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Bishop Raymond Lahey leaves Ottawa courthouse a ‘free’ man – 04 January 2012. (Photo by Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press)

Raymond Lahey 1955 at St. Bonaventure College, St. John’s, NFLD

Raymond John Lahey

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Bishop. Ordained for Diocese of St. John’s Newfoundland 1963.  Consecrated bishop 1986.  2009: child porn charges. 2010: lawsuit alleging  sex abuse. Laicized/defrocked 16 May 2012

Former Bishop of Diocese of St. George Newfoundland and more recently Antigonish Nova Scotia.  Faced child porn charges. September 2009 – charged.   04 May 2011: GUILTY plea – asked to be taken into custody – spent 8 months in the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre.  04 January 2012:  sentenced to 15 months and two years probation.  Given 2:1 credit for the 8 months he has spent in jail.  Released!

Also faced law suit alleging sex abuse of young boy status of lawsuit unknown.

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Documents of Interest

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16 May 2012: Bishop Dunn Press Release re Raymond Lahey dismissal from the clerical state

16 May 2012: VIDEO media clip: Raymond Lahey dismissed from the clerical state (NTV – 16 May 2012)

16 May 2012: Statement of Archbishop Currie on the Laicization of Raymond Lahey

16 May 2012: CCCB Statement on Raymond Lahey

16 May 2012:  BLOG Lahey defrocked

05 January 2012:  Archbishop Martin Currie’s Statement Regarding Raymond Lahey

04 January 2012:  Press Release Diocese of Antigonish January 4th, 2012

21 December 2011:  BLOG The Bishop’s porn

08 January 1988:  Archbishop Plourde 1988 ‘letter’: reference presentation by Dr. John Bradford “for priests only” [The Dr. John Bradford referenced is the same Dr. John Bradford who was sworn in as an expert witness at Lahey’s trial]

24 November 1999: Priest’s personnel file gives few clues to his sex crimes

Bishop Raymond Lahey search Warrant

1995: Raymond Lahey, Bishop of St. George’s Diocese, Newfoundland, introductory letter in the front of the  Grade 7 religion book Believe in Me, part of the CCCB religion program We are Strong Together  (In March 2010, at the request of the CCCB, the Lahey letter was obliterated from the texts in many – but not all – school boards)


Archbishops of St. John’s Newfoundland from time of Raymond Lahey’s ordination until he was consecrated Bishop: Patrick James Skinner (January 1951-April 1979); Alphonsus Penney (April 1979-Feb. 1991);


The following information is drawn from media (M), legal documents (L), Halifax Frank magazine (Frank),  Unholy Orders (Harris), Winter Commission Report (WCR), and Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD)

04 January 2012:  sentenced to 15 months and two years probation – awarded 2:1 credit for the eight months he served and released

19-20 December 2011:  Ottawa court –  cross examination of Dr. Bradford, the psychiatrist who examnined Lahey, and for sentencing submissions

04 May 2011:  day one of trial – entered a GUILTY plea to importing child pornography. Said he wanted to start serving his sentencing immediately

26 April-May 2011:  trial originally scheduled for two weeks starting 26 April 2011, – dates changed to 04-06 May 2011 when lawyer Michael Edelson decided he didn’t need as many as days for trial as he first thought

17 September 2010: pre-trial motions

22 October 2010:  Bishop Lahey attended the 50th anniversary of ordination of Peter Sutton omi, Bishop Emeritus of Keewatin The Pas Diocese.  The event was held at Sutton’s quarters in Springhurst Residence in Ottawa – a stone’s throw from St. Paul’s U. Also there to celebrate was convicted Oblate molester Father Ed MacNeil, a resident of Springhurst.

07 April 2010:  lawsuit alleging sex abuse of former Mount Cashel resident Todd Boland (L)  Lahey 2010 Statement of Claim & Statement of Defence

20 March 2010Ex-bishop’s letter pasted over in texts:  Books altered to hide name of priest linked to child porn

 08 April 2010: Former bishop Lahey faces sex abuse charges 

25 March 2010:  Bishops letter  left alone in Ottawa school boards    

23 March 2010: Accused bishop’s letter to stay in textbooks 

03 February 2010: a date of Friday 12 February 2010 was set for Case Management Court re charges of possessing and importing child pornography against recently resigned  Antigonish, Nova Scotia Bishop Raymond Lahey.   Trial date set for 26 April 2011

08 October 2009:  release conditions changed to allow Lahey to reside in Ottawa pending trial. He is to reside at the priest’s residence in Kilborn Place

06 October 2009:  As part of his release conditions Lahey was supposed to be staying at a monastery in Rogersville, New Brunswick, however the Abbott of the monastery said Lahey was not there

05 October 2009:  Lahey told the Abbott of a monastery in Rogersville, New Brunswick that he, Lahey, wanted to stay in Ottawa rather than the monastery.

30 September 2009:  charged

26 September 2009: Officially resigned as Bishop of Antigonish “for personal reasons” and is taking “some much needed time for personal renewal.”

