“Pedophile Alert!”

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I think – hope! – all of the articles on the Father Gaetan Deschamps. page are now re-posted and linked.

There is at least one other articles which I came across which I plan to post and along  with it a relevant portion of Bishop Eugene Larocque’s testimony at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.   I am getting the latter ready for posting – it’s fiddly tedious business 🙁

So, I’ve had enough for now, and am calling it a day, but before you read any of those articles let me first tell you that I know for a fact that “Father Gates” was indeed molesting before he left the Diocese of Prince Albert Saskatchewan and returned to Cornwall.  A fact.

Here are the files which were re-posted today, starting with the  following flier which was distributed around the city:

19/20 August 2007:   Pedophile Alert!

As I understand it, the fliers were all over the place.  They were, as you can imagine,  a cause of great consternation for some, but for others they incited a timid curiosity , and for yet others, evoked a genuine and, I personally believe,  very healthy concern.

And here’s what came out in the media:

01 September 2007: Open season on priests?

01 September 2007: Standing behind ‘Father Gates’

30 August 2007: Sask. police are examining abuse allegations

29 August 2007: “Priest Denies Abuse Allegations” and “Priest becomes target of sex abuse allegation”

Poor Father Deschamps!

And, oh yes, note, “no charges have been laid” therefore, of course,  the naive and gullible populace – particularly Cornwall Catholic parents! –   are to believe that all of this talk about poor Father Deschamps is nothing but an outright lie.

As we all know all too well,   sometimes, for various reasons,  victims  are not ready or able or willing to go to police.  And sometimes those victims  want to ensure that  their abuser is not permitted to function as a priest.     To that end,  some victims contact the bishop or someone in the diocesan centre.

I will leave it at that.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered at the hands of or because of Father Gaetan Deschamps.

Enough for now,