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Kenneth R Greer

Father Ken Greer

priest Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan.   Ordained 1960.  August 1999 GUILTY plea to five counts gross indecency related to  abuse of  five teenage boys – incidents dating between 1967 and 1975.    Sentenced to conditional sentence of 18 months concurrent for each of  the five offences.  Appealed by the Crown – Saskatchewan Court of Appeal upheld the sentence, the court apparently agreeing that Greer’s loss of job and reputation was punishment enough.

Picture below:  2009 – Father Kenneth Greer, convicted child molester, concelebrating Mass.  (Greer 2nd from the left)


Unless otherwise indicated the following dates and information are drawn from the Canadian Catholic Directory (CCCD) of that date, Faith Alive: Archdiocese of Regina 1910-2010 (FA), media (M), personal information (P)


Served at St. Joseph RC Church in Indian Head at some time, dates unknown at this time (FA)

29 July 2015:  Died

2010:   address in Regina, Saskatchewan same as that of 2002.  (CCCD)

 10 March 2010: Said prayers at Regina funeral home – identified as “Rev. Ken Greer.”

20 September 2009:  St. Joseph RC Church, Bolognie, Saskatchewan.  Concelebrated Mass and gave the homily at a 50 the anniversary of ordination celebrations for Father Gordon Rushka.   The following is an excerpt of a write-up of the event on the Archdiocese of Regina’s website

“On Sunday, September 20, the parishioners of St. Joseph Parish – Balgonie, and St. Agnes Parish – Pilot Butte celebrated the 50th anniversary of the ordination of former pastor, Rev. Gordon Rushka in the presence of many fellow priests, sisters, religious, family members, and friends. The church was filled to capacity with family members and parishioners. ……

“The celebration day on September 20, 2009 started with Sunday Liturgy with Rev. Ken Greer as homilist and several brother priests in attendance……

“The celebration continued with a luncheon and program attended by close to 300 people in the Balgonie Multi-Plex….”   Daniel Joseph Bohan Archbishop of Regina 30 Mar 2005 – )

Why does this clerical molester have faculties to say Mass?  What was a clerical molester doing giving the homily?

2002: 263  Williston Dr., Regina, Saskatchewan. Phone: 306-525-6014 (CCCD)

2000:  8-3832 Regina Ave.,  Regina, Sask.  Phone: 306-525-6014  (CCCD)

In a treatment program in the States (M)

1999: GUILTY plea (M)

1999, 1998:  2 Stony Cresc West, Lethbridge 403-380-3211 (Archdiocese of Calgary, Alberta) (CCCD)

1992-1997:  St. Gerard’s RC Church, Yorkton, Saskatchewan (FA)

“The total thrust of Father Greer’s ministry was the involvement of the laity. Mary Ann Scherr was hired as music coordinator.  Training sessions were provided for interested laity who became more involved in the life of the parish…” (FA)

1993, 1994, 1995, 1996:  Pastor, St. Gerard’s RC Church, Yorkton, Sask (CCCD) (Peter Joseph Mallon Archbishop of Regina 9 Jun 1995 – Mar 2005)

1975-1993:  Military Chaplain (FA)

 1992:  CFB Trenton, ON (CCCD)

1991:  CFB Esquimalt, FMO Victoria,  British Columbia (CCCD)

1985-86:  Chaplain, CFB Cold Lake Alberta (Medley, Alberta) (CCCD)

Late 70s:  living in North Bay, Ontario with his mother. (P)  I think he must have been serving at the military chapel in North Bay at the time?

 (why did Greer become a military chaplain in 1975?  Did someone report him?  Or, is it sheer coincidence that, after he had been busily molesting young lads in Dysart, he left Dysart and headed off to be a military chaplain?)

