Priest’s sordid past shocks parish

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Father Houston was declared dangerous sexual offender, sent to prison in 1962

Edmonton Journal

undated – sometime 2002 ( I will try to get a copy of the original article)

Ed Struzik -Journal Staff Writer

A Catholic priest who was at the centre of a residential school sexual abuse scandal 40 years ago has offered his resignation to the Archbishop of St. Boniface in Manitoba….Before he became a priest, Houston was a supervisor at Grollier Hall, a residential dormitory in Inuvik between 1960-1962. Following a preliminary hearing in 1962, he pleaded guilty to several counts of buggery and gross sexual indecency involving five aboriginal school students….Against recommendations from Catholic officials in Edmonton and in the Northwest Territories, the Archbishop of St. Boniface in Manitoba sponsored Houston’s application to become a priest. Ordained in 1990, Houston was first appointed to be the parish priest of Lac du Bonnet in Manitoba before complaints from parishioners there resulted in his move to Carman five years ago…..The council told the Archbishop that Houston has struggled in his role as parish priest.  “These struggles relate to emotional instability, aggressive outbursts, inappropriate speech contained in his sermons, and insulting remarks directed to a variety of parishioners both inside and outside the Church.”…. Many parishioners say it is clear that Houston is unable to perform his priestly duties and needs medical care. But they wonder whether he will get the help they say he needs given the silence from the diocese. (unfortunatley this link is now dead)

5 Responses to Priest’s sordid past shocks parish

  1. Harold Cook says:

    When Martin Houston passed away, the St. Bonfiace Diocese gave a huge mass for this demon…..what he did was a practise of genocide and sexual assault….the victims continue to suffer.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Disgusting and vile! The bishop of the day must have been of the same ilk. Mike.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      This sounds a LITTLE like a bad situation currently continuing in the Archdiocese of Gatineau. Again they are moving a Priest who is known to have been involved in the abuse of a young handicapped male. That time, when the Priest just took the youth away for 3 weeks, the Bishop just replaced him in the Parish, and later gave the offender a different parish appointment. The pervert is still active today, floating back and forth between Ottawa and Gatineau.

  3. Geenda says:

    Re father Houston of course they allowed him into their inner circle. He had an important qualification. You have to have raped and sodomized a child to get into the pedophile ring… THEY KNEW! They were all in it together! Amazing to me is that if puppies and kittens were being abused, there would be an outcry the likes of which you’ve never seen. But if it’s institutionalize do pedophiles sharing innocent children everyone turns a blind eye.

  4. Geenda says:

    Institutionalized pedophilia (damn auto correct)

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