Father William Hodgson Marshall

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  1. TH says:

    I attended at Old City Hall Court in Toronto this morning. Instead of a guilty plea which I had been led to believe was going to be entered ( in the separate court for that purpose), the matter was in the original court. Neither Marshall or his lawyer attended and the matter was spoken to by an “agent” who refused to answer a question I asked of him after he left the courtroom and rudely walked away (taking refuge in a lawyer’s lounge).

    Anyway, the matter was adjourned (surprise!!!!) to 8 March. At that time, there is going to be a discussion/application to have all the charges merged together.

    Once again, it is a matter of delay, delay, delay! One can only guess at how long it will take not only to combine the charges but to determine WHERE the charges will be heard (if ever).

    I believe that this is another delaying tactic with the hope that Hod dies before any trial.
    It is also, in my opinion, clearly indicative of the complete disregard and lack of respect that the Basilians (and the judicial system) have for Marshall’s victims.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for the update TH. I am so sorry that this is yet another delay – not surprised, but feel so badly for you and all who are waiting and waiting for resolution. How long ago did we first hear that the charges were going to be merged?

    I just looked it up: “The plan is to have them all transferred to this jusridcition.” Andrew Braide as quoted in the Windsor Star, 13 October 2010.

    So, another wait to 08 March. Will that get the job done? Is five months enough? I have no idea, but seems to me it’s an awfully long time.

  3. prima facie says:

    RANT of THE WEEK: Read at your own risk! Abusers, alleged abusers, their surrogates and advocates, including “the Powers that Be”, may find this unappealing or offensive. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!! Children and grandparents should leave the room and watch CBC….take a snooze!!!

    RE: Delays!
    I think that this is further EVIDENCE of what you blogged about a few weeks ago Sylvia……and I commented on. Of course, some people may say it is not evidence, it is simply my speculation or conjecture.
    But, is this not what we have seen happen in hundreds upon hundreds of cases over the past two decades (years I have followed case), at least where prominent clergy is concerned? Is this an example of the “Rule of Law” showing its “greater good” side? Gee, would your average “John Doe” or “Joe Sixpack” get the same priviledged treatment as Lahey, Bryant, Marshall, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.,? Maybe some people think that “time” will cause us all to forget or be less interested….and the cases will be dismissed for lack of prosecution—RIGHT!!….we’ve already been there folks-over and over again….gee, isn’t that a wonderful example of the “Rule of Law”?
    However, take a whistleblower like police constable Perry Dunlop or other whistleblowers,….. dare they speak out…?…they will be silenced, ostracized, labelled as “OUTCASTS” by the ruling class…banned from practicing their professions……and at the same time “hidden from public debate”…. REALLY! In Canada?
    I mean can you believe, the Government of Ontario actually exploiting the Justice System to GET DUNLOP? The government used the courts to “teach Dunlop and other police officers a lesson”, so they would think twice before acting as Dunlop did. My, my, my…..and NOBODY of authority intervened–“Rule of Law”…or a sidebar maintenance issue…resolved? Evidence or conjecture?
    In Canada, because laymen and most professionals do not have time or otherwise to become informed,…. (censorship and “social mediocrity”), “we” turn away…….blindly-see nothing–hear nothing.

    And oh yes, at least we live in Canada….those of us who dare “speak out” would have our heads cut off in “some” other countries. Well at least it’s quick!! Here, it is a slow death…drip, drip, drip.
    The typical reply for this is, “if you don’t like it here leave”; well, in my opinion, obviously the statement of a naive, complacent, apathetic, blind-following, “cow-pie”, who has been too chicken to “get involved”!…and I don’t mean Sunday school picnics-get it!!…wait until you find your pensions/savings are non-existent and you have no recourse!!! It’s coming. You’ll wake up.

    Someone should organize a website where “whistleblowers” and other “dissenting voices” (peaceful demonstration), can go and share their stories of suppression and oppression…..yes, here in Canada. (or do we think oppression/suppression and related only happens in other countries and in the manner you see it on television?

    The following is a quotation: (The sudden transformation of Canada from a free, common law based constitutional democracy in which “the will” of the people as voiced in Parliament was supreme,….. into a new, constitutionally mandated welfare state far too often directed by “the rule of” unelected judges who cannot be removed by any power in the land.” (think about it!) Regime change does not always happen the way you are currently seeing it unfold in the Middle East. It happened in Canada (public-social policy) about 35-40 years ago (mid to late 1960’s), when many were too “stoned” or “pissed” to give a rat’s ___; now——the waves of “the regime change” are just “reaching the shoreline” so-to-speak.

  4. ip says:

    I am a victim of Marshall’s and one who has had a charge laid against him. I know what this childhood experience has done to my life, how it has affected me personally, how it has affected my relationships and how, specifically, it has affected my children and their children. Sexual abuse has a multi generational effect. Each one of my children, in some way, has been affected. One no longer goes to church and, furthermore, she will not allow her children to go. I tell them that God didn’t do this to me. A man did. Don’t be angry with God. I still go to church because I believe in and need the sacraments. I have a deep faith in God and question everything I hear from the pulpit. The priests are human. They are not God. When I was a kid, I thought the priest truly represented God on earth. I placed too much faith in the priest and not enough in God. So, you are angry that there is another delay. I am angry too but again these are men making decisions, men who are human and full of human qualities, some good and some very bad. I can’t change the way this “trial” is being conducted. How often do I hear, recite and think about the prayer: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change…” There is a greater court that will rule on our behaviour, a court in which there are no human laws or delays to hide behind, a court where we will all have to answer for our miscreant and sinful behaviour, a court where all earthly injustices will be rectified. I have learned that giving in to anger is bad for my health. The best advice I can follow and give to others is “let go and let God.”

    • Larry Green says:

      I am very sorry for the pain that you have suffered and do suffer as a result of the crimes against you and , as you rightly point out , against all the others in your life.
      Your thoughtfull words do a lot to convey an attitude of a person who has been crushed but also one who is blessed with a capacity to grow and strenghthen in character , spirit and wisdom from that which could just as easily destroy one.
      I hope the victims of clerical sexual abuse who read your comment here are affected with the same sense of calm and peace that I am as I read it.
      Thank You

    • Sylvia says:

      We each have good days and bad days. Sometimes bad news (ie delay) can be accepted as expected, and, as you say ip, there is not a darn thing we can do. Other days bad news is frustrating. I don’t get angry with God. I personally get angry with a broken system which sees the same old delays play out time and time and time again. It’s like a broken record. And, yes, when I get angry I also get angry with Church officials who allow this torment to drag on and on. I still go to Mass. I still love my Church. I, like you, can not fathom life without the sacraments. But, I do believe there is justifiable anger. And I remember that Christ went into the temple with a whip, and that He promised millstones for those who scandalize children .

