Former Winnipeg priest convicted of sex abuse of boys granted day parole

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The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION

The Brandon Sun

WINNIPEG – A former Winnipeg priest convicted of sexual abuse has been granted day parole.

Ronald Leger previously worked at Holy Family Parish on Archibald Street and he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing three boys between 1980 and 2004.

He was sentenced to two years in prison in February 2016.

The parole board has granted him day parole, and denied a request for full parole.

During his time in the community, Leger is to have no contact with his victims, and is not allowed to go near areas where children under 18 will be.

The former priest is also prohibited from having any contact with male children under 18, unless he’s accompanied by an adult who knows his criminal history and have been approved by his parole officer.

Leger and the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface and Clercs de Saint-Viateur du Canada have been named in two separate sexual assault lawsuits.

1 Response to Former Winnipeg priest convicted of sex abuse of boys granted day parole

  1. Sylvia says:

    He got a paltry two years for sexually abusing three boys. After serving about seven or eight months he had the audacity to ask for full parole!!! He really thinks he does not belong in jail!

    And the parole board denied him full parole, but granted him day parole!!!!

    Has all common sense gone down the drain?

    I swear this is La La Land.

    Please keep the victims in your prayers. Without doubt they will be disappointed and shocked by this jaw-dropping news.

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