Boudreau: Father James Boudreau

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 James M. Boudreau (in one directory James L Boudreau)

also Father Jim Boudreau

Ordained 1978 as a Barnabite priest (crsp – also known as the Clerics Regular of St. Paul).  For a period of time he served as Father Superior, which means, according to a Father Louis, that he was in charge of the Barnabites in Canada. In 1996 he left the Barnabites and became incardinated in the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario )

Investigation of allegations commenced December 2010.  Charge of sexual assault laid 12 January 2011.  28 February 2011 arrested and charged with a second  count of sexual assault arising from allegations of second complainant. The allegations date to 1984 and 1983 respectively.  GUILTY plea 25 January 2012

28 May 2012:  sentenced to one jail term of 15 months and one of 6 months to run concurrently

04 May 2019:  Died at his home in Hamilton, Ontario .  Cremated.  Funeral service to be held 10 am, Saturday 25 May 2019 at  Christ’s Church Anglican Cathedral Hamilton


28 May 2012:   R v Boudreau – Reasons for Sentencing – Justice G.H. Hearn


Bishops of Hamilton Diocese from time Boudreau became a diocesan priest in that diocese: Anthony Frederick Tonnos (02 May 1984 – 24 September 2010) ; David Douglas Crosby, O.M.I. (24 Sep 2010 – – )



29 May 2012: Priest with local ties is sentenced to jail time

28 May 2012: Former priest sentenced in historic sexual assaults

28 May 2012: Ex-Guelph priest sent to jail over sex assaults

26 January 2012: Priest guilty of two sexual assaults

25 January 2012: Former Guelph Catholic priest pleads guilty to two historic sexual assaults

25 January 2012: Former Guelph Catholic priest pleads guilty to two historic sexual assaults


Unless otherwise indicated the following information is drawn from Canadian Catholic Directories (CCCD) of that date, the 1980 Ontario Catholic Directory (OCD) and media (M)

28 March 2012:  sentenced to one jail term of 15 months and one of 6 months to run concurrently

02 March 2011:  charged with offence related to a second complainant

28 February 2011:  arrested

13 January 2011:  Date charges made public, listed on Hamilton Diocese website as retired.  According to Monsignor Kerr (Judicial Vicar) Boudreau  retired in December 2009. (M)  (that seems like an early retirement?  Was he perhaps a late vocation? or is he in poor health?)

2010:  Pastor, Canadian Martyrs, Hamilton, Ontario (CCCD) According to media reports Boudreau retired December 2009.  (The CCCD is sometimes off by a year because a death, retirement or move transpires after  publication deadlines.)

2009: Canadian Martyrs, Hamilton, Ontario (M)

retired December 2009 (M) (he would have been 65 or 66.  In the secular world that would certainly be retirement age.  Once upon a time priests routinely served beyond age 65.  Perhaps no more?)

2002-2009:  St. John RC Church, Kitchener, Ontario (M)

1996-2002:  St. Gabriel RC Church, Burlington, Ontario (M)

2002, 1999, 1998, 1997: Pastor St. Gabriel, Burlington, Ontario. (CCCD)

1996: incardinated in Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario (Anthony F. Tonnos Bishop of Hamilton) (CCCD)

1989-1996:  Pastor, Our Lady of the Assumption RC Church, Stony Creek, Ontario (Parish History of  the Assumption Roman Catholic Church online)


“Father Boudreau became Pastor in 1989. He had been here to assist Father Papa before his ordination. This enthusiastic, outgoing pastor has worked successfully to pay off our mortgage and to improve our church. He will be remembered for his outgoing personality and his abilities as a preacher. He left the Barnabites in 1996 to become a Diocesan priest and is presently the pastor at St. John Church in Kitchener.”

1996:  Pastor, Our Lady of the Assumption RC Church, Stony Creek, Ontario (still crsp) (Directory shows this as the address of Father Superior of the Barnabites (un-named) – I have confirmed that Boudreau served as Father Superior for several years) (CCCD)

1994:  Pastor, Our Lady of the Assumption RC Church, Stony Creek, Ontario (still crsp) (Directory shows this as the address of Father Superior of the Barnabites (un-named) – I have confirmed that Boudreau served as Father Superior for several years) (CCCD)

1992:  James M Boudreau crsp (1978) RR #1 Hannon, Ontario 416-692-4417 (this seems to be in the vicinity of Stony Creek – he must have lived there or had a post office box there while he served at Our Lady of  the Assumption?) (CCCD)

1991:  Hannon, Ontario (CCCD)

1985-89:  St. James RC Church, Oakville, Ontario (M)

