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Timothy Flaherty

Timothy J. Flaherty

ex priest, Diocese of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Ordained 1979.  1991 faced 11 sex-related offences many of which were withdrawn by the Crown.  The offences transpired between 1969 and 1989 – this would indicate he was molesting before and after he was ordained as well as while he was in the seminary.   January 1992 CONVICTED.  Sentenced to 2 years jail.  How much time served unknown.  In 1993 published paper on nursing ethics for the research department at Saint Paul University, Ottawa. At some point became an ethicist for Health Canada. Then became  Deputy Team Leader, Expenditure Management Review (Biotechnology) with Treasury Board Secretariat. By 2006 was A/Dir. Audit Committee Recruitment & Development Secretariat, Capacity Building & Community Development Sector, Office of the Comptroller General.  In 2011  listed on Governmment of Canada website as Senior Director, Policy and Professional Practices, Treasury Board

Listed with a religious collective or organization of some sort called Jesus Focus: http://jesusfocus.org/   (Since this information was posted Tim Flaherty’s name has disappeared from the directory on the Jesus Focus page and therefore the live link I had posted was leading nowhere.  Fortunately I saved a copy of the page.  Here is the Directory as it appeared June 2011:  Tim Flaherty listed under “Priests” in directory  Scroll down to  the “Priests” – they are listed in alphabetical order.  Flaherty was active as a “priest” with the group from around 1999)

From what I can gather the clergy affiliated with this group or movement include priests such as Flaherty who were once priests in the Roman Catholic Church, and others from various Eastern churches and the Anglican Church.  Most if not all of the clergy hold regular jobs.   According to one source Flaherty occasionally performs weddings.   I am also told that he is very active in the 12 Steps program, i.e., AA.


Bishops of Thunder Bay Diocese while Father Flaherty serving as a priest: John Aloysius O’Mara (24 May 1976  – 02 February 1994 Appointed, Bishop of Saint Catharines, Ontario); Frederick Bernard Henry (24 Mar 1995  – 19 January 1998 Appointed, Bishop of Calgary, Alberta)


June 1980: Ontario religious educators meet in Ottawa 1980


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The following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) of that date, media (M) and internet sources as identified

September 2013Tim Flaherty listed on Government of Canada website September 2013 – Senior Director, Policy and Professional Practices, Treasury Board Secretariat, Policy and Practices

2011:  Tim Flaherty listed on Government of Canada website as Senior Director, Policy and Professional Practices, Treasury Board. in Ottawa, Ontario

28 November – 01 December 2006: Speaker at Professional Development Week: Spotlight on Accountability.  Topic – Audit Committees: Beyond Policy.  http://www.fmi.ca/pdweek2006/brochure/E-ConfGuide.pdf

Tim Flaherty, PhD, A/Director, Audit Committee Recruitment & Development Secretariat, Capacity Building & Community Development Sector, Office of the Comptroller General

2001:  contributed to Ethical deliberation in multi-professional health care teams, a project of the Saint Paul University Centre for Techno-Ethics, edited by Hubert Doucet, Jean-Marc Larouche and Kenneth R. Melchin

“The nurse as moral agent ; The physician as moral agent ; The social worker as moral agent / Jean-Marc Larouche and Tim Flaherty “  http://www.worldcat.org/title/ethical-deliberation-in-multi-professional-health-care-teams/oclc/46908230

Flaherty contributed to Part I “Implicit Ethics of Professionals in the Field of Pediatric Chronic Care.”  Larouche described Flaherty as his right hand man throughout the three-year-project: click here for further info.

1999:  by 1999 working as an ethicist for Health Canada  http://www.redemptorists.ca/bio-ethics/health-care-in-canada-its-not-enough

19 October 1993:

Information Saint Paul University Vol. 23. No. 2 (November 1993)

New Premises for Centre for Techno-Ethics

The Centre for Techno-Ethics inaugurated new premises at a wine and cheese reception held October 19, 1993, attended by members of the Board of Directors. The Centre is situated in Room 1227 of the University Research Services.

Le directeur du Centre, le professeur Jean-Marc Larouche, a profité de l’occasion pour parler des diverses activités de recherche dans lesquelles le Centre est impliqué. En plus du projet technologic et maladie chronique en marche depuis juin 1990, une deuxième recherche est en tours en vue d’étudier le processes de déliberation éthique dans le champ de la maladie chronique. Ce projet a deux objectifs : cerner d’abord la manière dont se vivent les conflits de valeurs at les decisions d’ordre ethique dans les unités de soins prolonges d’hôpitaux à vocation pédiatrique; ensuite elaborer, proposer et évaluer un guide de délibération qui servira à orienter les décisions des équipes de soins dans le secteur de la maladie chronique pédiatrique. Quatre agents de recherche sont affectés à ce projet: Jean-Eudes Charbonneau, Tim Flaherty, Peter Monette et Jean-Louis Munn. Nancy Lepage est sécretaire.


Unofficial English translation of French text

Director and professor Jean-Marc Larouche seized the occasion to speak about the various research activities the Center is involved in. Beyond the technologic and chronic disease project begun in June 1990, a second research was embarked upon  in order to assess the  ethical deliberation processes in the field of  chronic disease. This project has two objectives:first to identify how the ¨value conflicts¨ and the ethical decisions in prolonged care units in pediatric  hospitals are managed ; then to elaborate, propose and evaluate a discussion framework to assist and guide the decisions of the care units in the chronic pediatric illness sector. Four research agents have been assigned to this project: Jean-Eudes Charbonneau, Tim Flaherty and Jean-Louis Munn. Nancy Lepage is the secretary.

31 August 1993:  published “Nursing Ethics: The Transformation of an Ethical Field”  Research Services, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Ontario

1992-1993 academic year:  Bursary for Masters awarded by St. Paul University (seeFlaherty USP bursary:  Information Saint Paul University, Vol. 22, No. 3 [February 1993])

January 1992:  sentenced to two years jail for four counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault

1991, 1992:  address for Thunder Bay, Diocesan Centre (1979) (CCCD)

1985-86:  pastor, Holy Saviour RC Church, Marathon, Ontario (ordination 1949 – date obviously an error as there is no Father Timothy Flaherty listed in directories pre-1980) (CCCD)

chaplain to Marathon police force (M)

1980:  Mr. T. Flaherty at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Thunder Bay (He was ordained in ’79.  Was this information which was submitted prior to his ordination?  perhaps when he was s serving his diaconate year prior to ordination ?) (Rector Father R. A. Carroll.  Other priests at the cathedral: Fathers B.A. Campbell, M. Burke sfm, J.C. Philippe) (Bishop John O’Mara) (Ontario Catholic Directory)


Schreiber, Ontario (M)


Canadian Press

January 11, 1991  20.44 EST


A Roman Catholic priest was sentenced Friday to two years in jail for four counts of indecent assault and one charge of sexual assault.

