Desmond: Father Barry Desmond

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Thomas F. Desmond

Thomas Finbar Desmond

Barry Desmond

Father Thomas Desmond

priest, Diocese of Kamloops, British Columbia.  Ordained 1965. 1989  charged with one count of sexual assualt related to allegation of abuse in 1989.  ACQUITTED (insufficient evidence to proceed to trial)  Does not appear to have been in active service after charges were laid.  Not listed in Church directories after 1998 edition (was he laicized?  or is he serving somewhere outside the country?)


2011, 2000, 1999:  not listed in directory (CCCD)

1998:  ” On Leave” (CCCD)

1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1991:  “On Sabbatical” (CCCD)

22 February 1990:  Preliminary hearing.  Judge Nick Friesen ruled there was insufficient evidence to proceed

1983-1989: St. Ann Roman Catholic Church, Quesnel, British Columbia. (St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church website).

“In 1985 the basement of the Parish Hall was converted into the three classrooms, in anticipation of the opening of St. Ann’s School in 1986. One new Grade a year was added, needing the purchase of a portable classroom to take the additional students.”  (St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church website: “Parish History”)

1989:  Charged – charges relate to allegations of that year  (M)

1985-86:  St. Ann Roman Catholic Church,Quesnel,British Columbia.  Listed in Church index as “Thomas F (Barry) Desmond” (CCCD)

1973-74:  Pastor St. Gerard’s inAschroft,British Columbia, with missions in Lytton, Big Bar, Bonaparte, Clinton (CCCD)

1971-1972, 1968-69:  Sacred Heart Cathedral,Kamloops,British Columbia (rector Father J. MacIntyre)


Quesnel priest cleared, lack of evidence cited

The  Vancouver  Sun

09 March 1990

QUESNEL – A Roman Catholic priest charged with sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl was acquitted Thursday after a day-long preliminary hearing. Provincial court Judge Nick Friesen ruled there was not sufficient evidence to proceed with the case Rev. Barry Desmond, 52, who was a priest for several years atSt. Ann’s Catholic church in Quesnel.


B.C. priest to face charges

Toronto  Globe and Mail

Tuesday, July 18, 1989

QUESNEL, B.C. — QUESNEL, B.C. A Roman Catholic priest has been charged with one count of sexual assault in connection with a Jan. 1, 1989, incident, RCMP said yesterday. Rev. Thomas Finbar Desmond will appear in Quesnel provincial court Dec. 12 to face charges. Father Desmond, who has been withSt. Ann’s Catholic Church in Quesnel since 1982, has been reassigned to a parish in his hometown ofKamloops, B.C., police said. The RCMP would not give further details about the victim or the alleged assault. “CP

3 Responses to Desmond: Father Barry Desmond

  1. Robert L. Crawford says:

    Father Barry Desmond was definitely based in Kamloops during some portion of the 1970’s … and around 1976 or 77 my wife was volunteering to assist with secretarial work at the church. She came home upset one afternoon, and said that while she was typing, Desmond quickly bent over and planted a big kiss on her. About the same time, there was a Father Lindo (a Filipino Priest) working in the same parish, who came to our home a number of times, to socialize. He related that there had been a recent affair/incident between Desmond and one of the single female teachers at the school, which I believe was/is co-located on the same church grounds. I divorced my wife in 1981 and she has since passed away. I confronted Desmond about his actions/advances toward my wife, and he just shrugged his shoulders … no denial …. no apology. In my opinion, both these Priests had/have the ethics of a dog in heat. Unfortunately for our family, my ex-wife was pretty much in the same class.

  2. 1Yellowknife says:

    Robert L. Crawford: Your former wife is deceased. Describing her in ugly sordid terms is uncalled for and not the purpose of this site. I suggest you contact Sylvia per email (top right of this page) and request the last sentence of your post be removed. Then get some professional help in dealing with your unresolved issues which resulted in spilling this venom — online — to total strangers.

    • jg says:

      1 yellow KNIFE,
      Some posts need not be commented on..sometimes you should just feel the pain, however old it might be and be quiet!
      Maybe you should ask for your post to be removed and not infect the already/still painful “sharing” coming from Robert.
      You are way off on this one!
      Robert, you can let it go and stop beating yourself up about it! Whatever it was it wasn’t your fault. WE all make our own choices.
      Take care and take a deep breath. Sometimes total strangers can understand what you can’t talk about with family…
      Forget and forgive.

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