Chabot: Father Howard Chabot

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Chabot picture Eganville Leader 31 July 2013

Father Howard Chabot (Picture from the Eganville Leader, 31 July 2013)

Howard Leo Chabot

Priest, Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario.  Ordained 1968.  July 2013 charged with gross indecency and sexual assault – allegations date to 1985 when Father Chabot was Pastor at Holy Name of Jesus in Pembroke. Worked for over 20 years as chaplain with the Pembroke Police Service for nearly 20 years.  Father Chabot also worked as a youth probation officer and Chaplain at the Pembroke jail.

According to media reports, he was educated in Toronto, Montreal, New Mexico and England.

Charges dropped 12 November 2013 and, at request of the complainant, publication ban on name of complainant


Next court date12 November 2013:  11am, courtroom #1, “to be spoken to,” Pembroke, Ontario courthouse  (297 Pembroke Street East) ; 08 October 2013:  09:30 am, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse,  ; 01 October 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom #1, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse


22 November 2013:  Bishop Mulhall re withdrawal of Father Howard Chabot charges


14 November 2013:  “Charges dropped against priest” & related article

13 November 2013:  Crown withdraws sex assault charges against Pembroke priest

13 November 2013:  Charges withdrawn against Pembroke priest Tuesday (Text version)

13 November 2013:  Charges withdrawn against Pembroke priest Tuesday (Front page Eganville Leader)

12 November 2013: BLOG  Charges dropped

12 November 2013: BLOG  At least a year


Bishops of Pembroke Diocese from time of Father Howard Chabot’s ordinationBishops of Pembroke Diocese: William Joseph Smith  (19 May 1945 – 08 February 1971 ); Joseph Raymond Windle † (08 February 1971 – 05 May 1993); Brendan Michael O’Brien 0(5 May 1993 04 December 2000);  Richard William Smith (27 Apr il2002 — 22 March 2007 ); Michael Mulhall (30 June 2007 —


03 September 2013:  BLOG Intimidating?

31 July 2013: Priest faces sexual assault charge (Eganville Leader – pdf file)

31 July 2013:  “Pembroke priest charged in alleged 1985 sex assault” & related articles

31 July 2013:  BLOG  Of interest

30 July 2013: “Pembroke priest charged in alleged 1985 sex assault” & related articles

29 July 2013:  BLOG Breaking news from Pembroke…

July 2005:  Howard Chabot enters another stage of priesthood: Lourdes parish priest looks forward to retirement (Pembroke Observer, July 2005)


Unless otherwise indicated the following info is drawn from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCD), the 1980 Ontario Catholic Directory (OCD80) and media (M)

July 2013:  At age 71, charged with sexual assault and gross indecency (M)

was saying Mass in Deep River for a few Sundays while the parish priest was away (Blog)

22 June 2013:   Father Howard Chabot says Mass for Dr. Wilbert Keon School grads at St Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church Chapeau Quebec

2013Father Chabot:  First Communion at St. Andrew’s School, Killaloe

June 2013:  BC police turned investigation over to OPP (Ontario Provincial Police)

March 2013:  investigation commenced in British Columbia after complaint to BC police (M)

2013:  Westmeath, Ontario (M & P)

2012, 2011, 2010:  address in Westmeath, Ontario (CCCD)

14 October 2010:  Presenter at Adult Faith series, in St. Columbkille Cathedral Parish Hall, Pembroke.  Topic: “The Gospel of Matthew” (listed as “retired priest”) Chabot October 2010 Presenter at Adult Faith Formation for the Diocese of Pembroke, Ontario

21 September 2010:  Presenter at Adult Faith series, at St/ Lawrence O’Toole Parish in Barry’s Bay, Ontario.  Topic: “The Gospel of Matthew” (listed as “retired priest”)

08-10 March 2010:  Preaching a mission at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church in Pembroke, Ontario (Pastor: Father Bill Kenney).  From the parish bulletin:



An invitation is extended to all parishioners to attend our parish mission on March 8, 9, and 10, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. and Daily Eucharist and Instruction on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m. with your mission team, Father Howard Chabot and Deacon Adrien Chaput.

08 March – 10 March 2009:  Preaching a mission at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church in Pembroke, Ontario (Pastor: Father Bill Kenney).  From the parish bulletin:



An invitation is extended to all parishioners to attend our parish mission on March 8, 9, and 10, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. and Daily Eucharist and Instruction on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m. with your mission team, Father Howard Chabot and Deacon Adrien Chaput.

