Normand Brun speaks out

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Audio of CBC TV New Brunswick interview with Normand Brun re his sexual abuse at the hands of Father Camille Leger in the 60s and the monies he received from the Archdiocese of Moncton in 1997

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  1. Mike Mc says:

    A “gold mine” indeed! I’m not sure if I like the tone of that expression. But the article does show without a doubt that the RC Church is quite capable of easily passing out  parishoners’money to  save its reputation. Although Norm will not reveal the amount given, he certainly has spoken out. I think that is very good!
        I’m disturbed by all this. A meeting…a few facts as well as a reputable letter…..a cheque written for let’s say $500,000…a bank that opens after hours……a lawyer…..a signature….and a band on disclosure.
         While I do not discredit Norm, it all seems too easy.
         I do discredit the Church, however. I’ve no dourt when this site is finally silenced (in the good sense, Sylvia), the Church will be bankrupt. Rome fell before…it can fall again! Not only does the Pope have worldwide scandal with his abusive priests and “coverup-Bishops-and-Cardinals”, he has problems with his internal affairs in the Vatican.

  2. JG says:

    *Mike Mc,

    I agree the “gold mine” expression can play into the minds of anyone who has looked at the victims as doing it “for the money”…We would like for the victims to be “idealists” but we should let them get a hold of “reality” first. I imagine the money can go some distance in providing a cushion to all the troubles which accompany the “residues” of the abuse.

    Maybe he could have said the documents outlining his psychological “evaluation” was “solid evidence”,  to answer the many skeptics.. remember he says people who didn’t believe him in 1997,  are now talking to him again…It is easy to dissect every word but we have to remember  he is taking a leap of faith for other victims…he was alone with his “story”until a month and a half ago!

    He was just as surprised at the “speed” of this settlement especially if you compare it to other drawn out cases everywhere. I think the church players had to silence him quickly to avoid a debacle. They probably know of many more victims, or they did even in 1997, and wanted for Mr. Brun to keep his finger in the “dyke”,  to avoid getting demands from all the other victims. He says there were dozens at the time, early 1960, and that Leger had been in many parishes!…he is hinting at a possibly much larger problem.

    Once more they paid a victim, not to help him but to cover the other abuses. The same has been perpetrated in the Bathurst diocese since 2009 by the same Valery Vienneau. They won’t reveal the names of the priests because the number of victims is probably many times more than what we suspect…Revealing the names of priests may just get some victims to come out. The church is in damage control not in the “recovery” business! The fewer victims are known the better their chances of survival…meaning the church people!

    As far as the money paid to Mr. Brun I would cut your number by at least 5, …at least… Just a hunch about the second reason for the “expediency” of the settlement: they want the victims to go away, to die, to forget…and they want to hold on to the “money”…

    AS far as the church bankruptcy, it has already occurred!  If we understand that a “church” is intended to provide moral guidance, that vault has been depleted a long time ago… The church’s money is a banking concern. I’m sure they have been lining mattresses for centuries and they will be drinking from golden goblets long after you and I are gone!

    So, whatever the victims and families can get from this “select” mob, we need to be there to cheer for them. The “parishoner’s money” may then serve the “generous” cause they had intended.


  3. Baspuit says:

    *That’s cruel “lets say 500,000$” that would be the high and of the stick, its more take away a zero and then divide by 2!  We’re talking 1997 and Bastarache’s offer that were refused was about that amount!
    What is it worth to put me in a time machine and put me back the day before this pedophile touched me, and yes with all of my knowledge of this corrupted organisation, of today!!!
    Let a judge decide, in court of law, that’s all I want is my day in court, I have my name to be cleared, amonst other thing, like how all of this happen or can happen again, today, as we speak!
    I thank you Normand Brun for setting the record straight, about father at the time Valéry Vienneau, now bishop in Bathurst!  He has some answers to give, if we can find any reporters with b#lls!
    I hope to meet you in the near futre, when all of this is behind us!
    PS You will never know how many guys you’ved helped in our diocese and hopefully others!

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