1989:  parochial vicar St. James RC Church, Oakville, Ontario (Barnabite Messenger 1989)

1985-86:  address for St James RC Church,  Oakville, (St. James has been administered by the Barnabites since it opened in 1961. Strangely enough the pastor of the day in this CCCD is listed as Father A.M. Pucci cssp, a member of the Congregation of the Holy Ghost, however in later directories he is shown as a Barnabite.  The cssp initials could be in error.)   (CCCD)

1978-1985: Pastor St. John the Baptist RC Church, Guelph, Ontario (M)

1984:  current charges relate to allegations of abuse of a 17-year-old boy while Boudreau was serving at St. John RC Church in 1984 (M)

1983: current charge relate to allegation of sex abuse in 1983 (police)

1980:St. John RC Church, Guelph, Ontario (co-pastor with Father A. Biaco CSsR) (Paul F. Reding Bishop of Hamilton, Auxiliary Bishop James H MacDonald) (OCD)

September 1978:  ordained as a Barnabite priest in Lewiston, NY.   (M)  (Is he or was he an American citizen? The Barnabite seminary in Lewiston is the motherhouse for the Barnabites of North America – it is possible that all Barnabite ordinations are conducted in Lewiston? )

1943 or 1944? – DOB


15 April 2012: Former Halton priest awaiting sentence on sex crimes

14 April 2012:  “Former Hamilton priest facing jail sentence on sex crimes” and comments

13 April 2012: Crown seeks jail sentence for former Guelph priest

26 January 2012: Priest guilty of two sexual assaults

25 January 2012: Former Guelph Catholic priest pleads guilty to two historic sexual assaults (longer version)

25 January 2012: Former Guelph Catholic priest pleads guilty to two historic sexual assaults

25 October 2012:  Retired priest pleads guilty

26 August 2011: Retired priest makes court appearance on Guelph sex charges

15 March 2011: Sex assault case against former Guelph priest to return to court in April

02 March 2011: Hamilton ex-priest faces second sex charge

02 March 2011: Retired former Guelph priest faces second sexual assault charge

01 (?) March 2011:  Sexual Assault-Arrest

01 March 2011:  Retired priest charged

13 January 2011: Former Guelph priest faces sexual assault charge, church ‘scandalized’

13 Janaury 2011: Retired priest charged with sexual assault

13 January 2011: Ontario priest faces sexual assault charge


Retired former Guelph priest faces second sexual assault charge

Guelph Mercury

02 March 2011

GUELPH — A former St. John the Baptist Catholic Church priest faces a second sexual assault charge.

Guelph Police arrested and charged James (Jim) Boudreau, 67, on Monday, following investigation into an allegation dating back to 1983, police reported Tuesday. He was granted bail later that day in a Guelph courtroom.

Last December, the Guelph Police Service first investigated Boudreau after receiving what it termed a “historical allegation of sexual impropriety.” That led to a charge of sexual assault, being laid on Jan. 12, relating to an alleged occurrence in 1984.

The city police service asserts separate complainants are linked to each charge. The second complainant came forward after the first charge was made public.

The paunchy, short, bald and spectacled former priest wore blue jeans, a green casual shirt and a black leather jacket Tuesday as he stood before justice of the peace Avis Rodney for a morning bail hearing at Ontario Court of Justice on Wyndham Street.

Noting a clean criminal record, a subdued Boudreau was granted bail on a $5,000 surety, which he wasn’t required to provide. He was released on his own recognizance with the requirement he live in his Hamilton apartment and have no contact with the complainants. He also must refrain from being in the company of youths under the age of 18, except in the presence of another adult.

His case is to return to court March 15.

Boudreau, who appeared Tuesday with a lawyer and another person, had no objection to the conditions and made no comment in court. There was a publication ban on details of the alleged incidents a prosecutor presented at the hearing.

Avoiding reporters and news cameras, Boudreau exited a side door at the court Tuesday, entered a waiting black sedan and was driven away.

Boudreau was pastor of the east-side Catholic church from 1978 to 1985. He subsequently worked at other area churches, including St. John’s Catholic Church in Kitchener.

He retired more than a year ago.