2009: Father Chabot honoured by Pembroke Police Service for more than 20 years of service as Chaplain to the force. At this time he was also resigning as Chaplain. ( 2009 Annual Report: Pembroke Police Service)

Excerpt from report:

“Pauline Edmonds, police service board member, said the Pembroke Police chaplain volunteers his time and talents to assist police and the community.

“‘Our chaplain may be called upon to assist officers in conducting death notifications, provide counselling to victims and offer support and counselling to the police service members and their families,’ she said, and may also be called upon to offer religious ceremonies and prayers for special occasions and memorial services.

“‘People may not be aware of this, but our chaplains are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing outstanding service tot eh Pembroke Police Service and the community.  They are an integral part of this police service,’ Ms. Edmonds said.”

2009 Annual Report Pembroke Police Service (Complete report)

07 June 2006Father Chabot leads a one-day retreat session with the theme “Naming God” Adult   (This was part of the Pembroke diocese Adult Faith Formation Course)

2002-2005:  Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, Pembroke, Ontario.  RETIRED in August 2005 because of heart problems (M)

– retired and living in Westmeath – info from message on St. Mary’s College site (Chabot 2005 St Marys College)  I now believe that this is St. Mary’s Redemptorist College in Brockiville, Ontario,  and that Father Chabot graduated with the Class of ’59.

2002:  Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, Pembroke, Ontario (Father Daniel Miller at same address)  (CCCD) (he was probably at OLL in 2001 as well?  I don’t have a copy of the 2001 CCCD to check)

2000, 1999:  Pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church, Pembroke, Ontario (CCCD)

1998, 1997, 1996, 1995:   Pastor at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in La Passe and Our Lady of Grace Mission.  Address in Westmeath, Ontario (CCCD)

1980-1994:  Pastor at Holy Name Roman Catholic Church, Pembroke, Ontario (www_holynameparishpembroke_com_history_html)

– around 1989 became Chaplain for the Pembroke Police Service, a position which he held for the next 20 years (stepped down in 2009)

1980:   address listed as  c/o 295 Albert St., Arnprior.  That is the address of St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church, Arnprior, Ontario (with Fathers R.M.Tardiff, J.O. Affleck and Dan Miller.  Father Tardiff was Pastor) (OCD80)

(I think it’s possible that this is around the time Father Chabot was working full-time as a probation officer?  Can anyone confirm?)

The Church on the Hill:  A History of St. John Chrysostom Parish 1857-1982 names all priests who served as assistants at St. John Chrysostom from 1905-1982.  Father Chabot’s name is not on the list.  Why was Father Chabot living in the rectory at this time?  Does anyone know?  Was he committed with some other diocesan duty which occupied him full-time?  Whatever he was doing, did he assist with Masses and hearing confessions at St. John Chrysostom, at least on occasion?

1973-74, Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church, Petawawa, Ontario (Pastor Father F. M. Kennedy) (CCCD)

– Catholic Social Services – Lay Apostolate (CCCD)

– Director of Vocations (English) (CCCD)

– in charge of Adult Education for the Pembroke Diocese (CCCD)

1971-72: Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church, Petawawa, Ontario (Pastor Father Pick) (CCCD)

– contact for Catholic Social Services (with Father Tardiff) (CCCD)

– Director of Vocations (English) (CCCD)

-in charge of diocesan communication (CCCD)

– in charge of Adult Education for the Pembroke Diocese (CCCD)

07 May 1973Father Howard Chabot guest speaker for World Day of Prayer service at St. Michael’s, Douglas   The theme of his talk was “Alert in Our Time”

04 May 1968:  ORDAINED by Bishop William Joseph Smith at St. John Chrysostom Roman Catholic Church in Arnprior, Ontario (M)

Date ?: Attended seminary at St. Augustine’s (Toronto) and at the Grand Seminary in Montreal (P)

Date ?:  After his first year of university took time off and went to work for the Arnprior  Chronicle-Guide (M)



7/29/2013 4:46:37 PM

Yet another priest of the Pembroke Diocese has been charged with sexual misconduct. Today (Monday) the OPP have charged Father Howard Chabot with gross indecency and sexual assault for an alleged incident in 1985. At that time Father Chabot was serving at the Holy Name Parish in Pembroke. The Bishop of Pembroke, Michael Mulhall has said the diocese will offer its full co-operation to police and will offer support to everyone involved. This is only the latest in a series of charges levelled at priests who have served at the Pembroke Diocese.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish celebrates 25 years

