Glendinning: Father Barry Glendinning

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priest Diocese of London, Ontario. Ordained 1964.  Liturgist.  1974:  CONVICTED six counts gross indecency against five boys and one girl over period of six years.  Sent to Southdown, Ontario. Recycled to the Archdiocese of Edmonton Alberta – sexually abused a number of young boys.  Charges were not laid.  Sent off to Southdown again.  Recycled into the Archdiocese of Toronto – parishioners upset when they found out he was a molester – Archbishop Emmett Carter defended him but was eventually and reluctantly forced to remove him from the parish

Despite knowledge that he was a child molester was teaching liturgy summer courses at Ottawa’s University of St. Paul and served as Chairman of the Toronto Archdiocese’s Liturgical Commission.  (While serving in Edmonton was on the Editorial Committee for First Communion and the Faith Journey, a parish handbook published by the Edmonton Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission)

Glendinning petitoned to be laicized.  He was laicized in 2008.  He died 14 July 2011. He ws cremated.  A funeral was held at 3 pm, 17 August 2011 at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church in West Bay(M”Chigeeng), Manitoulin Island.


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05 July 2012: A sordid saga of sex abuse, recycling, lies and deception


The following dates and information are drawn from Canadian Catholic Directories of that date (CCCD), media (m) and personal contacts (P)

17 August 2011:  funeral at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church in West Bay(M”Chigeeng), Manitoulin Island.

14 July 2011: died.  He had been in a Toronto hospital for about a week for treatment of various ailments, including cancer and kidney failure.

2008: laicized

2002, 1997:  2004 2 Second Ave, Toronto 416-695 9419 (CCCD)

1990-2000:   permanent lecturer with the Saint Paul University Summer Institute in Pastoral Liturgy in Ottawa, Ontario.  In the summer of 1999 Glendinning’s course, “Introduction to Liturgy,”  became mandatory for those participating in Summer Institute in Religious Eduction.

 April 200: resigned after publicity re his presence teaching at St. Paul (M & P)

late February 2000:  Auxiliary Bishop John Knight put on administrative leave while the archdiocese conducted an internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.  He never returned.  No report was given as to the findings of the investigation)

1999:   2004 2 Second Ave, Toronto 416-695 9419 (Archbishop Ambrozic. Aux. bishops: John S. Knight, Nicola De Angelis, Anthony Meagher)  (CCCD)

1998: 2004 2 Second Ave, Toronto 416-695 9419 (Archbishop Ambrozic. Aux. Bishops Terrence Prendergast sj, John S. Knight, Nicola De Angelis, Anthony Meagher)  (CCCD)

1997, 1996:  2004- 2 Second Ave. Toronto, 416-695 9419 (Bishop Amrbozic, Aux. Bishops Terrence Prendergast sj, John S. Knight, Nicola De Angelis, Robert B, Clune)  (CCCD)

1995: c/o 355 Church St. (address  for Archbishop’s office/Chancellor’s office/diocesan centre, Toronto Archdiocese (Chancellor Father Briant Cullinane ofm Conv.) (Archbishop Ambrozic.  Auxiliary Bishop John S. Knight)  (CCCD)

1994:  c/o 355 Church St. (address  for Archbishop’s office/Chancellor’s office/diocesan centre, Toronto Archdiocese (Chancellor Father Briant Cullinane ofm Conv.) (Archbishop Ambrozic.  Auxiliary Bishops John S. Knight, Nicola De Angelis, Robert B. Clune)  (CCCD)

1993: 67 Curzon St., Apt.  417, Toronto, 416-977-1500  (CCCD)

1992:  address for Archbishop’s office/ Chancellor’s office/diocesan centre, Toronto Archdiocese (Chancellor Auxiliary Bishop Leonard Wall) (Archbishop Ambrozic)  (CCCD)

1991: 67 Curzon St., Apt.  417, Toronto, 416-977-1500  (CCCD)

early 1990:  chairman of the Toronto Archdiocese’s Liturgy Commission, a position he retained for a number of years

– served as Consultant for the Archdiocese of Toronto’s Catholic Office of Religious Education

August 1989:  news out that Glendinning a molester.  Father McCarthy defended the decision to return Glendinning to parish ministry (“There is no reason to question the level of recovery. We don’t have a time bomb sitting here”) (M)

