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Priest, Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario.  Ordained 1983.  Charged 1993.  Charges withdrawn.   Currently not functioning as a priest – was removed from ministry in 2008 for reasons which are not totally clear, but seem to relate to parish finances and his relationship with a young man.  Sometime in 2009 or early 2010 Father Hart initiated legal proceedings against the Kingston Archdiocese re his dismissal – proceedings stayed in 2010.


Archbishops of Kingston Archdiocese from time Father Hart was in the seminary to present:  Joseph Lawrence Wilhelm  (14 December 1966 – 12 March 1982); Francis John Spence (24 April 1982 – 27 April 2002); Anthony Giroux Meagher  (27 April 2002 – 14 January 2007); Brendan Michael O’Brien (01 Jun 2007 – )


22 November 2011: Hart v. Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Kingston, in Canada, 2011 ONCA 728 (Ontario Court of Appeal dismisses Father Brian Hart’s appeal of the stay on his wrongful dismissal suit against the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario)

31 August 2010:  Hart v. Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Kingston, in Canada, 2010 ONSC 4709 (CanLII) (Action by Father Brian Hart against the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario for wrongful dismissal stayed).


The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Directories (CCCD) of that date, media (M) and legal documents (L)

2010, 2011:  address for the Kingston Diocesan Centre (CCCD)

31 August 2010:  proceedings stayed (L)

civil proceedings initiated by Hart against the Archdiocese re his removal from ministry.

02 June 2008:  Archbishop Brendan O’Brien issued a decree removing Father Hart as pastor

lawsuit launched by the young man alleging, amongst other things, sexual assault by Hart.  The proceeding was abandoned by the plaintiff (L)

March 2008: advised by Archbishop O’Brien that first step had taken to remove him as pastor

July 2007:  Archbishop Brendan O’Brien

May 2007: faculties suspended by Father Price until such time as Father Hart received treatment

January 2007:  Archbishop Meager died.  Father Brian Price temporary administrator.

late 2006?:  to Southdown for assessment.  Father Hart was deemed to be a ‘serious risk’ and it was recommended he undergo a four to six month residential treatment before being returned to ministry. (Question:  serious risk for what?)

July 2006:  placed in administrative leave for his failure to terminate the relationship with the young man (L) (Meagher)

2006: parishioners raise concerns re Hart’s association with a young man. Ordered by Archbishop Meagher not to be around the young man and not to enter into business relationship with him (L)

13 December 2004:  Ordered by Archbishop Meager to resign as officer and director of business organizations (L)

2004-2005:  concerns re parish funds drawn on parish funds to businesses in which he was involved (L)

2004:  Pastor, St. Gregory the Great, Picton, Ontario, and St. Francis of Rome in Wellington, Ontario (L)

2002, 2000, 1999, 1998:  Pastor, Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary, Erinsville, Ontario. P.O. Box 239, Tamworth, Ontario 613-379-2905 (CCCD)

1997, 1996:  address for St. John the Baptist RC Church, Perth, Ontario (Pastor Father J. P. Carty) (CCCD)

1995, 1994: 25 Burnham Rd., Ottawa, Ontario (in the vicinity of St. Paul University, Ottawa (CCCD)

1993, 1992:  Pastor, St. Ann RC Church, Merrickville (CCCD)

April 1993:  CHARGES WITHDRAWN.  According to media the Crown said he could not establish proof in several elements of the case.

September 1992:  charges laid

1991:  Pastor,  St. Ann RC Church, Merrickville

1985-86:  St. Francis de Sales RC Church, Smith Falls, Ontario (Pastor Father R.J. Shannon) (CCCD)


February-My 1983:  Sex abuse charges laid in ’93 relate to allegations of sex abuse of an altar boy from St. Michael’s RC Church in Trenton.  There is some confusion in media accounts re the allegations – it seems the alleged abuse transpired before Hart’s ordination, either at St. Peter’s Seminary in London between February and May 1983 or at St. Michael’s in Belleville, Ontario.


Save energy now for a better future: From composting to walking more, we can all do our part

The Kingston Whig Standard

27 May 2005

Jack Chiang

A composter is one of the best things you can get for your house. At our household, it has reduced our garbage by almost half.

When you’re living in a house, it’s easy enough to find a corner in the backyard to put one. It has to be easily accessible so that you’ll use it.