Courtdates posted previously close to top of page (while case was moving through the courts)

Next court appearance:  28 May 2012:  2 pm, courtroom #1, to be sentenced (Guelph Ontario courthouse); 13 April 2012: Sentencing, Guelph Ontario court houseGUILTY plea 25 January 2012; 25 January 2012:  continuation of pre-trial, Guelph court house; 30 November 2011:  Pre-trial conference, Guelph court house, Guelph, Ontario; 26 August 2011: 9 am. courtroom #1.  Pre-trial, Guelph Ontario courthouse21 June 2011: 09:30 am, Guelph, Ontario court house, “to be spoken to“;  16 June 2011, 09:30 am, Guelph, Ontario court house, “to be spoken to“; 17 May 2011, 09:30 am, Guelph courthouse, “to be spoken to“; 12 April 2011;  15 March 2011; 01 March 2011, Guelph, Ontario

46 Responses to Boudreau: Father James Boudreau

  1. former parishioner says:

    I believe Fr. Jimmy came from Whitby or somewhere around there. All priests in the Barnabbites are ordained in Lewiston, no matter where they come from.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I have posted the article “a little bird” brought to our attention re a second charge against Father James Boudreau:

    01 March 2011: Retired priest charged

    I also posted the press release from the Guelph Police Service re the second charge:

    01 (?) March 2011: Sexual Assault-Arrest

    Good for those who have come forward! I encourage others with allegations against Boudreau to contact police. I have added the name and contact info to the page above.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Two new articles posted re Boudreau’s court appearance yesterday:

    02 March 2011: Hamilton ex-priest faces second sex charge

    02 March 2011: Retired former Guelph priest faces second sexual assault charge

  4. Sylvia says:

    Nect court date is 17 May 2011 at 09:30 am “to be spoken to” (Guelph courthouse)

  5. Sylvia says:

    Next court date is 21 June 2011 at 09:30 am “to be spoken to” (Guelph court house)

  6. Claudio says:

    Hi Sylvia.

    I was just wondering if you have any news regarding ex priest James Boudreau.
    Thanks you.

  7. Sylvia says:

    I will check tomorrow Claudio to see what the status is on the charges.

    Unless something has changed in the past few months he is still a priest. He did leave the Barnabites in the mid 90s at which time he became incardinated with the Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario. To my knowledge he is still a priest with the Diocese of Hamilton?

  8. Sylvia says:

    Hi Claudio

    James Boudreau’s next court date is: 26 August 2011: 9 am, courtroom #1. Pre-trial. Guelph Ontario courthouse. The pre-trial is booked for one day.

  9. Sylvia says:

    The pre-trial conference of yesterday is scheduled to continue 30 November 2011:

    26 August 2011: Retired priest makes court appearance on Guelph sex charges

  10. J.B. says:

    Jim’s D.O.B : July 14th

  11. Claudio says:

    thanks for keeping us updated Sylvia.
    It would be nice to know what happened in the courtroom yesterday Aug 26th.
    I guess we’ll just have to be patient and wait.
    Looks like this is going to take a loooooooooooong time .

  12. Sylvia says:

    Unfortunately we probably won’t hear anything of the pre-trial conference Claudio. Sad isn’t that lawyers and judges and courtrooms are apparently so busy that the first available date to wrap up the conference is 30 November 2011?

    J.B., you say his DOB is 14 July. Do you know what year?

  13. Dino says:

    Hi Sylvia . Any updates on James Boudreau pre-trial conference that was scheduled , on the 30 November 2011

  14. Sylvia says:

    We usually don’t hear anything of the pre-trial conferences Dino. That’s ‘in chambers’ with the judge and lawyers.

    I will check next week to find out when the next court date is.

  15. Sylvia says:

    Next court date for Boudreau is 25 January 2012 for a continuation of the pre-trial. As before, this is not open to the public

  16. Chris says:

    Why does the church still encourage parishioners to pray for the pedophile, not his victims?

    • Nancy says:

      Chris – that is not true – we are ALWAYS encouraged by the church to pray for the victims and their families.

      However, as Christians we must remember to pray for ALL of God’s children -He loves all of us equally (even when our sins are grievous) and our priests need our prayers all the the time – even when there is no crisis as they are constantly under attack by the evil one.

      I know the anger and outrage is beyond measure (and I am speaking for myself) however the Lord wants ALL His children with him in heaven – so the pedophiles NEED our prayers for the sake of their souls.

      Praying for Fr. Jim in no way negates what has been done and shows no disrespect to his victims (and does not take away from prayers for his victims) – it’s what Jesus would do and it is what we are called to do.

      God bless,

  17. Sylvia says:

    That link didn’t work Chris – it just goes to a google share website. I removed the link because it will just cause confusion. What were you trying to link to?

  18. Chris says:

    Hamilton Diocese Prayer Calendar.

    Hamilton Diocese ordered all churches in the parish to pray for Fr. James Boudreau on Thursday, Dec., 8th, 2011. Meanwhile, the families of victims go to those churches and had to receive and read the bulletins instructing them to pray for this pedophile priest. How cruel it is for the diocese to do this to the victims and their families!

