O’Connor: Father Timothy O’Connor

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Father Timothy O’Connor

Priest, Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario, ordained 1989.   1992 charged. Initially faced four charges – entered plea of GUILTY to two charges (Sexual assault (s. 271 cc,  and sexual interference s. 151) the other two charges were withdrawn.


 2006:  Died

 2002, 2000:     Reforma no. 48 Centra, CP 28860, Santiago, Col Mexico

1999, 1998:  Mexico

1997, 1996, 1995:  parent’s address in Oakwood, Ontario – north of Lindsay, Ontario   (CCCD and P)

I have been told by a reliable source that he violated the terms of his probation, was about to be or risked being sent back to jail, and fled the country for Mexico. (P)

21 October 1994:  GUILTY plea – sentenced to six months in jail (six months for each of the two charges to run concurrently) and three years probation.

01 August 1992:  Charged

1993, 1992:  address and phone number for Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Bracebridge, Ontario  (Pastor Father Hugh Hale)

1991:   200 Luke St Peterborough 705-743-4744


Born mid 50s.

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