1969-1975:  Dysart, Saskatchewan (M)

 Sex abuse convictions relate to Greer’s time in Dysart, Saskatchewan (M)

1973-74: Pastor, St. John the Baptist, Dysart, with mission at Sacred Heart in Lipton, Saskatchewan (CCCD) (Charles Aimé Halpin  Archbishop of Regina  Sep 1973 – April 1994

1971-72: Pastor, St. John the Baptist, Dysart, with mission at Sacred Heart in Lipton, Saskatchewan (CCCD)

1968-69:  Pastor, St. John the Baptist, Dysart, Saskatchewan with mission at Sacred Heart in Lipton, Saskatchewan (CCCD)

St. John the Baptist, Dysart, Saskatchewan (FA)

1967: Pastor,  Holy Angels, McLean, Saskatchewan with missions at St. Mary RC Church in Edenwold and St. Agnes in Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan(CCCD)

1960: Ordained (Michael Cornelius O’Neill, Archbishop of Regina December 1947-September 1973)

as a child attended St. Joseph RC Church in Ceylon, Saskatchewan. (Father Eldon McGrath, another convicted molester from the Regina Archdiocese, was also from St. Joseph. McGrath was ordained April 1949)


17 January 2011:  BLOG Whose fault was it?


From Injustice busters:

Father Kenneth Greer

Kenneth Greer was a priest who diddled boys in Dysart, where he was parish priest, and at summer camp. He pled guilty to five counts of sexual touching after initially mainta ining his innocence. He changed his mind only after pre ssure from within the church. He will be sentenced August 9. His lawyer, in asking for a conditional sentence, said Greer never threatened or forced his victims and did not hold much power over their lives that he could exploit! Isn’t being in charge of their souls a position of power? The Crown is asking for 18-30 months. This dirty old fart is 65 years old and he could live a long time. He is no longer a priest and hangs out in Regina and Lethbridge. Go ahead and forgive him but don’t let him anywhere near boys! Greer will be free any day now — in fact he might be out there already!


Defence counsel referred the Court to a transcript of the sentencing decision of Fenwick, P.C.J. in the case of R. v. Kenneth Greer, dated August 9, 1999, a 65-year old Roman Catholic priest at Dysart, Saskatchewan, who plead guilty to five acts of gross indecency against five individuals between the years of 1968 and 1974.  The learned Provincial Court Judge in that case sentenced the priest to a conditional sentence of 18 months concurrent for each of the five offences.  It should be noted, however, in that case the accused plead guilty and thus the complainants did not have to go through the trauma of testifying at trial and the accused had realized his actions were illegal and immoral and had actively sought treatment for his illness.


Former priest avoids jail time

Last Updated: Thursday, January 20, 2000 | 7:39 PM ET

CBC News

A retired Catholic priest convicted of molesting boys has once again avoided jail time.

An appeal court has denied a prosecution attempt to increase the sentence against Father Ken Greer. He had been given an 18 month conditional sentence, and ordered to undergo treatment for assaults that took place 30 years ago.

The Crown argued that Greer should go to jail.

Greer’s lawyer is happy that the court of appeal didn’t agree. He says his client has been punished enough. “His reputation has been ruined. And that can’t be recovered”, Doug Andrews says. “That’s lost. And at 66 years of age, that’s all most people have, is their former work reputation.”

Greer is still undergoing a treatment program run by the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.


Priest who molested boys avoids jail again

Last Updated: Thursday, January 20, 2000 | 6:11 PM ET

CBC News

The Crown’s second attempt to put a retired Catholic priest in jail for sex offences failed today. The Court of Appeal upheld a lower court ruling that Father Kenneth Greer should NOT be imprisoned.

Greer molested several boys in the Dysart area. The appeal court agreed that the loss of his job and reputation was punishment enough.

The 66 year-old is in a treatment program in the United States.


Ottawa Citizen

10 August 1999


Sex abuser won’t see jail

A retired Roman Catholic priest who sexually abused five teenage boys won’t go to jail but will serve an 18-month conditional sentence in the community.

“No penalty will ever come close to righting the wrongs done against the victims,” provincial court Judge Dennis Fenwick said of Kenneth Greer’s

crimes. Mr. Greer, 65, was the parish priest in Dysart, 70 kilometres north-east of Regina, from 1969-1975.  He was charged last year with five counts of gross indecency and pleaded guilty at an earlier court appearance.