Timothy Flaherty, 38, was originally charged with 11 sex‑related offences but most were withdrawn by Crown counsel Agnew Johnston.

The charges stemmed from incidents in Thunder Bay and Schreiber, Ont., over a 20‑year period from 1969 to 1989.

One of the offences was an indecent assault on a 14‑year‑old altar boy who accompanied Flaherty to Schreiber, a community 180 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay.

Flaherty rented a motel room where he and the boy drank rum.

Once the youth became intoxicated, Flaherty fondled him and then engaged in a sex act.

Judge F. A. Sargent of the provincial division of Ontario Court said each of the victims was profoundly affected and had difficulty forming intimate relationships later in life.


Priest admits sex crimes

Windsor Star

15 November 1990

THUNDER BAY, Ont. (CP) – A Roman Catholic priest pleaded guilty Wednesday to five sex-related charges stemming from assaults against male victims spanning two decades.

Father Tim Flaherty, 37, will be sentenced Jan. 11. He was remanded out of custody until sentencing.

Flaherty pleaded guilty to three counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual assault for attacks that took place between November 1969 and March 1989.

He also pleaded guilty to an indecent assault which occurred in Schreiber, about 170 km northeast of Thunder Bay, in 1979.

Thunder Bay diocese Bishop John O’Mara placed Flaherty on a leave of absence after the first charge was laid last March.



Priest charged with assault on altar boy

The Toronto Star

23 March 1990

THUNDER BAY (CP) – A Roman Catholic priest has been charged with indecently assaulting an altar boy in 1979, Ontario Provincial Police say.

Rev. Timothy Flaherty, 37, of Thunder Bay is alleged to have assaulted a 14-year-old altar boy at Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church in Schreiber, about 200 kilometres (125 miles) east of Thunder Bay.

Flaherty has been placed on a leave of absence until the matter is resolved, Bishop John O’Mara of the Thunder Bay diocese said in a statement yesterday.

“During this period, we will see to it that (Flaherty) receives the support and understanding he needs,” the statement said.

Flaherty is to appear in Thunder Bay Provincial Court May 7.


Police officers conspired against chief, reeve says

The Toronto Globe and Mail

17 May 1985

John Racovali

MARATHON, Ont. — By JOHN RACOVALI Special to The Globe and Mail MARATHON, Ont. – Reeve Gaston Champagne said yesterday that he did not put much stock in constables’ complaints about the management of this community’s police force because he believed some officers were conspiring to unseat the police chief.

An Ontario Police Commission inquiry into the troubled force has been told that morale problems, simmering for up to two years, came to the surface last fall when seven disgruntled officers publicly complained about Chief Bert Faragher’s performance.

Four of the officers have quit the force, three within two weeks last April. Previously, they had systematically booked off sick. Three provincial police officers have been rotating at five-week intervals through the force, which has been short of staff since last December. The Marathon officers met the township council on Jan. 22, after the chief declined the local police association’s request to meet the constables and two police chaplains who were to act as intermediaries.

Mr. Champagne was asked if he felt the officers’ complaints were legitimate. “Well, let’s put it this way,” he replied, “council felt there was a conspiracy among a group of officers to get rid of Chief Faragher.” Later yesterday, one of the force’s chaplains, Rev. Tim Flaherty, said he disagreed with his United Church counterpart’s portrayal of the chief. Rev. Hugh Walker had written to council on Oct. 11, 1984, on behalf of the officers. “I liken the present administration to a man who has his head in the sand and his posterior in the air,” Mr. Walker said in the letter. “The message from the posterior is ‘kiss this.’ ” However, Father Flaherty said he found that Mr. Walker overstated the situation – “incompetence coupled by the absence of confidence are carefully guised under a veneer of arrogance,” – and said the police station was not a depraved environment, as Mr. Walker suggested. “I was astounded,” Father Flaherty said. “The contents of the letter effectively preclude any kind of productive problem-solving.” The police chief and Mr. Walker will not testify until the inquiry reconvenes, possibly on June 10.

It adjourned yesterday after hearing 11 witnesses in four days.

Michael Solomon, chief of police in Fort Frances, Ont., since 1965, testified that he could not understand why the officers did not charge Chief Faragher under a provision in the Police Act that allows a constable to take action against an abusive superior. “I didn’t hear any of them acknowledge that, and I was quite surprised,” said Chief Solomon, who has attended the inquiry since it began. Learning about the provision is part of officers’ basic training, he said.

He said Chief Faragher represented the Marathon police force in a professional way whenever the two, both members of the Ontario Police Chiefs Association, met. “His conduct is very admirable,” he said.

52 Responses to Flaherty: Tim Flaherty PhD

  1. Lina says:


    I remember asking you whatever happened to this priest Fr. T. Flaherty & you did find lots of surprising overwhelming information.

    I found out this Father Timothy J. Flaherty name from this elderly woman whose son is still a Deacon in the Catholic Church.

    This elderly lady also shared this. What her Deacon son knows now, if he knew this (criminal) stuff way back before becoming a Deacon he would had became a LAWYER.
    This Deacon is not surprise about the charges against Monsignor Robert Borne from the Pembroke ON Diocese & there is a lot more like him he told his mom. She hinted the Pembroke Diocese did quietly do some pay outs to some families long ago but it was all hushed up, of course.
    She did not mentioned the names of the priests involved. Her son did not tell her or she is not willing to speak out of fear.

    I ask myself….why doesn’t this Deacon not come forward to help victims? Go to the police to disclosed crimes by his brother priests, monsignors, bishops etc… in the Pembroke Diocese or any other Diocese?

    I was told this deacon took an oath, a vow to be loyal to the Catholic Church!

    YES, there are many good priests/ clergy however how many of these honest & decent priests knew of the abuse of these children/troubled teens & never said a word, they just let it happen & let it continue to happen. They turn the other way, for reasons because they took a vow, an oath to be faithful to their superiors, the Roman Catholic Church.
    They are just as bad as the abusive/pedophile priests.

    Coming across this information makes my stomach sick. How in the world can I truly trust any clergy in the Catholic Church?

    You are victim DO NOT go to a Catholic priest or the Catholic Church for help! Go to the police, a lawyer, seek medical help, not the Catholic Church. You may be in a dark place & for some unknown misguided reason they will find a way for you to find joy in that dark place you are in…to remain faithful to the Roman Catholic Church.