  19. Sylvia says:

    Yes, Chris, that link works :).

    It looks as though the Hamilton Diocese has every priest and order serving in the Diocese on the list. In these times it would be wise and compassionate for every Canadian bishop to ask for prayers at least once a week in every parish for all victims of clerical sexual abuse and for all those who suffer directly or indirectly because of the sex abuse scandal. Perhaps that is a task each could pursue in his/her own diocese? Contact the bishop and ask that prayers be said at Sunday Masses at all churches in the diocese for the victims and for those who suffer directly or indirectly because of the sex abuse scandal.

    • Sylvia: GREAT idea! I’ll put it before my own Bishop. Thanks for the suggestion.

      Fr. Tim

      • Lina says:

        Fr. Tim Moyle,

        Please let us know as soon as possible about you asking the Bishop (Michael Mulhall) about those prayers to be said at Sunday Masses at all churches in the Pembroke ON Diocese for the victims and for those who suffer directly or indirectly because of the sex abuse scandal.

        While your at it Fr. Tim you might as well ask Bishop Mulhall what he plans to do about Bishop Raymond Lahey’s name in the Catholic Book of Worship III.

        That full page towards the beginning of that hymn book should be taken out or covered with some kind of holy picture etc…

        Thanks in advance.


  20. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Chris. That is good news indeed for all his victims! What a relief it must be, both for the victims, and for their families!

    I have posted the article and updated the legal calendar. I have also added a new article: 25 January 2012: Former Guelph Catholic priest pleads guilty to two historic sexual assaults

  21. Geri Q says:

    I cannot tell you how much this scandal has affected me. I moved to Kitchener from Guelph in 2004 and started to attend St Johns church where Fr Boudreau was preaching. He was, by far, the worst priest I had ever encountered. I only went to St. Johns for a few months and switched churches because he was just so creepy. He didn’t appear to have any faith at all. He was very inappropriate in his behavior even during mass.
    When I found out about the scandal it didn’t surprise me at all. It does surprise me that it took the victims almost 30 years to tell their story.
    I’m just sorry how this affects the church. Another scandal and right here in Kitchener. I don’t struggle with my faith in Jesus or God, just my faith in the way these scandal have historically been handled in the church.

  22. Sylvia says:

    It is not at all unusual Gerri that victims take 30 years to speak up. A few weeks ago I spoke to a 72-year-old man who had never told a soul that he had been sexually abused by a particular priest. Not one one single soul.

    Go through the site here and you will see that it is not at all uncommon for victims of clerical sexual abuse to remain silent and shame-ridden for 20, 30, 40 years or more. I often say that that silence is friend to the molester and foe to the victim: the molester is left free to deceive and prey, and the victim shoulders a burden of guilt and shame which rightly belongs to the clerical predator.

    As long as countless Catholics continue to publicly and vocally rally to the defence of these clerical predators countless more victims will continue to try to battle their demons in silence. It is not easy for victims to come forward period, all the less so when they read of the likes of a Father Edward Hampson publicly praising the likes of a Father Boudreau while assuring the courts: ““I would trust him [Boudreau] with my life, would trust him with my family…My opinion of who he is has not changed.”

  23. Bandoson says:

    You have it all with this last post Sylvia..Edward Hampson is the voice of the Blind!

  24. Geri Q says:

    Yes, I image for some it would take decades to talk about such a bad experience. It’s too bad he wasn’t caught in the 80s as who knows how many others are out there that have been affected by this man.
    I have spoken to friends and neighbours who have gone to St. Johns and know Fr Boudreau. They simply won’t speak out! I think some think it’s unchristian to do so. In cases like this, I believe it’s unchristian not to.

  25. Logan says:–former-hamilton-priest-facing-jail-sentence-on-sex-crimes#

    Dear Fr.Edward Hampson of Dundas and the other 4 supporters of the Sex Offender All 5 of you, especially Fr. Edward Hampson of Dundas, did you guys really swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the “truth” so help you God in the court last Friday and still said without any hesitation that “My opinion of who he is has not changed.”?? Wow, what a bunch of liars or selfish people you all are!! What if your own sons and grandsons were molested by your fantastic Jimmy, eh? Is it all okay to you since your sons are safe? Did you even think of your fantastic Jimmy’s 2 victims and their family members, when you put your hands on the holy bible in the court?? Your acting in the court was simply a selfish thing to do. Did you think you were doing the right thing helping this self-jeopardizing priest in order to gain some credit and go to heaven later? What an ignorant bunch you are, especially Fr. Edward Hampson of Dundas, you are truly something! Shame on you, Father Ed!!!