The Nuncio’s office in Ottawa arranged for Lahey to stay at a monastery in Rogersville, New Brunswick.  This was apparently the day before Lahey submitted his resignation as Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia

15 September 2009: Lahey was questioned by customs agents at the Ottawa airport on his arrival from a flight from Britain.  His laptop was seized (M)  a week later Ottawa police executed a search warrant.  The Ottawa police allege Lahey’s laptop contained sexual images of children (M)

known to travel to Southeast Asia – sex tourism destinations such as Thailand and Cambodia

29 July 2009:  Bishop Lahey speaker at day on liturgy in Diocese of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

July-August 2009:  Raymond J Lahey article in Celebrate! 2009 entitled  “The Holy Spirit, agent of communion and transformation”

 Lahey is listed as a Celebrate! editorial advisor and the Canadian representative on the Board of ICEL. (Celebrate is self-described as “Canada’s only pastoral magazine” published by Novalis.  Until  2008 Novalis was owned and operated by the Ottawa’s St. Paul University. In 2008  the trademark, work and mission of Novalis was sold to Bayard Canada.)

07 August 2009Bishop Raymond Lahey media release re sexual abuse class action settlement

29 July 2009: Lahey in Saskatoon Saskatchewan as speaker for “day of liturgy”  Also spoke in Regina and Prince Albert during this visit

16 June 2009Lahey in Saskatoon speaking on new GIRM and new translation of Roman Missal

March 17-18 2009Lahey part of Canadian & Orthodox Catholics dialogue in Toronto, Ontario (next meeting was set for March 2010.  Did Lahey make it?)

28 November 2007:  Lahey gave the keynote address at the Saskatoon Diocese Eucharist Congress

23 November 2008Raymond J Lahey directive in St. Margaret Parish, Toronto bulletin regrading  use of missals (scroll to second page “How to Use Missals”

2008:  for at least this year Lahey and Archbishop Terrence Prendergast served as a Consultants to the CCCB’s Episcopal Commission for Liturgy

Winter 2007:  Homily by Bishop Raymond Lahey at St. Francis Xavier University convocation (Antigonish, Nova Scotia( – scroll to second page) “our God is a God of surprises”

October (?)  2007:  Saskatoon Eucharistic Congress “A liturgical music workshop with musician Bob Hurd will be offered in conjunction with St. Thomas More College. Keynote speakers during the three-day event will be Bishop Raymond Lahey, Fr. Ed Foley and Sr. Theresa Koernke...”

June 2007: gave keynote address at Atlantic Liturgical Conference Study Day held in Corner Brook Newfoundland.  The topic was Sunday celebrations in the absence of a priest

 2005-2007:  elected member of CCCB Permanent Council

02-14 October 2005:  ad limina visit – to meet with the Pope in Rome (this trip is usually made by every bishop every five years)

2003-2005: elected member of CCCB Permanent Council

29 August 2004: Bishop Lahey issues state­ment: “I, as bishop … acknowledge the im­measurable pain and suffering that can be caused by those who abuse their positions of trust as a priest.” (Frank)

18 October 2003:  “Bishop Lahey designates October a month of prayer for sexual abuse victims. He writes: “People view (sexual abuse by priests) as something that’s clearly wrong, it’s a scandal, it has to stop. Clearly it doesn’t belong in the Church.'” (Frank)

at various times while in Newfoundland served on the Newfoundland Provincial Education Committee, two school boards, the Belvedere Orphanage Trust. (CCCD)

12 June 2003:  installed as Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia

2002:  President Atlantic Episcopal Assembly  (1st VP Bishop Francois Thibodeau; 2nd VP Terrence Prendergast sj; Secretary Treasurer Father Daniel Deveau csc)

30 September-27 October 2001: one of five Canadian bishops who participated in the Xth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in Rome.  Those in attendance were elected by their peers.  The other four  were: Bishop Gilles Cazabon, OMI, St. Jerome; Bishop Pierre Morissette, Baie-Comeau; and Archbishop James Weisgerber, Winnipeg – and Bishop Joseph Khoury, Eparch for the Maronites in Canada. At the Synod Lahey was named “a member of the information committee, responsible for relations with the media and the coordination of news conferences and briefings.”

2000:  1st Vice President of the Atlantic Episcopal Assembly (Atlantic Conference of Catholic Bishops) (President Bishop Andre Richard) (CCCD)

July 2000:  Supreme Court of Newfoundland ruled in part that Bishop Raymond Lahey was liable for the sex abuse perpetrated by Father Kevin Bennett and the Episcopal Corporation of St. George’s Diocese was vicariously.   (M)  The ruling was appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada.  In 2004 the Supreme Court of Canada  ruled that finding of personal liability against Lahey was set aside, and the Episcopal Corporation of St. George’s Diocese was found directly but not vicariously liable (M)

2001 (?) : somewhere around 2001 began a long-term homosexual relationship with an as-yet unidentified male – at the time of Lahey’s conviction the relationship had been going on for about ten years.  According to Lahey’s lawyer, the male is a layman, not a priest or bishop.

07-08 May 1999:  attended a forum in Ottawa:  The New Evangelization in the Context of the Synod for America and in Light of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000.