1989:  transferred to Blessed Trinity in Willowdale. Ontario.  A mother in Edmonton found out and tipped off the media.  Chaos. Pastor Anthony Meager (later to become Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto and then Archbishop of Kingston) stipulated that Glendinning’s transfer was “routine” and that Glendinning has been “absolutely clean” for the past six years.  Cardinal Carter, the Archbishop of Toronto, pleaded with the parishioners live up to their “goodness.”  According to news reports Carter said that since being at Southdown Glendinning was living “a blameless life” with “no shadow of suspicion.” ( M & P)

1984-1989: introduced as assistant at Our Lady of Grace RC Church, Aurora, Ontario in 1984 (P) (Our Lady of Grace is very close to Southdown.  Glendinning must have moved right from Southdown to Our Lady of Grace?) (Pastor at Our Lady of Grace was Father Paul McCarthy.  Glendinning was under McCarthy’s supervision. After allegations of sex abuse of young boys by McCarthy surfaced an ‘internal’ diocesan investigation  was conducted – McCarthy was shipped off to a treatment centre in New Mexico and shortly thereafter surfaced in another parish )

1985-86:  65 Yonge St. North, Aurora + Our Lady of Grace (Pastor Father Paul J. McCarthy)  (CCCD)

1976-1983:  Archdiocese of Edmonton Alberta.  Teaching at Edmonton’s Newman Theological College and its affiliated seminary, St. Joseph’s.  Archbishop Joseph MacNeil agreed that Glendinning could teach there where he could be closely supervised.   While in Edmonton  began to assist at three of the more rural parishes where he set up altar boys societies. (P)  Glendinning molested at least 15 boys during his 8 year stay in the Archdiocese.  Charges were not laid (P)

On learning that Glendinning was assisting at one parish Archbishop MacNeil allegedly reviewed Glendinning’s Southdown report which recommend Glendinning not be put in charge of young people. According to media reports: ” Since Glendinning was living at the college, rather than in the parish, MacNeil felt there was sufficient supervision of his activities.”

1983: off to Southdown again after word of abuse of boys in Archdiocese of Edmonton  (M & P)

1983:  Editorial Committee for First Communion and the Faith Journey, a parish handbook published by the Edmonton Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission

on Edmonton Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission

1971-1974:  Vice Chair of London Diocesan Liturgical Commission (P)  (Chairman Father J. B. O’Donnell)  (Bishop Emmett Carter) (Auxiliary Bishop John Michael Sherlock June ’74-July ’78)

1974:  Charged  with gross indecency involving five boys and one girl. CONVICTED

1973-74, 1971-72:  St. Peter’s Seminary, London, Ontario (Bishop Emmett Carter)  (CCCD)

– member of London Diocesan Liturgical Commission (P) 

dates unknown:   shortly after ordination was off to Rome to pursue further studies in Liturgy.

1964: ordained (Emmett Carter Auxiliary Bishop of London from 1961.  Installed as Bishop March 1964)

Family from Wallaceburg, Ontario.  His father ran a men’s clothing store


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20 April 2000:  Priest accused of sex abuse leaves position at St. Paul

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see  April-Dec. 1999 “Sexual misconduct a privacy issue”

11 August 1989: Catholics discuss policy for sexual misconduct

August 1989: Articles re Father Barry Glendinning’s past catching up with him in Willowdale

05 August 1989: Molested boy twice, priest given third parish; Priest was praised by parish

18 July 1989:  Archdiocese sets guidelines for abuse cases


Barry Glendinning shows up at trial

London Free Press

24 September 2003

PETER GEIGEN-MILLER, Free Press Reporter

Sexual abuse by an older brother was a factor in the life difficulties experienced by two brothers, but it pales in comparison to the impact of the abuse by a Catholic priest, a London psychologist testified yesterday. Psychologist Peter Jaffe spent his second day under cross- examination by Toronto lawyer Peter Lauwers, representing the Roman Catholic Diocese of London in a $7-million civil suit under way in the Superior Court of Justice in London.

