Child pornography case of former bishop resumes in December

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Ottawa Citizen
29 October 2010
By Andrew Seymour

The case of a former Nova Scotia bishop accused of possessing and importing child pornography will be back in court in early December to determine how much time may be needed for his April trial. 

“I should be in a position by Dec. 1 to tell what time we need to keep in April, if any,” Raymond Lahey’s lawyer, Michael Edelson, told Ontario Court Justice Lise Maisonneuve Friday. 

Edelson did not elaborate either inside or outside of court as to why Lahey, who was not in court, may not need the nine days set aside for his trial in April. 

However, Edelson did say he had met with his 70-year-old client over the past few weeks and was successful at narrowing down a number of “issues.” 

Earlier this month, Edelson cancelled five days in November that had been set aside for Lahey to argue that authorities had violated his Charter rights. Lahey was charged with possession and importation of child pornography last September after his laptop computer was searched and seized when the Roman Catholic priest got off a flight from Britain. 

According to court documents, Lahey was flagged by customs authorities when he landed because his passport revealed extensive travel to countries notorious as sources of the illicit material. 

Lahey is to next appear in court Dec. 3.

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One Response to Child pornography case of former bishop resumes in December

  1. Sylvia says:

    Now what’s going on?

    The Novemeber court dates were booked to argue that Lahey’s Charter rights were violated?!!!!

    And those FIVE days have now been cancelled?!

    And Edelson will be in a postion by December to know what time IF ANY is needed for the trial in April?

    This is all quite a turnabout.

    What’s going on here?

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