Klutsey: Father Hope Klutsey SMA

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Father Hope Klutsey sma – Photo from The Arch Spring 2014

Hope Klutsey

Father Hope Klutsey SMA

Priest.  Ordained 08 August 1998.   Member of the Society of African Missions (SMA) a missionary organization.  Was  serving in the Diocese of Ndola, Zambia prior to arriving Ottawa Illinois around August 2013 to fill in for a fellow member of the Society of African Missions.

Arrived in Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan, December 2013.

Left unexpectedly  and without explanation or farewell in 2017 – word is that his disappearance transpired sometime in late October or early November 2017.  Was presumably under investigation by police, but was permitted to leave.  Also said to have been called back to Africa by his superior.

But, is he actually nestled away at the Milltown Institute Ireland?  Note the following screen shots from his Linkedin profile:








Spring 2014:  Father Hope in his own words


Archbishops of Regina Archdiocese fro tiem of Father Hope Klutsey’s arrival:  Daniel Joseph Bohan  (30 Mar 2005  – 15 January 2016 ); Donald Joseph Bolen (11 July 2016  – )


Unless otherwise indicated the following infirmation is drawn from Canadin Catholic Church Direcories (CCCD), media (M) and Father Hope in his own words (K)

Dates ?:  Hosted a radio and WEB TV program every Sunday:





Google translation:

Father Hop Klutsey is in our studios every week to talk about the Christian religion. He presents us with various religious themes and explains some events related to the Christian religion. He answers the questions of the listeners for all that is related to the Christian religion.

Animation: Father Hop – Mahamane Ilbo Ousmane
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 19h (Duration 30 to 60 min)

In rebroadcast on Sunday from 07:00 to 08:00


November 2017:  Archdiocese of Regina website:


2017:  Lists himself as “self-employed” on Linkedin profile ( Linkedin)

27 November 2016:  Newly apponted Archbishop Donald Bolen visits Gravelbourg Co-Cathedral.  (Scroll down for 16 December 2016 article)

August 2015:  Flip-flop of parishes for Father Klutsey to become Pastor at Our Lady of Assumption Co-Cathedral in Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan and Ste. Radegonde in LaFleche, Saskatchewan.  The assignment for Father Klutsey “is supposed to be”  for six years :





August 2014:   Pastor, St. Albert Roman Catholic Church, Mankota, St. Jean the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, Ferland, St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church Glentworth, St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church, Wood Mountain, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Saskatchewan Catholic Church.  The assignment is for six years (Regina clergy moves announced -06 Apr. ’14)

December 2013:  St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Canora, Saskatchewan (Regina clergy moves announced – Father Klutsey to move  next August)

December 2013:  wrote that he arived in Archdiocese of Regina, and spent two months at Notre Dame d’Auvegne Parish (K)

Fall 2013:  Ottawa , Illinois

23 September 2013:  Funeral Illinois 23 September 2013

12 September 2013:   Offered Mass of Christian burial in Ottawa Illinois August 2013

19 August 2013:  Offered Mass of Christian Burial in Ottawa Illinois (funeral in Ottawa Illinois)

18 August 2013:  Father Klutsey comments in St. Patrick Church, Peoria, ILL “A Little Bit about Father Hope

My name is Fr. Hope KLUTSEY. I am from a village in the South Eastern part of the Volta Region of Ghana called Akatsi. I am the 5th born of a family of eight; seven males and one female. I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest on August 8, 1998 in Ghana. I am a member of the Society of African Missions (SMA), a missionary congregation.

My first appointment was in Ivory Coast. I worked as a Parochial Vicar for four years. I was then selected to work in Ghana as SMA Vocations Director for two years. At the end of the second year, I was elected the Regional Superior of Ghana for a three -year mandate, which I successfully completed. While on sabbatical year in Dublin Ireland, I profitably pursued Masters Degree course in Moral Theology for two years. I was appointed a Parish Priest of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Chibolya, Mufulira, in Zambia for the past four year. During my tenure as a pastor of St. Michael’s, I undertook different interesting projects in the parish. I would be discussing some of them with you in my subsequent publications only in the weekly bulletin of St. Patrick’s. I sincerely wish you the best of the week!

04 August 2017:   “Welcome Father Hope!  Announcement in St. Patrick’s Roman Church bulletin, Ottawa, Illinois, that Father Klutsey will be filling in for “Father Jules” for the next couple of months. (  Welcome Father Hope!)