    They do honestly believe what they are doing is good but that kind of good is only crass. This is my personal opinion.

    Good wishes to all!


  2. Lina: If this deacon has first hand information, he MUST go to the Police. He does not enjoy the privilege of the confessional and is bound by civil law to report any allegation that is brought to his attention.

    Tell him to call me if needs convincing. I went to the Police with information I received. I was neither unfaithful, disobedient nor disrespectful of any vow that I took as a priest. And I am still a priest in good standing with the diocese.

    Fr. Tim

  3. P.S. I would think that if this deacon is/was a lawyer, he would know this himself!

    Also, I am unaware of any deacon in our diocese who is a lawyer. Are you certain as to this man’s status as a cleric? Thanks.

    Fr. Tim

  4. Lina says:

    Father Tim,
    This person is a deacon in the Catholic church. I know the mother but her son doesn’t know me. My husband knows him but they were never close friends.

    This deacon grew up in the same part of town where Monsignor Robert (Bobby) Borne lived. You know the Borne who is accused and his court date is in November.

    This deacon has been serving in the church for over 35+years. His age is in the 50’s.

    I do understand he does not enjoy the privilege of the confession. That is a questioned I asked myself why doesn’t he go & talk police or talk to a lawyer etc..?

    You need to keep in mind I am getting info from his mother’s side only. What she told me throughout the years.
    Many times he is down in spirit because of all the Catholic Church scandals.

    Fr. Tim, he may feel guilt because he tried to help victims but he just followed his superiors (he believed for better & worst) they who represent God’s will on earth. If that what he believed & now he may be realizing or still struggling in denial that he is part of the cover-up himself folks are talking about around the valley & around the whole world about the Catholic Church.

    At one time part of this deacon’s job was investigating priests. His mother leak to me one name of a priest, a Fr. Tim Flaherty. You know the rest of that story thanks to Sylvia finding out shocking info about this man. So there is the proof of one very bad priest.

    Fr. Tim, how much more does this deacon know about? I recall what his mom told me.

    1. He is not surprised about the news about Monsignor Robert Borne from the Pembroke Diocese ON. being accused of certain crimes with minors etc…

    2. There is a more out there like Borne.

    3. Soon people will know more. God justice is coming upon the Diocese in Pembroke.

    Will there be more proof of cover-ups that will be revealed?

    Fr. Tim, one name of a Superior that told him to keep his mouth SHUT is the late Bishop Joseph Raymond Windle. The same Bishop that ordained the present day Monsignor Robert Borne.

    This Bishop’s famous quote’s from that letter, written in 1993, focused on protecting the church’s image by preventing the scandal from becoming public – the very essence of an international wave of allegations now battering the Roman Catholic clergy and the Vatican.

    “It is a situation which we wish to avoid at all costs,” the late Bishop Joseph Windle of Pembroke, Ont., wrote in Feb. 10, 1993, to the Pope’s envoy to Canada, Carlo Curis.

    “The consequences of such an action would be disastrous, not only for the Canadian church but for the Holy See as well. ”— Bishop Joseph Windle

    The man Bishop Windle was writing about was then-monsignor Bernard Prince, now 75, a friend of the late Pope John Paul II who had just been posted to the Vatican as a high-ranking official working with missionary societies.

    Now we have the link to now defrock ex-Monsignor Bernard Prince.

    I got to go I am so tired.


  5. Lina: Thank you for your response. I do wish to point out a couple of things though.

    1. Our Diocese does not have any deacon that has served in the Diocese for 30+ years. I have heard of one lad who was ordained a deacon many years ago as he was studying for the priesthood. But it was decided not to ordain him so he was dispensed from the clerical state. Either way, he is not a deacon any longer. So, I’m really puzzled as to who this lad is you are referring to. I think his first name was Rick (but it was before my time as a priest so I never met him and can’t remember a last name). If it is the same person, then you are getting your information from a source that has a BIG GRUDGE against the diocese.

    If it is someone who is an actual deacon, tell his mother to have him contact me. I can always benefit from partners in cleaning the perverts out of the priesthood in our area!!

    2. We have never had a Fr. Tim Flaherty within our diocese. If this lad who claims to be a deacon knows of him, it’s not from around here. According to Sylvia’s info, he actually worked in the Thunder Bay diocese and not anywhere around here.


    Fr. Tim

    • Lina says:

      A deacon or not a deacon that is a good questioned. He must be wearing a collar because some time last year he was walking down a street & someone ask him if he was one of those perverts in the Catholic Church.

      I do not have contact with this elderly lady’s son. I am getting only the info from her side.

      The mother named this priest “Fr. Tim Flaherty”, it was her son that did some type of investigation on him. By Sylvia’s research on this priest’s ‘Flaherty’ name she came up with a bull eye hit. In other words, this priest was convicted.

      ‘The offences transpired between 1969 and 1989 – this would indicate he was molesting before and after he was ordained as well as while he was in the seminary. January 1992 CONVICTED. Sentenced to 2 years jail. How much time served unknown.’

      I spoke a little under the icon box “Dialogue” & the link is all there.

      I wanted to know about this ex-priest Fr. Tim Flaherty because of the link he had with the ex-St. Catharines Bishop John O’Mara who was also Bishop at one time in Thunder Bay ON. This lady’s son knew this Bishop also. The connection Bishop O’Mara had with the late Bishop Windle in the Pembroke Diocese. In my opinion…I believe both help to cover up lots of abuse cases but it is very difficult to prove.

      A little part of a letter
      {Ex-St. Catharines bishop implicated in coverup}

      “Former St. Catharines bishop John O’Mara was named by former Pembroke Bishop Joseph Windle in a 1993 letter to the Vatican’s ambassador in Ottawa. O’Mara was named as part of a group of Ontario bishops who backed Windle recommendation that the abuse of minors by a Pembroke priest be kept silent.

      The priest in question, Father Bernard Prince, had been shipped off to Rome and became a friend of then Pope John Paul II. In his letter, Windle was deeply concerned that if the Vatican graced the priest with any attention or honours, it would expose the abuse and create a scandal.”

      I do not know Fr. Tim if this lady’s son is having a grudge or not against the Diocese of Pembroke but what I do know this man(Deacon or not) knows stuff more than you Fr. Tim.

      I know of one occasion his mom said her son helped a clergy abused victim. It was terrible what that poor victim went through from a priest. At one point her son even cried with this clergy abuse victim.

      Who knows..maybe that is where he gets some of his info from some clergy abused victims?

      I know he works at a parish but I do not know where.


