Antle: Father Aloysius Antle

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Father Aloysisus Antle

priest Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland. Ordained 1966.  1991 found GUILTY indecent assault two teenage boys – offenses transpired between 1971 and 1975 at Antle’s cottage at Pickett’s Lake, Newfoundland (initially faced 8 charges by 7 complainants) .  Sentenced to three months and five months imprisonment to run concurrently,  and one year probation.

04 October 1991:  R. v. Aloysius Antle

The following dates and information are drawn from available Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD), and The Story of the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Harbour Grace & Grand Falls Newfoundland (HGGF).  . 


1966-1970: Immaculate Conception, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland (Msgr. Joseph M O’Brien Pastor)  (HGGF)

1971-1979:  Pastor, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Norris Arm, Newfoundland  (HGGF)

sex abuse convictions relate to Father Antle’s time in Norris Arm

1982-1987:  Pastor, St. Alphonsus Church, Whitbourne, Newfoundland (HGGF)

1985-1986:   Pastor, St. Alphonsus Church, Whitbourne, Newfoundland (Missions at Old Shop, Markland, Bellevue, Cgapel Arm, , Little Heart’s East, Gooseberry Cove, New Harbour, South Dildo and Sunnyside) (CCCD)

1988-1991:  Pastor, St. Gabriel’s Church, St. Brendan’s, Newfoundand (HGGF)

1991, 1992, 1993,  1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002:  Box 397 Grand Falls = address for Grand Falls diocesan centre (CCCD)

2010:  Loon Bay, Newfoundland


Canadain Press

September 26, 1991  22.40 EDT

GANDER, Nfld. (CP)

A Roman Catholic priest has been convicted on two of eight counts of sexual and indecent assault.

Rev. Aloysius Antle is to be sentenced Oct. 4.

 The jury deliberated for three days on evidence presented by seven complainants and other witnesses before delivering its verdict late Thursday.

Antle, 58, had pleaded not guilty on all counts, which stemmed from incidents alleged to have occurred between 1970 and 1986.


Another priest charged with sex abuse of boys

Toronto Star

12 January 1990

ST. JOHN’S, Nfld. (CP) – Another Roman Catholic priest in Newfoundland has been charged with sex-related offences against boys.

Rev. Aloysius Antle was charged late yesterday with five counts of indecent assault involving a boy and one count of sexually assaulting another boy.

The offences are alleged to have occurred between 1970 and 1985 while Antle was a parish priest in Norris Arm and surrounding communities in central Newfoundland.

An RCMP spokesman said the charges were laid before a justice of the peace in Lewisporte, Nfld. No court date was set for Antle, who was not present when the charges were laid.

Total of 20

This raises to 20 the total number of priests, former priests, Christian Brothers and other members of Newfoundland’s Catholic community who have been charged or convicted of sex offences in the past two years.

One other priest has been acquitted.

J. Faber MacDonald, the bishop of Grand Falls, said Antle has been relieved of his duties as a parish priest pending the outcome of court action.

He apologized for those affected in any way and said in a news release he was deeply saddened by what seems to be a “never-ending tragedy striking at the heart of this province.

“I wish I could make things good. I wish I could give reasons why this has happened. I am unable to do so. I am deeply upset by it all myself.”

Help victims

MacDonald said he will visit all parishes directly affected, and the Grand Falls diocese will do everything in its power to help victims.

Already, a new parish priest is contacting victims and counselling has been made available.

“In situations of this kind, one solid source of support is our faith,” the bishop said.

The scandal has prompted a judicial inquiry into claims of sexual abuse by brothers at the Mount Cashel orphanage in St. John’s. The inquiry resumes public hearings Monday.

As well, a church probe into abuse by the clergy, set up by Alphonsus Penney, archbishop of St. John’s, expects to release its report within weeks.

3 Responses to Antle: Father Aloysius Antle

  1. Mary says:

    The diocese of Whitbourne has one more victim of this poor excuse for a man. His life is in turmoil as a result of Antle’s violation of his childhood. I am very angry, as this victim is my little brother.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I am so sorry to hear that Mary. So very sorry. I gather from what you say your brother has not taken any action against Antle, and is perhaps in no condition to take action?

  3. Mary says:

    Time will tell. If he feels it is something that he needs to do, he will get it done.

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