  26. Sylvia says:

    The time for Father Boudreau’s sentencing on 28 May 2012 is 2 pm, in court room #1 (Guelph courthouse)

  27. Sylvia says:

    Father James Boudreau was sentenced to 15 months today:

    28 May 2012: Ex-Guelph priest sent to jail over sex assaults

    Interesting,  Boudreau gets a mere 15 months for the destruction of two lives, and Father Yvon Doiron gets 18 for theft, or fraud, or whatever the specific charges were.  Yes, I know – different provinces and different jurisdictions, but, what’s the message here?

  28. Sylvia says:

    Thank you for the CTV link GQ.  I have posted the article: 

    28 May 2012: Former priest sentenced in historic sexual assaults

    I can’t get the video or I would post it as well.  Those who want to see the video/newcast click on the link posted by GQ

    Note the following para:

    “Justice Gary Hearn talked about how difficult it was to come up with a sentence for a man who yielded great respect and trust among church-goers….”

    In this day and age does Justice Hearn truly not understand that that is the modus operandi of these molesters?  that that is why they are wolves in sheep’s clothing? that that how they groom their victims?  that that is why parents and parishioners often do not believe the victims?

  29. Karen Anne says:

    *Being a molested child is one of the worst burdens one can carry through life. It changes every aspect of a childs existence. It was worse decades ago, as children were most likely to be disbelieved, blamed and even punished or held responsible for the actions of the offender. It has broken my life in certain ways, personnally. My mind has chosen to block most of my bad experience, some 46 years ago, when I was a latch-key kid of 8 yrs old.\

    I do, however, know James Boudreau. He was the priest at our parish in Stoney Creek when my children went to St Paul RC Elementry School back in the 80’s.

    I struggled with the catholic church’s approach to priests who were molesting even back then. I was, and still am, extremely angry about the way things are being andled.  I avoided even the baptism of my son until he was six years old.  He was starting school and had to be baptized before he could attend (we already had a seven year old daughter attending St Pauls). I struggled with the whole church/priest/ baptism thing, but back then I was influenced by the church and mainly by my practicing-catholic mother.

    Jim Boudreau was brash and insulting.  He made me feel like I did not give him enough money that day for his “services”.   When I found out he was convicted of child molestation, I felt betrayed.  I had let my guard down and allowed him to baptize my son.  I had strange feelings around him and wanted to sob on most occassions that I was in the church.  Now I know why.  He was inflicting such sadness on helpless souls it was permeating from his very being.  

    When my daughter found out about him, she cried for days.\

    Perhaps the church should be aware that priests who deviate in such evil ways affect the whole congregation for many, many years to come, not just the victim themselves.

    My trust is finally broken with any religion.  When is the Vatican going to get their asses of their golden thrones, open their eyes, and see past the stolen riches and flowing robes?

    How can they, in good conscience, take hard earned money from parishoners when they know their very own are destroying the flock?

    May J.Boudreau’s victims find peace.   May Jim get what’s coming to him. 


    Evil is as Evil does — beware Jim — and ye shall reap as ye hath sown —


  30. anonymous says:

    I am a victim of Father James Boudreau…he took something from me…..


  31. Sylvia says:

    anonymous, are you one of the victims who had charges laid against Father Boudreau? 

  32. anonymous says:

    what institution is Father James Boudreau incarcerated in….

  33. anonymous says:

    *nobody knows where father boudreau is currently incarcerrated?

  34. Benjamin Bocznski says:

    Sad that this happens especially when it involves a member of a religious community. The Barnabites are wonderful priests and servants of God.

    • PJ says:

      benjamin, are you sad because of the collar involved? You’ve said nothing about the victims just that those collars are wonderful servants…yes, let’s leave the abused out of the equation! Talk about misguided!!!

  35. Ann Selemba says:

    Boudreau, James Lawrence (Jim/Jimmy) July 14, 1943-May 4, 2019
    Suddenly at his home in Hamilton, Ontario. Jim will be remembered for his kindness, empathy, gregarious personality, irrepressible charisma and his boundless positivity.
    Every day was, “The best day of my life”. Cremation has taken place. Funeral service at Christ’s Church Anglican Cathedral (252 James St. N., Hamilton, on Saturday, May 25th at 10 a.m.
    P.S.: The above is a shortened version of the obituary. Thought you might want to know. I live in the same building. He was not a favourite person of mine. He accused me of something (that I didn’t do) and even though I gave him proof he never apologized.

  36. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Ann. I have posted the obit above.

    Do you by any chance know why the funeral service is being held in the Anglican Church?

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