Priests accused of pedophilia back in Shohola

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The Gazette (Port Jervis, NY)

07 March 2003


Gazette Correspondent

Shohola Township – A Roman Catholic priest accused of sexually molesting an underage boy is back living in Shohola Township.

Two priests with the Society of Saint John, the Rev. Eric Ensey and the Rev. Carlos Urrutigoity are currently being sued in federal court for the alleged sexual abuse of children. The federal lawsuit filed in June 2001 in Scranton, claims the pair gave a North Carolina boy alcohol and cigarettes and coerced him into “various sexual acts” while at St. Gregory’s Academy in Elmhurst and at the Society of Saint John in Shohola Township. Ensey is also accused in the suit of molesting the boy while on a West Coast holiday.

Along with these two priests, the lawsuit also names Bishop Timlin, the SSJ, and the priestly fraternity of St. Peter and St. Gregory’s Academy as defendants.

The Lackawanna County district attorney’s office that could not prosecute because the statue of limitations in the case had expired also investigated the allegations against Ensey and Urrutigoity. Lackawanna County has forwarded information on the case to law enforcement authorities in Pike and Monroe counties as well as to Santa Paula, Calif.

“Carlos Urrutigoity and Eric Ensey are still at large, in full clerical attire, with free access to young men and boys,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bond of the College of St. Justin Martyr. “In fact, Urrutigoity currently lives in a trailer with a young man only a few miles from the Society of Saint John’s Shohola property and he participates in SSJ’s daily Mass despite Bishop Timlin’s Scranton diocese public relations claim to have removed him from the SSJ property.”

Urrutigoity is living in a trailer on Bee Hollow Road in Shohola Township.

Last Sunday, Bond led protest marchers outside of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Scranton accusing Timlin of “covering up for pedophiles.” Referring to Shohola’s Society of Saint John as a “homosexual cult,” Bond, who resides in Greeley said, “We want the bishop to shut down the Society of Saint John.”

Bishop Timlin refuses to take action until the charges against the two priests are substantiated in court. Timlin has said in the past that the two men have been removed from SSJ in Shohola and would not wear their priestly garments or participate in public Mass until the matter is settled.


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