Arnprior EMC

Posted Sep 13, 2012 By EMC News

Kate Glynn
Our lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church congregation welcomed their chief Shepherd, the Most Rev. Michael Mulhall, to celebrate mass Sunday to mark the 25th Anniversary of the dedication of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Braeside. During mass he dedicated the new altar. In looking back on 25 years, the church’s minister, Father Robert Ryan, congratulated the original planners for their foresight in building an accessible parish. Among some of the recent renovations carried out at the church this spring include a shrine at the entrance, painting, upgraded washroom facilities and the new altar. A reception including lunch was held following the service.

EMC news – Parishioners and friends of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Braeside gathered Sunday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the dedication of the parish church that just recently witnessed a refurbishing of the interior.

The actual date of the dedication was June 7, 1987 but renovations this past spring led to holding the observance on Sept. 9.

During the course of the Mass of Thanksgiving, celebrated by Bishop Michael Mulhall, a new altarm crafted and constructed by John Smit of Dunrobin, was dedicated.

Bishop Mulhall suggested the dedication of an altar should instill in all present a greater dedication to living the teachings of the Gospel and commended the parishioners on their contribution to the wider community through the different activities within the parish.

At the conclusion of the Mass, the present Pastor, Father Robert Ryan, recognized some of the clergy and lay faithful who had been instrumental in the construction of the new Church, noting over the years one of the key points in the design was its accessibility.

The ease of access has allowed the church to be used by many different municipal and community organizations.

Fr. Ryan acknowledged the presence of a number of the priests assisting, including Fr. Howard Chabot, the first resident parish priest after a long period when priests from St. John Chrysostom Parish came to Braeside and Sand Point to celebrate Mass and provide Pastoral Care.

He also made special note of Fr. Joe O’Malley, who was Parish Priest at the time when the decision was made to purchase land on Dochart Street, and together with the building committee of the day, the parish council and the parishioners set about designing and seeing to completion the new parish church, hall and Rectory.

Fr. Ryan thanked all who had been instrumental in the most recent renovations, and also those who participate and are active in the life and worship of the parish community.

He also acknowledged that while dedicated to worship, the altar and the new ambo (lectern) had been given in loving memory of the late Michael Tremblay by his widow Jane Tremblay.

On behalf of the McNab-Braeside Council, Mayor Mary Campbell made a presentation extending congratulations to the Parish and appreciation for its presence within the Township.

A catered luncheon was held following in the parish hall, allowing parishioners and friends to reminisce on past events while looking forward to the future. A pictorial directory is also being prepared.


59 Responses to Chabot: Father Howard Chabot

  1. Pat Noonan says:

    Well-another one! Will it ever end? However, it is a bit re-assuring to see the victims coming forth. Cannot help wondering “who will be next?”
    We will get rid of these abusers!!!

  2. disgusted catholic says:

    I am shocked that this investigation started in March 2013-and he was still allowed to continue active ministry in local churches!! Namely Deep River in the past few weeks!!

  3. Another disgusted Catholic says:

    You all make me sick! What kind of Christians are you? Circling like buzzards!! The man hasn’t even been tried yet…but you unfeeling vultures don’t care…just remember… you are not the judge and jury, you do not know all the facts…how dare you judge another human being like that…just remember ‘karma’ does eventually bite you in the ass! This terrible website should be closed down, one wonders how you all sleep at night!!

    • Valleygirl says:

      I would not call myself ‘unfeeling’. What I am feeling right now is red hot anger. I am angry that another, and another, and yet another pedophile priest in the Diocese of Pembroke.

      I can see that you are also angry. Perhaps you are angry for a different reason.

      Mine comes from frustration that we, as Christians, are supposed to protect the most vulnerable members of society. We were raised to trust the priests. It was an honour when the visiting priest called your home and asked you to come and be an altar server.

      We, as a society, have failed the children of Pembroke. The good Catholic people of Pembroke by far outnumber the people who have run the Diocese and allowed Pedophile priests to flourish and gave them open season on our children. We, as a group, need to close up our wallets and send a message, loud and clear. We will no longer tolerate these Pedophiles targeting our children.

      Sylvia and her website are doing a great job of chronicling Pedophile Catholic priests. I cannot thank her enough. Pedophile priests have lots and lots of people working to protect them. It’s about time we had someone working towards protecting our children.