The diocese and Rev. Barry Glendinning are being   sued by John, Ed and Guy Swales and their family for damages they say resulted from abuse by   Glendinning when he was a teacher at St. Peter’s   Seminary in London in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Glendinning, who is retired, made his first    appearance at the trial yesterday. Dressed in a suit and tie, he appeared late in the   afternoon and sat quietly in a row near the back of the courtroom as examination of Jaffe   continued.

It was thought Glendinning might begin his testimony yesterday, but Jaffe’s appearance on the witness stand occupied the entire day. The retired priest might begin testifying Friday.

In proceedings yesterday, Jaffe agreed with Lauwers that abuse by John Swales should be considered as a factor in the difficulties Ed and Guy Swales have experienced in life.

But Jaffe said it is not the major factor, adding Ed and Guy do not blame John for their difficulties, accept he was a victim of abuse by Glendinning and have reconciled with their older brother.

Testimony earlier in the trial has shown that   John, Ed and Guy Swales dropped out of high school   in grades 9 or 10, were involved in drug and   alcohol abuse and male prostitution and have fallen short of career expectations.

Lauwers asked about the impact of other factors in the difficulties experienced by the brothers. Those factors included serious health problems experienced by Ed and Guy, a modest family income level, lack of previous post- secondary educational attainment in the family and the drug culture they experienced at school in the early 1970s.

But Jaffe said those factors were balanced by others — the positive role model provided by a hard-working father, the care of a loving mother and the fact their parents stayed together. Jaffe agreed other factors must be weighed in understanding why the brothers experienced the problems they did.

But he said abuse by Glendinning was an overwhelming factor that swamped all others. Although Glendinning’s abuse did not involve violence, its impact was severe because it was done over an extended period by a priest, a trusted authority figure, Jaffe said. It was the ultimate betrayal of trust by a representative of God, he said.

The trial continues today.


Priest assumed to be Big Brother

A seminarian says he saw Barry Glendinning with kids several times.

London Free Press

20 September 2001

PETER GEIGEN-MILLER, Free Press Reporter

A Roman Catholic priest says he assumed former seminary teacher Barry Glendinning’s frequent association with children meant he was a Big Brother. Rev. Terrence McNamara of London said he saw Glendinning with kids four or five times at St. Peter’s Seminary in London, but he understood Glendinning took young people on frequent camping trips.

Glendinning taught liturgy and theology at the seminary in the early 1970s and McNamara was a student.

McNamara said he concluded Glendinning was a Big Brother because of his rapport with children.

He said he once saw Glendinning with a young boy and girl in the seminary’s basement lounge.

The children were talking about what a good time they’d had on an outing with Glendinning, said McNamara.

Glendinning was not a Big Brother, but he befriended a group of children in the early 1970s and took them on camping trips and visits to his seminary quarters.

Superior Court Justice John Kerr has heard Glendinning encouraged the children to engage in nude body painting, touching, masturbation and oral sex during those outings.

McNamara’s testimony came at the end of the fifth week of a civil trial in which John, Ed and Guy Swales and their family are suing Glen-dinning and the Roman Catholic diocese of London for $7 million. The Swales are seeking damages for pain and suffering they say was inflicted by years of sexual abuse by Glendinning.

McNamara said he had a positive impression of Glendinning during the seminary years and never heard anything bad about him.

That changed in the spring of 1974 when Glendinning was arrested and charged with six counts of gross indecency involving five boys and a girl.

He was placed on probation for three years and sent by the diocese to a treatment centre.

The civil trial continues next week in the Superior Court of Justice in London.


 Priest at loss to explain missing documents

19 September 2003

PETER GEIGEN-MILLER, Free Press Reporter

A church official was unable to explain yesterday why documents could not be found in the church file of a priest at the centre of a sexual-abuse lawsuit. During cross-examination by London lawyer Paul Ledroit, Rev. Tony Daniels said documents  that might normally be expected to be put in the  file were not there when he searched after legal action was launched against Rev. Barry Glendinning and the Roman Catholic Diocese of London.

Glendinning and the diocese are named in a lawsuit brought by brothers John, Ed and Guy Swales and their family.

The Swales are seeking damages for pain and  suffering they say Glendinning inflicted on them.  The $7-million civil suit is being heard by Justice John Kerr in Superior Court in London.   Glendinning pleaded guilty in 1974 to six counts  of gross indecency with children.

