Diocese can use funds to compensate victims

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Published Tuesday November 30th, 2010



MIRAMICHI – The Diocese of Bathurst will be able to use funds accumulated in 21 trusts to pay victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by priests.

Justice Fred Ferguson released the 60-plus page decision Monday.

He ordered that the Diocese of Bathurst can access $3.7 million to pay compensation to those who have come forward and said they had been abused by priests.

None of the priests identified in retired justice Michel Bastarache’s report are still practising in the region.

The Court of Queen’s Bench decision comes close to two months after the diocese filed the application to have the original objects of the trusts broadened to allow access to a large amount of the funds.

The trusts are valued at $4.3 million. An agreement was reached to leave $1.5 million in the 21 funds.

7 Responses to Diocese can use funds to compensate victims

  1. Sylvia says:

    Not that it makes much difference now, but the numbers here don’t add up. If the Diocese can access $3.7M of $4.3M that leaves $.6M, NOT $1.5M. Is it a typo in the article?

  2. Lina says:

    Breaking the trust of these dead Catholic people wishes…that is NOT good.

    Keeping the names secret of these numerous criminal priests under the disguise of protecting the innocent victims is so deceiving & lying & plain evil just to cover the image of the Church & saved their monies, etc.. Talk about getting away with criminal acts.

    The Catholic Church can easily reveal these priests criminal names & still protect the victims. The church is using an old-fashioned method that worked for centuries. It is called B-L-A-C-K-M-A-I-L-E-D. They got their way…again! Using the Canadian justice system, by the way it is their right! They surely know how protect their rights. Money buys the best lawyers?

    The rights of the clergy abuse victims—well it is just too bad isn’t it? You are not special like all these molester pedophile priests of the Church.

    Thank God, you do not follow their(the Church)warped EXAMPLE because it is a sure way to get a free ticket to THEIR place they called h-e-l-l they speak of so fondly.

    Stay strong victims & survivors of clergy abuse.

    It’s certain members of the Church that covered up the crimes that enable the abuse that will be held accountable. I do not fall for the Church’s lies & distortions they give out.
    The poor blokes they do not understand the ramifications of clergy abuse. They are not grossly stupid people folks! Their bottom line is they chose to protect the monies & image of the Church first. You victims are at the bottom of their list that is even if you make that list or part of their thoughts.

    If this is not true, more clergy would come forward to help the victims. They don’t (few do) because they are too busy following the teachings of the Church, afraid of protecting their jobs or sorry I should say their calling, their vocation.

    They are so busy being GOOD little bishops’ men. (wink) What some people will do to get into heaven.

    Should I be surprise of this recent cases’ outcome? I hope to see changes but it is slow like ants making a global trek.

    The Roman Catholic Church is far from being holy when it comes seeking justice for the clergy abuse victims.

    Is the Canadian justice system that SCARED of the Roman Catholic Church, the hierarchy? Are they filled will Catholic supporters who are afraid to go against the church because they feel they are hurting or suing God? After all priests can bless & can they also put a curse on those people? All those exorcists in training that the Vatican spoke about they need & I read about recently in the news. All these pedophile priests do not respond well if ever to the Church’s exorcist. Gee..I wonder why?

    Personally, I like to see our Monsignor Robert Borne of the Pembroke Diocese go through an exorcism.
    Okay…I will not go there. (wink)

    I ask myself: ‘why do I remain a Catholic even though many would label me as a cafeteria Catholic.’

    My answer is…because..I’m still deeply INDOCTRINATED since my childhood. That is over 55 plus years.

    To leave the Catholic Church is like me being inside a flying full flight airplane & having an radical Catholic follower (you know who you are folks) pushing me out of that moving airplane with a DEFECTED parachute.

    Believe me…that Roman Catholic patch of shackles & chains of Catholicism is slowing eroding away in me a little at a time every day.

    What I’m trying to accomplish at the present is to be constructive not destructive. To encourage myself to keep learning inventive ways to channel my anger, my disappointments, my hopes, my dreams into positive actions or inaction depending on the situation.

    Some days are not good. Sometimes it’s way better for me to stay quiet. Today is a good day for me to express what I feel.

    Sure many people would disagree with that last statement & that is your right to express that. As well as my right to read it & ignore it.

    Thanks Sylvia!


  3. Sylvia says:

    Don’t let them take your faith Lina. You hang onto it. Hang on tight.

  4. Lina says:


    I never lost faith in God. What I wrote is what I felt & believe as of now, today.

    I think I should tone down on my sarcasm in my posts & even cut down posting altogether.

    I will continue to write stuff but keep then private. It’s good therapy for me.

    I seem to ticked off a lot of people lately especially the last person a priest.

    Gosh…I never heard a priest say to me: “What evil spot are you beginning from…etc..”

    Misunderstanding go with the territory.

    Oh well, God knows what’s in my heart..my real intentions. That’s what really matters.

    Good night Sylvia!


  5. Larry Green says:

    You can always count on my support Lina.

  6. Larry Green says:

    I apologize for not putting it all into one post.
    But I have to say that, Lina I hear your pain loud and clear and I recognize very well the good person you are, there is not an evil cell in your being and stand behind what you say 100%.

  7. Lina says:

    There is no need to apologize to me Larry.

    I get what you mean from your posts to me and thank you.

    It would be wise for you and I to drop that subject matter here because this site of Sylvia is too important to be derailed. Anyway…this has something to do between this priest and myself.

    No need for you Larry to get involved in this mixed-up of ours.

    One statement I will make that pertains to this site and I find very interesting and revealing.

    Many months ago this same priest tried to explain something to Sylvia about a certain Bishop in the Pembroke Diocese; but Sylvia being wise and tactful showed him the proof with documents. This priest for whatever reason never came back here and commented on those facts Sylvia showed him.

    Remember, this priest recommended this ‘Sylvia’s’ website to another poster and told him (or her) that he checks on Sylvia’s website everyday. Of course, that is okay and that is his right.

    Have a great day Larry!

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