38 Responses to Greer: Father Kenneth Greer

  1. T. S. says:

    This is so sad to hear. I lived at North Bay and was there when Fr. Greer took over as parish priest. He always seemed stern and, at times, I was intimidated by him. He lived very close to our house with his mother (who divided her time by spending 6 mos. with him and 6 mos. with her other son). She was a wonderful woman that we all grew to love and call “Grandma Greer”. As soon as I read this page, I called my younger brother to make sure he hadn’t been abused by Fr. Greer. Glad to hear he wasn’t. I feel betrayed that he was sent to our parish after the church knew about the allegations. I feel betrayed that he stood up in front of us and said mass, heard our confessions and acted all holy. What a hypocrit! We had a wonderful priest before him and would have loved to have kept him at North Bay. I was even an alter server and spent a lot of time at the church. I knew there was something different about him but I just didn’t know what it was. Praying the new Pope will clean up the Catholic Church.

  2. Leona says:

    If T.S. hadn’t commented on this offender, I would have missed this. Sylvia your work here in maintaining this database is so important. Here is an example of another convicted sex offender working as a priest, at least up until 2009. I just did a google search of this man, and he is still listed on the Archdiocese of Regina website as a retired priest! As we all know, retired priests still retain a great deal of status in Catholic communities, and are often able to say Mass, give communion and hear confessions. How hurtful this is to the victims.
    Does anyone know where he is now?

  3. just another vicitm says:

    He still resides in the Archdiocese of Regina, somewhere in Regina. He has been seen in clerical garb and concelebrated at a 50th ordination last year.

  4. Leona says:

    just another victim, I feel a strong affinity to this case as it mirrors my discovery two years ago of my perpetrator having been recycled after a conviction in 1991. Has there been any press on his presence in Regina? It seems to me that people should be alerted.

    If you are a victim of Greer would you consider giving me a call? Sylvia has my contact info.

  5. Sylvia says:


    That’s a picture at the top of the page of Father Greer concelebrating Mass in 2009. Despite his conviction as a sexual predator his faculties were obviously never revoked.

    He still has a Regina address. The diocese has no shame in allowing him to concelebrate and give homilies.

  6. just another victim says:

    No I am not a victim of Greer, but of another. As Sylvia has said the diocese has no shame in allowing him to concelebrate and give homilies. At one point he was presiding over funeral prayer services as Fr. Greer.

    I have spoken to a few that are familiar with the case, not victims, and they were told when he was convicted that he had his faculties removed. But that evidentially is not the case. He was at one time saying mass for a cloister of nuns, I am not sure if that is still the case.

    I am not sure if anyone has contacted the diocese to inquire why he is still allowed to have any position of power and do any services.

  7. Greg Goremykin says:

    I had a probably rather unique interation with both Fr. Greer and Fr. McGrath back in my early 30s. I was brutally raped by Rev. Hetherington and another man who I have never been able to identify in 1980 when I was ten years old (member of the Hetherington Singers). I never came forward, and at least was someone relieved when justice caught up with Hetherington and he served 10 years in prison (he suffered almost unthinkable cruelties in jail, which at the time I took quite the delight in hearing about to my shame now).

    Fr. Greer is my 1st cousin once removed, I remember the day of his mother’s funeral in the basement of the church after the funeral Mass, both Greer and McGrath were in a corner all alone, completely ostracized (as would be expected). As part of my trying to understand how seemingly normal people could do such awful things, I made the difficult decision of grabbing a coffee and sitting with both men. In speaking with them, I saw they weren’t monsters, but otherwise maybe even good men who had committed monstrous acts. While not directly questioning Ken about what he had done, he openly was talking about his illness as a sexual predator and his ongoing treatment. I got the sense he really felt some contrition. Believe me, being sodomized and forced to perform oral sex on a priest and his nameless cohort at the tender age of 10 didn’t leave me with anything but a passion for quick and merciless justice for people that do this, but what if someone genuinely has a disordered personality, is genuinely contrite, and genuinely has a conversion experience? Is this the one sin that is unforgivable? No second chances? In any case, that afternoon speaking with two people who I initially felt a rage and feelings of vengeance for really made me start thinking about the true nature of forgiveness when their is genuine regret and repentance. Made me wonder what Christianity itself would be if the early Church didn’t find forgiveness for St. Paul killing St. Stephen, the first martyr.

