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Congregation of St. Basil website February 2018

Jack HannaBasilian priest.  American.  Ordained 1974.

Studied at University of St. Michael’s College in Toronto.   Attained BA and later taught at University of St. Thomas in Houston.  Spanish and art history teacher at St. Thomas High School in Houston, Texas.  (Father Leo Campbell attained his BA at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas in 1968.  Father Hanna attained a BA at STU in ’67.  Both were ordained in 1974.  )

Around 11  February of 2013 was suspended from teaching and ministry after allegations of “misconduct.”  The Basilians refuse to divulge further information on the allegations.

I have been contacted by those who tell me that Father Hanna was known at St. Thomas HS as “Happy Hands Hanna” and that no one is surprised – it was felt it was only a matter of time before someone would speak up. Someone (M) has blogged alleging Father Hanna was known as Hands On Hanna and someone else (J) has commented that Father Hanna made “unwanted advances and hit on boys at the school.” And, according to Ken, Father Hanna was also known as “Father Hands off Hanna.”

Relocated to Canada.  Has been in Toronto, Ontario Canada since at least 2014.

31 January  2019:  Identified by Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston as a priest credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor


14 February 2019:  BLOG  Why did Basilians conceal the truth about Father Jack Hanna “misconduct”

01 February 2019:  2 priests who taught at St. Thomas High School on credible abuse allegation list

31 January 2019:  Cardinal Archbishop Daniel DiNardo letter re publication of list of priest “credibly accused of sexual abuse or misconduct with minors” Archdiocese Galveston Houston

Included in the above referenced list is the name of Father Hanna.  According to an explanatory note “About This Clergy List”, the names included are those of “priests about whom the Archdiocese has received credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor which occurred within the geographic boundaries of the Archdiocese.”


Superior General of the Basilians from time allegations of misconduct against Father Jack Hanna to February 2018 :  Father George Smith csb


MEDIA coverage and BLOGS

February 2018:  Father Hanna Appointed to Leadership Position with Basilian Fathers After 2013 Misconduct Allegations ( Dr Siobhan Fleming PhD) ( this is a pdf file which does not have active links.  Click here to view the document online with live links)

14 February 2019:   BLOG  Why did Basilians conceal the truth about Father Jack Hanna “misconduct”

01 February 2019:  2 priests who taught at St. Thomas High School on credible abuse allegation list

09 March 2013: Questions swirling after Catholic teacher’s sudden resignation (VIDEO  –  TV)

08 March 2013: St. Thomas teacher resigns due to misconduct

08 March 2013: St. Thomas teacher resigns due to misconduct

08 March 2013:  Message to St Thomas High School alumni re Father Jack Hanna csb

27 February 2013: BLOG  Happy Hands …..Hanna????

22 February 2013:  BLOG  So very very Canadian

20 February 2013: BLOG  Basilian priest-teacher suspended in Houston – Canadian connections


The Emails

From: St. Thomas High School [mailto:alumni@sths.org]
Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 7:58 AM
Subject: Important Message from Frs. Storey and Fulton

Dear Alumni,
Approximately three weeks ago, you were informed that an allegation of
misconduct was made by an adult against Father Jack Hanna. Immediately
upon receipt of the allegation, Father Hanna agreed to undergo an
assessment at a therapeutic center for priests. He has acknowledged
that he behaved inappropriately and will be receiving extensive
residential treatment at the facility. He has expressed deep regret
for any harm caused by his behavior and believes it is best that he
resign his position at St. Thomas High School so that he may focus on
his treatment.
We wish to express our sincere appreciation to you for your concern
for Father Hanna and ask you to please keep him in your prayers during
this difficult time.
Yours in Christ,

Fr. Kevin Storey, C.S.B.
Fr. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B.


February 11, 2013

Dear Alumni,
This weekend, the Basilian Fathers were contacted by the Archdiocese
of Galveston-Houston and informed that there is an allegation of
misconduct against Fr. Jack Hanna, C.S.B.. The allegation involves an
adult who is neither a student nor an employee at St. Thomas High
School. At the direction of the Superior-General of the Basilian
Fathers, while this matter is under investigation, Fr. Hanna will not
be engaged in teaching or any priestly ministry. Please keep the St.
Thomas community in your prayers during this time,

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Kevin Storey, C.S.B



31 January  2019:  Identified by Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston as a priest credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor (14 Feb. ’19 BLOG)

01 August 2013-   :  Director/Trustee for the registered charity “The Basilian Fathers of Toronto ” (from 2018 charity information return)

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February 2018:   Father Jack Hanna is Secretary/Treasurer General of the Congregation of St. Basil Leadership  (also shown as Secretary/General of the Congregation in March 2017)  – address 95 St. Joseph St., Toronto (According to Dr, Siobhan Fleming, the Treasurer General is appointed by the Superior General.  The Superior General when Father Hanna was appointed was Father George T. Smith csb)

2017:  address 95 St. Joseph St., Toronto (CCCD) address is that of Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre, Toronto

2016, 2015, 2014:  address 95 St. Joseph St., Toronto (CCCD) address is that of Cardinal Flahiff Basilian Centre, Toronto

30 September 2013– :  Director/trustee St Michael’s College High School Foundation (last results for 2017)

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February 2013:  suspended from teaching (at St. Thomas High School, Houston, Texas) and ministry for “misconduct”

Teacher at St. Thomas High School, Houston, Texas

part-time professor at St. Thomas University, Houston. Texas

approx. 1981-1987:  Organized and coordinated the Campus Ministry at St. Thomas High School (Father Hanna organized campus ministry at St Thomas in the 80s)

1974:  ORDAINED.  (Also ordained in 1974 was Canadian Basilian molester Father Leo Campbell csb.  Father Campbell attained his BA at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas in 1968.  Father Hanna attained a BA at STU in ’67)

1973:  Master of Divinity, University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto , Ontario (St. Thomas U undergrad catalogue 2003-2005)

1967:  B.A. from University of St. Thomas  Houston

1962:  Graduated from St. Thomas High School, Houston, Texas


Class of 2016 boasts record number of students

 St. Thomas High School website

The Class of 2016 is the largest in the illustrious history of St. Thomas High School.  A total of 231 freshmen enjoyed numerous activities on Tuesday afternoon and evening encompassing orientation, then returned Wednesday for their first day of classes.