      • Tim says:

        Valleygirl: You are right on in these
        I keep suggesting the only way this is all going to come to a head is when the Dioceses are broke financially
        Join the idea of what I started 20 months ago
        I give only 2cents each Sunday, in an envelope. This is my 2 cents worth on how the Church has been mishandling the relationships of children, not protecting then from sexual predators, and covering up by transferring offenders to different parishes.
        While this movement is not greatly followed yet, more and more people are getting on board. What other avenue do we have that can be as effective?

  4. Another disgusted Catholic says:

    Interesting my comment is awaiting moderation, will it make it to the website page?

  5. Disgusted catholic says:

    He was saying mass several Sundays in deep river while their priest away

  6. Valleygirl says:

    I was disgusted to learn about the sexual abuse charges against Howard Chabot this evening. Thankfully the victim/victims had the courage to come forward and speak to the authorities.

    Just how many pedophiles did the Diocese of Pembroke harbour, shelter, and enable over the past unknown number of years? Let’s have some accountability from the people who are responsible for the pedophiles priests in the Diocese of Pembroke. Each and every single one of those people should be de-frocked, immediately.

    I can hardly wait to see what, if anything, our new Pope is going to do to protect our children from these monsters.

  7. Ann Murphy says:

    I have known Father Chabot since 1966. I grew up in Pembroke with my 4 brothers and 1 sister. We had other children stay in our home from broken homes and also had handicapped teens. My mother was always generous with her time and feeding these people. I went on retreats with this priest and other priests with about 15 other teenagers. Not once did I hear any negative or anything bad about any of the priests I was with. We should wait and even see if he is proven guilty before throwing such acusations around. Howard Chabot has been a friend of my family for over 40 years, he married myself and husband, visited my parents on a regular basis, helped my brother who has cancer. Lets have a little faith, who has proof of any bad doing?

    • Lina says:

      I only have good memories of Fr. Chabot as I stated before.

      I recall thinking how courageous he was when he went and spoke against pornography being sold at a small corner store.

      He also help this couple I know who were going through a hard time with their house they bought. A brutal murder was committed there years before in that house. Let just say strange things were happening especially at night. So Father got permission from the Bishop to perform an exorcism. The report and results of this exorcism was sent to Rome.

      It’s obvious it will be left to the courts to determine the validity of these charges brought against Father Chabot.

  8. B says:

    Yet, we also need to remember that predators do not molest every child around, any more than rapists attack every woman they see. My parents also considered the man who molested me to be one of their closest friends, and some of my siblings and the other-sex children I grew up with have nothing but happy memories of him. He volunteered with at least one seniors-care group and appeared a funny and likeable guy. He did not show his despicable side to them.

    Although it’s possible that you’re correct, to the victims it just feels like another way of invalidating their reality, and quieting their voices when they hear these sorts of statements.

  9. Sylvia says:

    Father Chabot’s next court date is: 08 October 2013: 09:30 am, Pembroke, Ontario courthouse. I have no further information,

    And, “B,” you are so right. Predators do not molest every child around. There is a saying which originated in Cornwall Ontario: “a thief doesn’t rob every house in the block.” That says it all.

    • Claire I Fied says:

      (I am posting in this thread for continuity of topic.) In an attempt to circumvent those who may want to remind me that this site is for clerical abuse victims – I fully appreciate that and please be assured there is no intent to diminish what you have suffered and endured. I will not (nor can I) pass judgment on innocence or guilt of any of the A-L; M-Z list.

      There are occasions when victim(s) have their own perception of reality which is why an accused [for any criminal offence where a charge is laid] is afforded the opportunity to face their accuser and the evidence to prove or disprove is produced – each case [and complainant/accused] judged on its own merit.

      What perplexes me is when I read/hear people who will unquestionably believe that because there has been a charge, the priest is guilty “where there’s smoke..yadda-yadda” and then conjecture that all clerics must be sexual predators/molesters who just have ‘good enablers’ or that victims haven’t come forward etc. Using this same conjecture are all scout leaders; hockey coaches; teachers; babysitters; daycare attendants [insert any profession where there is access to vulnerable and innocent children] sexual predators or molesters because a some have been charged/convicted/found not guilty – or even if just charged and charges were withdrawn?

