CBC interview with Ted Schmidt (07 June 2012)

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The following interview with Ted Schmidt, the former Editor of the now defunct Catholic New Times, was conducted by CBC in the wake of the sex abuse allegations against Father Camille Leger and recent announcement by the Archbishop of Moncton, New Brunswick of a “conciliation” process which will be spear-headed by former Supreme Court Justice Michel Bastarache.  Bastarche spearheaded a similar process for the Diocese of Bathurst New Brunswick.  Mr. Bastarche and Bathurst Bishop Valery Vienneau have failed to divulge the names and numbers of all known priests in the Diocese of Moncton – both living and dead – identified to them as sexual predators.

The picture is that of the tearing down of the sign bearing the name of Father Camille Leger from the Cap Pele, New Brunswick arena.

1 Response to CBC interview with Ted Schmidt (07 June 2012)

  1. Cyril North says:

    *Glad you got Ted Schmidt’s interview on the site.   I knew Ted and taught with two of his brothers.

    Am watching what is going on in Ireland about which Ted speaks.   There is a rebellion taking place among many priests against the intransigence of Rome.  It speaks of the frustration they are experiencing.  Hard to imagine at the moment where it will all lead.    

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