Retired priest charged with sexual assault

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13 Janaury 2010

A retired Catholic priest charged with sexual assault by Guelph police also served in parishes in Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville throughout his career.

The charge against Reverend James Boudreau stems from an alleged incident in 1984, while he was an associate pastor at St. John the Baptist Catholic Parish in Guelph. He was arrested Wednesday.

“On behalf of Bishop Douglas Crosby, who is out of the country at this time, I want to express our sadness and our concern,” Monsignor Vincent Kerr, of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton said in a statement.

“Bishop Crosby has asked me to share that we will be cooperating fully with police should they require any information from the Diocese.”

Kerr said Boudreau was ordained in the USA in 1978 and began serving as a priest of the Diocese of Hamilton that same year.

He retired in December 2009.

The investigation began in December and was handled by the Guelph police service’s sexual assault child abuse unit.

He has been released from custody and is to appear in court in March.




 By: ProtectChildren

Jan 13, 2011 5:33 PM It’s Everywhere  It’s not just the Catholic Church. The Anglican Church has had the same problems and covered them up as well. I happen to know of one case where the minister was accused and they let him go (to another parish) and offered the victim a job for life. Pathetic. Buying the victim off.


 By: GreyCup1

Jan 13, 2011 5:32 PM All BS  I give up on all religion not just the Catholic one there all full of shit


By: kastytis

Jan 13, 2011 4:29 PM   The major reason I gave up on the Catholic church years ago. Yeah, I go for weddings and funerals. That’s it. I wonder how anyone can still attend mass and not be totally PO’d. If there is any organization that needs a Tea Party type movement — and I despise the American Tea Party — it’s the Catholic Church. Time for another Reformation. But I can’t see it happening from within. The current pope is better ex-communicator under John Paul II than he is a communicator. It’ll be decades more, unfortunately.


 By: MacGirl

Jan 13, 2011 4:23 PM SO TIRED OF THIS!  I am actually embarrassed to be Catholic. The Catholic church needs to give their head a shake. Stop covering up, show that you are in support of the people, and have true Catholic values and not just going to cover up and support priests for the mere sake that they are priests! This is pathetic and the entire Church needs a reform! Get some younger folks into the vatican and stop having old men on their death bed be in charge of the future of this faith!

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