Ottawa Sun letters to the editor: Jan. 26 (re Father Joe LeClair)

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The Ottawa Sun

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Not fair

Re: Father Joe LeClair.

The Sun is not earning respect from its readers with this form of yellow journalism.

In contrast to the good and selfless things he did for everyone he had contact with over all those years of hard work, his crime is more human frailty which we all must resist. These traps exist for everyone and are man made by government; more taxes to waste without accountability.

No one was personally affected by his behaviour, the money was a gift to our church and the real problem with all the people working in his office all those years was no one stepped forward to stop this before it got out of hand. The result is with news services depicting him as a selfish self-serving thief and alcoholic, we have destroyed a person whom has given a lot more than we know or appreciate.

Gilbert Gelineau

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(This is a news story, simple as that)

5 Responses to Ottawa Sun letters to the editor: Jan. 26 (re Father Joe LeClair)

  1. Denny Desveaux says:

    We are accountable for our actions, white collar people (lawyers, priests, police officers, mayors, Senators, etc.) seem to get away easily; I feel they should be held even more accountable; not just pay back what they stole. They should all do prison terms.

  2. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Gilbert Gelineau;
    I have no doubt that Joe LeClair has done good things in his life, and should be commended for that.
    Unfortunately, he has committed some very serious criminal acts which MUST NOT go unpunished! That’s life, Gilbert.
    For you to say that no one was personally affected by his (LeClair’s) behaviour taxes common sense and logic! This money was “donated” to the church, and any reasonable authority would assume that it was ear-marked for the betterment and/or spiritual upkeep of it’s parishioners, NOT for gambling debts at the casino!
    If I were one of the “donors” in this case, I would most certainly be personally affected, and most upset!
    I am most curious on whose authority you represent when you say “no one was personally affected”. Mike.

  3. Bob says:

    People were definitely affected. I can’t elaborate here, but I know of effects this had on actual individuals. One public example I can mention was the very public ruin of Herve Dejordy.

    I think the parish is forgiving. We are Christians after all; but enough of us know better than to think “no harm, no foul.” Someone always gets hurt when money goes missing.

  4. Jim Chris says:

    When do the stonings begin?

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