1998: member of CCCB’s Episcopal Commission on Ecumenism (Chair Bishop Brendan O’Brien – other members Bishops Micheal Bzdel, Vincent Masse, Jeam-Louis Plouffe and Martin Veillette) CCCD)

1st Vice President of the Atlantic Episcopal Assembly (Atlantic Conference of Catholic Bishops) (President Bishop Andre Richard) (CCCD)

05-08 February 1998: participated in the Plenary Assembly of  the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity in Rome

1997:  member of the CCCB’s Episcopal Commission on Christian Education (Chair Bishop Anthony Tonnos – other members Bishops Peter Mallon and John A O’Mara) (CCCD)

1st Vice President of the Atlantic Episcopal Assembly  (Atlantic Conference of Catholic Bishops) (President Bishop Faber MacDonald) (CCCD)

16 November-12 December 1997:  along with several other Canadian bishops in Mexico City for Papal visit/Synod for America

1996: member of the CCCB’s Episcopal Commission on Christian Education (Chair Bishop Anthony Tonnos – other members Bishops Peter Mallon and John A O’Mara) (CCCD)

2nd Vice President of the  Atlantic Episcopal Assembly (Atlantic Conference of Catholic Bishops) (President Bishop Faber MacDonald) (CCCD)

1995:   Raymond Lahey, Bishop of St. George’s Diocese, Newfoundland, introductory letter in the front of the  Grade 7 religion book Believe in Me, part of the CCCB religion program We are Strong Together  (In March 2010, at the request of the CCCB, the Lahey letter was obliterated from the texts in many – but not all –  school boards)

member of the CCCB’s Episcopal Commission on Christian Education (Chair Bishop Anthony Tonnos – other members Bishops Peter Mallon, John A O’Mara and Peter Sutton) (CCCD)

2nd Vice President of the Atlantic Episcopal Assembly (Atlantic Conference of Catholic Bishops) (President Bishop Faber MacDonald) (CCCD)

1994:  member of the CCCB’s Episcopal Commission on Christian Education (Chair Bishop Anthony Tonnos – other members Bishops Peter Mallon, John A O’Mara and Peter Sutton. Father John Hibbard in charge of the office of Liturgy for the CCCB) (CCCD)

1994:  Bishop of St. George’s Diocese when Father George Smith transferred to Charlottetown, PEI.  On 14 December 2011 Smith was charged with 38 sex-related offences from nine complainants  (M)

1993, 1992:  Chairman of the CCCB’s National English Liturgy Commission when new inclusive language versions of the Bible and Lectionary were introduced. (members Bishops James L Doyle, James M Hayes and Reynald Rouleau.  Father John Hibbard in charge of the office of Liturgy for the CCCB) (CCCD)

1992Lahey took himself and all the priests of St. George’s Diocese to Galilee Mission Centre in Arnprior, Ontario for the Enneagram workshop conducted by Father Chris Rushton omi.

Click here to see the promo for the 1992 “Summer Institute Human Sexuality”.  In that instance the Enneagram workshop was part of the Summer Institute Human Sexuality.  And, yes, that is now convicted Oblate molester Father Ed MacNeil listed as a director for the “Be still and know that I am God” directed retreat.

1991: Chairman of the CCCB’s National English Liturgy Commission  (members Bishop Hubert P O’Connor, Francis J Spence and Matthew Ustrzycki. Father John Hibbard in charge of the office of Liturgy for the CCCB ) (CCCD)

1991: CV in CCCD indicates “author of a number of studies and articles on theology and Church history.  Among his writing are substantial contributions to the Dictionary of Canadian Biography.  He has had membership on several scholarly bodies, including the American Academy of Religion. (CCCD)

1989:  Shane Earl told Father Malloy that he had seen child porn in Lahey’s home.  The information was passed on to Archbishop Penny, then Archbishop of Newfoundland.  The allegation relates to Lahey’s years as a priest in St. John’s.

11 January 1988:  Forward  to: Psalms for the Liturgical Year: Music for the NRSV Psalter, Year C by Gordon Johnston ( published by Novalis)

03 August 1986:  consecrated bishop, Diocese St. George’s, Newfoundland (CCCD)

Principal consecrator was Archbishop Alphonsus Liguori Penney; Principal Co-Consecrators were Bishops Faber MacDonald (then Bishop of Grand Falls) and Richard Thomas McGrath (Bishop of St. George’s)

(Lahey was Principal Co-Consecrator for Bishops David Douglas Crosby omi (1998 for Diocese of Labrador City Schefferville) and Brian Joseph Dunn (2008 for Diocese of Sault Ste Marie as an Auxiliary Bishop to Jean-Louis Plouffe) , and Archbishop Martin William Currie (2001 as Bishop of Grand Falls, NFLD)


– at some point in this time frame served variously as Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Memorial University, St. John’s, Newfoundland,  proctor at St. John’s College on the campus of Memorial Associate Professor of Religious Studies at memorial U, head of the department of Religious Studies at Memorial U.  He also served as as member of the University Senate. (CCCD)

August 1982 – 08 July 1986: St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, St. John’s Newfoundland (L)

1985:  Pastor, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Vicar General of the Archdiocese of St. John’s.  (CCCD)

1981-08 July 1986:  Vicar General (L)

1985:  awarded title Prelate of Honour by Pope John Paul II (CCCD) (that means he became a monsignor)

Mount Cashel victim Shane Earl attempted suicide after seeing child porn in Lahey’s residence (Frank)

1982-1985:  performed pastoral services at Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s (L)

lawsuit alleging sex abuse inidcate that allegations of sex abuse stem from this time frame (L)