      There is a healthy anger. Sometimes it’s alright to be angry. Not an anger which controls us, but an anger which wants to ensure that justice is done, and done in a timely fashion, for the good of all.

  5. prima facie says:

    Yes, lovely, peaceful.
    Everyone finds their method for coping and for acceptance.

    However, I like the whole “Serenity Prayer” which includes,………courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”
    I believe God has provided me with tools which enable me to learn and protect myself and my family. I believe God has provided me with vast experiences to learn from, so, with His guidance, I will be wise,….know the difference,…..avoid falling into complacency and…so I will possess the courage to change the things I can.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Yes, prima facia: “the courage to change the things I can.” What can you change? What can I change? What can each one of change?

    Food for thought.

  7. John Mac Donald says:

    Below is an e-mail that I sent to The Honourable Chris Bentley, Ontario’s Attorney General addressing this case. I will await his response.

    “The Honourable Chris Bentley:

    I am writing you concerning court cases going on in Toronto, Windsor and Sudbury. The cases involve Father William Hodgson Marshall. I will give you a background on myself, and why I am interested in watching how this case is dealt with.

    My name is John Mac Donald, I testified at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. The Inquiry was funded through the Office of the Attorney General. Millions of dollars were spent delving into how various institutions dealt with, and responded to victims and alleged victims of historical sexual abuse. My interest in this case and how it turns out stems from the testimony of all of the victims and alleged victims that took the stand here, and the lessons that should be learned from that testimony and the millions of dollars spent for Justice Normand Glaude to reach his conclusions and recommendations. In Justice Glaudes’ report are these recommendations………

    Volume 1 (page 1560):

    #17..Major Case Management…..MAG should augment its major case resource document and adopt it as formal policy or practice memorandum.

    #21..Special Project Prosecutions…..MAG and the OPP should work together to develop joint operational plans in special project prosecutions, such as Project Truth.

    #22..Major Case Management…..MAG and the Ontario police agencies should review and compare their major case management protocols to identify and rectify inconsistencies and gaps.

    I am aware that everything is open to interpretation, and that I am only able to read into that what I can from where I sit.

    What constitutes a “Major Case”?…….
    The number of charges?
    The number of victims?
    Severity of the crimes?

    Without the benefit of knowing what those protocols and memorandums address, all that I can do is interpret through personal experience. Here is what I know…….

    Father William Hodgson Marshall has been charged with….

    May 10, 2010……one count indecent assault (one victim) Windsor
    July 08, 2010……two counts indecent assault (two victims) Windsor
    July 08, 2010……one count sexual assault (one victim) Windsor
    September 2010….two counts indecent assault (two victims) Toronto
    October 13, 2010…six counts gross indecency, six counts indecent assault (six victims) Sudbury
    October 20, 2010…three counts indecent assault (three victims) Toronto
    December 03, 2010..two counts indecent assault (two victims) Toronto

    Total charges….16 counts of indecent assault
    1 count of sexual assault
    6 counts of gross indecency……….23 charges

    Victims………….Windsor (4)
    Toronto (7)
    Sudbury (6)………..17 victims

    Here is a list of Father William Hodgson Marshall’s court appearances to date……..

    May 19, 2010 (Windsor)
    June 02, 2010 (Windsor)
    July 14, 2010 (Windsor)
    Sept. 08, 2010 (Windsor)
    Oct. 13, 2010 (Windsor)
    Oct. 27, 2010 (Windsor)
    Nov. 03, 2010 (Toronto)
    Nov. 17, 2010 (Sudbury)
    Nov. 24, 2010 (Windsor)
    Dec. 03, 2010 (Toronto)
    Jan. 05, 2011 (Sudbury)
    Jan. 12, 2011 (Windsor)
    Jan. 19, 2011 (Toronto)
    Feb. 02, 2011 (Sudbury)
    Feb. 08, 2011 (Windsor)
    Feb. 16, 2011 (Toronto)
    Feb. 16, 2011 (Sudbury)
    Feb. 17, 2011 (Windsor)…………(18 total)

    With all of these court appearances there is still no commitment to trial. So again; what constitutes a “Major Case”? In an October 13, 2010 news report Father Marshall’s attorney (Andrew Bradie) is quoted as saying that all charges will be transferred to Windsor. It was also reported that a Windsor Judge ruled that all of the charges would be heard in Windsor.

    Mr. Bentley, I am not asking for your opinion on the charges that are before the court. What I am asking is; if it would not be prudent and expeditious to transfer the cases to one jurisdiction to be heard? The alleged victims of Father Marshall, as well as Father Marshall himself deserve at least that in a timely manner.

    John Mac Donald”

  8. Sylvia says:

    Well done John. Well done!

    John, I’ll say it again: way to go! It’s quite something to see the list of those those court dates. Good work in compling the list, and better still in drawing it to the attention of the AG. Surely the $60M invested in the Cornwall Public Inquiry will bear fruit somewhere? If absolutely nothing changes. what was the point?

    One of the issues which plagued Cornwall was that of jurisdiction, and the left hand not knowing what the right was doing when there were charges here, there and everywhere. I get the sense we are watching the same scenario play out with Hod Marshall. It’s like nothing was learned, and nothing has changed.


    You dealt with your frustrations admirably John!

  9. prima facie says:

    Great work John! great work!

  10. former student says:

    dear john: i love your faith that the A.G. of the province of ontario will respond positively to your pointed critique of the criminal justice system.I do not share that faith,however,as what i see is another politician who is out and about beating the bushes to be the next leader of theont.liberal party and a chance to be the premier.Yes the unofficial race is on and the A.G.has a running start on D.Duncan,who will never make it to the finish line,again.The a.g. will not,in my view,put himself in the position to have the smell from this unholy scandel come close to him.He will hide behind the old chestnut,the matter is before the courts.The shame is on the basilian priests and the hierarchy of the church,including Ronald Fabbro for directing the strategy od delay and the reabuse of the victims.They know the impact of delay on thevictims because they have been down this road before.Shame on the holy man for the delay and shame on all of the politicians who have refused to deal with the issue of systemic delay built into the criminal justice system.There is a reason that the churches are closing up shop and that people around the world are rising up against arbitrary political leaders…this is an adgenda that is coming to our jurisdiction in the not too distant future.