  6. Brenda Brunelle says:

    I have grave concerns of men being ordained today as deacons.

    For the most part these are older men that have lived and worked as the ‘ordinary’ person.

    Now, men married or not can be ordained, and have been to help serve in the Catholic church.

    Will this save our church, or will this invite more pedophiles to hide their obsessions behind that sterile white collar they wear and mask themselves to be men of God.


  7. Lina: I sincerely hope that this man goes to the police! If he has first hand information (your information would seem to be that he does) then he MUST go to the police ASAP!

    There is no religious vow that he would have had to take as part of his ordination that would prevent him from bringing what he knows the the police.

    If you can have any influence at all (through his mother perhaps?) PLEASE, PLEASE try to convince him to go to the police. As a priest of the Diocese, I can assure you that the overwhelming majority of us want to rid ourselves of these predators. He will find a lot of support if he steps forward with any information he has.

    I know that you will do what you can… and I thank you for it!

    Fr. Tim

    • Lina says:

      Fr. Tim,

      I doubt her son would speak to a female like me. He has a female relative his Mom said that does the readings sometimes in a Church. He does not like to see her up there near the altar. He is really from old school when it comes to female servers. His views are old-fashioned she said.

      He told his Mother that if she died before him he has plans in place to leave & join a monastery. Monks.

      Must be in some foreign land?

      I am only speculating here, he will pray, do penitence for everyone, especially sacrifices for the clergy & its victims. He may be praying big time for himself wondering all about the ifs, the ans & the buts of his life.

      Whatever problems & fears he is carrying around inside of him, it must be horrible.

      I will do my best to speak to the mother.

      The serenity prayer is fitting for me now.


  8. Cheryl-Helene Thomson says:

    Surprisingly, I find myself empathizing with this deacon. Fr. Tim is so quick to report there is no deacon who has served 30+ years in Pembroke. Well, well, well. In the way people generally talk, and considering this man’s mother must be in her 70s, it is likely that her son has been involved in many ways in their parish, and became a deacon a long time ago – whenever. I don’t think Lina’s report is at all discredited.

    Next, using capital letters, Fr. Tim, to say ‘go to the police’ ASAP/MUST/PLEASE, again explaining that that’s what you did and you’re still a priest “in good standing with the diocese” – may I ask, did a court prosecution result? Or not?

    The deacon involved, we learn from Fr. Tim, may have a (all-in-caps) BIG GRUDGE against the diocese. Hmmm… then we should never believe the mother or the son, should we? Why on earth would anyone have a BIG GRUDGE against a diocese, having seen cover-ups for 30 years? It boggles the mind, doesn’t it, Fr. Tim. It just destroys the man’s credibility. Oh, my!

    According to Lina, the gentleman is conservative, devoted to his mother, and may spend the rest of his life in monastic life.

    Surprisingly, surprised at myself, I do have to ask myself why he would really want to go to the police, at this stage of his life. What good does it do, really? Convicted before a judge, the priest criminals have a brief, pampered time behind bars; and then the Roman Catholic Church generally takes care of them for life. Meantime, victims and witnesses and their families endure years of heartache and stress.

    Fr. Tim really wants to get involved and pick this man’s brain.

    For what motives? I wouldn’t want to speculate.

  9. prima facie says:

    …….speculate away!

  10. Cheryl: May I answer a couple of your points.

    1. I said that there were no deacons who were lawyers in our Diocese 30 years ago.
    2. Yes, two court cases resulted from my going to the Police. One ended with the sudden death of the offender. The other is ongoing.
    3. My bishops supported me in this reporting. Bishop Richard Smith even sent me to the police with a letter of support in one case, asking the police to accept my report as if it were coming directly from him. (This is the case where the guy died before charges could be laid.)
    4. The issue about a grudge was IF this ‘deacon’ is one particular fellow that I know was ordained a transitional deacon (step towards priesthood) who was denied ordination as a priest after issues came to light. HE might hold a grudge so IF it is him, I suggest a grain of salt before accepting what he offered at face value.
    5. Why are you so quick to assume evil intent or malicious motives on my part? You don’t know me. You clearly have no first hand knowledge about this particular case and yet you cast aspersions about me. How can you post that you don’t want to speculate but you do you best to paint in as poor a light as possible?

    If you can’t be part of the solution… then shut up. That would be my message to this deacon. This is also my message to you.

    I want to cleanse the priesthood of these predators. Do you?

    Fr. Tim

  11. Correction: #2. One case has actually made it to court. The other only reached the level of a police investigation. I should have made that point clearer.

  12. Cheryl-Helene says:

    The one thing I didn’t point out in my earlier comments is that the “he was a lawyer” issue is a piece of silliness I just thought was a simple mistake when Fr. Tim was responding. I thought the clergyman would have caught this himself, but it seems not. Lina stated in her posting to Sylvia:

    “I found out this Father Timothy J. Flaherty name from this elderly woman whose son is still a Deacon in the Catholic Church.

    This elderly lady also shared this. What her Deacon son knows now, if he knew this (criminal) stuff way back before becoming a Deacon he would had became a LAWYER…”

    I believe the phrase “… he would had became a LAWYER” had a couple of typos, but that she meant to say: “…he would have become a LAWYER…” – In other words this was an attempt at humor.

    Alas – some people have no sense of humor so they don’t pick up on these little things. But some people are certainly sensitive. Aren’t we?

    Reading skills are so important.

  13. Jim: Hogwash! I do not want to be the savior of the RC Church. I simply want to do my part to ensure that predators are removed from the priesthood.

    Who are I? I am a former Children’s Aid Society social worker who became a RC priest (Diocese of Pembroke) . I have more first hand experiences at dealing with victims of abuse than anyone would want to witness in a lifetime. These experiences fire my passion for protecting children from wolves in sheep’s clothing. I find it absolutely amazing that so many folks here are more concerned with questioning my motives and intentions than they seem to be with trying to rid the Church of such clerical perverts. Sylvia knows who I am. We have had some common experiences that predate either of our blogs with such a pervert who was a priest in our Diocese. Email her if you truthfully want to know more about me.

    Fr. Tim Moyle
    St. Anne’s Roman Catholic Parish
    Mattawa, Ontario

  14. Cheryl: Thanks for pointing out my error. My misreading of Lina’s initial post (which led me to believe this deacon was a lawyer) is what caused me to question the authenticity of the person claiming to have this knowledge.

    BUT… my argument still stands. If he actually has first hand evidence or information about priests in our area who have abused children, he is obliged morally and legally to bring his information to the Police. Retiring to a contemplative life is not an acceptable option as it left others exposed to being abused. Holiness is not an excuse for inaction in these matters. Surely you can’t disagree with this?