1984: Royal Newfoundland Constabulary advised the Vicar General Raymond Lahey of an allegation of sex abuse against Father James Hickey, but told Lahey that no charges would be laid (RNC allegedly had insufficient evidence).  Lahey told Archbishop Penney.  No action was taken (WCR)

1984: Vice-Chairman of the Roman Catholic 200th Anniversary Committe – this included responsibility for the preparation for the Papal Visit to Newfoundland in 1984 (CCCD) (this is the visit in which Father James Hickey figured prominently – he introduced the Holy Father to other religious denominations at a service in Quidi Vidi Lake, Newfoundland. Hickey was molesting young boys at the time – he was finally arrested and charged in 1988)

1982:  testified as a character witness at the sex abuse trial of Brother Burton, a Christian Brother at the Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Not included in the excerpt is Lahey’s testimony re Burton: “If anyone forced me to fault the man, the only thing I can say is that he cared too much and he loved too much.”  According to Lahey, the victim (W.N.) made a “marvelous turn around” under that care of Brother Burton.” (Harris)

administrator of Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church, Holyrood, Newfoundland (Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland) CCCD) (Alphonsus Penney was Bishop of the Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland at the time.  Penney later became Archbishop of St. John’s) (CCCD)

1968-1981:  teaching theology at Memorial U. (Frank)

1975-1976: took a sabbatical year – spent the academic year doing research at University of Cambridge (CCCD)

1973-74:  not listed in CCCD index (CCCD)

member of the Senate of Priest and Board of Consultors (CCCD)

1973-74: Chairman for the Senate of the Archdiocese of St. John’s (Who’s Who)

1968-72:  Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland (Who’s Who:  Newfoundland Confederation celebration 1949-1975 Silver anniversary edition)

1972: Member, Board of Directors, The Monitor (diocesan newspaper) (Who’s Who)

1971-72: not listed in CCCD index (CCCD)

1971-72: Member of Memorial University Senate (Who’s Who)

1968:  Principal of St. John’s College, Memorial University (Who’s Who:  Newfoundland Confederation celebration 1949-1975 Silver anniversary edition)

1968-69, 1967:  not listed in CCCD index (CCCD)

1966-1968:  post-doctoral studies in Church history at University of Cambridge, England (CCCD)

1966: PhD – University of Ottawa (magna cum Laude) (CCCD)

1965-1966:  studied Canon Law at Gregorian University in Rome (CCCD)

13 June 1963:  ORDAINED for Archdiocese of St. John’s, Newfoundland (CCCD)

1963: Licentiate of Theology, University of Ottaw

1961:  Bachelor of Theology, University of Ottawa

– pursued his seminary studies at St. Paul’s University, Ottawa, Ontario

– elementary and secondary school education at St. Bon’s (St. Bonaventure College), St. John’s, Newfoundland (CCCDD)

1962, 1961, 1960:  listed in the Adelphian as one of several ex-pupils “Studying for the Priesthood or the Religious Life Archdiocese of St. John’s”

1958:  The Adelphian lists R. Lahey as one of several former students studying at St. Paul’s  Seminary in Ottawa, Ontario (The Adelphian is the yearbook for St. Bonaventure College, at that time a private boy’s school in St. John’s, Newfoundland)

placed second in his Grade 11 class:  “In Grade XI . . . Raymond Lahey, who placed 2nd in class, received the Electoral Scholarship for this district, but was forced to relinquish it to enter St. Peter’s Seminary”

1957:  Grade 10 – awarded the $75 Rev. Br. P.V. Strapp Scholarship (The 1957 Adelphian)

on staff Christian Brother  E. G. French (The 1957 Adelphian) French was later convicted for sex abuse of boys at Mount Cashel

1955:  The Adelphian lists R. Lahey as a member of the The Adelphian Staff

The Adelphian lists R. Lahey as a member of the Catholic Action Club at St. Bonaventure College

awarded a $50 Grade 9 scholarship

1954: received his Grade 8 diploma (The 1954 Adelphian)

sang with chorus of vagabonds in the operetta “The Vagabonds”

on staff Christian Brother E. G. French who was later convicted for sex abuse of boys at Mount Cashel

1953:  Grade 7 award for Christian Doctrine prize (The 1953 Adelphian)

0n staff at “St. Bon’s”  were Christian Brothers R. J. Lasik and E.G. French.   Both were later convicted for sex abuse of boys at Mount Cashel

1951:  shown  in The Adelphian as in Grade 5

won a Christian Doctrine prize

placed second in his Grade 5 class in term exams after Easter

0n staff at “St. Bon’s”  were Christian Brothers J. E. Murphy, R. J. Lasik and G.K. Barry.  These three were later convicted for sex abuse of boys at Mount Cashel

1950: shown in The Adelphian  as in Grade 4  – appears to have won an award of some sort from the Christian Brother Examining Board

shown as a member of the Recitation Group

on staff at “St. Bon’s”  were Christian Brothers R. J. Lasik and G.K. Barry.  Both Lasik and Barry were later convicted for sex abuse of boys at Mount Cashel

1947: shown in The Adelphian  as in Grade 1

received first Holy Communion

29 May 1940:  Born St. John’s, Newfoundland (CCCD)



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25 March 2010:  Bishops letter  left alone in Ottawa school boards    

