“The other oblate was a colleague of Joveneau” & original French text

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[This is a Google translation. Scroll down for original French text]

Le Journal de Quebec

29 March 2018 Update 22:59





Photo BANQ.   Father Alexis Joveneau (right) planned with Ottawa the deportation of dozens of Innu aboard the North Pioneer.

Aimed by the collective action against the Oblates of Mary Immaculate for abuse and sexual assault against the Innu, former father Omer Provencher did not deny the allegations against him, when joined by Le Journal on Thursday.

The 89-year-old man who lives in Quebec City was visibly shaken when confronted by Le Journal on the phone. “It’s serious what you tell me,” he first said, the tremolo in his voice after a long silence.

When asked if he had sexually abused or sexually assaulted the Innu during his visit to the Oblate congregation, he replied, “Did I sexually assault?” Well, that’s up to them to testify, to show.

“I have nothing to say about this,” he finally added, before hanging up.

Former colleague of Joveneau

Admitted to having read the Journal’s file concerning Father Alexis Joveneau, who allegedly assaulted and sexually abused dozens of victims, former Provencher’s father indicated that he had never witnessed anything or heard of any of these deaths. alleged assaults during his visit to Maliotenam.

“I did not have anything to do with it, but I worked with him,” he said.

A native of Victoriaville, Omer Provencher worked with the Oblate congregation between 1958 and 1980 in Sept-Îles and Maliotenam.

For some unknown reason, he left the congregation in 1980 to move to Quebec City where he worked in a furniture business. He lives today with his wife. The latter was also unaware of the allegations against him when questioned by Le Journal.

To date, the charges against former father Omer Provencher have not been publicly denounced.


L’autre oblat visé était un collègue de Joveneau

Le Journal de Quebec





Photo BANQ Le père Alexis Joveneau (à droite) a planifié avec Ottawa la déportation de dizaines d’Innus à bord du North Pioneer.

Visé par l’action collective contre les Oblats de Marie-Immaculée pour abus et agressions sexuelles envers des Innus, l’ancien père Omer Provencher n’a pas nié les allégations qui pesaient contre lui, lorsque joint par Le Journal, jeudi.

L’homme, aujourd’hui âgé de 89 ans qui demeure à Québec, a visiblement été ébranlé lorsque confronté par Le Journal au téléphone. « C’est grave ce que vous me dites », a-t-il d’abord affirmé, le trémolo dans la voix après un long silence.

Lorsque questionné à savoir s’il avait abusé ou agressé sexuellement des Innus lors de son passage dans la congrégation des Oblats, il a répondu : « Est-ce que j’ai agressé sexuellement ? Bien, ça, c’est à eux autres à déposer, à faire preuve. »

« Je n’ai rien à répondre là-dessus moi », a-t-il finalement ajouté, avant de raccrocher.

Ancien collègue de Joveneau

Admettant avoir lu le dossier du Journal concernant le père Alexis Joveneau, qui aurait agressé et abusé sexuellement des dizaines de victimes, l’ancien père Provencher a indiqué qu’il n’avait jamais été témoin de quoi que ce soit ou entendu parler de ces présumées agressions, lors de son passage à Maliotenam.

« Je n’ai rien eu à faire avec ça, mais j’ai travaillé avec lui », a-t-il mentionné.

Originaire de Victoriaville, Omer Provencher a œuvré au sein de la congrégation des Oblats entre 1958 et 1980 à Sept-Îles et Maliotenam.

Pour une raison inconnue, il a quitté la congrégation en 1980 pour déménager à Québec, où il a travaillé dans un commerce de meubles. Il demeure aujourd’hui avec sa femme. Cette dernière n’était pas non plus au courant des allégations le visant, lorsqu’interrogée par Le Journal.

À ce jour, les faits reprochés contre l’ancien père Omer Provencher n’avaient pas été dénoncés publiquement.

5 Responses to “The other oblate was a colleague of Joveneau” & original French text

  1. Sylvia says:

    Relying on google translations is okay sometimes, but not always. I really do avoid doing this like the plague 🙁

    What is the actual translation of this translation regarding deaths: “former Provencher’s father indicated that he had never witnessed anything or heard of any of these deaths.”

    Also, I gather there are allegations against this former Oblate priest Omer Provencher? Does anyone know any more?

  2. BC says:

    the french text reads: présumées agressions / transl: alleged (sexual) assaults

  3. BC says:

    Yes, the class action motion mentions former Oblate priest Omer Provencher and if it’s certified he would become a defendant in that matter along with the (living) Oblates. Any one know more? Certainly Mr. Provencher and/or the Oblates would know the circumstances of his leaving the Oblates. Given that he is being targeted in a civil action it’s plausible that his involvement with Father Joveneau had something to do with it.

  4. BC says:

    Le Journal de Montreal reporting that the Oblates in Québec have 100 million cda in assets. 44 million is in their Tempier fund (Québec only) 53 million in real estate (Québec only). They also possess other material assets; cars etc for a net worth of approximately 100 million in Québec.


    CRA disclosures for Oblates

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