December 2011:  In Zambia.  Gave homily  on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception(Father Klutsey homily )

30 September 2011:  living at the Mufulira Catholic Mission in Zambia, with Father Gustave Mukosha (Deputy Regional Superior) and Father Tom Casey

(Father Klutsey in Zambia)

(Father Klutsey – Society of African Missions in the Diocese of Ndola, Zambia)

2011 – date?:  Pastor, St. Michael’s Church,  Chibolya, Mufulira, Zambia (K)

Date ?- Sabbatical in Dublin. Ireland.  Over a period of two years pursued “Masters degree in Theology and Ethics (Moral Theoolgy” at Millton Institute for Philosophy and Theology (K)

Date ? – around 2004 elected Regional Superior of Ghana for three years (K)

Date ?-  Ghana as Vocations Director for SMA for two years (K)

1998-2002:  Parochial Vicar in the Ivory Coast (K)

08 August 1998:  ORDAINED in Ghana as a member of the Society of African Missions (SMA) (K)

1994-1998:  Theological studies somewhere in the Ivory Coast (K)

– studied Philosophy at St. Paul’s Catholic seminary in Ghana (K)

1980:  Wrote that while he was a member of a Catholic Youth Organization in his village he decided to become a priest (K)

1964:  Born in Akatsi, Ghana (SAM)


Gravelbourh has a new priest


21 November 2017

Carlos Jimenez is the new parish priest of Gravelbourg and Lafleche parishes. He must be posted at least until the end of summer 2018.

He replaces Hope Klutsey who has been at the helm of the Saskatchewan parish since August 2015 through a service loan.

The Archdiocese of Regina says that its missionary order in Togo asked Hope Klutsey to return to West Africa. Radio-Canada has not been able to confirm for the moment whether the priest is still in Saskatchewan or if he is already back in Togo.

The Archbishop of Regina, Donald Bolen, announced the departure of Father Klutsey to the parishioners last Sunday.

Carlos Jimenez will be accompanied by the abbot, and former pastor of the parish, Maurice Minne, who comes out of retirement to officiate in French during the interim.


Gravelbourg a un nouveau curé 

Radio-Canada    Saksatchewan

Vue intérieure de la cocathédrale historique.

La cocathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption accueille un nouveau curé par intérim.   Photo : Facebook/Our Lady of the Assumption

Carlos Jimenez est le nouveau curé par intérim des paroisses de Gravelbourg et de Lafleche. Il doit être en poste au moins jusqu’à la fin de l’été 2018.

Il remplace ainsi Hope Klutsey qui était à la tête de la paroisse saskatchewanaise depuis août 2015 grâce à un prêt de service.

L’archidiocèse de Regina affirme que son ordre de missionnaire au Togo a demandé à Hope Klutsey de retourner en Afrique de l’Ouest. Radio-Canada n’a pu confirmer pour l’instant si le prêtre est toujours en Saskatchewan ou s’il est déjà de retour au Togo.

L’archevêque du diocèse de Regina, Donald Bolen, est venu annoncer le départ du curé Klutsey aux paroissiens dimanche dernier.

Carlos Jimenez sera accompagné de l’abbé, et ancien curé de la paroisse, Maurice Minne, qui sort de sa retraite pour officier en français durant l’intérim.


Recently-appointed Archbishop visits Gravelbourg church

Assiniboia Times

December 14, 2016 06:53 PM

It was a homecoming for Archbishop Donald Bolen, recently-appointed to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina. The Archbishop visited the Our Lady of Assumption Co-Cathedral in Gravelbourg on November 27. He was born in Gravel­bourg to the late Joseph and Rose Bolen.

He led mass at the Co-Cathedral with parish priest Rev. Hope Klutsey , Rev. Val­entine Amobi from Regina and Rev. Joe Strohoffer from Mankota. The cathedral was filled with Gravelbourg’s parishioners as well as many visitors who came from Lafleche, Mankota, Swift Current, Regina and many other locations.

After the Gospel reading, Bolen gave an insightful homily. He laid out his vi­sion and goals for the Archdiocese, which are based on Pope Francis’ recent direc­tives. Some of the key points include de­veloping parishes to utilize the potential of all, fostering dialogue and seeking justice and peace. Bolen will work toward imple­menting these goals in the Archdiocese.

At the end of the mass, a representa­tive from the Lafleche parish presented the Archbishop with a peace blanket made by the women of the parish with prayers and love. As the parishioners departed fol­lowing the service, the choir sung a clos­ing hymn that had been sung in the parish since 1929.

The Archbishop was among many friends and family this day. “As I look around today I see my teachers, neigh­bours and relatives,” he stated in his clos­ing address. The parish was delighted to be hosting the Archbishop and they are very proud of his achievements. He knew many of those attending personally. Visitations by an archbishop do not happen often, but Bolen’s aim is to be able to visit more parishes in his large archdiocese. A lunch­eon followed at the community hall next to the cathedral. The lunch was prepared and served by cathedral parishioners. Bolen was ordained as a priest in 1991. He went on to study at universi­ties in Regina, Ottawa and Oxford. Most recently, he had been serving as Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sas­katoon since 2009 until July 11 when he was appointed Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina. He was installed at Regina’s Holy Rosary Cath­edral on October 14.

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