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(1995) Lahey letter of introduction to Grade 7 school children in front of “We Believe” textbook, part of the CCCB’s 1995 “We are Strong Together” religious education texts. (In March 2010, at the request of the CCCB, the Lahey letter was obliterated from the texts in many shool boards)

08 April 2010: Former bishop Lahey faces sex abuse charges

20 March 2010: Ex-bishop’s letter pasted over in texts:  Books altered to hide name of priest linked to child porn  

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27 October 2010:  Suffer the Children…

27 October 2009:  A Church in crisis: a timeline

27 October 2010:  Frank Atlantic Canada report on Lahey arrest, warrant and “cyberban”

27 October 2009:  “Holy Rollers, high rollers“(re probated estates of clergy) and “Six degrees of separation“(re external links on Antigonish Diocese website October 2009)

17 October 2009:  Warrants detail images on bishop’s computer:  Documents say some naked boys appear younger than 12

16 October 2009:  CBC Podcast.  Maggie Gillis speaks with with CBC national reporter Stephen Puddicombe in Nova Scotia who’s covering the investigation into child pornography charges against Bishop Raymond Lahey 

15 October 2009: Cops seize material in bishop investigation 

13 October 2009: Police search former bishop’s N.S. residences, office

11 October 2009: Monsignor regrets lack of ‘reconciliation’: Vicar general said it was ‘sad’ sex-abuse victim refused to shake hands    

10 October 2009: Lahey’s lawyer wants to clear up confusion about settlement to alleged abuse victims – Lawsuit | Man says settlement process will still reveal the facts 

08 October2009: Lahey allowed to live in Ottawa pending child-porn trial 

08 October 2009:  Graphic content found in Lahey’s laptop  

08 October 2009:  CBC podcast   

07 October 2009:  Ottawa cops won’t say where Lahey staying  

07 October 2009: Accused bishop due back in court Thursday 

07 October 2009: Bishop on child-porn charges given shelter by Ottawa diocese 

Oct. 06, 2009: CBC podcast – Raymond Lahey pornography allegations

Archbishop Martin Currie talks about his response to last week’s allegations regarding pornography in the house of then-Father Raymond Lahey. Father Kevin Molloy then speaks about how the pornography allegations against Lahey were handled in the late 80’s. And… we hear some tape from the Hughes Inquiry where Shane Earle speaks about the visit to then-Father Raymond Lahey’s house. (Chris O’Neill-Yates with Archbishop Martin Currie & Father Kevin Molloy; Shane Earle archival tape) 

06 October 2009:  Where is Bishop Raymond Lahey    

05 October 2009:  Vatican arranged ‘get away’ for bishop facing child porn charges: abbot
– N.B. monastery’s neighbours say suspect not welcome

05 October 2009:  Bishop porn issue known to N.L. Church in 1989 

05 October 2009:  Archdiocese of St. John’s Newfoundland media release re prior knowledge of Bishop Raymond Lahey’s issue 

04 October 2009: N.S. diocese won’t pay former bishop’s court costs

03 October 2009: Archbishop says child porn charges ‘broke’ his heart 

01 October 2009: Episcopal scandal

30 September 2009: Accused Nova Scotia bishop released on bail 

30 September 2009: N.S. bishop wanted on child porn charges:Church officials, community react with shock 

26 September 2009:  Bishop Raymond Lahey letter of resignation 

21 September 2009: Some balk at paying for sins of the fathers


Court Dates

TRIAL:    04 January 2012:  10 am.  Courtroom #2.  for sentencing, Ottawa court house; 04 August 2011: for evidence from a police detective, and 19-20 December 2011: for cross examination of Dr. Bradford, the psychiatrist who examined Lahey, and for sentencing submissions (Ottawa courthouse, Ottawa, Ontario); 04 & 05 August 2011: for sentencing submissions and testimony/cross-examination of Dr. Bradford, the psychiatrist who examined Bishop Lahey24 June 2011:  for sentencing submissions and testimony from psychiatrist who examined Bishop Lahey ( Rescheduled – clinical files from psychiatrist Dr. Bradford not yet received by the Crown);  26 May 2011:  to set date for cross exam of detective and Dr. Bradford and for sentencing; 04 May 2011:  GUILTY plea – asked to be taken into custody. Trial for possessing and importing child porn trial:  04, 05, 06 May 2011, Ottawa courthouse: 10 am,  Courtroom #12. (trial date of  26 April 2011 changed – don’t need as much time as was previously scheduled)

Other court dates: 03 December 2010 (09:00 am, Courtroom # 8, Ottawa courthouse – to determine time needed for trial in April) Pretrial motions 22 November 2010 (Ottawa) CANCELLED

24 Responses to Lahey: Bishop Raymond Lahey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bradford is the same one who examined Keller is he not?

  2. Sylvia says:

    Yes Anonymous, Bradford is the one who examined Keeler.

