Patrick Joseph Herlihey: “Decision Summary” & “Revocation of status” (as teacher)

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as found on the Ontario College of Teachers website


Decision Summary

As published in the March 2004 edition of Professionally Speaking.

Member: Patrick Joseph Herlihey
Registration Number: 157090
Decision: Certificates of Qualification and Registration Revoked

A panel of the Discipline Committee held a public hearing on December 4, 2003 into allegations of professional misconduct against Patrick Joseph Herlihey. Herlihey was certified to teach in 1976 and was employed by the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic District School Board. Herlihey was present at the hearing and was represented by counsel.

Herlihey faced seven allegations of professional misconduct related to his conviction on criminal charges of sexual assault.

The panel heard that beginning in 1984, Herlihey sexually assaulted a 14-year-old male student who attended the church where Herlihey, an ordained Roman Catholic priest, was a parish priest. Herlihey engaged in inappropriate behaviours with the student, which included hugging and kissing him and sexual touching.

In January 2001 Herlihey was convicted of charges under the Criminal Code of sexual assault and sexual touching.

The panel received a memorandum of agreement from the College and defence counsel in which Herlihey pleaded guilty to the allegations and accepted that they constituted professional misconduct. Herlihey agreed not to re-apply for re-instatement in the College for three years and not to engage in employment where Certificates of Qualification and Registration are required.

The panel found that Herlihey had committed professional misconduct and engaged in sexual abuse. The panel ordered Herlihey’s Certificates of Qualification and Registration revoked.

The decision of the panel appears on the College’s public register.


Patrick Joseph Herlihey


Name History: 
Patrick Joseph Herlihey
Issued: May 10, 1976
Registration Number: 157090


Status: Revoked



On December 4, 2003, member found guilty of professional misconduct. Certificate of qualification and registration revoked. Member shall not apply for reinstatement for three years. Publication in Professionally Speaking.


Bachelor of Arts, The University of Western Ontario, Ontario 1976
Bachelor of Education, The University of Western Ontario, Ontario 1976
Master of Divinity, University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto 1981
Master of Arts, Saint Paul University, Ontario 1988


Professional education program completed in Ontario, Faculty of Education, The University of Western Ontario, Ontario 1976


Primary, Junior & Intermediate Divisions May 1976


Certificate Type Status Effective Date Expiry Date
Certificate of Qualification and Registration Revoked Dec 04, 2003
Certificate of Qualification and Registration Suspended – Non-payment of fees Apr 30, 2002
Certificate of Qualification and Registration Good Standing May 20, 1997
Ontario Teacher’s Certificate Good Standing May 10, 1976

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