    • Miecul says:

      Greg I was told that my predator felt contrite too. I’m finding ways to forgive him, but it won’t happen overnight. He still has to answer for what he done to me and the others victims, to the laws of our land. If a thief robbed a bank, and after 10 years and spending all the money he felt sorry, should he be set free after being caught. If any of these predators truly felt contrite they should confess all the children they hurt not just the ones they were caught with. Forgiveness has nothing to do with justice Greg. I’m very sorry for the hurt he caused you. We and the other victims here don’t have a normal life, it was stolen at an impressionable age, changing us forever. God Bless!

    • Sylvia says:

      Greg, I need some help. Who is Rev Hetherington? I’ve been searching online can find nothing online regarding his conviction, and I can find no record of a Father Hetherington in the Church directories which I have on hand. Is/was he a Roman Catholic priest?

      As for Fathers Greer and McGrath, they are unfit to be priests Greg. Father McGrath is dead and has gone to meet his Maker face to face. Father Greer needs to spend the rest of his days as a layman working out his own salvation. He should not be around children. That has nothing to do with vengeance, – it’s prudence and just plain common sense. Children must be protected and should never ever be willfully placed at risk, and sexual predators and those with disordered personalities should not be priests.

      Re St. Paul stoning St. Stephen – he didn’t stone him, he did watch therefore was complicit. That was before his conversion to Christianity.

      A final thought, don’t forget the millstones Greg.

      • Greg Goremykin says:

        Points well taken for sure Sylvia, I was more ruminating out loud about whether the crime of child molestation can be forgiven, I’m not even sure of it myself. I’ve often thought sexual abuse is a form of murder, truly; it killed my spirit when it happened to me and I don’t know whether that can ever be fully resurrected. With Father Greer, he told me that he tried to escape from his inability to keep raping young boys by joining the military so he would not have the easy access to children that he enjoyed. He makes it a point never, ever to have access to children. I know his niece very well (my second cousin), she was pretty brave, being the only one who accompanied him to court every single day in front of the TV cameras, even though she knew full well his crimes, and he refuses to be alone for even one second with her boys, he still realizes he is so sick that he can’t trust himself. So I do believe he is at least doing all he can to stay away from children from what information I have.

        I should have also stated earlier, I agree 100% that he should not be even a co-celebrant at a Mass, if he had any sense of really wanting to atone, he would be content in his retirement, stay away from participating in any priestly duties, never put on a Roman collar again, and be thankful he didn’t get de-frocked. I have to (politely) disagree with you that priests should necessarily be laicized, but would agree that they be forced into retirement and be forbidden from ministering any of the Sacraments or taking part in any priestly duties in any way, shape or form.

        Maybe this is more than I should be sharing next, I won’t name a name, but [deleted] is an absolutely saintly man who just happens to be one of the many victims of Ken Greer…he was abused starting at an early age in [deleted] and it continued into his teenage years, ending with him having a nervous breakdown and I’ve heard an attempted suicide (but don’t quote me on that part, it was third party information). [deleted]. I also know another man who runs a printing shop in the town I live in who was another victim. [deleted] . I can’t help but think he must feel re-victimized every time Fr. Greer steps on an altar. It seems very, very wrong to me, and a betrayal by the Archdiocese [deleted]. I haven’t talk to my priest [deleted] though I’d like to because I struggle with a thirst for vengeance and hatred and an inability to forgive my abuser, and think maybe he might be able to give me some advice or insight on how to move forward and to heal [deleted].