  3. Sylvia says:

    There is video coverage from CBC TV here on msn. I can’t save the videos so will dierect you to the link. The first two clips cover the sentencing hearing on Monday and Tuesday:

    (the footage of Lahey is old footage prior to his voluntary incarceration. Because Lahey is in custody there are no current pictures or video footage)

  4. Sylvia says:

    For those who wish to attend, Bishop Raymond Lahey will be sentenced at 10 am, in courtroom #2 on 04 January 2012 (Ottawa courthouse)

  5. MikeMc says:

    Sylvia, I don’t know if you’ve seen my other comments earlier in another segment of your site but I am wondering if Bishop Lahey is truly repentive or sorry for his actions, why hasn’t the Church come out publicly and tried to find out what happened to those abused boys (naked and bound with rosary beads) he enjoyed looking at? Also his whereabouts and actions in Thailand….surely there was a paper trail left of his pursuits there. Why hasn’t the Catholic Church done or at least tried to do something about that issue? He admits to being addicted…ok like smoking you just can’t quit…so you continue. But addicted to porn and actually travelling to places like Thailand and having countless photos on his computer……I mean that’s beyond addiction. That is promoting the abuse of children and allowing it to happen. Did he take pleasure in seeing this happen to these kids? Is this the same man who confirmed my class as well as my own kids? I am so annoyed, shocked and saddened all at the same time. His sentence should be 5 years of attempting to try his best to clean up the mess and trail of abuse he has allowed to happen to kids….whether here or in Asia. God knows it will take 5 years too! Despite the fact that he should be defrocked, right now he is still a Bishop in name and part of his Catholic church. What does the Catholic Church have to say about this? Has anyone come out with an official statement? One of their own leaders…a Bishop…. has allowed kids to be abused. You’d think they would try with all their might to try to find those kids and have authorities go after the sadistic people who put them on film in shocking abusive ways. Would someone from the RC church please respond to this. We await your reply.

    • MikeMc: Speaking for myself and my brother priests, (at least all the one’s I know,) it will be an insult to the entire Church if he is not defrocked. The Vatican has become efficient with the process and it appears that convicted priests can be dismissed from the clerical state in under a year IF the matter has been referred to the Vatican by the local Bishop. According to the stated policy of the Church, they have no choice. They must report all credible cases to the Vatican for trial. Alas, it is all too evident that not all Bishops have taken that step as they we supposed to.

      It also took less than a year for B16 to defrock an African Bishop who married. From the point where Church canonical action was begun against him when he refused to return to a celibate and obedient state, it took less than a year for the Vatican to remove him.

      With this in mind, I remind you that Lahey admitted in court to the following:

      a) being guilty of heinous crimes: importation & possession of child porn
      b) being sexually aroused by images of gay bondage
      c) he had sex toys in his luggage
      d) he frequented countries noted for the child sex trade
      e) had multiple anonymous homosexual encounters over the years
      f) now considers himself to be in a committed relationship with another man for the past 10 years.

      If, after all of this, the Vatican doesn’t eject him in the quickest possible manner from the clerical state, then it means that priests are being held to a stricter standard than bishops. Priestly morale everywhere would collapse. He absolutely must go. There can be no other choice.

      Fr. Tim

  6. Sylvia says:


    Yes, I did see your earlier comments and fully intended responding – it’s just a busy time of year. Apologies.

    I doubt that anyone in the know will tell us what the plans are for Bishop Raymond Lahey’s future in the priesthood. I agree with Father Tim that Lahey most certainly should be laicized/defrocked, and I would hope the plans were put in motion the day he entered his guilty plea to do just that. But, I can only hope.

    I have been checking for an “official” statement from “the Church” but, to date, silence.

    As for “the Church” trying to find out that happened to those young lads in the porn pictures, and videos, who were so sorely and callously used and abused I don’t think that will happen. It would be a good and proper use of Church funds, but, I doubt that it will happen.

    Is he truly repentant? That’s a hard call. What I however personally believe is that any priest or bishop who is truly repentant for committing such horrific crimes and bringing such scandal to the Church would show his repentance by asking to be laicized immediately. I can not conceive how those clergy still consider themselves fit to be priests, let alone bishops. In my mind, if they are repentant they would not want to further tarnish the priesthood by their continued presence, nor would they want to further offend and insult the faithful by such presence. I do not damn them to Hell, but I do believe they need to spend the rest of their days working on their own salvation – as laymen – and praying tirelessly for the countless souls they have betrayed, wounded and/or raped. Heaven or Hell is in God’s hands. Which route they take will be answered after they draw their last breath and go to meet and answer to their Maker.

    I understand your dismay and outrage at learning that Lahey was a wolf in cheep’s clothing. We must all learn that hard lesson, that a wolf in sheep’s clothing is precisely that: a wolf who looks for all the world like a sheep.

    You have good questions MikeMc. I suggest you send them to officials within the Church. There is contact information here. (The page can be accessed manually by hovering over “RC Scandal” on the horizontal menu; then over “Canada” in the sub menu, and then click on “Canadian Bishops contact information.)

    If you do send off some letters and/or emails – and I hope you do – please keep us apprised of any responses you receive.

  7. 1yellowknife says:

    Crass question, here. Not only should he be defrocked… but what about any continued provision of funds to Lahey (salary or otherwise) from the Church.

  8. 1Yellowknife: I can only speak for what happens in my Diocese, but anyone defrocked is given a settlement refund for his pension contributions and then they are cut off from any salary/pension. They lose their rights to support from the Church. As I said though, other Dioceses may handle these cases differently. I can only speak definitively about what happens in my own diocese. I don’t know who if anyone would pay Lahey if he is defrocked, but I sure hope it’s not the Church.

    Fr. Tim

    • Tom says:

      you many not know , this Lahey comes from a very rich family and his family supports him very much as far as I know. So do you think he cares about a little pension a priest gets??!!! He must have also saved lots of money as a bishop by doing confirmation and parish visits.