    • John Mac Donald says:

      Former student…..Since this is the first time that I have written The Honourable Chris Bentley, it would not be fair of me to assume that he will not respond to my questions. That being said though, experience writing many other politicians, church officials and those in various positions of public service has taught me that NO RESPONSE has become the norm. The main reason that I write letters and send e-mails is that it removes deniability of the facts surrounding issues. I am always fair in that I give whomever I am writing a reasonable time frame to respond. If no response is recieved in that time I will then send that same correspondence to a media source or opposition party member.


  11. new guy says:

    From a reliable source. Marshall will enter a guilty in Windsor in mid May on an agreed sentence with the Crown. The sentence should take effect immediately after the court appearance.

  12. Sylvia says:

    I hope and pray new guy, for the good of all, that your reliable source is right. I suppose that would mean that all charges would have been transferred to Windsor by May and then a guilty plea?

    But, let’s not get out hopes too high only to have them dashed. Best we just wait and see.

  13. New Guy says:

    I was not informed as to whether the other charges were combined. If so, the sentence agreed to is lighter than it should be. I’ll reserve the info on that until we are assured of the other cases status.

  14. Sylvia says:

    We shall bide our time, and meanwhile cross our fingers and hope and pray that justice is done 🙂

  15. former student says:

    new guy: you may be right but the line that i am chasing down is that it(guilty plea) is for all charges(windsor,toronto,sudbury) and that the plea is to come in may at windsor.That is why the endorsements on the matters before the court are important:all of the files have to get to windsor ,all have to be returnable on the same date and all have to have the endorsement”for plea”.When those items converge,be there as hod marshall will be there.Then you can hope that the judge will pitch the sweet deal out the window,hear from the victims and impose a sentence that is so warranted for the life long pattern of criminal sexual abuse.John,you shall inherit the earth,not me for i do not have the capacity to be so gentle.Your moel makes the world a little better.thank you.

    • John Mac Donald says:

      Former student….I am certain that your last line was meant to say “Your model makes the world a little better”. IF that’s what it was meant to say then I would like to comment on that.

      THAT model of which you speak is more like modelling clay which has been shaped and formed by those who were there throughout the last 15 years. They have heard me say to them that they are angels, and that I have been truly blessed, and will remain forever grateful for them being there. I have said that I feel like a thief, in that I have stolen the best attributes of those angels. Wisdom, patience, tolerance and many more qualities have been sopped up like a sponge, and I have learned to use those attributes to try to affect change in a badly broken system. Is a difference being made? To that question I can answer YES, in me, and that is where it truly matters. I am not that naive to think that I will make a change within the system, but it does not stop me from saying what I feel that I need to say. The silence has ended.

      Now that you have found your voice, I can only hope that your silence has ended also.

      A quick comment on the “new guy” comment….I do hope that what you have heard holds true as far as a guilty plea goes. I hope more that a sentence worthy of the wreckage that this man has left in the lives of the victims is handed down.


  16. former student says:

    the order is as follows:March 3,court room #8 at 10:00 a.m. with the endorsement to be spoken to re possible resolution.Toronto is march 8th and sudbury is mar9th.I am still on track to find out the may events and might have something soon but i have not heard anything that does not include all of the current charges for the may plea.

  17. Sylvia says:

    Thanks former student. I just confirmed Windsor: 10 am. 03 March 2011, courtroom #8 “to be spoken to.” I will update the dates you give on the legal calendar. I have to call Sudbury anyway so will check and confirm the Sudbury date too while I’m at it.

  18. mata galina says:

    teacher-priest Marshall putting in address change to Kingston penetentiary for at least 2yrs.3 crowns agree matter pleaded in Windsor

  19. former student says:

    dear mata: if you are correct,it has been a huge move on the part of toronto prosecutors in just the last 3/4 days.Before that there was very limited communications with even the defendant’s lawyer.Watch for the endorsements .The victims should be getting notice to have their impact statements ready for a set date.In any event there will be advance notice that the deal is done.

  20. former student says:

    Dear John:Hats off to you gentle man.To my mind,there has to be a direct connection to your letter,the office of the A.G. and the very sudden about face of the toronto crown’s office,if the information i have been working from was/is correct.The blog of mata has support from other sources and that suggests there is light at the end of…The address may be somewhere other than kingston,perhaps the room that Harold Ballard rented for a little while,but it will be near a hospital.The time suggested is no where near what it should be,but it is essentially a life sentence as all parties are working on a life expectancy of 2.5 years.I look forward to the echo of M.L.K’s words free at last…for all of the victims,the complaintants who stepped forward,the deceased who carried the torment to the grave and the hundreds of those who were not able ,for whatever reasons,to come forward.John,you may have to change what you think,your way is effective and it works not just for you,but you can move mountains.cheers.

  21. mata galina says:

    Hey,former student i have a scoop for you.After a 45 min. meeting with the Sudbury crown,i am informed that the most venomous of teacher-priests for 2 generations gets to serve a 2 yr. sentence in the Kingston pen probably starting in Apr. after the agreement with his counsel and the 3 crowns involved which happened Tues.No private Ballard room for him.The crown attorneys realize that a host of victims other than the complainants exist.Charges will be transferred to Windsor.Victim/witness program is arranging transportation to Win. to read victim impact statements.I ask the supporters of Ontario’s most notorious serial sexual pedophile for their comments now.I challenge them to defy law inforcement in 3 distinctly different jurisdictions,that they are all mistaken.As a victim that has complained about this matter for no less than 41 yrs.,there are in my mind some key people that have moved this matter to closure(if that is even possible).They are the brave 6 from Windsor that persevered in their complaint,Det. Sgt. Levesque of Windsor who so skilfully assisted the Sudbury victims,my good friend and grade 9 classmate in 1969 Ted Holland for his unrelenting pursuit of justice,and the classiest journalist that i have yet to meet personally Mary Ormsby of the Toronto Star for she kept our plight in in the public eye long enough to get the attention that the story needed.I ask Sylvia,please differentiate this case from clerical sexual abuse-this is a case of teacher -priest abuse.The abuses took place in a school environment,which ought to be the safest place for a kid to be after his own home.There was a failure in protection beyond the scope of the church.But not withstanding,it is clear that the supervisors of Marshall,the respective dioceses and the respective school boards had what i’ll call an affirmative duty to protect all of the children from any obtrusive event.They failed completely,in large part to the wilful blindness of the civilian teachers at the schools.These people ,we refer to them as the enablers.These enablers as i have interviewed them in person ,knew full well what Marshall was doing to the kids.They chose to turn a blind eye to what Marshall was doing.What ought to happen to these adults in a position of power that ignored the plight of the children?My 4 children are graduates of St-Charles College.Former student and John Macdonald are on the right track-free at last!We now need to be clever and seize the opportunity at hand -AND THAT IS,let’s collectively apply pressure on the Dept. of Justice,the Liberal and NDP justice critics for penalties that fit the crime,compensation for victims commensurate with their loss and let’s extend that to complainants prematurely deceased.Tell all the young people you know,your siblings,friends,people you work with-ask them if they want to end the tyrrany that the Catholic church plays in the judicial system.Tell your MP and your MPP that you want the sane(not a typo) justice for all.Followin the footsteps of Olympian Sarah Hughes, and TALK about it.Make the issue the discussion of at least one day or evening and you will definitely have advanced the cause enormously!I offer a devoutly Catholic Rosary for health and spirit to the victims in the shadows.God Bless