      There is also the conjecture that because police laid a charge there must be evidence to support a conviction: police must investigate any criminal code claim and some do not see the light of day/crown prosecution. However, given the extremely high public profile of clerical sexual abuse, I do not believe there would be a police force or crown around who would simply say “insufficient evidence to proceed – no chance of conviction so do not lay a charge” because of the negative publicity that would be directed toward them (police or crown).

      • Suzanne Herrick-Lee says:

        You make very good points, having said the above, please consider the stats of clerical abuse findings of guilt and guilty pleas in recent Pembroke Diocese history, 3for 3, Prince, Borne and Miller.

        • Claire I Fied says:

          consider the “stats”???!! Thank-you – you just affirmed my very good points.
          Do we need to have more and more charged to see whether these “stats” become 3 for 5; 10; 20; 30….? (Actually, just in case you missed that – it was a rhetorical question: obviously it wouldn’t matter to you because you’d simply say “well there were at least THREE guilt” so they were likely all guilty but they just had a good lawyer or whatever excuse)

      • Sylvia says:

        In order to have negative publicity directed at police or Crown the general public would first have to know that someone has gone to police with sex abuse allegations against whomever. That usually is not the case. In most cases a victim goes to police hoping and praying that not a soul will know they were sexually abused, never mind alerting the media to the fact they are going to police to report that abuse.

        • Claire I Fied says:

          if the police/crown were to dismiss my allegation without advancing a charge, given the courage I built/needed to go forward in the first place, I’d be downright p*ss’d at their audacity to “judge” the merits; and would likely make sure that somehow there was publicity that they didn’t proceed with allowing me my day in court. – but that’s just me.

          • B says:

            Although that might be your response, please remember many abuse victims are left shattered and with little sense of self. A history of not being listened to and not being able to control what is done to them can make such a protest monumentally difficult for them. Just thinking about the abuse can cause them to shut down.

          • 1 abandonded sheep says:

            Claire, none of us can assume what we would do in circumstances we have never faced. If you have been fortunate to never have been abused, then it is impossible to say how you would react, or, how someone else should react.
            Speculation is great in the Stock market— sometimes !

          • Claire I Fied says:

            B: understood and appreciate that observation- family member(s) for friend(s) who/if are aware of the struggle/oppression can be a strong advocate for (that) publicity while keeping confidentiality;
            1AS: I have not been that fortunate; I did not indicate how ‘someone should react’ – I specifically said “but that’s just me”

      • JG says:

        Sometimes your explanations are more confusion….Every case is to be “judged on its own merits” but then you end up throwing the “bad publicity” monkey wrench in the mix:
        “I do not believe there would be a police force or crown around who would simply say “insufficient evidence to proceed – no chance of conviction so do not lay a charge” because of the negative publicity that would be directed toward them (police or crown).”
        I think they lay the charges because it is not up to them to pass “judgement”. That is how the Law should work.
        Now can you please name just 5 Policemen or Crown who have shown such fear of “publicity”… Frankly, that doesn’t even find a place on the scale unless in a “public beating” case(Rodney King or Montreal demos!!)
        Now , give me 5 names of Judges who have made bad or good decision. This is probably easier to do because there is where the decision is supposed to be made if there is any question of “Judgement”…
        When Police are putting out the message they want to hear of any more “victims” in any case, they have evidence but not strong enough. When in doubt, they have to lay charges, regardless. The Crown makes a decision. Unless the Crown and Police are corrupt, that is the methodology. If Crown or Police , acting in concert, are afraid of “publicity”, I would suspect a history of failures, collusion and attempt to cover some tracks…That publicity is publicity “criminals” fear and ,yes, there are criminals who wear uniforms and some in “official” positions who use the Law for their own benefit…
        When charges are laid there has to be “some” believable evidence; where there isn’t, there is evidence to the contrary and no Crown or Policeman will make a fool of himself in Court.
        THIS is the publicity they fear.
        No charges laid, insufficient evidence is an every day occurrence…

        • B says:


          According to a relative in the police force who investigated sexual assaults, molestation, etc, for many years, it is frequently the case that when the police see a need to press charges, the victims just do not have the stamina to proceed.

          As for friends and family members going to the media, as you seem to suggest–what would that look like? And how would it protect the anonymity of the victim?

          • Claire I Fied says:

            I was expressing an opinion and will defer to relative(s)/those who work in the police force.
            I’m not sure if you are referring to media as in “newspaper(s) and tv news”. Publicity isn’t necessarily just those mediums (although newspapers more and more simply indicate ‘a [x] yr old was charged with [x] crime and do not name the accused). is a form of publicity and appears to protect the anonymity of the victim and family.