  9. MikeMc says:

    Thankyou Sylvia and Fr Tim for your responses.
    Tim, I find it ironic that you would mention the ruling of “less than a year” for this African Bishop who married. But I agree that a process has to go through for Rome and Lahey. As I read Sylvia’s pages of documents and reports, the Church in the past seemed to be very forgiving and placed priests in places like Southdown etc to “cure” them of their afflictions.(and then sent them off to new parishes) I wonder if Rome will see this “Bishop” as worthy to forgive. But God forbid an African Bishop should marry or fall in love….my God that is no unattural for this man in this high position!!!
    Yes, of course I’m being cynical…..but in my earlier statements I questioned about celibacy for you clergy. At one time it was seen as a sacrifice or “one’s calling to priesthood” Today, as a Catholic, I honestly question whether it is unanntural for any priest not to marry. Yes, there are bachelors etc..but for all priests not to share a good happy married life like their fellow Anglican priests who are allowed to marry, you have to admit the “old ways” are probably not natural. I mean everything else is changing.
    I was reading just yesterday in the Inquirer about the “mansion” Bishop Chaput is trying to sell (thank God) in Philadelphia. It sits on 8.7 acres of beautiful landscape, houses 13,000 sq.feet, and has been the residence of Bishops since 1935. The first Bishop there was described as a “Renaissance prince” who had 25 rooms, indoor swimming pool, a 6 car garage, and a small par 3 golfcourse. Yes, even the Pope stayed there as well as a “fellow” named Eugene Pacelli who also became a Pope.
    Now thankfully this new Bishop is seeing that things MUST change for the Church….thank God he is a Capuchin friar! Remember the movie Br Sun Sister Moon…when Francis kneels at the Pope’s feet? Same thing, Fr Tim. Things must change in the Church with celibacy and women in priesthood if the church is to survive.
    I wonder if it wasn’t for the abuse, if Bishops would still be living in hollywood castle-like places. Even our Bishop of Corner Brook sold his “mansion” a while back…to pay for the sins of its priests.
    The recent abuses and their ugly stories like the Bishop Lahey one seem to have been exisiting NOT just in the last 30 years but from many years ago. Look at the Irish abuse! God only knows what has actually happened through the CENTURIES. Yes, centuries!
    But as Sylvia reports in many places here in this informative and eye opening site, that some priests used their “send you to hell” authority if the child told on him. In Newfoundland there are stories of people named Leblanc who the priest openly told them they will now on be called (surname) White and that was it! Cased closed! The priest has spoken and no arguing!! Resign the baptisimal papers!!!
    Fr Tim,… I think there has always been a problem in the priesthood…..and while I know the sexual abuse is not only related to priests because of celibacy, I think the world is looking closely at you and your fellow priests…under a magnifying glass for sure…with reference to priests and celibacy (and many other things) I am for sure. I’m critical, annoyed, hurt saddened and dismayed. Can you blame me?
    Finally, I applaud you, Sylvia, for this site . It’s time people,….especially CATHOLIC people….see the doings of their Church. And then to ask them…these Catholic people…to “up the collection” to pay for these abuses??????…….the nerve of the clergy from the Pope on down to Fr Tim.! You know there is enough gold in Rome on its Vatican cathedaral walls and ceilings and paintings etc to pay for the vicitms of priestly abuse. And Fr Tim, I have noticed your words and comments all over the place……yes I will go as far as saying I admire you for your attempt to be a spokesperson for the Catholic Church. It must be hard to keep a brave face. But the sooner the whole clergy declare a year of “sack cloth and ashes” so to speak for ITSELF…..and live the ideals of Francis of Assisi, I don’t think the Church is going to survive. People’s faith will continue, I hope. “Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God.” That pretty well sums it up. May this New Year be an honest and open one for the Church.

  10. MikeMc says:

    Sylvia, I apologize for the poor grammar above. I just re-read my thoughts. But when you feel like I do, it just pours out and you want to say so much in so little space. I appreciate the chance to write and say what’s on my mind.

  11. 1 abandoned sheep says:

    Lahey given 15-month sentence, plus 2-year probation. BUT- he will get recognition for time served at the rate of 2 for 1

  12. Larry Green says:

    People better have eyes in the back of their heads if this Catholic Bishop happens to be anywhere near. The Shepherd has had several months to dream and plan new and innovative ways to use our children for his pleasure. I’m sure that some of the Catholic flock are waiting for their “ cue “ from brother priests , Bishops ( including top Bishop Number One) as to ‘ what shall we do with him ; what shall we think of this poor humble Shepherd who was for so long a victim of a solitary life ?
    Bishop Raymond has a pathetic look about him that clearly reveals the pain and suffering of a soul in a man who has sacrificed a natural desire for normal and meaningful relationship which has blocked his ability to mature. He’s really just an innocent little boy in an evil world and poor Bishop Raymond just doesn’t know how properly to conduct himself.
    In my opinion, he really does deserve to remain a Catholic Bishop and he should be living at the Vatican sitting right beside Pope and he should be free to roam the Vatican Day Or Night and do there as he pleases . Perhaps the this Shepherd could fine tune his skill as a photographer and hang his work all over the walls in the Vatican.
    Just keep him away from our children not only in this part of the world but anywhere in the world , at least until we can lock him up for something !!!

