Spokesman for the Archdiocese of Moncton speaks out (CBC New Brunswick – audio clip)

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Donald Langis, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Moncton, speaks about Father Camille Leger and victim Normand Brun

5 Responses to Spokesman for the Archdiocese of Moncton speaks out (CBC New Brunswick – audio clip)

  1. Baspuit says:

    *What a big lie “his lawyer negotiated the compensation” !!! We know that’s not true! How can you use mental reservation, at this time or who is really pulling on the strings?
    As for your policy, how many victimes participated in this protocole?
    As for victims must go to police, what happens if the pedophile priest is dead? Police won’t touch it!
    We won’t see anything done, maybe after Andre Ponce Pilat Richard takes his retirement this month of June and good ridence!

  2. Anne C says:

    Listen to this man’s carefully coded words and lack of humility. They are at war with the victims, it’s simple to hear. “There had never been an official complaint”… because they shuffle people off with a piddly payout by the archdiocese. And the words he use: “People who FEEL they have been mistreated.” I don’t like that implication. He states “most would not want the public shame.”The church still officially uses the same old tactics: secrecy and shame. By encouraging people to complain directly to the church…and not go to the police. He says the “cure” is education. How about rooting out the corruption? Security clearances will not solve the problem! Silence and secrecy will not solve the problem.

    I say kick them where it hurts and slam the door, like Norm did!

  3. JG says:

    *Mr Langis is the ”pastoral coordinator” for the diocese of Moncton!… I think he is being sent to do the bishop’s and the archibishop’s job!(again, no capital letters is intentional!) He was told what the story is/was /or should be! He is the “doorman”, the good “volunteeer” sent out to test the “cowards”(many cowards!) message.

    He too is being sacrificed, like all the victims, like the cheated faithful! He is the foot soldier sent to the front while the real assailants are watching from the rear!…from the comfort of their horse’s wide “saddle”…remember the movie “Braveheart” for a visual…

    I was right the first time: the cowards in the fancy garb are the ones to aim our arrows at. Mr. Langis looks like another one of their “volunteer” sacrifices!

    We are so easily fooled by these masters of deception. Don’t be so hard on this man. I wasn’t going to comment after listening to him because he is feeling some pain as well. I actually felt sorry for him…

    THIS IS ANOTHER DIVERSION! Another delaying tactic. We should hear from the other “actors”…Richard and Vienneau.  Don’t loose sight of them!…and their “game”.

    Mr Langis is still convinced the church, the priests and especially the bishops…and MY GOD! THE ARCHIBISHOP!…could never do anything wrong…this is all lies!

    I feel for him! ….and I don’t believe “he”believes what he is saying!

    I will be waiting to see Act III on this one!…exit stage right!


  4. Mike Mc says:

    I listened to the interview. He did his job….deflecting the pointed finger of cbc New Brunswick radio host. I could hear her frustration. I don’t think she did a great job. You needed someone of 20/20 or Fifth Estate calibre to interview.

    That being said, Langis too probably has his job on the line. If a class action against his Church and Bishop etc ever goes through and everyone collects like Normand did, Langis will be dismissed as there just won’t be any money left. Richard and Vienneau will also not being drinking Scotch and smoking cigars after Sunday dinner for very long.

    As Anne C says:  Silence and secrecy will not solve the problem.

  5. Cyril North says:

    *Sounds like an excuse for a bishop doing nothing about paedophile priestss.     The diocese would do nothing about one, even if they had suspicious, unless and until a victim stepped up to make a formal complaint.    If not the diocese would do nothing but let the paedophile continue in office.     No wonder all this abuse happened over the years with no action on the part of the hierarchy  until it was too late.

    The extent of the paedophile scandal was only made public after victims started to speak up, and at that time paedophile priests were dealt with, not by the hierarchy but by the civil courts.

    This displays the total lack of “leadership” by church authorities, who are a bunch of cowards, hiding behind a web of legalities.     

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