges was scheduled until today but when I looked at the court lists his case was not on there. I am assuming they finished yesterday so my plan to attend the last day (today) was quashed. Bummer

  28. Sylvia says:

    Hi Jim Delphia

    It seems that sadly you are one of many in the States with allegations against Jacobs. I am so sorry to hear of your allegations, but commend you for finding your voice and speaking out.

    Once the trial is over I would like to give all of those in the States and elsewhere an opportunity to have their say in full. We could do that either by me contacting you each and putting the information together, or by each of you posting your comments, or by each of you getting an affidavit together which could then be posted on the site. Or, it could be a combination of all. I do suggest an affidavit as an essential component – it’s a sworn statement so is a legal document.

    I believe it’s important to put this information together to see what happened when and who knew what and when. I call it connecting the dots.

    So, please think about. If you and the others who have stories to tell about Father Philip Jacobs are ready to take that step then start jotting down what you remember -names, places, everything that comes to mind.

    • patrick says:

      Hello Sylvia,

      Obviously, I would be more than willing to share my story. Let me know how and when the right time is.
      Also, I am not sure why but… all these years I have kept a picture of myself that Phil took of me the day he abused me at his family’s lake house. He gave it to my family soon after the visit. I found it years later and stashed it away in the hopes that I could submit it as evidence one day. [It is heart wrenching to think that he probably still has pictures of me in some sick treasure collection somewhere.] I believe I would be willing to submit that in some way to you and/or your site whenever you felt it was appropriate.
      Thanks, Patrick

  29. Sylvia says:

    I think the best time would be after trial Patrick, but should be under way before – it would take time for everyone to to get affidavits together, and me to talk to people to try to put the pieces together in some coherent fashion.

    And pictures, yes Patrick – that would be great.

    Let’s see what happens on the 30th. Perhaps we can get a feel for when he will go to trial? Who knows, he may even enter a guilty plea before trial?

    For now, let’s wait until the 20th. But that in no way prevents you or anyone else from starting to jot down memories and perhaps even getting an affidavit together?

  30. Larry says:

    I’m one of his victims as well. His family had to have known what he was doing, I met them a couple of times out at the lake house. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Unfortunately, this whole experience has soured me on anything church related. One of my children has asked me repeatedly to take him to church and I refuse, I tell him to talk to his mother, but I don’t go to church.

  31. Gary says:

    I was a parishoner of St Joseph’s during Phil Jacobs time. What concerns me is I was present during a Penitential service and heard priests (Fr Jacobs standing there with them) talking about not being concerned about your sexuality. I thought at the time (before we knew about Fr Jacobs) that it was strange as that and other comments seem to have overtones that made me feel something was up. What bothers me is that are they others since they knew about Fr Jacobs and felt comfortable with him.

  32. PMW says:

    Our children went to St Josephs school in Victoria, we are not part of the church.
    I find it amazing that we had to sign an agreement to abide by the churches rules as being non-Catholic in a Catholic system but the school and church don’t feel the need to inform the families of their priests past. Our son was not a victim of Father Phil but was definitely on his radar. He was invited to play basketball with Father Phil’s mens league, pick apples in his yard during school hours, at camp and swimming with Father Phil as a supervisor. This is the priest who is not to be alone with the children.
    When the Bishop had the meeting to decide Father Phil’s fate at St Joseph’s School a cover up was continuing to occur with the Bishop holding the cards. My husband had an envelope of information with him that the Bishop wasn’t happy to see and decided that it would be best for FP not to return…..due to the current circumstances. I can’t believe that to date more innocent people are waiting for the fate of the court system to decide if this man is good or evil… vote has already been decided. My thoughts and prayers go out to all his victim and hope that some justice will be served.

  33. Dan says:

    The monster got me in 1978 while at St.Anthony. Does anyone know where he is today?

  34. 1yellowknife says:

    Dan: I am so sorry to read what you told us. If anyone can find where he is today, it will be Sylvia and her many fellow sleuths. There is an amazingly effective and accurate network which will do their best for you. You have asked the right question in the right place and I sincerely hope there will be an update made available to you soon.

  35. Leona says:

    So sorry to hear, Dan! I was at his trial in Victoria. If I remember perfectly he received a lenient sentence because he was going back to the States and wasn’t going to be a priest anymore. I don’t know if he had to register I. Canada as a sex offender.

  36. Gary Bauman says:

    My name is Gary Baumann and I too was a victim as an altar boy at St. Philip’s in 1981. I tried telling the principal about this and it fell on deaf ears. I started acting out defiantly and actually got into a physical altercation with Father Phil. I punched and kicked him several times and I screamed out on the play ground “I know what you are mother f#****r ”
    This occurred on field day in 1981. I never saw him again, although I would love to. His lambskin really covered the true goat that he is. I’ve had nothing but troubles since and I refuse to step into church ever since. If memory serves me right I was the only kid who refused confirmation… I lost faith in God, Man and sadly myself.

  37. Gary Bauman says:

    I was a victim of Father Phil’s at St.Philip the Apostle. I was an Altar Bot whom he coerced into teaching sexuality by some very unlawful means. He told me that masturbation was the introduction into manhood and that all boys needed a man to teach them these things. He was adamant that it remained a secret for reasons obvious later on. He started this in the back of the church behind the altar area after mass. He would help by removing the altar boy vestments to be put away in the appropriate place and started the fondling there. The times and places varied from there…the upper sanctum of the pipe organ area to the rectory for some lessons to the cookout at the Lake. The one thing that really stands out to me is the red headed centerfold that was showing off all her self for my immoral delights. I tried to tell an authority in my school and it was not acted upon or if he did act upon it; he never spoke of it. I tried to make this stop but he said no one would believe a boys story over the word of a man of God. I eventually fought psychically with him on the playground during field day. I punched, kicked and screamed vulgarities that wrapped the truth of ” I know what you are” in Father Phil’s face. There were many teachers, students and volunteer parents there that day, so I know my actions and words were heard, but I believe that I was just shunned even harder than I shunned myself at that point. Consequently, I didn’t see the Father anymore after that year, but consequences did come or seem to never stop. I think I probably get justice in Hell from him, because God and I don’t see eye to eye. I quit Catholicism in 82 and refused confirmation or any other sacraments of the Papacy’s. I am no respecter of persons…I have disdain and disregard for those I should trust; yet I don’t.

  38. NatLog says:

    “An evil soul producing holy witness
    Is like a villain with a smiling cheek”

    ― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

    This type of clerical personality was only too recognised by The Bard

  39. Dan says:

    I dealt with it by rationalizing that the monster didn’t get me but the child in me. He stole a portion if my childhood. After that I never wanted to be touched here I am with these beautiful girls so it effected me he stole that and for that he is a monster . So I read he was last living in Saudi Arabia or last seen there ?. I married had three kids so the monster did not win

  40. Gary Bauman says:

    I am finally speaking about, so I am not letting the evil one win. I didn’t realize how many lives he impacted besides mine, but I am glad that he is finally stopped from his reign of indecency and ungodliness. NatLog I agree with your take on Shakespeare. Many see the true evil of men but are blinded by charisma and falsities.

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