Boll: Father Richard Boll

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Richard J. Boll (Father Richard Boll

Priest Diocese London, Ontario.  Former teacher. Ordained 1984. Canon lawyer – testified on behalf of the London  Diocese in a claim against the Roman Catholic Church.  One month after he took the stand Boll was charged in relation to allegations of sex abuse of young boys.

GUILTY plea.  November 2001 sentenced to two years in jail on convictions of indecency, indecent assault and sexual assault against boys.

November 2000:  An Abysmal Performance 

2010: Canadian Catholic Church directory address that of London diocesan centre

2 Responses to Boll: Father Richard Boll

  1. Cheryl says:

    I have been dating one of Father Boll’s victims on and off for the past 10 years and my boyfriend is a mess. He is 52, never married, never lived with a woman, never had children, has no friends. He has horrible issues when it comes to sex and I’ve stopped having an intimate relationship with him 3 years ago because of it. He picks up older, homely women behind my back and degrades them to the point that the police get involved. The police never charge him because his brother-in-law is in law inforcement. I have begged him to get help/therapy but he says he’s afraid of what they will say. My friends and the police tell me he will never change at this age and even if he could, he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t like to go to social events, he never wants to socialize with my friends or do any fun activities. He drinks daily but only a few beer. He has never hit a woman but his sexual abuse towards women is worse than what he experienced at the hands of Father Boll.

    The reason I am writing is to let people know that their are third party victims such as myself. I have lost my job, my home, everything over my boyfriend. I too, have no friends because he pushed them away.

    • Sylvia says:

      Thank you for sharing Cheryl. It’s often a very tough life for those who love a victim of clerical sexual abuse. I believe even most victims would agree.

      My thoughts and prayers are with you, and with your boyfriend. I do hope your boyfriend starts to deal with and confront the demons which are haunting him.

      Has he ever gone to police about the abuse?

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