    • Sylvia says:

      I think the fact that Hod was priest who was teaching in a school probably has relevance in civil action, but beyond that mata galina, my thoughts are that he was still very much a priest who used and abused his collar to molest children. Did he in addition use and abuse his postion of trust as a teacher? Wihtout doubt.

      I agree whole-heartedly that, when it comes to crimes of child sex abuse, there is a crying need to make the penalty fit the crime. Indeed, there is much which must be done to ensure that the criminal code reflccts the fact that child sex abuse is an abhorrent and heinous crime while also reflecting an awareness of the horrific and long-term impact such abuse has on a child.

  22. John Mac Donald says:

    To: ip,TH, sorry i can’t say, former student, A, J, DeeEhmm, new guy, fixer 1970 and mata galina (great nic)…..sorry if I missed any of the others who follow this site.

    Way to go to all of you guys, and gal!!!! A win!! My hat is off to all of you for hanging in and staying strong. Bravo.

    I heard a great line the other day……”How did the Charter become a shield for the perpatrators instead of a sword for the victims?” THAT line is going to make me dig deeper, read the Charter and TRY to find some answers. Something is terribly wrong.

    Former student……..Thank you for your kind words. I do not do what I do for accolades, I do what I do because it is the right thing to do. I have lived and witnessed with others what happens when the system does not work, and I saw this case heading that same way. Writing that letter was a miniscule task. Did it make a difference? It does not matter. Someone, somewhere did the right thing and got things moving. So, to whomever that person is..THANK YOU!! I truly do hope that my letter did NOT make that person do the right thing.

    Keep your voices all, you are strong and powerful!!!!!


  23. former student says:

    dear john:the charter was a shield from the getgo.To examine why you must look into the mind of PET and i think that you will find that the prevailing philosophy was that is is better that 100 guilty go free than 1 innocent gets convicted.I don’t think that it was well thought out legislation especially when the same person brought out the war measures act that was in effect throughout the dominion of canada for some criminalty in P.Q. that was minor in comparison to the criminality of hod…just my thoughts

  24. former student says:

    the windsor matter was before judge Dean who heard the pretrial of the windsor and sudbury matters.Bradie advised that there was agreement that all other matters were to come to windsor and to be dealt with.He ad vised the court that on consent of the respective crowns,the matter was to be adjourned to 31march at 10:00a.m. in courtroom 10(this will be before a judge)to be spoken to re resoution.The guilty plea could happen then or a final adjournment could be asked for on instructions to the court that the matters will not need a trial.

  25. Sylvia says:

    Thank you former student. I have updated the Legal Calendar.

    It sounds as though things are finally and thankfully moving in the right direction 🙂

  26. J says:

    Many thanks are due to all that have contributed to case against Marshall. It is just a little early to raise our glasses in celebration but, it should be noted that one of the greatest contributors to our efforts is Sylvia. She provided the medium for all of us to communicate, keep our faith and hold on to our combined drive to see justice done. Thank you Sylvia for all that you have done.

  27. just wondering says:

    Yes you are right! Thank you Sylvia for all that you do. For my father who was a victim of Hod. You have been amazing to him and I will be eternally grateful to you and this website. This will mean closure for Hods’ victims and it can’t come soon enough. For my mother and all the other wives, mothers, children and grandchildren, thank you! I am realizing that it will also be closure for me. Justice for all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In my head I am celebrating…..”free at last, free at last, great God almighty, we are free at last.”

  28. Sylvia says:

    Thank you for your kind words “J” and “just wondering.” I am always thankful when I hear the site had helped someone in some way, great or small. I must say, as I have said in the past, that the site would be nothing without all those who contribute, be it information, ideas, support and even the odd challenge 🙂

    Not to put a damper on things, but I suggest that all thoughts of celebration be put on hold until there is confirmation in the courts that it is warranted. I know it sounds as though things are moving in a certain direction, but if I’ve learned nothing else in the past few years I have learned that things can change at the drop of a hat so best not to build up expectations only to have them dashed. For the time being, let’s continue to pray that justice will prevail.

  29. J says:

    Any word on Toronto’s court activities today?

  30. Sylvia says:

    I haven’t heard anything J. I think from what we have been hearing the Toronto courtdate today was probably technicalities related to forwarding the charges to Windsor, but, that’s guessing on my part.

  31. Sylvia says:

    Another courtdate for Toronto: 22 March 2011. 9 am. Courtroom #111. Old City Hall courthouse.

    The updates for Sudbury are not through yet. I will check tomorrow.

  32. J says:

    Does anyone know the status of the M Blum case?

  33. Sorry I Can't Say says:

    I have been biding my time and my tongue for some time now letting the judicial system and some excellent and well-meaning members of that system do their job. I tip my hat to them for bringing the case to the point now where the end is in sight.

    Mata Galina and New Guy appear to have their facts straight in the matter. Marshall is going to put in a guilty plea on all the charges combined and he will be receiving his two-year sentence some time in May. Any continuing court dates are merely logistical housekeeping in Sudbury and Toronto to ensure everything is consolidated, in order and ready to go when his sentencing date is set for May. That setting of the date should come toward the end of this month. This was all settled in the week following his Feb. 08 court date in Windsor.

    It is pleasing to know the current and approaching situation is bringing relief, pleasure, giving of thank yous, etc. to some. Myself, I am waiting until I see him exit court through a different door than he enters before I can accept any such thoughts. I doubt I can fully express, nor even understand what impact this man had on my life. I know there are many others, even beyond the 18 of us, in the same situation. I’m supposed to write an “impact statement”. I can scarcely imagine how to do so.

    I will hold back thank yous for now but there will be many some day. If I could wish it so, I would have even just one of his apologists return and say they are sorry, they were wrong and that I am not a liar. If I could wish it so, I would have even one of the people who told me not to go to the police come back now and say I did the right thing. Just one ……… as the past three years have been harder than the twenty-six where it lay hidden.

