Doucet: Father Daniel Doucet

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Priest Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.  Ordained 1966.  Charged 1990.  1993 acquitted – Justice Ian Palmeter said he thought the complainant had an ulterior motive.


Bishops of Antigonish Diocese from time of Father Daniel Doucet’s ordination in 1966:

William Edward Power (12 May 1960 – 12 December 1986 ) ; Colin Campbell (12 December 1986 – 26 October 2002) ;Raymond John Lahey (5 April 2003 – – 26 September 2009 ) ;Brian Joseph Dunn (21 November 2009 – – )


The following information is drawn from the Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) of that date, and media (M)

2010, 2002, 1998, 1997:  address on Esplanade, Sydney, N.S, Sydney, Nova Scotia

1996, 1995:  St. Mary’s RC Church, Big Pond, Nova Scotia (CCCD)

1994:  address on  Esplanade, Sydney, N.S, Sydney, Nova Scotia

1993: acquitted

1991:  St. Mary’s RC Church, Big Pond, Nova Scotia (CCCD)

1990:  charged

1985:  c/o St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, River Bourgweois, Nova Scotia (CCCD)

Late 70s:  St Hyancinth’s,  D’Escousse (M)

1973-74:  St. Joseph’s, Petit de Grat, N.S. (Pastor Father C. P. Girroir)  (CCCD)

1971-72:  not listed in index (CCCD)

1968-69:  St. Joseph’s, Petit de Grat, N.S.   (Pastor, Father John J. MacDonald) (CCCD)


Canadian Press

June 16, 1993  19.37 EST


Supporters of a Cape Breton priest applauded and wept tears of joy Wednesday when a judge acquitted him on four charges of indecent assault.

Rev. Dan Doucet, who has denied the charges since they were first laid in 1990, said it will take some time for the impact of the verdict to sink in.

“I really can’t say how I feel, because I really haven’t begun feeling yet,” said Doucet.

Justice Ian Palmeter of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court said the case came down to the credibility of the Roman Catholic priest  over that of a 27-year-old man who said he was abused.

Doucet was charged after the man identified him as one of several priests who sexually abused him in the late 1970s when Doucet was parish priest at St. Hyacinth’s parish in D’Escousse,

The man testified Monday that subsequent troubles with the law and drugs and alcohol resulted from the abuse.

But Palmeter said he believed the man had an ulterior motive for bringing the case to trial. There was a suggestion that the RCMP offered to reduce the man’s sentence for break and enter and arson convictions if he helped convict the priests.

Sgt. Tony Penney, the RCMP’s investigating officer, said the investigation was conducted with the same integrity as any other. He would not comment further.

Doucet was the last of four priests in northeastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton to go to trial after being charged with sex- related offences in 1990.

The others, Rev. Claude Richard, his twin brother Rev. Clair Richard and Rev. James Mombourquette, were all convicted.

After a short rest, Doucet will return to the Cape Breton parishes of Big Pond and Johnstown where he worked before the charges were laid.

Rev. Greg MacLeod, who took over the two parishes while Doucet was awaiting trial, said the sexual misconduct committee of the Antigonish Diocese should review Doucet’s case.

“We, both Father Dan and I, admit it is terrible that so much sexual abuse exists in society and we feel that such cases should be pursued,” said MacLeod.

“But we also feel that this was a frivolous case and should not have come to court.”



Sex charges against N.S. priest 

The Montreal Gazette

06 July 1991

SYDNEY, N.S. – A fourth Roman Catholic priest in Nova Scotia was charged yesterday with sex-related crimes. Rev. Daniel Doucet, 50, of Big Pond denied the allegations against him that led to four counts of indecent assault. The charges stem from incidents alleged to have occurred between January 1976 and December 1978 in Richmond County, N.S. A court appearance was scheduled for Aug. 21 in Arichat.

RCMP also laid another indecent assault charge against Rev. Clair Richard, 55, of Grand Mira South. He now faces three counts of sexual assault and nine of indecent assault.

Late last month, Richard, his twin brother, Rev. Claude Richard of Louisbourg, and Rev. James Mombourquette, 58, of Stellarton were arrested for alleged sex offences dating back to 1965. The four men are the latest in a series of sexual-abuse accusations against Roman Catholic priests or members of lay orders in various parts of Canada.

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