    Fr. Tim

    Fr. Tim

    • Lina says:

      Fr. Tim Moyle,

      It was March 15 of this year 2011. You told a poster a ‘Larry Green’ at your website about Monsignor Robert Borne pre-trial session.
      I quote what you said to him:

      1. “…No news about Borne. The (Pembroke) Diocese administration thinks that we are all mushrooms…they keep us in the dark and only fed us shit!
      You will probably hear something before I will.”

      2. At another website, maybe it was at the National Post? You went to bat; you took the side and made excuses for Cardinal Bernard Law (Boston, U.S.A.).

      3. Even though you gave options to a sexual clergy abuse victim (a victim of a well known monsignor) you included and advised him also to see a Father Proulx of the Pembroke Diocese.
      Thankfully…Sylvia pointed out your faux pas in a tactful way.

      I do not want to argue with you Fr. Tim.

      This all have to say to you.

      In all honesty…you confuse me, you frighten me, but for the grace of God I still love you.


  15. Lina says:

    Sadly…I admit I was a “doubting Thomas” about this elderly lady.

    It’s when I started doing my own research on stuff. I got to thinking & believing she did make many true statements to me.

    Please forgive me if I’m repeating myself here.

    The big eye-opener for me was the case of Fr. Tim Flaherty now the ex-priest Tim Flaherty. There is still fishy stuff about this man that is still being kept secret.

    The link between the late Bishop Joseph Raymond Windle of the Diocese of Pembroke and the ex-Bishop John O’Mara of St. Catharine’s who was once Bishop in Thunder Bay (where this lady’s son was there for a time.)

    Many of Fr. Tim Moyle’s brother priests at one time told this mother, that her son got a rotten/dirty deal.

    One priest even told her: “Your son got a rotten deal. Your son should have ‘KISS ASS’ and after his ordination, then he could tell them where to go… (That is ‘go to hell.)”
    (This priest is still in the Pembroke Diocese today & she did tell me his name)

    That same year 2009, Monsignor Robert Borne scandal hit the newspapers, (April 2009).
    I went to Cormac ON. It was a religious pilgrimage in honor of St. Anne.

    That is where I ran into this woman & I remember what she told me.
    “We should have gone to the police, we should have gone to the police a long time ago, but it’s too late now.”

    It was early this year I finally ask her about that statement she made to me about going to the police.
    ‘It was about Bishop Windle. We should have pushed it further….what Bishop Windle did to our son.’

    In my nervousness I misunderstood her; I mix up the 2 Bishops. The one Bishop called O’Mara & the other one called Bishop Windle.

    Bishop Windle is the one that said to her son: ‘to keep his mouth shut, go back to his room and closed his door.’

    I may be somewhat a little paranoid & even fearful….but is it possible this son of hers (the deacon?) did find something out about BORNE and did try to tell Bishop Windle about it? Is this man (deacon or not) is being punish to keep a scandal from becoming public? All the other priests were not told the whole story, the truth? After all priests are suppose to listen & be loyal to their Bishop.


  16. prima facie says:

    RE: Lina and Father Tim Moyle “public” interaction:
    At different stages of my life, during good times, bad times, happy times, difficult times, challenging times, etc….and when interacting with various people, places and things, that I had not been completely certain about, it was often suggested to me to trust my “gutt “. You know…..that “message” we seem to strangely receive, but all too often rationalize, minimize and subsequently dismiss. Some people refer to it as an “Angel’s message from a Higher Power, or our “inner child”, or “intuition”. Some of us even keep receiving the same “messages‘”, seemingly encouraging us to complete “some task” or “make amends” with someone or “face the music” so-to-speak. Well, I believe in “these messages”. I believe I have been saved pain and significant disappointment, when I listened to “these messages or inner voice”. Also, I do not have to be face to face with someone else, to experience these “trusting” moments, where, as a result, I “receive these inner messages”. I believe attitudes, personalities, autocratic vs. democratic leadership styles, “patterns”, likes, dislikes, consistencies, motives, inconsistencies, etc., can easily be conveyed in writing, in a blog space, letter, or in other words,….in ways other than being face-to-face. For example, has anyone ever received a “Dear John“ letter, or letter of condolence or a disciplinary letter or a note of gratitude or a lawyer‘s letter, etc.? I believe, very often, “the receiver” of a message can form a pretty accurate picture of the “sender” and what is being implied. Repetitive messages, consistencies, inconsistencies, behaviours, interactions, statements, interpretations, etc., in part, determine whether “the sender” will be trusted or not.
    I ask myself, ….am I a “trustworthy” person? Am I “worthy of your trust“? I am certain that despite many people wishing the opposite, in reality, TRUST is NOT an automatic, “trust is earned”! In fact, I assert that we have been taught for so long, to trust the “profession” despite the character, human being or evidence to the contrary. That is why, I am certain, Trust is NOT achieved simply because I am a Doctor, Lawyer, Judge, Teacher, Priest, Politician, etc., but, “Trust is earned”. Do some people trust me because of my “trustworthy” behaviours or do they “think” they trust me because of my profession, position of authority, occupation or avocation?
    I am sure some reader’s have formed an opinion of many people who post regularly on this website, even me. That is fine. People are allowed to form their own opinions and people are allowed to “speak out”. Believe me, I am not going to spend my time or waste your time trying to get you to like me or accept me. Do we send “trustworthy, supportive” messages or do we send messages eliciting fear, intolerance, confusion….. or simply put, words that encourage us to not trust the “sender”?
    I ask myself, do all people have to believe as I do? I ask myself, if people don’t think as I do or have not worked in the professions such as I have, or have not overtly helped people as I assert and re-assert that I have done, does it suggest or imply “others” are less than me or less qualified than me and those “others” should “shut up” if they have “nothing significant” to offer…..as I perceive it of course. I think not. I ask myself, do I have to challenge readers over and over, asking them how much they have done to help others compared to me? I think not.
    Really, especially if I had a website of my own!…..Why would I need to attempt to create the impression Sylvia and I are on equal footings and working as “a team“?….Why would I appear to be seeking a share in the credibility Sylvia has earned “But For The Grace of God.”?

    In prayer, I ask, “God, on a daily basis do I exhibit behaviours, attitudes and a character, worthy of trust”?