“It is important for the freshmen to be welcomed and incorporated into our community from the first moments they spend on campus as students,” Fr. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B., Principal, said. “I would like to thank everyone who participated in making orientation so successful, as the students seemed to enjoy themselves.”

After going through their daily schedule, the freshmen were treated to a discussion of St. Thomas traditions, led by Fr. Jack Hanna, C.S.B. ’62.  Freshmen parents made their way to the campus in the evening, with parent orientation held in Cemo Auditorium.  At that event, parents listened to Fr. Kevin Storey, C.S.B., President of St. Thomas High School, as well as Fulton, Assistant Principal Chris Westman, Dean of Students Tim Clarkson, Mothers’ Club President Nancy Ladd, Director of Counseling Mark Giesmann, Athletic Director Mike Netzel and Director of Campus Ministry Marty Matulia.

The full student body returned to campus on Wednesday for the first day of school.  With shortened class periods because of the 12:30 dismissal, teachers covered basics in the classroom.

“The half-day allows teachers and students alike to ease their way back into a routine,”  Fulton said. “Then, everyone can come back on day two with increased vigor and readiness to begin the year’s academic endeavors.”

The remaining students who had not previously received a tablet as part of the new Mobile Learning Environment convened in Cemo Auditorium for a brief session after dismissal.  The addition of tablets in the classroom will greatly enhance the learning experience at St. Thomas and the impact of the increased technology was felt from the first minute of the first day of school.

7 Responses to Hanna: Father Jack Hanna csb

  1. jim says:

    Here is some more news. Looks like the school has told the students not to say anything… horrible.


  2. ltjb says:

    A blast from the past. I knew Father Jack Hanna as Mr. John Hanna, a deacon and my spanish teacher at Andrean High School in Merrillville, IN, some 40 years ago.

    Forgive my snickering, but he was not the least bit remorseful as he went out of his way to insult me. His belittling comments were especially counterproductive since I was an insecure, unpopular teen who came from a difficult home life.

    As far as I know, no one from my alma mater has commented about him either.

    • Claudia says:

      The reason I received a scholarship to the University of St. Thomas in Houston is because of the help I received from then, Mr. Hanna. I only attended Andrean my junior year. I also received a scholarship to go to Saltillo, Mexico with his first group of summer school abroad.
      Mr. Hanna was moved to UST for my senior year. He was a campus minister who drew many to participate in the liturgy. I was one of three witnesses for his ordination. He was a deacon at my wedding. He baptized my son. He did not suffer fools, but enthusiastically supported and encouraged those who wanted to learn.

  3. Robert says:

    I was taught by Father “Happy Jack” Hanna at St Thomas in the 80’s. He was happy, that’s why he got the nickname. He was not known as happy hands or happy hands off or anything like that. He was always helpful and a good role model for me and my friends. If you dorked around in his class, he would call you out on it sure, but young men need guidance and discipline as well as understanding and education. Jack Hanna never acted improperly towards me or anyone I knew that went to school at St Thomas.

    This incident involved another adult from his personal life not a student. Also Jack Hanna never went by John Hanna, that’s not his name.

  4. Still So Disgusted says:

    I did not attend University of St. Thomas but I am a cradle Catholic who attended a summer semester abroad study program offered by UST in the Yucatan, Mexico. I received multiple class credits transferable to my own university. Fr. Hanna directed that program. We all stayed in a large mansion on the main boulevard in Merida.

    I am a heterosexual female, so of course I have no *direct* firsthand knowledge. But I will say, there were a couple of obviously gay guys also of college age who accompanied us on the trip of whom Fr. Hanna was obviously quite fond. Every night they would all retire early alone to his room together carrying bottles of alcohol.

    I might have been young, but I’m not stupid, I knew what was going on (they’d get quite loud, as drinkers are known to do) and the fact that this “priest” – although otherwise wholly amiable – abused the power of his clerical & university position to get rum soaked “companionship” from men more than half his age just one door away from the rest of us frankly disgusted me.

    There was another UST administrator on the trip – a prim, middle aged married female – who didn’t seem to even blink at any of this exploitative (not to mention decidedly unchaste) spectacle, either.

    I guess what I’m saying is you didn’t have to be an actual victim of these heretical predator “priests” who invaded the Roman Catholic clergy & used their positions as an all-expenses-paid ticket for promiscuous sexual gratification – whether it was with [shudder] children or adults – to lose faith in your religion.

    With all the brouhaha unfolding yet again about the current Pope’s elevation of *known* predator priests to Bishops & Cardinals I had to check out what happened to our old friend here & found this blog. While it’s heartening he was finally removed from teaching & ministry, it’s unconscionable that the Basilians just shuffled him around & refuse any transparency on the matter.

    (To the commenter above me: the picture of this Jack Hanna on the page, was indeed the priest on our trip, but, yes, the guys involved were over 18 I believe, though I didn’t check their IDs.)

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