2009 Inspiration Award Recipient — Father Joe LeClair

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youknowwhoiam.com —  Inspiration Award Recipient — Father Joe LeClair (re Father LeClair’s past battle with depression – an award offered by the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group)

4 Responses to 2009 Inspiration Award Recipient — Father Joe LeClair

  1. Sylvia says:

    I had posted an external link to this video when I first opened the Father Joe LeClair page.  I have now added the video itself to the site.

  2. Larry Green says:


    Thank You for posting this video Sylvia!

    It certainly serves to reveal the heart of a very good , compassionate and broken man. One who is truly and surely worthy to be recognized as an inspiration to many with mental health disorders, addictions , families and friends of those inflicted with the same and also to so many ‘ healthy’ , ‘ NORMAL’ people who care about the health and welfare of others who are not as fortunate as so many of us ’rich ’ people i.e. lots of friends; plenty of ’success’; strong relationships; well structured upbringing with ’healthy , smart and caring ’ parents ; born without inherited psychological or physiological flaws or defects.

    The sad part about it all is that it takes a broken man like Fr. Joe LeClair to demonstrate to the world that the weak , the vulnerable , the powerless individuals of our society ‘ as Jesus was’ should not be discarded or despised as they are because in reality the ‘rich’ can only be transformed by the ‘poor.’

    I do not know you personally Fr. Joe LeClair but I know you are much like Jesus as you walk courageously in His footsteps ( stumble as you may my friend indeed) and I am one who will always be willing to support you in your journey, whether you are up or you are down.

    Larry Green

  3. Esperanza says:

    *I don’t know Fr. LeClair but I do know someone who has attended Mass at his parish. I’ll call him Jim. Jim told me some things that turned me off completely.  Fr. LeClair gives Communion to a relative of Jim who is not a Catholic but who goes to Mass there with his spouse.   I assume Fr. LeClair knew that.  I told Jim that Father was committing sacrilege. Jim, who  is a well educated Catholic,  thought that that was fine.  Jim also said that Fr. LeClair is so great.  At a baptism he tossed a baby in the air.  It sounded to me as if Fr. LeClair was a performer, someone referred to him as a star. I realized that  it was probably all about him as it often is with the “much loved” priests. They have to inject themselves into what they are doing and make it ‘about’ themselves which is a narcissistic trait and bespeaks trouble.  The priests who have been so decadent and done so much damage are invariably narcissists who turn the liturgy into a personal plaything so that they are the centre of attention. Deliver us from cutsey, beloved priests.  What we need is priests who preach the truth, the hard truths, in season and out and don’t spend their time ingratiating themselves with the self-described Catholics who are in name only.

  4. Bob says:

    Some of you people should listen to yourselves….. 

    “Tossed a baby in the air.” What absurd nonsense. As one of Fr. Joe’s choirmasters I served within 14 feet of him every week for 13 years. Nothing like that ever happened. EVER.

    Was Fr. Joe theatrical at times? To be sure… but then he knows, as some laypeople apparently don’t, that the catechism refers to both sacraments and prayer as “drama.” Things that Fr. Joe stood out for like the Holy Thursday paraliturgy were never done for his personal piety – they were done to bring the people to Christ.

    Boy the Body of Christ sure has to endure some insufferable gossips and busybodies. I, for one, pray unceasingly for the unhardening of their hearts.

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