    Perhaps the fact that some people even offer a few words on this website, helps others.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      prima facie, it seems that many on this site are speculating on why Fr. Tim needs to be such a prescence on this site when he has his own. The brea st beating gets to be hard to take. and the how to do it instructions suppose we are all idiots.
      Then we remember that anywhere on his posts, you can go to his web site. There is still several ways to make money off a web site, including the number of hits on it. Maybe it is simply retirement funds.
      1 abandoned sheep

    • Jim Gamache says:

      Fr.Tim claims that he worked for children’s aid socity. That does not prove that he is a good person. Time will tell. The bishop is Nova Scotia appeared to be a good person all his life untill he was caught.I do not know how old Fr.Tim is? If he worked before for children’s Aid Society, he must have joined the seminary to become a priest when he was an older person! Did he not date any girls? What made him to become a priest at that age where every men date girls? If he really was a spiritual person, he would have chosen to become a monk in a monastry, lived a simple and holy life like Francis of Assisi. Instead he chose to become a diocesan priest , living in a one million dollar house ( rectory) , driving good cars etc.. This is a better life than being just a children’s aid society worker. Now he has a website because he wants to become more popular than other simple priests. He wants to show the world that he is better than other priests. You should show it by yourown very life and your ministry.
      Most of these late vocation guys die for power , fame , comfort and money. That is the reason they choose to become priests. Very few , who have late vocations, have the simpility and commitment towards the people they serve.
      Fr. Tim if you really want to be a Savior or another Christ, behave like Christ, lead a simple exempleary life like many priests do. Get rid of the website ,work full time for the people of your parish. Not through writing on this website or yourown website, but by yourown very daily life show that you truely are a good priest. That is what is needed. That is what is your job.
      The world does not need a Savior priest to deal with the problem of the church or to clean those up. We have the lawyers, Government etc.
      Your work is to take care of your parishioners: the sick, elderly, young and old. Show them BY YOUR VERY LIFE what a simple and humble priest you are.

  17. Jim: After spending untold words making clear that you know nothing about me, you then write:

    “Fr. Tim if you really want to be a Savior or another Christ, behave like Christ, lead a simple exempleary life like many priests do. Get rid of the website ,work full time for the people of your parish. Not through writing on this website or yourown website, but by yourown very daily life show that you truely are a good priest. That is what is needed. That is what is your job.
    The world does not need a Savior priest to deal with the problem of the church or to clean those up. We have the lawyers, Government etc.
    Your work is to take care of your parishioners: the sick, elderly, young and old. Show them BY YOUR VERY LIFE what a simple and humble priest you are.”

    I thank you for so applying demonstrating the truth of your first assertion of knowing nothing. Too bad sir that you didn’t take your own advice and stop there. You should heed that old folk wisdom: “Better be thought a fool than speak and remove all doubt.”

    I do not advertise my website here. I hide no links or such items that would bring anyone to my blog.

    Sheep: as to my contributing to a retirement fund, to date I’ve garnered a grand total of $0.00! You have to hit $100 before google pays anything to a blogger, and I’ve yet to hit 25% of that goal in 2+ years of blogging. I’d be further off buying a lottery ticket if my retirement funds need a boost!

    Thanks for the malice intent and innuendo though. Let me return the favor: Given the few hits my blog generates (at least in comparison to any of the ‘major’ Canadian Catholic sites), your evident obsession with what I write on it is somewhat creepy, no?

    To both of you: I am quite at peace with how I live my life as a priest. I am unaware of any parishioners who would believe that I have been leaving them in need. My diocese has a pension plan for all its priests, so no need to fear for my future. I appreciate your concern, but I’m sure that my future is secure, in both this life and the next.

    Now… would you please knock off all the psycho-babble about a subject that you admit you know nothing about and actually deal with the types of issues and comments that Sylvia expects for HER blog!

    Fr. Tim

    Fr. Tim

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Fr. Moyle If anyone clicks on your name on each of your posts, it takes them to your web site. Now , tell us you did not know that? 1 abandoned sheep

  18. Why would I click on my own name? Does paranoia run in your family? You’re looking for conspiracies where none exist. Aside from this, it doesn’t say much for the effectiveness of this technique, again as evidenced by the few hits my blog receives from here. You are making much ado about nothing… a polluting a comment thread by doing so.

    Please stop.

    Fr. Tim

  19. Larry Green says:

    It is such a beautiful part of our humanity for each of us to identify and follow a worthy cause such as demanding justice for those who are to broken or simply not capable to do so for themselves.
    Thank God for people who are blessed with a certain ability to “Lead” and I stress “Thank God” because the motivation ,the life, the desire, the will and the capacity does not come from the leader if the leader is a human being, it comes from it’s Source.
    It is rare for “good shepherds” to come along but they do and they come in all forms. Unfortunately what is not uncommon is for “good shepherds” to get lost in the cause , loose their little place and become the Lord of their domain.
    Sylvia’s site may have become a place that has deviated very far from it’s intended purpose of achieving justice for people who were so unjustly treated. Isn’t it your intent Sylvia to cleanse the roman catholic church of filthy molesters and to save the church by the clergy who are not? While I have myself many times on this site and off through e-mail and in my daily life expressed explicitly an intolerance and repulsion toward the catholic church for the harm done and injustice ongoing I do so without any pretentious motivation..
    I have witnessed on many occasions by commenter’s and by Sylvia an attitude of indifference toward actual victims of sexual abuse, a spewing and divulgence in gossip and an incessant determination to opportunistically publicize value judgement on unrelated subject which is truly the marker of “ the cause has become more important than the casualty.”(Ideology)
    It makes good sense to me that if you truly want to rid the church of pedophiles and you want the church to proceed with “good” non-pedophile priests that the like of Fr. Tim Moyle would be someone you would welcome with much more support than you do……What do you want?…Glory?…or… Justice?.
    It makes me very angry whether it’s Sylvia on her site or Fr. Tim on his site when they sit there passively while for example in this particular instance tolerate without any introjections of any kind while a good priest is being verbally attacked and abused for no reason whatsoever – other than the fact that he is a priest-
    I think it is unfair, cruel , cowardly and I cannot for the life of me Sylvia understand how you can reconcile without intervention this onslaught of good character with the purpose and intent of this site.
    With all due respect Sylvia I do with a great deal of consideration suggest that you re-examine “the source” and “the purpose” to this activity which undoubtedly consumes an immeasurable amount of time in your precious life.
    Respectfully Larry

  20. Sylvia says:

    It’s been a while Larry. I want to say it’s good to see you back but in light of your comments I fear it would be misconstrued as tongue in cheek. Still, I always miss those who, for whatever reason, stop blogging. I think we all do.

    Now on to the issue at hand, specifically your comments re Father Tim Moyle..