        With Reverend Hetherington, because of my age I was never sure what denomination he was, but the recruitment for his choir was facilitated by the Catholic school systems in southern Saskatchewan. My wife has checked more into his background and some people she’s met said he was a Catholic priest, but others an Anglican or Lutheran. I find the dearth of information on him on the internet quite strange, because when he was caught (he had adopted two children, which come to think of it makes the possibility of him being Catholic quite remote I guess; the daughters were the first to come forward with the truth of what happen to them being sexually assaulted for years), it caused an absolute media storm in Saskatchewan…it was a time before these types of things were if not less common then a lot more hidden. The last I heard of him was after he got out of prison after ten years. Through a government database I (illegally) found out his home address and phone number in Regina. I called him up and asked if he remembered me and asked him to at least acknowledge how badly he had damaged me. He denied denied denied ever doing anything to me. I was flabbergasted. I grabbed an aluminum baseball bat, jumped into my car and started speeding off to Regina with a plan to beat him to death. I wish that was hyperbole. I stopped on the side of the highway about half way there, stumbled out of my car into the ditch, falling, and lay there crying like a child for, well, I don’t even know how long. Then I got back in my car and drove home. Thinking back on that night, I shudder at how close I came to murdering another human being that night. I’ve searched online for more about Hetherington, one of my friends from back in elementary school said there is a small online support group for his victims even, but I haven’t been able to find any mention. Even googling “The Hetherington Singers” only brings me to the obituary of someone who did work for the group in Regina years ago. The only way a found out about the treatment he received in the Regina Correctional Facility (being half drowned in a filthy toilet, etc.) is because a coworker of mine’s friend was also molested by him and somehow kept more abreast of how he fared in his decade in prison. If you happen to find out any more information on him, I would be grateful if you could share it with me, my email address is [deleted].

        I lastly want to apologize, I hope I didn’t come across as an apologist in my first message for these types of abusers…believe me, after 3 suicide attempts myself (the latest only in September) and many problems with drug abuse myself stemming from the trauma of what happened to me as a child, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them at all, in fact, I struggle with a raging hatred. But as part of my journey to try to heal, I also have tried to see these people as very sick individuals, but still children of God just as I am and worthy of His mercy. That doesn’t mean that they still don’t need to pay their debt to society and also to their victims. I wonder if Fr. Greer ever crosses paths with my parish priest who he abused in the course of them both being priests in the same Archdiocese…and if so, how he can even live with himself.

        • Sylvia says:

          Greg, I deleted a few sentences which I think might identify the victim.

          As for Father Greer saying he joined the military so he would not have access to children, that really is a ridiculous claim on his part. Military chaplains serve not only the members of the military but also their families.

          • Greg says:

            Maybe it is ridiculous to an outside view, but I believe him when he says that was his reason in his own mind; I wasn’t commenting on the objective veracity of whether his choice made any sense, just that that’s what he believed. Again, I am in no way condoning anything he’s done, just sharing information straight from the horse’s mouth.

    • Catholic in Canada says:

      Thank you for sharing, and for capturing the heart of forgiveness and mercy which is what the Catholic Church teaches. Certainly there should be justice, but not without mercy. I also work with juvenile sex offenders and assist in their treatment process, and all of them have been victimized in some way. It doesn’t justify their behaviour, but we live in a broken world which is why we need the Church!

  8. Leona says:

    Greg, you bring up a point that many of us struggle with. We have been taught the power of forgiveness. For many of us we truly want to forgive and let go, but Miecul points out the great difficulty. How do we know what true contrition is? When we as survivors know that an offender has other victims who have never been able to come forward due to their own personal shame, and the predator does nothing to reveal their crimes against those who didn’t come forward, are they really sorry?

  9. Sylvia says:

    Greg, I have been told by a reliable source that the Rev. Hetherington who molested you is not a Roman Catholic priest. I don’t know yet what religious denomination he belongs to, but he is not and never was a Roman Catholic priest. Is he perhaps an Anglican priest? Is that it?

    • Greg Goremykin says:

      He very well might have been Sylvia, I guess I assumed he was Catholic because the Catholic school systems in Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Regina, Weyburn, and Estevan all gave him access to the elementary schools for his recruitment of children into the Hetherington Singers, and we also held choir practices in the schools (mine was at St. Michael’s elementary in Moose Jaw). Again, any information on him I would dearly appreciate getting if you could email me as above.

