Bishop Lahey an Enneagram fan

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The following is reproduced from “Medals and Millstones,” The Orator Vol. 4 No. 3/4 May-August 1993


According to The Arnprior News (11 July 1993), the Oblate-administered Galilee Community (Arnprior, Ontario) has a resident Enneagram virtuoso, FATHER CHRIS RUSHTON.

The Enneagram, according to expert Helen Palmer ( author of The Enneagram), is an ancient Sufi teaching which is intrinsic to Sufi mysticism and is “a model of the mystical premise that humanity is in the process of evolving toward higher forms of consciousness.” Father Rushton, however, claims little knowledge of the origins of the Enneagram. He simply notes that the Enneagram is a very popular program and everyone who takes the course says “it’s the greatest, thing since sliced bread.” Father reports that the Enneagram shows “how we can become fully human.” He also reports that last year BISHOP LAHEY and all the priests of St George’s Diocese, Newfoundland took the Enneagram workshop at Galillee.

For the record, does anyone know if last year’s Enneagram experience helped the Bishop and clergy of St. George’s diocese evolve toward higher forms of consciousness? Are they fully human yet? If — Heaven forbid! — the answer is nay, then what precisely are they?

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  2. Mike Mc says:

    I read the article. Interesting. “But there is more than fear which dissuades faithful priests and bishops from exposing the scandal or their brother clergy. A misguided sense of personal loyalty, false charity, and an all-too-convenient rationalization that avoiding needed corrective action is in fact a way of guarding the faith, often come into play.”

    Pretty well sums it up.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Sylvia, there have been several groups of nutty Nuns who have been pushing the Enneagrams- the Grey Nuns, St. Joseph’s Nuns, etc. They even had groups pushing this with the cooperation of several Parishes in the Ottawa Archdiocese.
      It is not enough that Witchcraft is growing- but to have Nuns doing the Devil’s work is really a low blow.

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