    First, I do believe that Father Tim Moyle has shown himself to be more than capable of defending himself, and, I might add, not always in a manner which I think is befitting a priest responding to persons who have all too often been deeply impacted and wounded by the clerical sex abuse crisis in the Church..

    I don’t know Father Moyle personally. Father contacted me some months ago by email. We have had brief contact via email. That’s it. I admire and commend Father’s desire to have the issue of clerical sexual abuse addressed. I do not agree with all that Father says, nor does he agree with what I have to say.

    Father Moyle has often posted blogs on Sylvia’s Site. He is welcome and free to do so. I believe Father would know from following the site that many victims of clerical sexual abuse and their families follow the site closely. He would also know that the large majority of those persons have little or no time for “the Church” and no respect for priests or the priesthood.

    I believe that as a priest posting a blog on the site Father should be aware that just the mere fact that he as a priest is suffice to evoke suspicion and anger in many. That is the reality of the damage done to both “the faithful” and the priesthood by the sex abuse scandal and cover-up in the Church. I believe too that it goes without saying that any priest who puts himself in the eye of this public storm should be prepared for criticism and/or rebuke which, rightly or wrongly, comes from those who have suffered so much and are skeptical of all men who wear the Roman collar. I do not condone. I do understand.

    As you know, Father Moyle has a blog. I am sure that when he launched his site Father was fully prepared for an onslaught of attacks, specifically because he is a priest.

    As for my “intervention.” That’s proven to be a dicey issue Larry. When I have intervened with comment in the past I have frequently managed to roil. Though that was not my intent, that was the outcome. Also, when I have shut down a thread I have left people feeling that they were singled out for heavy-handed ‘slaughter.’

    As you well know, passions run high when dealing with the issue of clerical child sex abuse and/or clerical misconduct. How then do I allow people who are hurting and angry to get things off their chest and perhaps air their differences without allowing the site to become no more than a battleground?

    I have yet to find the answer. It’s trial and error. I am still working on it. In this particular instance I have been watching and trying to decide if and when it was necessary that I intervene. I nearly closed this thread last night with the suggestion that Father Moyle and those who want to continue to air their differences transfer their debate to his site.

    I decided it would be wiser to sleep on it. It seems that shortly after I made that decision you blogged.

    So, here we are.

    I personally have no more to say on this. As for your attacks on me Larry, you are entitled to you opinion as to my intent, motives and actions. I believe it would be foolhardy of me to clarify, correct or defend myself.

  21. Cheryl-Helene says:

    Fr. Tim Moyle gave us this information in an earlier comment (May 14):

    “Sylvia knows who I am. We have had some common experiences that predate either of our blogs with such a pervert who was a priest in our Diocese. Email her if you truthfully want to know more about me.”

    Today (May 16), Sylvia clarified the matter:

    “I don’t know Father Moyle personally. Father contacted me some months ago by email. We have had brief contact via email. That’s it. I admire and commend Father’s desire to have the issue of clerical sexual abuse addressed. I do not agree with all that Father says, nor does he agree with what I have to say.”

    Certainly, what Father Moyle has written here left an innacurate impression with other readers. But perhaps it was unintentional.

    I don’t believe Fr. Moyle is regarded with suspicion here by some (I admit that includes myself), on the sheer basis alone that he is a Roman Catholic priest. On the contrary, I find generally that his comments are responded to with respect, initially, on a variety of topics. But it is his immature manner of writing and his unfortunate egotistical attitude, not his collar, which has prompted him to receive criticism, and some unsolicited advice! But it seems he only knows how to retaliate, instead of looking in the mirror. Humility can be learned, but this is one of several character traits which are not valued or fostered in seminary training today, as they once were.

    Sylvia makes this observation:

    “First, I do believe that Father Tim Moyle has shown himself to be more than capable of defending himself, and, I might add, not always in a manner which I think is befitting a priest responding to persons who have all too often been deeply impacted and wounded by the clerical sex abuse crisis in the Church.”

    Lina makes some good points and closes with this:

    “I do not want to argue with you Fr. Tim. This is all have to say to you. In all honesty…you confuse me, you frighten me, but for the grace of God I still love you.”

    Mattawa is a squalid little village, miles and miles from anywhere, and the winters are long. By now the black flies have come out. Only a special few become saints in such an atmosphere.

    Since it is Lina whose personal contacts and report prompted the way this thread has developed, with good input and support from many (my sincere thanks) — I think giving her the last word is fair.

  22. Sylvia: We spoke together years ago when you wanted the information I had on the ‘priest’ who was suing you (and threatening to sue me too since I went to the Police with my information). That was 8 or 9 years ago. (I was pastor in Chapeau which was my assignment before Mattawa. I’ve been here for 6 years now.) Since then we have had a number of conversations here and through email. I suspect that you simply forget our first encounters which is easy to understand given the number of irons you have in the fire.

    Just wanted to clarify this so that folks like Cheryl don’t come to the conclusion that I am not speaking the truth to them (as she seems to have done above).


    Fr. Tim

  23. Cheryl: Please check my comment to your last post. I’ve posted it in the dialogue section.

    Fr. Tim

  24. Sylvia says:

    I think Father there is some confusion regarding our contact. I know that our first contact was last year after I started the data base. In fact I have an email from you dated 03 May of last year in which you tell me that you did not know that I was those sued by Father Lorne Whalen. By then the action against me had long been dropped and Father Whalen was dead. That was our initial contact Father. You didn’t know I had been sued by Father Whalen until I started the data base last year.

  25. Sylvia: Was he suing more than one woman in Ottawa? If so, I may be mistaking you for someone else and I apologize. If it was you, let me jog your memory. ‘Stalking a courier’… ‘vandalizing his neighbors cottage with spray painted penises’… ‘writing letters to teenage boys offering specific sexual delights for cutting his grass’. Any of these ring a bell?

    Fr. Tim

  26. prima facie says:

    Father Tim: Are you dipping into the wine or something? Might get a little lonely there. Give it a rest will ya.! Take a nap. If no one knew you before…they all do now.

  27. Larry Green says:

    Prima Facie, in all honesty some of your comments and at times your conduct on this site have been much more indicitave and suggestive than anything Fr. Tim has dispalyed with regard to excessive alcohol consumption.

  28. prima facie says:

    Thank-you Larry Green—here’s one for the old Gipper!….hick! Cheers Larry Green….hick!! Next round is yours!!! hick!!!

  29. Sylvia says:

    Father Tim: No, to my knowledge I was the only woman in Ottawa who was sued by Father Lorne Whalen. But our first contact Father was absolutely last year. I really would never ever forget someone contacting me with information which would have greatly aided my defence.