  10. B says:


    I understand and appreciate your struggles to understand. You ask, “What if someone genuinely has a disordered personality, is genuinely contrite, and genuinely has a conversion experience? Is this the one sin that is unforgivable? No second chances?”

    First of all, did “Father” Greer show true remorse? Did he do everything he could to make reparations to his victims? From what is relayed above, his lawyer made excuses for his crimes and minimized their impact on the victims. That hardly shows a clear understanding of the life-shattering consequences of molestation, and certainly doesn’t indicate much contrition.

    Studies show that pedophiles are unable to empathize with their victims. I remember when I finally confronted the man who molested me for over a dozen years … he felt sorry for himself! Oh, I’d brought it up at a bad time. I’d spoiled what had been such a happy day with old friends. Why had I brought up 3 different kinds of shortcomings of his at the same time? Could I imagine how he suffered … blah blah blah, he threw up barriers to any kind of understanding of my pain, and made himself the victim. I wonder, in your description of “Father” Greer in the church basement, if he wasn’t engaging in the same sort of behaviour, asking you and McGrath to feel sorry for him because nobody understood how hard it was to be in his shoes?

    When you talk about “second chances,” what are you suggesting? If child molesters have a “conversion experience” (which would be rare, given the “disordered personalities” you describe), they would need to apologize to ALL their victims (including the communities they deceived), engage in ongoing counselling, do jail time or whatever penance the law requires, and take precautions to make sure they are never around children again.

    However, should they have a second chance at being priests? Would men with other criminal personality disorders? Currently, applications for the priesthood attempt to weed out candidates who are pedophiles. Could parishioners ever really trust them, or look up to them with respect or for guidance? And what sort of a message would it send to victims and their families about the seriousness of this crime?

    Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, but just as the victims will carry the scars of childhood abuse through every part of their lives, so too the abuser should never be completely freed from the consequences of having crossed the line to molest children.

    • Greg Goremykin says:

      I feel quite badly now, I feel like I’ve upset people here and that truly wasn’t my intention. I agree with everything you’ve said. It was very, very difficult for me to approach Fr. McGrath and Fr. Greer that day and speak with them, you have no idea how terrifying it was to me. McGrath didn’t say much, but at his advanced age, I think he wasn’t quite all there memory wise. Fr. Greer on the other hand didn’t make any excuses for himself, he admitted to doing monstrous things, and admitted he *still* has those inclinations to molest again. I sometimes wonder if McGrath molested Greer, he was his parish priest when Greer himself was a youngster (not saying that absolves Greer of anything, but as in the case of sexual violence in the residential schools, a lot of former victims became abusers themselves).

      I’m very sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings by my first post. I’m just trying to get better and I guess trying to understand the human frailties we all carry as we all sin, if this is one sin that can’t or shouldn’t be forgiven, or should it…it is a question that vexes me. I know trying to forgive has helped me a little, but I’m not saying that is the right path for everyone, I’m just trying to figure things out as I go along.

      • B says:

        Please, Greg, do not feel bad; you have not upset me. I answered as I did because I was concerned that people who have only a superficial understanding of the subject of child abuse might use your comments to bolster their idea that abusers should be forgiven–without apologizing, without making reparation, without any repercussions–as I have often seen, and heard.

        Personally, I have forgiven my abuser. This act freed me: from recurring nightmares, from being almost unable to talk or think about the abuse, from feeling inferior and different from others, from episodes of depression, and in many more wonderful ways.

        However, this does not mean that I will ever have any contact with the man, or that I feel that he does not deserve whatever punishments the law would give him.

        One family member in particular believes that forgiveness means it should be as though nothing had ever happened; that seems spineless and wrong-headed to me. Since child molesters are weak and prone to self-deception, it seems to me that the only chance they have of attaining some measure of emotional growth is through being forced to face what they’ve done.

        I am very sorry for all your pain, and respect the questions you are asking. Best of luck in coming to terms with your past and rising above what was done to you to become your truest, best self.