This can be a challenge in the winter, but anyone who is determined to reduce the amount of garbage they generate will find a way to use the composter.

Why aren’t more of us using them?

I’ve become more energy-conscious since I met Father Brian Hart and Volker Thomsen. Hart is the chair of the Hearthmakers Energy Co- operative and Thomsen is the president of St. Lawrence College.

Both are interested in, among other things, the environment and renewable energy.

Most of us are energy-conscious, at least in principle. Who doesn’t want to live in a better environment?

In practice, not everyone is worried about the greenhouse effect. They drive to the corner store instead of walking. They let their cars run while they pop into a bank or a store just for a minute.

Many people drive because Kingston is not a bicycle-friendly city. We don’t have enough bike paths. I’m sure more people would cycle if it was safe to do so.

One of the most interesting sights these days is the tiny Smart car that is going around town. It doesn’t look much bigger than my filing cabinet – with four wheels.

I’ve seen it a couple of times, but I was going the opposite direction so I couldn’t stop the driver to ask some questions. I don’t know who owns it, but it’s cute and it looks energy- efficient.

Everyone complains about high gasoline prices. Energy-efficient vehicles are the answer, because we all love our cars too much.

I used to laugh when I read about some “environmentalists” from Canada and the United States protesting clear-cutting along the Amazon River.

We’ve screwed up our environment, now we have to stop those Brazilians from screwing up theirs.

But I’m digressing.

This weekend, a group of people and organizations are hosting Kingston‘s first energy expo.

These organizations include Hearthmakers, St. Lawrence College, Human Resources Development Canada and the City of Kingston.

It’ll be held tomorrow and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Lawrence College.

Brian Hart of Hearthmakers invites everyone to go.

“It’s an excellent opportunity to find out what you can do in your home to make it energy efficient or to use renewable technology. You can use solar energy to heat your hot water tank and to reduce the cost of electricity,” he said.

There is a government refund for homeowners who have made their homes more energy efficient.

An average homeowner can get $600 to $700. That doesn’t include the long-term reduction in heating costs.

You’ll learn a lot from the displays and workshops on hybrid cars, organic farming, EnerGuide for houses, solar power, wind power and so on.

Best of all, there’s no admission charge.


3 cheers for Hart

Catholic New Times

05 October 2003

by Valerie Bannert

Thank you for your article: Hart hears the cosmic heart: the green ministry of Brian Hart. (CNT; Sept.7, 2003).

Brian Hart is a man after my own heart and so are you, Ted Schmidt, for drawing to the readers’ attention a prophetic observation concerning effective leadership in the church.

This article introduces a priest from the rural area of Erinsville, a small village north of Napanee, ON. A scenario is presented wherein this parish priest has the vision to see beyond the usual parish boundaries into involvement in the whole world. It is a case of eco-centric expanding androcentric: involvement in the whole, real world out there. And isn’t that where it’s at? Or as Hart puts it: “…it is only from the edge that new life emerges.”

Hart, along with other prophetic visionaries, has the developing realization that “outside of the world there is no salvation” or as Theodore Roszak says: “The fate of the earth find the fate of the human person is the same.” Brian Hart has brought a great splash of colour to our greying world of leadership in the RC Church. It says: “Don’t just kneel there. Do something!”

I resonate with this approach to ministry because it is something that we, a group of members from the Eramosa Eden Retreat Centre in Eden Mills, Ont., have been working on for some time. This is the development of an alternative ministry in the Christian body. This ministry, as we envision it, is much broader in scope than the traditional structures usually embrace. It has as a basic part of its foundation the “integrity of the web of life … the redemption of creation.”

For more information visit us at www.eramosaeden.org.

Valerie Bannert

Rockwood, Ont.


Homeowners warm to Hearthmakers

The Kingston Whig-Standard

30 January 2003

Jack Chiang

Clergyman’s brainchild: Low-cost energy audits to help trim fuel bills

In Erinsville, north of Napanee, Father Brian Hart is known as the priest of the Church of the Assumption.

In the Kingston area, he’s better known as an advocate for a cleaner environment and the driving force behind Hearthmakers Energy Co-operative Inc., which he founded in 1999.

That was right after he went to Erinsville, where he saw a need to help local residents cope with projected increases in heating costs.