        • Claire I Fied says:

          re: every case own merit – I was referring to a court proceeding, not the police determining merit;
          I voiced an opinion (believe) re: negative publicity and was referring specifically to the high profile of clerical sexual abuse.
          re: not up to them to pass judgment: agreed, and I would suspect that there are more than a few when the police lay charges and the crown is “stuck holding the bag” with no hope of conviction – but the charge has been laid and it’s up to the crown to sort it out.
          re: name 5 judges: it would be subjective to suggest even one good or bad decision of a judge
          re: name 5 policmen or crown: no idea if there are any allegations of clerical sexual abuse that have not resulted in a charge
          re: when in doubt; (you also indicate there has to be “some” believable evidence): I think we’re both saying the same thing just differently. Evidence to the contrary is sometimes only provided at a court case, and although not necessarily “make a fool of himself” charges are withdrawn or there is an aquittal(?)
          re: no charges laid..every day occurrence: agreed, I think that is called “incident report” that can be drawn upon for future reference?

          • 1 abandonded sheep says:

            Claire, way too many words. We all have opinions. It seems best to keep some to ourselves, not burden others with them.

          • Claire I Fied says:

            would have preferred to not have to quote the poster, but thought just reducing to a response something would get lost in the translation. (also saves scrolling back and forth to post being responded to)

  10. Disgusted catholic says:

    Was the court date from yesterday cancelled and moved to next week. Or was fr chabot present yesterday ?

  11. Sylvia says:

    I wasn’t there yesterday Disgusted catholic so I have no idea what happened and whether or not Father Chabot was present.

    Was anyone in court yesterday? If yes, could you let us know if Father Chabot was there and also what happened?

  12. Larry Green says:

    Not only on certain occasions but at all times every individual human being has “their own perception of reality.” The premise that only victims do , reads as a rather foolish one unless it be inferred that what is meant by “their own perception of reality” is – a distorted or a false sense of reality.- If your position is as you claim to be always impartial, objective and non-judgemental , why would not point out that there are occasions when the ’accused’ perception of reality is distorted and false?

    What perplexes me is when I read/hear who will unquestionably believe that ( even when a priest has been charged /and convicted ) because they have known the good Fr. X for so long and good Fr X did nothing but good for everyone, then the victim must have seduced the good Fr. X, or the “scum ” is trying to ruin the reputation of the Catholic church. “ AND THEN CONJECTURE that all accusers of clerical sexual molestation are after money ..yadda-yadda . This type of unjust bullshit doesn’t’ happen when taechers, hockey coaches , scout leaders, babysitters, daycare attendants are accused of sexual molestation.
    There has never been a ‘profession ‘ – like the priesthood- where children have been more vulnerable and subject to so much devastating cruelty because the parents of these children trusted ’all priests’. They though leaving ones child alone with a priest was like leaving them alone with God. Boy were they wrong. We are those children and WE are pissed…not only those who were molested but also those who were duped. What you are witnessing here ( with your ’non-judgemental’ eyes) is a swing of the pendulum and the pendulum must swing far to the opposite side before it finds a true balance , but that may take some time (rightly so in my opinion.)

    There are none more insidious and destructive to the truth than those who construct arguments on a pretext of impartiality when in fact the source of motivation is a very one-sided ‘perception.’

    • Claire I Fied says:

      re: perplexity I agree with yours re: seduced/money/church reputation conjecture and that BS doesn’t happen with other professions. I expressed my opinion that there doesn’t appear to be the same conjecture that ALL of those professionals mentioned must also be sexual molesters.

      Regardless of the profession a child is vulnerable just by the very nature of age and innocence and parents “entrust” their child to that/a professional. (I myself have never equated/considered any priest to be “God” but you are probably correct that there are those who did/would)

      and you (anyone) are entitled to perceive that to be (my) insidious one-sided perception

  13. Larry Green says:

    BTW , we ( the public) witness routinely how guilty criminals get to enjoy the benefits and formalities of the courtroom but rarely do they get that same ‘kid glove care’ out in the public forum and even more rarely do we hear them defended in the public arena. Except when the criminal happens to be a priest who raped children ‘many moons ago.’
    You must judge one guilty of something -even if you say you do not- and if you do not wish to reveal which side you tend to believe, then you can’t open your mouth …or flick your fingers…whatever!

  14. Bandson says:

    Thank you Larry..beautifully said..