        • Greg says:

          Thank you for your words of encouragement and acceptance. I’m just trying to figure out how to get better myself, I appreciate and agree with all you wrote.

  11. John MacDonald says:

    Reading this I am once again reminded of an old joke…….2 prisoners were chatting, one says to the other…”I found God”, second one says “When did you find him?”. First one says….”Right after the cops found me!!!!”

    John MacDonald

  12. just another victim says:

    Ken Greer has gone to meet his maker. He passed away on July 29. Although the diocese has ask for prayers for him, there will be no big wingding of a funeral. He has requested a small private family service. For all his victims, may they know that they have those who understand the pain they are in are thinking of them, not him during this time.

    • Praying for the Victims says:

      I am a relative of Fr. Ken Greer . We felt so betrayed when his past was exposed. Prior to that, we confided in him for support in regards to family members being sexually abused (not by him). When he was originally charged , he claimed he was innocent… That someone was out to get money… Not once did he even come close to letting us know that he was remorseful for these monstrous acts. For those actions, our family chose to end all contact with him as he chose to never make an attempt with us to show any remorse . I am not saying that he never showed any remorse, I am only speaking for my family. From what I have heard he picked some family members to ask forgiveness .
      We pray for all the victims that they are somehow able to find some peace . A donation has been made on behalf of our family to The Sheldon Kennedy Foundation.

  13. Cara Corcoran says:

    Hello Greg, I too was a member of the Hetherington Singers, in the 1970s. Please email me at [….] I would like to be in contact with you.


  14. Sylvia says:

    Cara, I deleted your email address. You risk being inundated with spam if I leave it. I will send your message and email address to Greg.

  15. Cara says:

    Thank you Sylvia. I wasn’t sure if you could or would do that, as I am new to this site, but I am glad you did. I was willing to risk it though to make contact with Greg.

    Anything more you have found out about John/Jack Webster Hetherington, I would appreciate knowing. I was in his choir for several years, as were my siblings. All I can find online is his obituary, and a few links to music by the Hetherington Singers. It is amazing how “wiped clean” the Internet seems to be of his activities…but then maybe I’m not searching the right way or using the right search engine.

    By the way, Greg, Hetherington told my parents he had been a United Church minister. But who knows what to believe from someone who brutalized children…it calls everything they say and do into question.

  16. Greg Goremykin says:

    Yes, Cara, he was a United Church minister from Bethune. Sorry I never made contact, I never seemed to get your email from Sylvia for some reason. But I might not be much help to you. I was raped when I was 11, so never really knew much about the man, and never told anyone as he threatened to murder my family, so I wasn’t at all involved in his court case of conviction. I can tell you (as I learned only a few years ago), is that he did not have an easy go of it in prison. But that’s about all I know other than my own experience or anything I could share of any value to you probably.

  17. Colleen A says:

    Thank you Sylvia for providing a place for victims to share and hopefully aid in their healing process.

    I am hoping you will pass my email address on to Cara and Greg as I was also a member of the Hetherington Singers in the 70’s and still have nightmares about things including my interview with police investigators when he was charged.

    To anyone dealing with being victimized…keep searching for the positive things that will help you ‘take your power back’ and begin to heal…its never to late! I wish you all the positive healing energy the universe has to offer.

  18. Sylvia says:

    Your email address has just been sent along to Cara and Greg.

  19. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Catholic in Canada;
    Yes, we do need the church now more than ever. I agree entirely with you about mercy and forgiveness.
    That having been said, the church needs to rid itself of the pervert paedophiles it has ordained, show some of it’s “mercy and forgiveness” to their victims of sexual assault, step up to the plate and do the right thing.
    Until this is done in a regular and systemic fashion, the church is NOT capable, nor is it in a position of integrity and credibility to lead us in our spiritual lives. Mike.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Mike, yes, we do need the Church now more than ever- and we all need to remeber the Church is 1 Billion strong- not just the relatively small number who are sexual abusers- be they Priests or lay people.
      Remember, GOD wins in the end. 1 abandoned sheep.

