Cyr: Brother Alban Cyr fic

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Alban Cyr photo

Bro Alban Cyr – date unknown

Alban Cyr SMIS 1971

1971 yearbook


Alban Cyr

Canadian-born Religious Brother with the  Brothers of Christian Instruction, a religious order of Brothers founded by Jean-Marie de la Mennais and Gabriel Deshayes.  The brothers are also known as La Mennais Brothers, Mennasians or Mennaisians.  (They are, specifically,  the Brothers of Christian Instruction of Ploërmel, not to be confused then with the Brothers of Christian Instruction of St. Gabriel)

Served about two years in the early 70s at St. Mary’s International School in Japan as Assistant Scoutmaster and Administrative Aid.  Cyr replaced Frank Selas as Scout leader after Selas’s departure.  He also served as Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster.  He was NOT a teacher.

Allegations that after a scout meeting he told one of the scouts he wanted to see him, and directed the boy to a room.  Bro Alban set up two chairs facing each other.  He turned off the lights.  The boy sat down in one chair:  Bro Alban sat in the opposite chair facing the boy.  Then Bro Alban unzipped his fly and proceeded to masturbate.  When he was finished Brother Alban zipped up his fly and that was it.  Nothing was said.  The boy had not the slightest idea at the time what Brother Alban was doing – it was only a few years later that he understood.

There are also reports that Brother Alban would corner boys and rub himself against the them.

Years later former students were told that  Brother Alban had been exiled to a location far from boys.  I  know he spent years in the Philippines, and in more recent years has been living at the mother-house in La Prairie, Quebec.  Is that far from boys?  I still have to sort that out, but, I don’t really think so.   (I know for example that there is a Mennasian school right by the mother-house in La Prairie – not sure about the facilities in the Philippines, or even what he was doing in Philippines)


There are now allegations that five brothers sexually abused boys at SMIS:  Brother Lawrence Lambert (Guy Lambert); Brother John Paradis fic(Brother Paul-Emile Paradis or Brother Paul Paradis); Brother Benoit Lessard fic (Brother Daniel Lessard).  Brother Lessard died in 1980,  Brother Marcel Villemure fic (Brother Claude Villemure) and Brother Alban Cyr.

It has also been learned that Frank Selas, a  layman who taught at SMIS, is a child molester.  Ditto Donald Andrews.

Brother Lessard died in 1980.  The other three Brothers are still alive.  As far as I can tell the first  four Brothers were at SMIS at the same time in the 60s – they were definitively all in Japan, and definitely all at the school on retreat December 1963.  Brother Cyr was there  in the late 60s to early 70s – I am quite certain that he too is still alive and living in Quebec. Canada.

Frank Selas is believed to be hiding out in South America since a warrant for his arrest was issued in Louisiana.


04 October 2014:   Kagei letter to parents and alumni re contact by victims and talk of some sort of inquiry


06 October 2014:  BLOG SMIS sex abuse scandal



2011:  La Prairie, Quebec (Canada) ( Brothers of Christian Instruction Annual Report General Administration Rome 2011)

2008:  La Prairie, Quebec  – Provincial motherhouse (also at La Prairie Brother John Paradis fic ) (Brothers of Christian Instruction 2008)

2007:  La Prairie, Quebec  – Provincial motherhouse (also at La Prairie Brother John Paradis fic ) ( Brothers of Christian Instruction 2007)

 2003-2004:  “administrateur”  with Terre Sans Frontieres

Canada Revenue Agency 2003

History of Brothers of Christian Instruction and Terre Sans Frontiers   (Terre Sans Frontiers website)

2001-2003:   attendant to older brothers in the infirmary (Terre Sans Frontieres members 2003-2004)

’10 years missionary experience in the Philippines and Japan ‘ (Terre Sans Frontieres members 2003-2004)

1994-2001:  Manila, Philippines:  Alban Cyr in Phillipines La Mennais magazine # 18 April 2013

1971:  Administrative Aid at St. Mary’s International School in Japan.  Also served as Scout Master and worked with Cubs during his SMIS years.  Was at the school for about two years. (P)

Alban Cyr souctmaster 1971

Alban Cyr Cub leader 1972

Bros Laban Cyr Cub Leader at SMIS 1971










It was after a scout meeting that Brother Alban Cyr called one young 12-year-old aside and said he wanted to see him.  Bro Alban led the way into a room.  He turned off the light.  He pulled up a chair and set it directly in front of another chair.  The terrified young lad thought he had done something wrong and was about to get into trouble.  He waited.  Brother Alban sat himself down in the chair facing the boy.  Cyr unzipped his fly and began to masturbate.  Not a word was said.  The lad had not the slightest clue what was going on.  Eventually the brother had finished his business.  He pulled up his zipper.  That was it.  It was only in later years that the boy realized what had been going on.

23 August 1964:

15 August 1958:

01 October 1938:  DOB

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  1. Edward says:


    Where does the information on Brother Alban come from? The story (allegation) against him has no citation. The other Brothers you’ve listed are only cited in the St. Mary’s International School Labor Dispute.


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