JG’s email and parent’s wedding picture

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Wedding picture of JG's parents. JG's father was molested as a child by Father Leon Gagnon

15 January 2012 (email from JG with attachment.  JG’s father – the groom in the picture – was sexually abused as a child by Father Leon Gagnon)


Hi Sylvia,

I have just posted some comments under the Gagnon heading…I am sending you a copy of my parents wedding day picture…there is a lot to be learned from that picture or many questions possibly. I am sending it to you at the risk of alienating the rest or some of my family. This picture has been very precious to all of us, although my Father was not particularly fond of it for reasons I would not disclose at this time…

Anyway, I am giving you permission to post it(and the e-mail), so that people can appreciate that our parents were deeply in Love and loving all their life…The Catholic Church, by allowing the likes of Gagnon to abuse children, adolescents and then covering up for them, has for ever damaged these loving, caring people and so many others before and since…

I don’t want the picture of Gagnon to be the Evil, Ugly memory anyone remembers of this story. There are people, children, entire generations who were cheated in the name of the most Loving and Giving Son.

There is no hate in my heart, never was, never will be. The church has lost a great deal. I pushed and pried, I yelled and kicked …I only wanted someone to come to the door!!!

I have profound beliefs and I am/have always been a servant …. The treason is greater than any and all of us combined.

It is so simple to understand, why do we complicate it so much?!!..
Until the end. With Love.





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