  20. Lucky says:

    This man once cornered me in a bathroom stall in the basement of St. Gerard’s church. He exposed himself to me and tried to get me to touch his penis. I put my head down and refused. His face turned bright red and a look of rage washed over his face. Then he proceeded to tell me how much trouble I would be in if I ever told anyone, that I would go to hell if I did. I was seven or eight years old then. I’m thirty-two now and I still haven’t said anything.

    Prior to this incident, Father Greer had always seemed warm and inviting. He used to smile at me. After, his smiles turned to scowls. He was terrifying and I hated him. I still do. My trust issues with adults and people of authority would prove to be detrimental throughout the rest of my school years and well into my twenties.

    As I read the comments of this thread I feel fortunate. What happened to me is very minor in comparison to what happened to some of you. My soul hurts as I read your stories. I just needed to tell mine. Thank you for this outlet.

  21. Db says:

    My father and many of his friends were altar boys in Dysart church during this time. He initially was in denial when the rumors came out. He says he’s “pretty sure” nothing happened to him, but also wondered if he had somehow repressed the memories.

    He just died due to complications with alcoholism, and mentioned one time he had nightmares of being sexually assaulted by male. This was why he wondered about repressed memories. In any case, I believe he asked his brothers and family and all said that Greer did nothing to them, and they were all shocked to hear about it. They immediately pitied the others in the congregation that perhaps were abused.

    People often forget how in such a small town, the priests hold a cult leader or celebrity type of status. It’s hard to make a claim against them, let alone even risk making them unhappy and have the scorn of your parents. My condolences to all victims.

  22. Ronda says:

    Rev hetherinton was Lutheran I believe.
    He sold records with kids from the choir
    He molested kids. I was not in the singing group but I know someone who was.
    She is anonymous and doesn’t talk about it but refuses to let any of it affect her life.

    • Suzy says:

      I was in the Heatherington singers as well in late 70s. Regina.
      I was around 11-12. I remember many times over the years
      when we would go out of town and stay in hotels. He would
      get in the bed while all the kids slept on the floor around him
      In sleeping bags. He would ask who wanted to sleep in his bed
      as if it was a treat, and I remember many hands raised to be
      picked. He usually had two with him. Also, before bed, he
      Would have us line up, and we had to drink a tablespoon
      Of liquid from a black bottle he had. He said it was for our throats for singing.
      To this day, I wonder what it was, if anyone knows or remembers.?
      I know I never woke up during the night, and wonder if it was something
      Mixed with sleeping medicine. I would love to know. I ended up being
      taken out of there after he drove me and my friend Tracy home one evening
      after rehearsal. He dropped her off first, even though I lived closer. He reached over and grabbed my head and pulled me down and held it to his chest while he sang a choir song.
      There had been uncomfortable moments in the past (him sliding his fingers around our bathing suit bottoms checking that they “fit” right. He
      was a subtle devil), but that ride home was the first time I actually felt
      Completely helpless and scared. I told my parents. I never went back. I know my Dad talked to him, but do not know the nature of the conversation. It was a few years later that he was charged, then all the strange behaviour made more sense. I’ve never spoken to Tracy about it, and we lost touch. I feel
      Thankful that I got out in time, and so heartbroken for those who did not.
      I’m thankful that I found this group, and am able to understand more about
      what happened. My deepest heartfelt sympathies and prayers to every soul this
      Depraved soul damaged.
      May The Lord reach into every heart and remove
      Every memory, scar, wound, bitterness and resentment of the past. May He replace It with Grace, Healing, Forgiveness, And Merciful Freedom from all of the chains of the past. In Jesus name and according to your Holy will for our lives Father, we ask and thank you for these blessings of Mercy. Amen

      • Greg says:

        Thank you Suzy, especially for the prayer. I’m not saying it’s the only way or telling anyone what to do, but I found in forgiving him, at first just intellectually, but eventually emotionally as well, is what helped me start moving forward with my life again which had been on permanent pause since the 1980s. You’re a very wise person.

  23. Jess says:

    Did any of these guys work at Trossachs Gospel Camp? As a swim instructor?

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