“My arrival in Erinsville coincided with the announcement of the deregulation of hydro. Our goal was to provide low-cost heating oil in the rural area. But [the plan] fell apart because the oil company we were negotiating with didn’t want to do that.”

So he did the next best thing. He founded Hearthmakers to do energy audits for homes.

Local residents can hire an inspector from Hearthmakers to see if their homes are energy efficient. Using sophisticated tools, the inspector can identify problem areas such as windows and doors and recommend ways to remedy them.

“We’re charging $175 for an audit,” Hart said. “It’s a really good deal. The real cost is $300 for a home, but Natural Resources Canada keeps the price down for homeowners [by providing grants to Hearthmakers].”

People are also encouraged to join Hearthmakers by paying a $10 membership fee.

“We have 4,500 members now,” Hart said. “Members get a newsletter, with information on pesticide reduction, or any new programs coming out …We keep the membership fee low so that more people will support us.”

Hearthmakers has two full-time auditors.

“We’ve just hired a program manager and we expect things to take off in the near future,” Hart said.

And things will take off in a big way when Hearthmakers starts doing energy audits on the many buildings owned by the City of Kingston. An official announcement about that project will be made next month.

Hart is now the chairman of the board of directors of Hearthmakers. He said he picked the name because a hearth is a place where people gather.

“They cook their meals and gather there to tell stories.”

Hart was born in Belleville and grew up in Prince Edward County. He was ordained in Belleville in 1983.

“Caring for the environment is good for the economy and good for creating jobs. It’s important for the ministry of the church,” he said.

Harry Cleghorn, of the environmental consulting firm Cleghorn and Associates, met Hart about a year ago.

“Hearthmakers spans a large area of Ontario, promoting renewable energy. It’s not just a local organization,” Cleghorn said.

He pointed out that Hart has been working closely with St. Lawrence College president and CEO Volker Thomsen and director of physical resources Blayne Mackey to promote wind-power generation on Wolfe Island.

Hearthmakers has also received funding from government agencies to promote renewable energy, Cleghorn said.


CRIME; Sex assault charges against priest dropped

The Ottawa Citizen

10 April 1993

Sexual assault charges against Merrickville priest Brian Hart have been dropped, clearing the way for a return to the pulpit.

Hart, 38, was suspended from his post at St. Anne’s Church in Merrickville last September. He was accused of sexually assaulting an altar boy at St. Michael’s Church in Belleville nine years ago. Police said the alleged victim was 16 at the time.

Belleville Crown Attorney James Cavanagh said the crown could not establish proof in several elements of the case.

Msgr. Thomas Raby confirmed from Hart will return to his old parish in the village 60 km southwest of Ottawa.


Canadian Press

April 8, 1993  11.51 EST


Sexual assault charges against the Roman Catholic priest of this tiny village have been dropped, clearing the way for his return to the pulpit after a seven-month absence.

Father Brian Hart, 38, was accused last September of sexually assaulting an altar boy in the Lake Ontario city of Belleville nine years ago.

Police said the alleged victim was 16 at the time and an altar boy at St. Michael’s Church when Hart was there studying for the priesthood.

“The charges were withdrawn,” a spokesman for the Belleville Crown attorney’s office said today.

The Crown lawyer who prosecuted the case was unavailable to explain why the charges were dropped.

Hart had been suspended from his post at St. Anne’s Church in Merrickville, about 60 kilometres southwest of Ottawa, pending the outcome of the court proceedings.

Msgr. Thomas Raby said from Kingston that Hart — who has been taking a course in Ottawa — will return to his old parish in this village of 950 people.

“I’m not sure just when, but he will be back,” Raby said.


Priest to stand trial for sexual assault

The Ottawa Citizen

28 October 1992

A Merrickville priest will stand trial on a charge of sexually assaulting an altar boy in Belleville nine years ago.

Belleville police Insp. Garnet Goodwin said the victim, who was 16 at the time, complained that a student for the priesthood assaulted him at St. Michael’s seminary between February and May 1983.

The trial of Rev. Brian Hart, 38, is to start in Belleville court on April 7. Hart is a priest at St. Ann’s Church in Merrickville, 75 kilometers south of Ottawa.

Rev. Joseph Lynch, chancellor of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston, which includes Merrickville, said Hart will not perform any pastoral duties at St. Ann’s until the matter is resolved.