The diocese placed him on probation for three years and sent him for treatment to the Southdown  Institute, a centre used to treat troubled  priests.

Daniels said yesterday Glendinning’s file contained no records after 1967.

He said he found the absence of records “disappointing and surprising.”

One of the items that might be expected to be in the file is a letter appointing Glendinning to a Windsor parish after his treatment at Southdown,  said Daniels, vicar general of the diocese.

A letter would normally be placed in a file when a priest was given a new posting, he said.

Asked by Ledroit if it was logical to assume the letter had been removed from the file, Daniels said it was.

He said he had no explanation why other documents  were not in the file.

Asked if it was reasonable to expect a copy of Glendinning’s probation order to be in the file, Daniels responded: “If an order like that came to me, I’d put it in his file.”

He said he could find nothing about Glendinning in secret files kept by the diocese.

Ledroit, a London litigation lawyer, is representing the Swales family in the civil suit



A Windsor cleric testifies he spotted Barry Glendinning in an embrace
with another man during their seminary days

London Free Press

20 June 2003

By Peter Geigen-Miller, London Free Press, June 20, 2003

The man at the centre of a sexual abuse lawsuit was observed embracing a fellow seminarian while the two were students at St. Peter’s Seminary in London in the
late 1950s, a court heard yesterday. A Catholic priest from Windsor testifying in the civil lawsuit said he and a friend were walking on the seminary grounds
when they spotted Barry Glendinning and anotherseminarian grappling and “necking.”  The priest, whose name can’t be released under terms of a court order, said he and his friend, also a seminarian, were bothered by seeing two males embracing and decided to report the incident. “We didn’t think it acceptable behaviour we should foster in our seminary,” he said. “When we saw him doing things with another male, we thought it wasn’t right.”

The priest said he and his friend went to see their spiritual directors, or advisers, who sent them to the rector, the head of the seminary. The two told their stories to the rector separately. The priest said as far as he knows, nothing came of the incident. The Windsor priest graduated from St. Peter’s in 1959 and served in St. Mary’s parish in London in the 1960s and 1970s.

Donna Swales and her children were members of the parish during that period. John, Guy and Ed Swales and their family are suing Glendinning and the Roman Catholic Diocese of London for damage caused by sexual abuse they say they suffered at Glendinning’s hands at St. Peter’s seminary. Glendinning was convicted in 1974 of gross indecency involving children.

The suit is being heard by Superior Court Justice John Kerr.

Yesterday was the ninth day of the trial.

The Windsor priest said he was two or three years ahead of Glendinning in seminary studies. He said sexuality was an issue in a seminary with 130 males thrown together in close proximity. “We were living together as men with blood in our veins,” he said.   “It wasn’t always easy.” The opposing parties in the suit will take a break from trial proceedings today to hold a settlement conference. They will meet with Superior Court Justice William Jenkins to see if the suit can be resolved through negotiations.  The Swales are suing Glendinning and the diocese for $7 million. The diocese has launched a counterclaim against John Swales, saying he sexually, physically and emotionally abused his younger siblings.


Peter Geigen-Miller, Free Press Reporter 6/17/03 “The woman was testifying at the civil trial in which Glendinning and the Roman Catholic Diocese of London are being sued by John, Guy and Ed Swales and their family for $7 million. The Swales brothers say they suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Glendinning during visits to the seminary and on camping trips and other outings. Glendinning pleaded guilty in 1974 to gross indecency involving children. Yesterday, at the start of the second week of the civil trial, the woman testified Glendinning took her and her brother to the priest’s room at the seminary and engaged with them in nude body painting and nude massages. On one occasion, Glendinning forced her and her brother to perform a simulated sex act while he watched, she said. When her brother was reluctant to do as the priest asked, Glendinning twisted the boy’s arm behind his back and forced him to comply, she said.”


Silence broken on sexual abuse

WCR Letters to the Editor (Western Catholic Reporter)

Week of April 24, 2000

It is encouraging to read that Bishop John Sherlock, of London, Ont., seeks pardon from John Swales, one of the victims of sexual abuser Barry Glendinning (WCR, April 10) but rather surprising to learn that having been convicted of six counts of gross indecency in 1974, he was put on probation, sent to a rehab centre for clergy, and sent from the London Diocese two years later, in 1976, to teach here at Newman Theological College.