    I just checked. You blogged on Sylvia’s Site on 23 April 2010 and said in part: “You have my email address as part of my registration, please drop me a line and we can share Whalen horror stories.”

    I contacted you by email. Your response was 03 May 2010, which is the email I mentioned previously in another blog.

    In that email of the 3rd you mentioned the spray painted penises “all over the side of the cottage with the words ‘Die Bitch. Die.” You also mentioned the concerns of the grandparents in a neighbouring cottage re their grandson. I did not know until your email of today that Whalen was ‘writing letters to teenage boys offering specific sexual delights for cutting his grass’..

    In that same email of the 3rd you referenced “stalking a courier.”

    All I know of what you have to say about Father Whalen is in that email from you to me of 03 May 2010 Father. I could go on but I really don’t want to belabour the point . The emails make clear that you and I had not communicated before that date. They also make clear that you did not know until late April of last year that I had been sued by Father Lorne Whalen: “I knew that Lorne Whalen had sued a number of people, but I did not know that you were among them.”

  30. Larry Green says:

    Prima, it is good to see that you do have a good sense of humour. Thanks for that , it is needed more often here- its good for the soul.

  31. Lina says:

    I spoke to the elderly lady last night whose son is a deacon…or not.

    It’s true she was correct about ex-Fr. Tim Flaherty stuff.

    I realized she is saying stuff now that she said before but I found out she heard it from other sources (like at the Mall etc..) & there is no way it came from her son. I will not go in great detail but she even started talking about a dead baby. A baby who died over 55years ago. She was sobbing. This frail old lady is not well.

    I made the difficult decision, I believe a wise one, that I will not pursue further info from this fragile elderly woman about her son.

    My conscience, that little inner voice tells me I need to do this & move on.

    One door closes but soon another door or window will opened.


  32. Sylvia: Sorry if I’ve confused you with someone else. I know that I spoke to a woman who contacted me by phone when I was the pastor in Chapeau. I guess I inadvertently connected this with you as I distinctly remember talking about our respective legal problems with him. She was being sued… I was in the process of being a defendant in another suit that he was beginning shortly before his death. I remember that she was on the hotseat for something she wrote when she was attached to St. Brigitte’s parish about his discharge from the Armed Forces and was VERY upset.

    I do sincerely apologize for the mix-up.

    Fr. Tim

  33. Sylvia says:

    It sounds like me Father but it definitley was not me. I knew nothing of your legal problems with Father Whalen until last May, and nothing of the grandparents and the courier until last May. Would that I had 🙂

    Finally, had I known what you had to say while the suit aginst both the Ottawa Sun, Jacki Leroux and me was still active rest assured I would have passed the information on to the lawyers who would in turn have been in touch with you immediately.

    One final clarification and then let’s put this to rest. I was not sued for something I wrote. The suit was related to an article written by Jacki Leroux which appeared in the Ottawa Sun and in which I was quoted.

    It’s a mix up Father. Let’s put it to rest.

  34. Extbay says:

    Interesting site Sylvia. I am very familiar with this case having lived it first hand many years ago as an alter boy in Thunder Bay who at times served under Flaherty. When all of the details of Flaherty’s actions became public, I was so furious, I left the Church and have never gone back. I believe in the thread above you wonder about Bishop O’Mara. If you want my opinion, he was complicit and negligent in allowing Flaherty to continue on as a priest despite having received complaints about him years earlier. At the time, in the local paper, I recall a headline where the paper declared “O’Mara Resign!”

    You have a fairly decent timeline of Flaherty’s career as a priest above. What you are missing is that in the late 80’s he was made Chaplain of a local Catholic High School (St. Patrick’s) followed by the local university after complaints were filed against him. In other words, despite knowing that Flaherty was a problem, he was routinely put in positions where he had daily exposure to young boys. It still sickens me to no end. O’Mara was moved from Thunder Bay and it sure seemed like it was done to take some of the heat away from him at the time.

    Under our justice system, if you hide a murderer from police after the act has been committed, you are an accessory after the fact. But, if you hide a pedophile, or even put him in situations that are not likely going to turn out well, you get no jail time and are even promoted to a larger diocese.

    I was not one of Flaherty’s victims, although he certainly tried, and it was not until years later that I realized how fortunate I was to have enough sense to know when an adult, even a priest, was getting too close and making me feel uncomfortable. Without that, I would have been another statistic. These situations all occurred at points in time after O’Mara had received complaints about Flaherty and did nothing but reassign him to other parishes or worse, a high school.

  35. Kyle McKinnon says:

    I am a victim of “father” Tim. I always thought that at least Ahole tim F was disgraced and lost his authority and life. He was convicted in 1992 and got only two years. He was in University before the end of 1992 paid for by a government bursary. He has enjoyed working for the government as an ethicist. Can you believe it?? Last position they list is a Director of a department. I guess the joke is on me. He got a raise and a new job.

    If have any contacts to people to help me go after Him and the church. Any victims that would like to talk please post. I know this post is old, It has taken me a long time for me to “surface”. I don’t even know if he is alive.

    Any information would be appreciated,

    Thank you for your site.

    • Bob says:

      I just spotted a Tim Flaherty working in Ottawa. He’s no longer with the Federal Government.

      Maybe this is him?


      You may want to call the company to see if its ‘the’ Tim Flaherty. If it is, educate the head of the company that they have a convicted paedophile within their ranks.

      I grew up in TBay and recall how Flaherty was the pride of St. Agnes parish: a fine young man going into the priesthood. That didn’t turn out well.

      Sorry to hear you were one of his victims. I can imagine your outrage….

  36. Kyle McKinnon says:

    You reference a link in your dialogue but it is no longer posted. I believe it is in “dialogue 1”. Could you forward that blog to me?

    RE:Tim Flaherty
    04 March 2011: relevant blog posted under “Dialogue”


  37. Kyle McKinnon says:

    You must know of TEC? Man it was a cult experience. One of the most joyful times of my life. The first time anyway. He was still reeling me in and all smiles. They were truly good people there. I think he was the only evil one. I wish I could talk to some of them (not about religion).

  38. Sylvia says:

    I received word that then Father Flaherty conducted a weekend retreat for Grade 9 and 10 students in Schreiber and Terrace Bay. On Sunday afternoon he heard confessions, and, I am told, asked the children for their addresses.

    A week later one young lad received a postcard from Flaherty telling the boy that he, Flaherty, was in Thunder Bay, feeling lonely, and inviting the boy to drop by the bishop’s residence. Thankfully the boy did not take up on the offer.

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