Merrickville priest faces sex charge

The Ottawa Citizen

05 September 1992.

A Merrickville priest is charged with sexually assaulting an altar boy in Belleville nine years ago.

Belleville police Insp. Garnet Goodwin said the victim, who was 16 at the time, said a student for the priesthood assaulted him at St. Michael’s Seminary between February and May 1983.

Rev. Brian Hart, 38, is to appear in court Oct. 1. Hart is a priest at St. Ann’s Church in Merrickville, 75 kilometres south of Ottawa.

Rev. Joseph Lynch, chancellor of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston, which includes Merrickville, said Hart will not perform any pastoral duties at St. Ann’s until the matter is resolved.



Belleville Priest Charged With Sexual Assault

The Kingston Whig Standard

04 September 1992

Lee Anne Parpart

A former seminarian at a Roman Catholic church in Belleville has been suspended from his parish pending the outcome of a sexual assault charge.

The charge stems from a complaint by a former altar boy about alleged incidents in 1983 when the altar boy was 16 years old, said Insp. Garnet Goodwin of Belleville police.

Rev. Brian Hart, 38, now a priest in Merrickville, east of Smith Falls, will appear in the provincial division of Ontario Court Oct. 1 in Belleville.

Mr. Hart was ordained in June, 1983 after seven years of study at St. Michael the Archangel parish in Belleville.

He then worked as curate, or associate priest, in Brockville for several years before earning his first pastorship at St. Ann’s Parish in Merrickville.

Msgr. Tom Raby of Kingston‘s Church of the Good Thief said the priest, who is now on holidays, will be replaced until the matter is resolved.

“The archdiocese (of Kingston) has a policy and procedures to be implemented under such circumstances, and they will be followed in this case,” Msgr. Raby said in a prepared statement.

He wouldn’t specify what the policy and procedures are. But he said they will likely include an offer of counselling to both the alleged victim and the accused.

“We hope to bring about healing in some way, you know, maybe some counselling or something,” he said.

But he cautioned “We have to see if there’s anything to (the charge) or not. It’s just an alleged thing.”

Asked whether church leaders are particularly sensitive to the charge because of an ongoing sexual assault scandal at St. George’s Cathedral in Kingston, Msgr. Raby said “it’s always a very sensitive thing.

“We’re all hurt it,” he said. “We all suffer because of it.”

In his statement, Msgr. Raby said the archdiocese and Archbishop Francis Spence “deeply regret this situation and request prayers for all concerned.”

18 Responses to Hart: Father Brian Hart

  1. jennifer says:

    There is an unborn child suffering due to the stress the mother is carrying along with the baby- due to the behavior of a certain Father Brian Hart and his manchild. The church needs to look into that sick relationship and put an end to Harts evil.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Its been brought to my attention that Hart was not aware of the pregnancy nor does he condone abortion. Please disregard the earlier comment made.

    • Jennifer says:

      I should further clarify. Hart did not like the relationship between myself and his then 24 yr old ‘son’ because I had been previously married twice, had four children, at that time worked in a adult club, and for whatever other reasons he chose to use. After discovering this site and bringing it to the attention of the son (as any concerned mother/partner would) Hart chose to further dislike me. Upon learning I was pregnant with Harts ‘grandchild’ a third party contacted me to say the family was hopeful I would miscarry. I have learned since that was not the case at all, and this third party was in deed lying. Hart and I do not get along or see eye to eye- but I do not want any further animosity and I would like to clear the matter once and for all- Brian Hart was NOT supportive of the pregnancy or the relationship. He judged me and made unfair generalizations about me. But I did the same when I came across this site. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Although I find their relationship odd, the ‘son’ is not a man child. And Hart is not the man I thought he was.

  3. Nameless says:

    I know of these men and there strange relationships with young men. Although they does not pray on minors I would not trust them anywhere near my children and can only speculate what they do behind closed doors. Based of what I have seen and herd these people and there network are capeable of anything and still use church propaganda and political powers to influence those around them. They have been given tools and have used them for evil, with great power comes great responsibility and with heinous crimes comes stiff concequences.