  15. Claire I Fied says:

    Sylvia, my apologies if this will be a monumental website house-keeping task for you:
    Please remove all of my posts on all of the threads (A-L;M-Z etc.) along with any associated responses as applicable. I realize now re-reading your homepage about: “blogging the sex abuse scandal and betrayals of trust in the Roman Catholic Church in Canada” that it is not the forum for anyone who (although may agree with most opinions expressed) might also express opinion that vary.
    [Even if you yourself might be open and welcome to varying opinions being posted, I would appreciate you removing all my posts and I will refrain posting any further]

    • B says:


      I’m always sad when I see that cliched kid grab back all his toys and go stomping home from the sandbox, because a real teaching and sharing opportunity has been lost. Personally, I don’t necessarily disagree with some of the points you’ve made, but my hackles have sometimes risen at the way you’ve expressed them. I hope you will continue to take an interest in ending clerical sex abuse, and see that this is a website primarily concerned with seeing justice done. Sometimes emotions run high, but given the subject matter and past experiences of the participants, that is only to be expected in a “safe place.”

      • JG says:

        Don’t be fooled by a Claire who could be a Clark…The last few times we have witnessed such a request to “remove all my posts” followed by “I will refrain from posting again” and an “apology”, it came from a “cleric” with a re-discovered conscience. It is great to hear the point of view but an insult to follow the manipulation to discredit or simply to plant some doubt, to favor or set the church/priests in a better light…
        Great to play in the sandbox but in the light of day, not under the cover of darkness….
        My opinion.

    • Sylvia says:

      Yes, it would be a monumental task Claire I Fied, – for that reason and others your posts will stay.

  16. JG says:

    Clair I Fied,
    At this point I believe you should change your name to “Just I Fy”…You are sounding more and more like the rhetoric we have heard from the church over the last few years: “we are not the only ones abusing children, look at the scout leaders, schools, etc”. ; “why do you keep picking on us, we are not the only ones”.
    You started this present exchange by claiming the Police would lay charges because of the fear of publicity if they didn’t, in cases involving priests and you end up twisting it into publicity of all sorts, right down to the publicity coming from this site. You are good with words but I personally have had a serious problem with your condescending, “I know” attitude from the start(remember?…) on the 11th August tread , “Breaking news from Pembroke”…when I said:
    ” August 11, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    I reply to “Claire” above…
    Your above view on reporting a crime…: “…but you told someone else and THAT person took it upon themselves to report it on your behalf, that would be overstepping their “authority” and your right to privacy.”
    That is a full size BULL!…”authority” and “privacy” as it concerns criminal activity!!??
    You are starting to sound like you have an agenda and trying to influence any potential victims in their decisions ….and since this site is primarily concerned with abuse by priests…You are a great pretender, Claire (fox)I Fied!!!
    A Bishop, any person with concerns, can report a crime to the Police and let them decide how to proceed; to suggest you shouldn’t or couldn’t because of limited “authority” or “privacy”???….
    One word…deceptive!”

    Of course you “justified”, again, and I apologized to give you more time…
    You replied :”no prob” !!?… Not your “usual/customary, i.e.:in other circumstances/preferably, and/or similarly(although modified)vocabulary…)

    I would repeat that today, after you have had time to take a little more rope for yourself!…
    I think you tried to pass yourself off as a new “brand” when in fact you are only this year’s “model”…not to mention your come across(in my opinion/thoughts/understanding/gut feeling) as less than sincere.
    As I read the other comments, I may/or not, now/or later, be alone.
    If I/we now or in the future, on this site or elsewhere, are wrong, not as in “at fault but simply by expressing an opinion in this and/or other posts, contrary to the correct one(s), please do not take this personally(or/and if you work with a/other((s) in a)) committee….” Why the H…! would you like to put yourself and the rest of us through this c…! Very tiring/and or annoying to myself/here/now as I yadayadayada…
    Dump the ego and lets see!…Maybe…/or not.

  17. Ceilidhe says:

    Does anyone know what happened in court yesterday?

  18. Sylvia says:

    I’m waiting for a callback Ceilidhe. Sometimes the callback comes right away. Sometimes it comes the next day. Sometimes I have to call again. Hopefully I will get a call in the morning. Meanwhile, if there’s anyone out there who was in court or has heard what happened in court yesterday, please pass on the word.