    I knew there were many more out there just like myself, but actually discovering them, hearing the stories of their lives is surprisingly painful. I strangely feel shame over those who followed me that I failed to protect and anger for those who preceded me for failing to stop him. I know there is no logic in either nor in the anger at my parents for he was a master manipulator who devoted his lift to his evil ways.

    I guess this is why I have been reserving comment. It is too easy to let it all out. There will never truly be justice for this but there will be what our system of justice provides for. Above all I am pleased that when he dies I will never see a headline about a “great educator” or “devout priest” but a story of man rotten throughout his being and a warning to all parents.

    • Brunelle Brenda says:

      I am so sorry for you have been through and the overwhelming grief of people around you providing doubt in place of support. You have articulated so clearly the turmoil your life has been, for this I am truly sorry.

      I applaud you for your courage to carry on in spite of those around you trying to discourage you from doing the right thing.

      It is because of brave people such as yourself that the silence of other victims may gain strength to give their secret a voice.

      Congratulations on being so courageous.
      Brenda Brunelle

  34. Sylvia says:

    Write your Impact Statement as you wrote your blog Sorry I Can’t Say: straight from the heart. Get it all out and let it all out.

  35. Sylvia says:

    Good news. The next court date for Hod Marshall re the Toronto charges is 31 March 2011 – IN WINDSOR! The Windsor charges have been transferred 🙂 That means the Toronto charges will be dealt with at the previously scheduled Windsor court date of 31 March 2011.

  36. former student says:

    the toronto matters and the windsor matters(19)were before judge dean this a.m.Bradie addddressed the court by stating that the sudbury matters would be coming to windssor but marshall had to sign a transfer .This is to be befor the court in sudbury on Ap.21 and then those matters were to join up with the others in windsor for the 28th april.The record is endorsed to be spoken to.Bradie advised judge dean thatpost ap.28th,there would be a request for sufficient time to have impact statements prepared.He also referred to “former priest”marshall?

  37. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that former student. I also had word that it was “to be spoken to re disposition” and that a lawyer explained to someone that in layman’s language that means ‘to plead guilty.’

    It sounds more and more as though talk of a guilty plea in May will bear fruit.

    You say 21 April for Sudbury. I have 20 April. I can check with the court, but first will double check with you. Are you certain it was 21 April? It may well have been changed since I checked with the court.

    As for the reference to Hod as a “former priest” I find that lawyers and journalists often erroneously refer to a retired priest as a “former priest.” I highly doubt that Hod has been laicized(defrocked). Barring laicization he is still a priest – he may not be active as priest, but he is still a priest.

  38. J says:

    Any word on today’s activities in Windsor?

  39. Sylvia says:

    Look above J. former student gave us the word.

  40. former student says:

    you may be right re 20th and not 21st,even tho i was in the front row,it wasn’t clear. If there is to be a quilty plea on the 28th,hod would have to be there to say the words,quilty as charged and repeat that 23 times.My impression was that judge dean and bradie understood what was going to happen and my impression was that all matters will be in windsor on the 28th,and when called,bradie will say none of these matters will necessitate a trial and that a date at the end of april or the first week of may will be set.Hod will then have only one appearance and the impact statements will be read in,the deal will be told to the presiding judge and based upon chatham(sylvestre) it will be approved and pronounced by the judge,hod will go out the back door.just my thoughts

  41. Sylvia says:

    I’ll check with the court tomorrow re 21st or 20th to ensure there is no confusion.

    What you have to say makes sense, and in keeping with talk of a guilty plea in May.

    We shall see…..:)

  42. the last pagan says:

    Found your website, quite by accident and sat stunned as old memories came crashing back; as I read thru the blogs and responses of the individuals who had fallen into the sphere of influence of “Happy Hands” (indeed).

    I remember the years of being chased (literally) thru the hallowed halls of St. Charles by Hod; it was so regular, that I had learned where to hide during spare periods, as well as before and after classes. I learned what it felt like to be hunted, to be someone’s prey, never knowing where he would show up and corner me. I learned to never, ever, stay still or in a position that I could not see someone coming, always sat with my back to a wall or corner, always left myself with an escape route. Didn’t always work.

    After the first year, I looked forward to the start of the following year, there was some respite for a while (new students), but then he would always start paying attention again. He saw it as a game…no place was safe. No place.

    As some of the other individuals indicate….how could this not have been known?….Fr. Black, Fr. Stortz, Fr. Meloche, Fr. Nigh, Fr. Kehoe, Mr. Murphy, …..all these individuals not see anything?…I doubt it.

    5 years. 5 long years.

    And what did I learn…..the Sudbury regionals were too busy drinking beer out of the trunks of their cruisers at Minnow Lake and Frood Mine to take a grade 9 kid seriously.

    Society?…..priests don’t do that …stop making up stories.

    So what did I learn?……no one, absolutely no one, in a uniform of any description is to be trusted, in any way, shape, or form. They are an absolute threat to my safety and well being…….reinforced daily for 5 years.

    Venom and vitriol aside now, I wish all of you the best of luck with your endeavors.

  43. prima facie says:

    RE: “The Last Pagan”-post April 2, 2011, 11:00pm.
    A few short paragraphs that tell so much. Every word became active. I could see every action depicted.

  44. Sylvia says:

    How many boys spent their time in high school as you did “the last pagan” ? And no place to hide. Nowhere to run. And no one to believe.

    I can see you in my mind’s eye. The frightened little boy.

    I have no words, only, I am so sorry. No child should live with such fear. No child should be molested. I am so sorry.

  45. J says:

    I think you will find the article in today’s Windsor paper interesting regarding the decison of the courts in a recent lawsuit.

  46. Sylvia says:

    Thanks J. I will get it posted this evening. There is another which I posted on the Sylvestre page yesterday but I failed to add to New to the Site:

    21 April 2011: Church forgiven in abuse coverup.

    I was surprised to see that, on the one hand the judge acknowledged cover-up, but on the other failed to award punitive damages.

  47. fixer1970 says:

    Thanks so much for the site Sylvia. If it wasn’t for your site, I don’t think there would be such a comprehensive forum monitoring the events and issues associated with these abusers and aleged abusers. As a former student of St. Mary’s college – and now living in Europe – I have found your site very informative esp. as news from home doesn’t always reach me immediately.

    I think the delays and cover ups not only by the basilians but by the catholic church in general disgusts me. I spent five years being told that I was a St. Mary’s man and somehow better than my public secondary school counterparts. – It was (and remains) the height of arrogance. I would really love to know just what priests and teachers at St. Mary’s actually know about what Marshall was up to.

