Victim reacts to church’s decision (CBC interview 11 June 2012)

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Sexual assault victim, Norman Brun, gives his thoughts on how the Archbishop of Moncton is helping victims abused by Fr. Camille Leger in Cap Pele, New Brunswick.


5 Responses to Victim reacts to church’s decision (CBC interview 11 June 2012)

  1. Mike Mc says:

    It’s obvious this was an edited version here. 

    I am pleased the Bishop did offer a public apology. Since Brun went public, I think the Bishop should offer him an apology as well. It should be published.

    It might be easy for me, not having been abused by a priest, to suggest the victims go public with this instead of privately. But I do think this is the route to go..public…and bring out the details for all catholics to know and find out whether other priests/Bishops were involved in any coverups or abuse. It’s time the Church’s past be revealed and that the Church fess up and make drastic changes.

    If not, I believe people are just going to eventually see the light of the matter and tell the local Bishop where he can go. 

  2. JG says:

    *The victims went from a possibility of castration, as we saw in recent stories from Belgium, to a promise of counselling in New Brunswick. There still looms, with some insistence and reinforcement by the church, the stigma of the unbearable shame...

    Of course this is the victims baggage! Today as it was fifty years ago, the abusers maintain their anonymity, there is no talk of their shame unless and until they are caught, more often dead than alive. The live ones hide behind and under this type of a ”bargained justice”…This comes in a sanitized wrapping of forgiveness in death or in a plush church retirement  home after their recycled days…and they don’t need to negotiate what that will cost the faithful catholics!

    Anonymity for the victims goes without saying…the rest of it is disgracefully aimed at protecting the church!

    I am going to listen again, but…did Norm approach the media to make this statement  and why….or did they? There is a difference!… After the back and forth between bastarache and Talach’s intervention, I am curious about the timing of this interview.  Norm says he spoke to two , three lawyers..!!??  Recently?…Why?

    Thinking out loud… but without prejudice .



  3. JG says:

    *Mike Mc,

    Good ”ear”! It was edited.

    I wasn’t sure but I also heard ”renegotiate”…I confirmed on second listen.

    No more to say.


  4. Mike Mc says:

    I believe Norm would like to renegotiate his time from the 90s. And frankly, I can’t blame him.

  5. JG says:

    *He would probably like to ”retrieve’ his time in the 60’s, forget the 90’s as a result and all of us as a happy consequence. However, he was used in the 60’s, used in the 90’s…I hope he is not going to be used in this round of 2012!?… to help justify or solidify the church cover-up of the abusive priest(s)…I fear we will only ever hear of Camille Leger!!!


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