In the seven years he was in the Edmonton Archdiocese teaching, he also assisted in rural parishes where he continued to molest boys, to which he confessed. In Edmonton no charges were laid and he was gone from Edmonton in 1983.

With the Swales family speaking out publicly regarding the years of their sexual abuse perhaps those molested in the Edmonton area will be encouraged and strengthened to come forward, to put this evil of sexual abuse and molestation behind them once and for all, allowing the victims to move From Pain to Hope*.

The question is, how many more victims must there be before something is finally done to eradicate this evil leading to Breach to Trust and Breach of Faith*?

(*CCCB Publications, 1992).

J.P. Hecker


Priest accused of sex abuse leaves position at Saint Paul

The Ottawa Citizen

20 April 2000 

Zev Singer

TORONTO — A priest who taught a summer course at Saint Paul University in Ottawa for the past decade has resigned in the wake of a lawsuit against him for the alleged sexual abuse of altar boys three decades ago.

But Rev. Barry Glendinning, who says he has mastered his “problem,” said he will be sad to leave the “genuine support” of the Saint Paul classroom.

In an interview with the Citizen, Father Glendinning said he enjoyed the course, which is taught only to adults.

“It was a genuine support,” for him, he said. “The experience was a very healthy thing.”

The priest said he must always be ready for his past to resurface. “These things come up in the course of time and one has to deal with them.”

Father Glendinning said he has had his problem under control since 1983.

“I feel from that point of view it’s behind me,” he said. “But I can understand the feelings of others very much.”

The 66-year-old retired Catholic priest who lives in Toronto and has taught a liturgy course each summer at the Ottawa university, is the target of a civil lawsuit based on alleged incidents of sexual abuse between 1968 and 1974 in London, Ont.

Father Glendinning, who has admitted to sexual improprieties with boys, was convicted of six counts of gross indecency in 1974. He had stays in therapy centres in 1974 and 1983.

Last month, brothers John, Guy and Ed Swales, who were 10, eight and six years old respectively in 1968, made their own names public for the first time, in a civil lawsuit centring on incidents during the 1968-1974 period.

Saint Paul’s administration was aware of Father Glendinning’s record.

Rev. Dale Schlitt, rector of Saint Paul, said two students came forward in support of Father Glendinning after the Citizen reported the university was trying to decide whether to retain his services. One of those students had taken Father Glendinning’s course and had been very impressed by it.

14 Responses to Glendinning: Father Barry Glendinning

  1. John . Flipsen . says:

    Father Glendining also has been teaching here in Edmonton . Newmanntheolical College/St Joseph’s seminary. He taugth litugy. One day I entered the College . The Prisident of the college was in the board room . And all were asked to sign a card for fr Barry. I did ask what happened to fr Barry and the president of the college would not tell me. This was in the fallsymester of 1982 . My response was if that is the case than I will not sign the Card. A priest does not disappear from the college from one day up to the next.while the day before I still talked fr Barry about my asignment for the end of that symester . John . Flipsen.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I added a link above John which will interested you: see April-Dec. 1999 “Sexual misconduct a privacy issue”

    It is known that a number of young boys were molested by Glendinning while he was in Edmonton. Glendinning was sent off for another round at Southdown.

    In short order Glendinning, as noted in the article, was serving at Our Lady of Grace in Aurora, Ontario. Suddenly in 1989 he was transferred to Blessed Trintiy in Wiilowdale (Toronto Archdiocese).

    After an angry mother in the Edmontonm archdiocese found outr Glendinning was serving in a Tornto parish she tipped off the media. Chaos erupted. Parish priest Father Meagher (later Archbishop of Kingston)and Cardinal Emmett Carter defended Glendinning presence in the parish. Eventually and reluctantly Carter was forced to pull Glendinning from the parish.

    And even after all of that he was teaching Liturgy with the Summer Institute in Pasrtoral Liturgy at Ottawa’s St. Paul University. When word got out he was removed.

    This summer past I saw his booklets on liturgy are still on sale at the university library.