    I’m now an atheist and would be a big fan of the likes of Christopher Hitchens – who unfortunately has been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. – It is an absolute shame that such an interesting and intelligent human being will probably not be with us for much longer while the likes of the human garbage such as Marshall and many other basilians seem to have nine lives. I only hope that Marshall lasts long enough to be convicted so that the opportunity for civil litigation against the basilians will be possible. Although not a victim myself; I admire the courage of those that tell their personal stories and speak out against the criminal organization that is the basilian order.

    “Teach me goodness discipline and knowledge” – what a bunch of clowns!

  48. J says:

    Anything on the Sudbury dates?

  49. Sylvia says:

    Well, I had hoped that there would be no ‘next date’ for Sudbury. Not so. The next court date for Hod’s Sudbury charges is 04 May 2011 (10 am, court room “E” “to set date.”)

    I queried what “to set date” could mean. I was told it is usually either to set a date for a plea or a trial. When I expressed surprise at that I was told there is a possibility that the wrong code could have been entered.

    Perhaps a date can be set in Sudbury for a plea in Windsor? Is that possible?

  50. former student says:

    what it suggests is that on the date for the windsor return those matters will be put over to a late may date:the sudbury matters will be(on the 4th)set on the same date in windsor with the same endorsement…e.g. for plea.It makes one think if they are dealing with the jesuits .

  51. J says:

    Tomorrow should tell us something. How long can they keep this degenerate out of jail?

  52. former student says:

    judge Dean was advised by a.bradie thatwalter costa and he had agreed on dates for all the matters before the court this a.m. be put to june 8th and 9th for disposition and that the sudbury matters were to be transfered to windsor for those dates.Best guess is that plea will be entered on the 8thimpact statements to be read in on the 8th and 9th and the agreed sentence to be imposed on the 9th.Sadly,even as this important aspect of the abuse inflicted by hod winds down more info of the preditory nature of hod continues to surface .

  53. Sorry I Can't Say says:

    One more step on the road and every one has felt like a baby step – agonizingly small, painfully slow. But putting all the steps together for three years has him now six weeks from GUILTY. Six more weeks on this road.


    I sure wish the Windsor Star would find a different picture of him to use.

  54. Sylvia says:

    Thanks former student. A little more info….

    I was told that it will be 08 June for Disposition, and 09 June for Victim Impact Statements. (Court Room # 8 for 10 A.M)

    I was also told that Bradie asked if a larger courtroom was available. The judge said no.

  55. Sylvia says:

    I now have the article posted Sorry I Can`t Say.

    28 April 2011: Retired priest to plead guilty in Windsor for molestation.

    Six weeks more weeks. It will be here in a flash. And I do believe it is virtually guaranteed there will be a new – and more current – photo 🙂

  56. former student says:

    bradie did suggest that he anticipated a crowd that would not be seated in court room #8 and judge Dean said that court room #1 was not available.It is possible to move it across the street,but it may be that the complaintants from sudbury and toronto will not show up but mail their statements in to be read by the crown.If you plan on being there go to the provincial court house first and if it is moved it is a shortwalk across the street.Be prepared to hear a lot of crap,tho,as hod is a frail,old dying man who has lived with this guilt all his life.A t least airlines provide a bag,there will be none at either court house.

  57. Sorry I Can't Say says:

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to put a thought out for discussion and see where it goes. Hod Marshall is going to be sentenced in Windsor on June 8th/9th. His sentence as already discussed here will apparently be two years on the 18 charges he intends to plead guilty to. That works out to 40 days for each child he molested.

    We all know how sickening that is but what are we gong to DO about it? Not much I suppose, but my anger is such that at the very least I want to go stand on the steps of the courthouse and protest this ridiculousness and let Marshall know when he arrives that some people do care about what he did. He should be publicly shamed and what better way than to have a good crowd on hand to welcome him when he arrives? Why do Canadians meekly accept whatever “the authorities” decide? Certainly Cornwall taught us how that works out.

    Charles Sylvestre pled guilty to abusing 47 children over 40 years and from what I understand there was not a single person protesting his actions or the actions of the Church in enabling and protecting him when he went to court. Marshall is pleading guilty to abusing 18 children but he was abusing for close to 50 years and we all know there are more than 18 victims. I myself know of four.

    Will anybody join me at the courthouse and protest this man, the abuse of children, the certain complicity of the Basilian Order and the Catholic School Boards in Toronto, Subdury, Windsor and Sault Ste. Marie?? Is anybody interested in making a statement about this? A statement that we the people of these cities, this province and this country will no longer accept the sexual abuse of our children? That 40 days for ruining a child, their life, their marriages, their careers …. is unacceptable?

    Would he be sentenced to two years if he was 30 years old?? NO! So why does the fact he got it away with even longer, abused even longer, assaulted ever more victims, lived his life of respect and prestige even longer …. SHORTEN his sentence?? A sentence should be about the crime committed and the victims – not about the criminal, his status or situation.

    It was pointed out to me yesterday that about six months ago a man in Windsor was arrested for mutilating the genitals of a dog. On the day of his court appearance there was a large protest at the courthouse demanding harsher penalties for abusing animals. Hey – I love animals too, but you know what? I LOVE CHILDREN EVEN MORE!! Does anyone else? Every one of those people who protested for tougher laws against animal abuse should be out protesting for tougher laws against sexual abuse of children. 47 children abused by Sylvestre and no protesters. 1 dog abused by Anjalo Abeywickrema and 35 protesters. The Windsor Humane Society said their phone was “ringing off the hook” with outraged callers. They had 4,500 people on a Facebook group and organized a “Walk for Animal Abuse Awareness” along the river.

    I am no political organizer or whatever but I think there must be more than enough people coming to or already in Windsor for this trial that a GOOD protest could be planned. People, Pickets, Media – make it count! SO, I am putting this out to all of you good people here who read this site. ALL OF YOU – not just those following Hod Marshall. Is anyone interested in this idea?

    I’m not sure how to get it off the ground but this is my first step. If people say yes they are interested, yes they will bring others, yes this should be done …. We will figure it out from there. I can set up an email address and see what we can do. It is only 5 weeks away so there isn’t much time. Talk to me people and be ready to make a commitment.

    Thank you. You are ALL the best – even just for listening.

  58. prima facie says:

    “Sorry I can’t say”.
    What you propose is precisely what is needed….precisely!
    I am very supportive of your idea. I ask, why do most “victims groups” in Canada that already exist, avoid “speaking out at these kind of appearances”? Why do those “victim/survivor” groups avoid initiating these kind of ideas?

