Ontario woman describes sex with priest as ‘rough and weird’

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Sun News Network (sunnewsnetwork.ca)

3:24 pm, October 16th, 2013


Ontario woman describes sex with priest as ‘rough and weird’


SARNIA, Ont. – Sex with a priest she “idolized” as a young teen was “rough and weird,” the first witness into Gabriele DelBianco‘s sex trail told the court Wednesday.

Now in her 40s, the woman who cannot be identified told the Sarnia, Ont., courtroom that she was 15 years old when her sexual relationship started with DelBianco, now 57.

He’s been charged with 16 sexual offences involving four women during the 1980s.

The woman said DelBianco was like a rock star when she met him at her church when she was 12.

DelBianco drove a sports car, wore flashy clothes and gave entertaining sermons.

“I kind of idolized him'” said the woman.

During an overnight visit to a cottage, DelBianco gave her alcohol and they showered together. On the bathroom floor she performed oral sex on him and he digitally penetrated her in what she called “rough and weird” sex.

She said the relationship lasted until she was 19 or 20, and that DelBianco told her he loved her and treated her like a confidant.

He also told her he was a CIA spy, she testified.

The trial is expected to continue into next week.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    This is a repeat of the other articles posted yesterday, but appearing on the Sun News Network site.

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