    • Jennifer says:

      Curious to know what Nameless knows. I’m sure if we shared notes there would be some interesting findings. LOL Sounds like I’m not the only one suspicious of these characters. Glad to know I’m not the only ‘crazy’ one, as Popa and Hart would like to think.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Stefan Popa, Hart’s “son” informed me last week that there was a disclaimer put out in Picton by the Bishop stating he has no association with Hart. Hmmmm…yet I can’t seem to find anything online about it. Oh well, kudos to the Bishop! About time.

  5. Former member of church of assumption says:

    All of the information regarding Father Harts scenarios, are very elusive.
    What exactly happened in his sexual assault case? Should there be any worry of the children who took part in services while in Erinsville? Also, this scenario regarding a “business relationship” with a young man… Are we just discreetly suggesting that it was a homosexual relationship? From my understanding he was a reverend, and had children. Is there no woman involved?

  6. Sylvia says:

    With regard to Father Hart I firmly believe that all Roman Catholics have a right to know (1) if their children – and youth – are or ever were at risk, (2) if the Archdiocese has ever received any allegations of sexual abuse or sexual assault or any form of sexual indiscretion against Father Hart, and (3) why Father Hart is still a priest but has no ministry in the archdiocese?

    I suggest that you and others with concerns regarding Father Brian Hart contact Archbishop Brendan O’Brien and demand answers.

    Here is the contact information for Archbishop Brendan O’Brien:

    Email: archbishop@romancatholic.kingston.on.ca
    Phone: 613-548-4461
    Mail: 390 Palace Rd.
    Kingston, ON
    K7L 4T3

    I have no knowledge that Father Hart ever sired a child. That does not negate the possibility that it is fact, but, if so, I personally have no knowledge of any such child. I have however heard of him ‘adopting’ young men. I know for a fact that he presumably ‘adopted’ a young man in his 20s and that this young man refers to Father Hart as his dad, and Hart refers to the young man as his son, and I know for a fact that there is no blood relationship between the two.

  7. Dave Silburn says:

    Unfortunate to hear such tragic news and allegations.
    I was searching for information on Brian as he recently came up in conversation as a model of leadership and management. My own experience with Brian was as director of an innovative non profit, community empowering sustainable cooperative.
    His leadership style and vision provided simple tools and guidance that fostered independant learning and skill development. As director, business programs and grant funding strategies empowered numerous youth at risk into sustainable income based trades, working towards a better community & environment.
    On a personal note his generosity and lack of materialism created a familial working environment that is extremely rare; where breaking bread lost all of its religious connotation and became a simple reflection of respect and friendship amongst colleagues. In my experience, Brian worked hard to break social boundaries created by income hierarchy; trying his best to create working employment centers, job opportunities and access to education for his parishioners, employees and business colleagues.
    I am sorry and surprised to hear of these accusations.

  8. Desmond Sequeira says:

    Dear Sylvia,

    I understand that you are committed to exposing clergy who have abused others, usually sexually. This, I believe, is a much needed and laudable goal with a view to bringing about justice. In the process of pursuing such a goal, however, it is occasionally possible that one may unintentionally render grave injustice to individuals who are entirely innocent though perceived otherwise because of severe misinformation. Since I believe that your intention is for good, I also believe that you will be prepared, in the interest of integrity, to post on your blog the following contribution of mine regarding Fr. Brian Hart, priest of the Archdiocese of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

    Fr. Hart has generally chosen not to lash out in his own defence because of his deep faith that, in the end, “the Truth will set (him) free” from all discredit. I am not as naïve as he is and am therefore glad that he has finally, reluctantly, permitted me to send you a message of my own.

    I have known Fr. Brian since 1989 when he and I were colleagues working in chaplaincy for the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS), Government of Ontario. My then high regard for him has only increased with the years. I am familiar with all the efforts that have been made to discredit Brian. It is my intention to do everything I possibly can to have all concerned recognize the Brian that I and numerous others know, an exemplary follower of Jesus who was accused of mixing ‘with publicans and sinners” by the self-protective “Chief Priests and Pharisees” who therefore wanted nothing more than his death and got it.

    If I have my way, his detractors will not get Fr. Brian Hart’s “death”. I know of no clergy person in the Archdiocese of Kingston or elsewhere in Canada who has more exemplified and continues to exemplify the life of Jesus than Fr. Brian.