  13. Mike says:

    Thank you as usual for your on-going coverage of these matters. I am curious to know (if you or anyone else does) if Lahey continues to draw his salary as a Bishop. In police circles, an officer can be charged with a criminal offense and will be suspended “with pay” (basically a paid holiday) until his or her case is dealt with. Is this the case in the church? Mike

  14. Mike says:

    Thank-you for saying it like it is. I agree with you entirely that Lahey should be appointed the Pop’s personal photographer. Just think how beautiful and inspiring his photographic works would be plastered all over the walls of the Sistine Chapel. Mike

  15. Adam says:

    Lahey resigned from Antigonish just days before he was charged…legally had he waited until charged the diocese would have been responsible for his legal fees…we speculate it could have been to shield the diocese of any additional expense. He also left his car in the diocese and has received ZERO payment from the Antigonish Diocese (normally a Bishop would keep the car or be presented with a new car upon retirement and a cash “buy out” or monthly allowance to subsidize their retirement) In Lahey’s case he lived on old age pension and CPP and savings…it is true he comes from a rich family…including a very rich brother (he told me net worth 35 million pounds) living abroad who may or may not have helped him – I know he sent him considerable funds per year in the past…now I find myself wondering if this man was his brother or lover…I guess now what he said couldn’t be trusted. I am in a position to say that it is 100% accurate he has received no funding from the Diocese of Antigonish and other than us he was entitled to receive no funding from any other Church entity.

    Don’t worry about it…I’ll betcha my house he’ll be laicized in a short period of time it usually doesn’t happen while in jail….

    I didn’t read the whole thread but to the comment about receiving money for confirmation and parish visits…that does not happen in the Church at least in this region of Nova Scotia.

  16. Adrian Oostrom says:

    Please take my name of this e-mail site.This is coming up everytime I opened this mail.Thank you.

  17. Jack sprat says:

    Pffffffffffffffffffff throw him in jail and toss the key away, thats the best solution for sick people like that. Especially if they lust for boys and little kids. How gross can one get my god almighty ,and yet they say were all gods product. Whatever. BULL S… personally myself id like to drop people like that deep in the bush and hunt them down simply to save tax payers money and do society a favor.

  18. Lina says:

    *I watch Steve Murphy (CTV News) interviewing Archbishop Anthony Mancini (Halifax-Yarmouth area) about the ex-bishop (defrocked) Raymond Lahey.

    The Archbishop said Raymond Lahey is now just a plain Roman Catholic. Lahey was dismissed from the clerical state, one of the most serious penalties that the Church can impose.

    Lahey is not excommunicated from the Catholic Church because he accepted the penance imposed on him.

    The Archbishop also said:  “A priest is a priest forever”.

    In theology language Raymond Lahey is still a priest and a bishop forever only because of what happened at his ordination. 

    That special blessed oil freely given to Lahey to be a priest and a bishop, that mark by the oil on his soul cannot be taken away, that is why Raymond Lahey is a priest and bishop forever.

    That should explain somewhat why SOME of these men of the priesthood believe they are beyond the law of the land and do justify all the lies and cover-ups of criminal acts and crimes. They must believe they will not be caught because they are protected by that special ordination oil.       Unbelievable ego maniacs!  

    Lahey is not permitted to wear clerical garb. 

    So can Raymond Lahey wear a costume of a priest or bishop when he goes to a Hollowe’en party?

    His he allowed or not?      🙂

  19. John says:

    Lina…..Raymond Lahey has been going to a costume party for at least the last 20 years. The people in the pews did not know that it was one, or those that did said NOTHING!!!!!

    John Mac Donald

  20. S.Mealey says:

    While it appears that the laicization was quick, it should be recalled that Raymond Lahey had petitioned Rome to be laicized around the same time he resigned as Bishop of Antigonish.

  21. Gerry says:

    I am not satisfied with how this obvious well traveled person in
    countries where sexual abuse of children is just a matter of price,
    can QUICKLY plead guilty on a charge for possession of pornographic
    pictures of children, and not have any investigation into the reasons
    he was roaming around these countries.What reason did he have to
    establish a long history of travel to these places. Was it damage
    control to plead guilty so fast, or a deal if he pleaded guilty no
    further investigation into his travel reasons would be addressed. I
    have to question with common sense if the reason he went there to act
    out his sick sexual perversions. He was across the world where no one
    would see or care who he was as long as he paid. Why is this not
    investigated it would still be unlawful in canada, was there not
    another man picked up at an airport when his identity was confirmed to
    be charged with a crime when he was on the internet abusing children
    in Thailand. Please feel free to post this as I dont have the ability
    to do so. I feel this is important and really I am unaware of anyone
    else that has brought this question to the forefront of this
    disgraceful story, that continues on in the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
    Thank you. Gerry

  22. BOB says:

    Does anyone know where this sick son of a b…… is today? Are some of his catholic friends in ottawa keeping him? God it is unbelieveable how these bast…. can live with themselves. We are all sinners & i,m not above anyone but after sitting in so many pews in so many churches & having the likes of him & others like him preach about christ & the way to be like him there,s no wonder the catholic church is slowly going down the tube. Like the old feller, said the “ARSE IS GOIN OUT OF HER” . God bless

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