John Counsel Statement regarding Father Joe Leclair

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by LateNightCounsell on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 8:12am

I have been devastated by the front page news that greeted me this morning from the Ottawa Citizen. Rev. Joe Leclair has been on Late Night Counsell at least twice, and we have enjoyed warm cordial times together. While many questions remain to be answered, this will undoubtedly be the beginning of a very stressful time for Rev. Joe and the parish of Blessed Sacrament.

The Bible makes it clear that individuals who assume leadership in Christian ministry must place themselves under heightened scrutiny for the values their faith extols. Certainly, one cannot get up in front of people and tell them how to live the life Christ has taught without being an example of the daily effort to do so. This includes exemplifying faith, repentance and forgiveness. While I have no intention of covering up any possible wrong, I call upon all of the Late Night Counsell family to pray for Rev. Joe and our brothers and sisters at Blessed Sacrament, that their faith in Christ will only be strengthened through this difficult time and that Rev. Joe will receive the love and help he needs. Christ promises he will never leave us or forsake us and that the way to freedom and salvation is to come to him with our sin and inadequacies and be transformed by Him (Romans 12:1-3). Sincerely, Rev. John Counsell


Aislinn Bell

Thank you for this statement.

April 16 at 8:31am


Shirley Mosley

Had the opportunity to meet FATHER JOE My prayers are with him I always listen to him after you on sundays

April 16 at 8:47am


Danno Saunt

 Even as a non-beleiver,..I can understand the power and allure of gambling,.because I was MARRIED to a chronic gambler for two years,.and it is just as savage on the human psyche as drugs and alcohol,..Father Joe needs to be surrounded by his friends,,.and gambling addictions CAN be dealt with,.providing they WANT the help!,.and he’s off to a good start with John Counsell in his corner!!!

April 16 at 9:01am ·


Tarcisio Tancredi

I was shocked and sadened

April 16 at 11:16am


Michael Bennett

As Danno stated, Gambling is an addiction just like Drugs and Alcohol. It is also a disease. Treatable? Yes! Cure? None so far. Without getting to deep into the Disease of Addictions, I would like to say that these addictions stem from other things in life.Look at the word itself l Disease’ Break it down now to ‘ Dis-Ease. A feeling inside ones self. Prayer is good. Action is the solution!

April 16 at 12:55pm


Tony MacDonell

I admire the sentiment expressed by John here, but I rarely see this type of feeling expressed to other public figures outside of the church that abuse the trust of the public on the show.

Hopefully when the books are all audited we don’t di…scover any criminal activity under the hood because you know that Late Night Counsell is the first place many go to talk about being “tough on crime”.

“Hypocricy is compliment vice pays to virtue”

April 16 at 2:45pm ·



Other public figures outside the church don’t come under anywhere near the scrutiny under God that church leaders do. But then again God is not acknowledged in your world so while I can understand your sentiments I thought you had a better grasp of the ecclesiastical realm.

April 17 at 6:45am


Tony MacDonell

Bollocks John.

You’re trying to say that public figures that come under scrutiny (like politicians) don’t get treated as severely as church leaders? That’s totally bogus!

If that was true, there would be way more outrage and public action aga…inst the catholic church in regards to the treatment of young children than there is. If anything, a large majority of people think the church has gotten off relatively easy on that one. Any other institution would have been totally obliterated by the public for committing the same crimes.

Beyond that, I never heard any call to prayer during the sponsorship scandal? (“oh, that’s totally different Tony!”. BS, no it isn’t)

When being a member of the church becomes an excuse for lenience, I charge hypocrisy. Claiming the moral high-ground in words, and not living it in actions should be considered shameful.

As usual, I will remember this instance, next time the Late Night Counsell Nation decides to hammer on the moral standing of someone else outside the church, which I might add: is a regular occurance.See More

April 17 at 10:54am ·



Wow did you ever put words in my mouth there! That’s not what I said at all, I said “under God.” HIS scrutiny. But then again you’re so against his existance I’m not surprised you missed it.

Monday at 6:57am


Tony MacDonell

I’ll give you that, I did skip over the under God part, but that kind of stuff comes off as white noise to me anyways. All I’m asking for is a little consistency when it comes to the judgments we tend to cast on people here in the real world.

Monday at 7:41am



There you go again Tony, condescending Atheist BS. You’re so blind to it, you need the rest of us to point it out… “here in the real world” We of faith consider the spiritual realm more real than what you see. Don’t take offence Tony, we’re here to help 🙂

Monday at 6:39pm


Tony MacDonell

You are right that I am blind to the world you refer to, but you are wrong to assert that I do not understand it. I understand very well why people do it, how it benefits them and how it benefits the community of those that share the same v…iews.

But you must see how this looks to someone like me. When I was getting married, I had to attend courses hosted by Father Joe. He seemed like a nice guy overall, and certainly presented himself as a moral example to live up to. I mentioned on my questionarre that I was an atheist, and he pointed out that it may be a “problem” for our marriage in the future.

You can imagine how that advice feels to me today. As someone that tries hard to be a moral, and good person. I look at these types of representatives of the world you speak of and am angered because it is them accusing me of being morally barren. You talk of condescension… sure, whatever.

Tuesday at 10:09am



I cannot defend Joe Leclair on your latest point. Your criticism is very legitimate. I find his actions tremendously frustrating, I hope he understands the spiritual harm he has done… we could go on endlessly on this. Thankyou for your last entry, very poignant

Tuesday at 6:17pm 

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