    I do not want at this point to revisit the groundless and often crass details of the efforts to discredit Fr. Brian on your website. If there was any merit in them, Fr. Brian would a very long time ago have been unceremoniously laicized. As it is now, huge pressure is being brought on him to willingly agree to be laicized

    Having said that, it is important for me to point out what your blog does not because of possibly deliberate incomplete information received:

    1. The allegations that were made by a troubled individual in 1992 were thoroughly investigated by the archdiocese and the police at that time. As a result of a psychiatric report of the accuser, the charge was withdrawn.
    2. Re the more recent accusation by a man whom I will call G and whom I have met: the evidence should show that this man was sentenced to nearly two years in prison, by a provincial court, for pursuing that very same accusation/lawsuit.
    3. Re. the statement that Fr. Brian should receive “treatment” for some unknown affliction: Fr. Hart was assessed by a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a medical doctor, in 2016. The reports of all three, submitted to the archbishop after many hours of interviews and psychometric tests, indicated that they could find no condition that required treatment.

    The fact is that in spite of all the efforts to hurt him, especially by those who should be his primary supporters, Fr. Brian is still quietly dedicating his life day in and day out to forming community among the most ostracized people of South-Eastern and other parts of Ontario, modelling after the ministry of Jesus himself. I am sure he will welcome a visit by you or anyone who comes in good will.

    I trust that you, as a good person, will be fair to Fr. Brian by giving this item of mine complete exposure on your blog. I will welcome a conversation with you myself.

    Thank you,
    Desmond Sequeira
    Multi-Faith Chaplain, Govt. of Ontario (Rtd)
    905 XXX XXXX
    17 October 2018
    PS: If perchance, you find my message longer than you like, I will be very comfortable with your printing only the section from paragraph TWO on. Thank you.

    • Desmond Anthony Sequeira says:

      Thank you, Sylvia, for posting my comment. Very much appreciated.

    • Sylvia says:

      You say: “I know of no clergy person in the Archdiocese of Kingston or elsewhere in Canada who has more exemplified and continues to exemplify the life of Jesus than Fr. Brian. ”

      Are you serious? Really, are you serious?

    • Sylvia says:

      A few more comments Desmond on your defence and praise of Father Hart. I shall limit to the following:

      !. Hart v. Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Kingston, in Canada, 2010 ONSC 4709 (CanLII) .

      Please note the following paras: .

      “[15] ……The Archbishop subsequently contacted Father Hart, outlined his concerns and asked that he attend a psychological assessment at the Southdown Institute, a health centre specializing in the assessment and support of members of the clergy. That assessment did take place and the assessor, Dr. Philip Dodgson, advised that Father Hart presented a serious risk and recommended that Father Hart undergo a four to six month residential treatment before being returned to active Ministry.”

      As you no doubt know, Father Hart refused.

      Then on to this:

      “[17] Archbishop O’Brien was appointed in July 2007. He had subsequent meetings with Father Hart. He advised Father Hart that if did not resign as pastor steps would be taken to remove him. On March 5, 2008, Father Hart was advised that the first step in the canonical process to remove him as pastor had been initiated. Father Hart was advised of the grounds for the removal and was asked for a response. He did not reply nor did he respond to a subsequent letter sent by the Archbishop. .

      “[18] On June 2, 2008 Archbishop O’Brien issued a decree of removal removing Father Hart as pastor. A detailed version of the decree was given to Father Hart setting out the reasons for his removal …”

      2. You say that if were there were any merit to “the groundless and often crass details of the efforts to discredit Fr. Brian” he would have been “very unceremoniously laicized “ a long time ago.

      Where oh where have you been for the past decades? There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of priests who should have been laicized years ago and were not.

      3. You say that there is huge pressure being brought upon Father Hart to “willingly” agree to be laicized. That is good news. I do hope and pray that Father does the right thing.

      I pray for those who have suffered because of the actions of Father Hart.

      I earnestly pray that Father Hart does the right thing and requests laicization. I pray that you will assist and guide him in that direction.

  9. 1Yellowknife says:


    The brilliance of Sylvia’s site is the possibility for various views — yours included — to be posted and read. You appear to assume major content control by Sylvia — I am convinced you are wrong about that. I don’t know if your former role as a Jesuit priest is a factor in forming this misperception, but I hope you will see in time that your stated belief was in error.

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