  19. Sylvia says:

    The next courtdate for Father Howard Chabot is:

    12 November 2013: 11am, courtroom #1, “to be spoken to,” Pembroke, Ontario courthouse (297 Pembroke Street East)

  20. Lina says:

    I thought no news was good news but I was wrong. This case of Fr. Howard Chabot is still moving forward.
    Thank you for the update, Sylvia.

  21. Ceilidhe says:

    Thank you Sylvia!

  22. Sylvia says:

    Disgusted catholic, the delays are standard in all cases in Ontario. It usually takes a minimum of 12 months and often 18-24 months for a guilty plea, or for the case to got to go to a preliminary hearing, or to go to trial. So, buckle in everyone.

    All of these courtdates are over and done with in the twinkle of an eye. As long as there is no plea this carries on, and as long as there is no plea it is handled as a not guilty and is moving on toward trial. I have no idea what happened in the last two courtdates of Father Chabot, but usually its about disclosure of files, or a request for a adjournment for some reason or other.

    As long as this continues the court is essentially waiting for the accused, in this case Father Chabot, to decide what he going to do. It is also a time for either or both sides to prepare its case.

    I call this the revolving door. They’re in and out, and in and out. I don’t understand it all. Terribly frustrating for all concerned.

  23. Sylvia says:

    Another article posted. Until I get the NEW to the site page fixed I will make note of the new posts for the Father Chabot page here:

    13 November 2013: Crown withdraws sex assault charges against Pembroke priest

  24. Lina says:

    Clergy abuse victims/survivors go through so much crap to try to succeed and get justice for crimes done to them. Majority of the time the survivors get only little crumbs of justice or nothing at all. Their abusers are let go with a slap on the wrist or with very little jail if any.

    Last year during one of my visit’s to my family doctor (he’s Catholic), he asked me about what I thought about Fr. Howard Chabot. Did I think he did what he was accused of.

    I was taken back by his question. I stated that the Crown Attorney had no choice but to drop the case because it boiled down to what the priest said and what the victim said. There wasn’t enough proof.

    The doctor added that he thinks the victim that came forward may be after money or has some kind of mental problems.

    I told husband about our doctor’s strange questions. My husband believes the doctor was checking on my mental state because of my problems with priests in my past and other stuff with the Catholic Church.

    That would explain why the doctor asked if I lost faith in God because I left the Catholic Church. I haven’t lost faith in God I told him, it just I don’t trust priests and all the other male clergy in the Catholic Church.

    My blood pressure is perfect now since I stop going to the Catholic Church.

    The doctor advised me I should do what is right for me not what other people say I should do.

    I told him in order for me to return full time to the Catholic Church he would have to prescribe me some anti-depression medication.

    Needless to say, my doctor didn’t find that funny.

  25. Gordon Sonier says:

    Well it has been over a year now since Mr Howard Chabot got off free of his crimes against me. Even though I have been able to find certain things that were not found during his court sessions, the only thing I could not find is someone to come forward and say they had witnessed what happened to me. However during this process of looking, I have come accross others that I knew that were also molested by different priests in the same church. I have been able to be a helping voice to them and helped one come forward to his family and friends he said he will be coming forward to police soon. His preditor was already convicted. The other one still has not decided to come forward he thinks there is no use after what the courts did in my case. I am still there for him and others that want to talk and maybe come forward. Still not giving up on my case, but it looks darker and darker everyday. Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    • PJ says:

      Gordon…you are an awesome example of a survivor who although being kicked while down, still has the courage to get back up and help others deal with their abuse!! Please keep doing what you do, it will come back to you tenfold. Perhaps by helping others, someone will have the courage to come forward on your behalf as you are doing for others. Don’t lose hope in yourself, if you need support, reach out to one of us. I will pray for you and those you are helping. You’re a real hero in my eyes! I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas as well.

    • Lina says:

      Gordon, many are from the Pembroke Diocese and I for one haven’t forgotten about your quest for justice. You are a courageous survivor. Very kind to help others who are struggling to be heard and believed.

      PJ hit the nail on the head so to speak when he said:

      “you are an awesome example of a survivor who although being kicked while down, still has the courage to get back up and help others deal with their abuse!”

      Thank-you Gordon!

      Merry Christmas to you and all your loved ones and more great success in the New Year!


  26. Miecul says:

    I’ll double what PJ has just wrote. Justice will prevail in this life or the next. Hopefully it will be this one. I heard there may be other developments coming soon. We can hope and pray that they are all brought to justice. Merry Christmas Gordon. God Bless.

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