Lavoie: Father Arthur Lavoie omi

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Arthur Lavoie

Oblate priest.  Ordained 1932.Served in Northern Ontario throughout his priesthood,  in an area within what was known from 1938-1967 as  the Diocese Haileybury, and then from 1967 to 2007  that same area was within what was known as  the Diocese of Moosonee, and since 2007 that same area is within  the Diocese of Amos.

Referenced  as a “serial sexual abuser of children” on p. 12 of the following legal document:

01September 2017:  Lavoie Larry Philip Fontaine et al and The Attorney General of Canada et al – Factum of the Appellants re St Annes Indian Residential School


Unless otherwise indicated the following information is drawn from copies of the annual Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I have on hand, and  media (M)

1991:  Died.  Buried in Fort Albany Ontario  (Father Arthur Lavoie grave)

1985:  RC Mission, Fort Albany, Ontario (CCCD)

1973-74:  Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church, Fort Albany, Ontario.  Pastor Father L. P. Papin omi

1971-72:  Holy Angels Roman Catholic Church, Fort Albany, Ontario .  Pastor Father Paiemont omi (CCCD)

1968-69,  1967:  index shows address as St. Rosaire residence , Maniwake, Ontario (CCCD)

1959:  Albany (CCCD)

1932:  Ordained

1905: Born (grave)

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