Let’s get angry about sex abusers

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National Post

Letter to the Editor

28 March 2012

Re: Court has no Room For Common Sense.

Christie Blatchford, March 21.

As a victim .of sexual abuse by  William Hodgson Marshall  ( Basilian priest, teacher, coach and principal) I note with both sadness and  dismay thefrustration of  Ms. Blatchford and countless others over Graham James’ two-year sentence for abusing two teenage boys.  But.keep in mind that Marshall was convicted of abusing 17 victims and yet he too received a  two-year sentence justlast year.   And this did not  even merit a mention in the National Post. Or what’ about former catholic priest John Duart, sentenced to 18 months on nine charges?  What will be done about these  disgraceful sentences?   There are plenty more coming up.  Will people be the courthouse, demanding just sentences?  Or was the revulsion  at James’ sentence because he was a hockey coach and some and some of his victims  were future NHL players?

Patrick D. L. McMahon, LaSalle, Ont.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Good letter Patrick!

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