    If your idea gains momentum, I would only think the “mainstream” would at least announce the proposed “protest” via their local affiliate. And, because the new “Sunnews Network” professes to address “our concerns” nationally, not just regionally, I would expect that if you contacted them, they would at least, listen to you.

  59. J says:

    I think it’s a great idea. I understand the victims will have a chance to meet the night before. If not arranged sooner, it might be a good time to organize the protest.

    The newly elected government, while not my favourite, promised tougher laws on crime. They should come forward now and announce their support for tough sentences for these vermin that have attacked children.

    The media coverage will be there and it will be difficult for the victims to testify to the impact on their lives. I intend to bring forward the effect is has had on my life. It will be the first time some of my family will hear of the crimes that were perpetrated upon me when I was a young man.

    If you cheated on your taxes for fifty years you would get a longer sentence than Marshall will receive. Unlike the penalties imposed on the church, if you were to aid and abet a criminal in any other offence you would do a longer term in jail. At least if you harbored a criminal and kept them from arrest when you knew of their crimes you would be held liable.

    If a protest is organized before the court date please put it on this blog so we can all participate.

  60. Sylvia says:

    It is done. On 03 May 2011 all Sudbury charges were transferred to Windsor.

  61. John says:

    To J or former student….Could you please get hold of Sylvia through her e-mail addy so that she could pass on my e-maill addy to you.

    John Mac Donald

  62. ip says:

    I would like to offer suggestions re. the protest at the courthouse. Suggestion One: As a victim, I will make up 4 signs, 2 of each which will read: PROTECT OUR CHILDREN and DEFROCK PEDOPHILE PRIESTS. I encourage others to make up similar signs. When we meet on the 7th, we can then organize for the following day. Suggestion two: Also, contact the media in your city and let them know that there will be a protest at the courthouse. Give them the details. Suggestion three: Ideally, it would be very helpful if we could organize a media event in each one of the major cities prior to the court appearance, maybe on the 5th or 6th of June. This would create national interest. What do you think folks? Would you be willing and able to do any of these things?

  63. Sorry I Can't Say says:

    I am still quite serious about and quite interested in the protest I have proposed. I have attempted contact through three different television stations/networks here in Windsor with no response. I am trying to find some sexual abuse survivor groups that may be interested in hearing about it but I have had no luck. My posting on here has received some welcome and supportive, but limited response.
    I think organizing on the 7th for such a protest on the 8th is too late by far. Yes we can work out last-minute details and such, even add more people, on the 7th. But we cannot get media coverage and enough people out by organizing the day before. I am trying, but this is clearly not my talent and I am losing hope for this idea.
    By the way, I found a more informative article on the protest regarding the abuse of one dog. It said they had 200 protesters. 200 people for one dog. How many people can we get for 16 (+ those not counted) children?
    So far I count three people above. Are those three bringing friends or family? I do not know. I know I will be if it goes ahead but I don’t know what anyone else’s intention is and I can’t wait until June 7th to find out. I would hope – and I am just guessing for now – that I could bring 10-15 people on my own accord. If I can reach any relevant and interested groups, maybe more but I have no idea. If 16 people can bring ten people each – then we have an event. If three or four people say it is a great idea, we have nothing.
    Please understand I mean no disrespect to those above who supported my proposal. I appreciate at least having some response but we have to go further. For me, the frustration of not being able to say what I truly want to say in my Victim Impact Statement is propelling me to say it on the courthouse steps. I hope you all feel the same.

  64. 1 abandoned sheep says:

    I strongly suggest you make up a Press Release and send it to the media. Just begin it with any name you wish to give your group, the date of the protest, how many you hope to have (this could be 200), and the aim of the protesters. Make it sound interesting enough that at least the Press will want to be there. Mainly it is : Date, Name, Time,The Cause,Where, and an invitation to all those who are opposed to the abuse ,which has infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church, to show up. Promise them there will not be violence YET ! And I would stress the yet. Give your telephone number and email address for people to contact you.
    I will pray for your success! GOD Bless you and those who will join you!

  65. Sorry I Can't Say says:

    I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions Abandoned Sheep. I’m not really comfortable putting out a press release when I have no idea if anyone will be there. If ten people show up it trivializes the abuse and suggests people don’t care which I know is not true.
    As for violence, intended or even simply implied for sensationalism, that just isn’t something that is in my heart or mind. I could not condone either the suggestion or the action.
    Perhaps this is not the time for such an action even though it was and is in my heart. I continue to think on it and do appreciate anyone’s thoughts.

  66. Sylvia says:

    I encourage anyone with thoughts on the pros and cons of conducting some form of protest or making some sort of public statment at Hod’s sentencing to share them. I sympathize with Sorry I Can’t Say’s plight. It is difficult at the best of times to round up people to make a public statement of some sort. It is probably much more difficult when, as I believe is the case here, most victims don’t know each other personally and live all over the province. It is one thing to assume or be told that people will be supportive, but quite another to see that support translate into bods outside the courthouse or wherever. Sorry I Can’t Say is keen to do something, but definitely needs to know if there is support from those who will commit to show, and could definitley use and is open to suggestions.

    If there are people who are directly involved as victims who don;t want to participate for whatever reason, then just post a comment sharing that sentiment. If there are others who are supportive, do likewise. If anyone has ideas on the how, when and where to do whatever, pass it along. Sorry I Can’t Say needs to hear from you. It’s not too far away.

    Feel free to use this thread. Hash it out.

    Finally, I agree with you 100% Sorry I Can’t Say that violence or the mere suggestion of violence is not the route to go.

  67. 1yellowknife says:

    Dear SICS
    You hesitations are valid. Maybe this will help a bit. Cleric abuse (i.e. Grollier Hall) in northern Canada was virtually known in southern Canada or anywhere else. It allowed Houston, the Monster of Grollier Hall, to continue with impunity in other jurisdictions. The Grollier and other northern cleric abuse trials were largely unreported and the impacts were a hidden festering sore. This past week, brilliant Canadian Press coverage of the ‘repatriation’ of fugitive Eric De Jaeger (a Oblate returned from hiding in Belgium to face 28 charges in an Iqaluit court room) was followed by an APTN interview. All info available on this site. The story has now been told in a format and style which will reach many. I am so grateful. I sincerely believe we waited for a miracle and it was provided. I hope you will experience the same. So your hesitations (to proceed with the options you have now) should be carefully listened to. Maybe there is an angel on your shoulder whispering that a better response is yet to come. If you or anyone else finds this analysis silly, that’s OK. I had more prayers answered this past week than I tell you. And my gratitude to God is profound. Please keep us informed of your journey – pain, frustration and all.