    I have more information on all of this sorry saga. I will post it after Christmas.

  3. Sylvia says:

    I just stumbled upon a booklet which I had photocopied many years ago.

    Father Barry Glendinning, a convicted child molester, was a member of the Editorial Committe of the Edmonton Archdiocesan Litrugy Commission which published the 1983 Parish Handbook, First Communion and the Faith Journey. I will refrain at this time from comment on the content, suffice for me to say that after a quick scan of the contents I personally believe it erodes belief in and reverence for the Real Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.

    During Glendinning’s stay in the Archdiocese of Edomonton he sexually molested about 15 boys. Charges were not laid.

  4. Esperanza says:


    I understand but haven’t been able to confirm it, that Fr. Barry Glendinning was in Labrador, NL, with now ex-father Gerard Whitty in 2002 or thereabout. Is there any way to confirm that. Gerard Whitty is now employed at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist in St. John’s as director of catechesis. Apart from his association with Glendinning at St. Paul’s Gerard Whitty did more damage than this world dreams of to the Faith when he was at the Basilica and at Mary Queen of Peace in St. John’s. His continued employment at the Basilica appears to be a violation of the rules which apply to laicized priests. The Catholic people of the archdiocese are scandalized and sickened by this man’s presence in the see of the Archbishop.

  5. Sylvia says:

    I don’t have any means to confirm that Father Glendinning was in Labrador Esperanza. Confirmation would probably have to come from someone who remembers that Glendinning was there, or there might be mention of it in any one of a number of liturgical publications? I will keep an eye open. Can anyone out there help on this?

  6. Sylvia says:

    I have been contacted by someone who was told that Father Barry Glendinning died within the last two weeks or so. As yet we have been able to find nothing on the net. Is this fact or fiction? Has anyone heard anything?

    If anyone can either confirm or refute please post a comment here or send me an email at

  7. Sylvia says:

    (1) Father Barry Glendinning died 14 July 2011. He has been cremated. He was in a Toronto Hospital for about a week suffering from many ailments, inlcuding cancer and kidney failure.

    (2) I have confirmed with Father Paul Baillargeon, the Chancellor of the London Diocese, that Barry Glendinning was laicized in 2008. According to Father Baillargeon Glendinning “asked for and received dispensation from the obligations arising from ordination.” Father Baillargeon does not like to use the word laicized because he feels doesn’t flatter the laity, but he agreed that this is what is commonly referred to as laicization.

    Father Baillargeon was not aware that Barry Glendinning died, but he had heard that he was not well.

  8. Gaele Mifflin says:

    *Can you explain to me why the family of Father Barry Glendinning in Wallaceburg were not notified of his death. Why was he buried in West Bay when the family plot is in Wallaceburg . Were these his wishes?

  9. Former Alter Boy says:

    Very odd that I found this today… yesterday was 32 years since I first served as an alter boy in Our Lady of Grace… (approx. 1980-1987)

    I remember him very well, as well as Father McCarthy. I was one of the lucky ones that did not have any ‘encounters’ but I certainly did see many inappropriate things while sleeping over at the rectory during the construction of the new OLOG church, and at Father McCarthy’s family’s cottage on Lake Simcoe

    It is probably a terrible thing to say, but I take some solace that he died on my birthday!

  10. Former Alter Boy says:

    *I stand corrected… he did not die on my birthday, July 14th is not my birthday (misread the message)

  11. Suzanne Mealey says:

    *I cannot remember Barry Glendenning being in Labrador in the early 2000s.  The only time I can remember Gerry Whitty being here was in 2000 as a member of the North American Forum on the Catechumenate giving a “Beginnings and Beyond” RCIA Workshop — Barry Glendenning wasn’t a part of that. 

  12. Another Former Alterboy.... says:

    It is nearly 2017. Been quite some time since I thought of him. I was there and I believe 1982 was my year to go on camping trips and visits to Neuman college. Just a note so say some things don’t truly go away and as I near 50 I wonder what thoughts I have that are still under that influence.

  13. Vickie Jackson says:

    Glendinning was an associate pastor at St. Clare’s parish in Windsor in 1975-76 and possibly earlier than that. I was only in that parish a year so don’t know if he was there before. He had a LOT of contact with kids there.

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