  68. A says:

    Sorry I Can’t Say:
    I don’t know that could take part in a public protest. I don’t know why exactly, but I don’t think I could. My nature, as a friend, would be to walk hand in hand with a friend into the courthouse, to read someone’s impact statement for them if needed, to cry with them when needed and love them unconditionally. If it meant supporting them in a formal protest, I just might be compelled to participate, if only to be a supportive person for that friend. I know the loneliness that abuse can cause. I know the fear it can cause. I know how hard it is to break through the walls built for survival that are the same walls that imprison growth, happiness and love. For me, I would stand, not with a sign like is often done during protests, rather I would hold a candle as a symbol for the light of those whose own light was stolen from them. If i don’t make it to the courthouse next week, I may do just this…light a candle and pray for those whose stories will no longer need to be held secret…for those who for whatever reason could not come forward…and for the continued healing of all.

  69. Sylvia says:

    Please note that the upcoming court dates of 08 & 09 June will be held in the Superior Court Building at 145 Windsor Ave., across from the Windsor Police station. The number of the court room to be used is not yet available but will be easy to find upon arrival at the building.

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  71. J says:

    It’s over. Thank god. Two years is not enough but we needed closure so we may start the healing process. You Sylvia, have contributed greatly to the victims like myself having the courage to press on through this difficult period of our lives to seek justice.

    I did not expect that the reading of my impact statement would present the emotional stress that it did. When it comes from the heart, I guess the emotions must flow. The prepared apology of Marshall offered nothing that could be interpreted as sincere.

    However, now the healing begins. As promised Sylvia, I will forward my impact statement for what distribution you choose.

    I believe I now have an extended family with the other victims, their families, Cathy and the staff of the Victim Witness Services and without a doubt. YOU Sylvia.

    Gus Levesque of the Vitims of Crime Dept. of the Windsor Police was outstanding in his support. One of the hardest parts of bringing the crimes to the justice system is the report to the Police to initiate the action. Detective Levesque made it much easier than I thought . Here is a man almost half my age listening to a crimes that happened long before he was born. I felt comfort and empathy and was able to reveal the crimes that Marshall committed in much more detail than I thought was possible. I hope his Department knows the quality of service this gentleman is capable of delivering to a very vulnerable group in society.

    Again Sylvia God Bless you. Let me know if I can be of any help to others.

  72. ip says:

    I, too, wish to thank you Sylvia for your dedication, your support and your prayers. I can only describe the experience in Windsor as unbelievable and incomprehensible for who can fathom the horror? I now request that you remove the “Father” from the first name of this man. Obviously, the court had it right as they constantly referred to him as Mr. …Would that the church would have a semblance of this wisdom for in the eyes and minds and hearts of the victims, this man was never a priest; rather, he was an instrument of evil. As a convicted pedophile, he should be immediately defrocked. The best part of the experience was meeting with the other victims, being with those who understood, realizing that I was not the only one abused by this person and finally being vindicated. Forgiveness is another matter which I would like to address at a later date. Ken Hills

  73. Patrick McMahon says:

    There is so much to say I can not imagine being able to type it all out. I will try to stick to a couple of quick points for now.

    1. Friends:
    Thank you my friends – those 15 of you who came forward. What happened today was from all our efforts together. Meeting each of you personally was surely one of the greatest events of my life as each and every one of you did a great, great thing. At first on Tuesday I was saying I was sorry to meet under such circumstances but finally the proper words have come to me. I was not sorry to be meeting other victims. I was proud as hell to be meeting other great, powerful, strong and courageous friends. What an honour it was to stand among you. I hope more than I can ever express that I may call each of you a friend throughout my days. I hope someone figured out a way for us to maintain contact as I regrettably did not.

    2. Sylvia:
    Thank you Sylvia. I can never express the thanks you are due from so, so many but to pick one point – thank you for coming to be with us.

    3. Laicization:
    To those who quite rightly feel Hod Marshall should be laicized or “defrocked”. That is the next step I intend to pursue and just as the criminal charges against him were made stronger by our being a group rather than individuals, so to will be the effort to make him the “Mr. Marshall” he should well be. Ken – you mentioned it on Tuesday and again above. I would love to speak with you and each and every one of my friends about this as I intend to act immediately. I do not know if posting my email on here is the right way to approach that but Sylvia and several others have my contact information. I hope you will all seriously consider this issue and reach out to me if you are in agreement with my intentions. For those without access to the internet, I hope this reaches them as well in some way.

    4. Media:
    My immense thanks to Mary Ormsby who chose to believe and take interest in the words of a complete stranger writing about a story / man she had never even heard of. To say she is a credit to her profession is an understatement. I also extend my thanks to Frances Willick (formerly of the Windsor Star) and Sarah Sacheli of the Windsor Star for their ongoing coverage. Without the media, I would never have reached most of you – especially those in the Toronto and Windsor areas.

    5. Family:
    I do not know if any members of my family even know of this site but even so I thank my wife, parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles and cousins who offered their unwavering support and even their presence in court. I thank as well those family members who supported their own loved ones both before and during this most difficult time. Your support made them stronger.

    I could go on but I will leave it at that for now. An exhausting and emotional week capping a long, long journey. I worry that my writing is not at its best at this moment, that I write too much, too little, or too poorly but I hope you all will accept these words from my heart in the spirit in which they are meant. There was a victory over evil today, over the past, and over the pain. That doesn’t make them go away, but it was a good and strong victory nevertheless. One from which we all should take our measure of satisfaction.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all.

  74. proudsurvivor says:

    My thoughts go out to all of you who had the courage to follow this through, and bring this man’s crimes into public awareness. Thank you for all you’ve done! Following the results of your disclosures has been somewhat of a healing journey for me, a survivor of abuse at the hands of Jack McCann O.M.I. who plead guilty almost 22 years ago to the day! Thank you so much to Sylvia for creating this public forum that allows us to voice what we were once compelled to keep secret! To hear J speak of the support he got from the police department, and Patrick to speak of the support from the media shows that we have made progress, and that collectively we can make a difference. I hope for your sake Patrick that your efforts to seek “laicization” of Marshall are successful. From my experience that would be an important step the church could take to prevent further re-victimization of survivors.

  75. Michel B. says:

    BRAVO TO ALL THE STRONG PEOPLE WHO STOOD.. I feel way not enough time .. a page has turned . Blessings, hope and the courage to face everyday proudly like it’s a new beginning to the survivors who made public the truth about mr. marshal BRAVO

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