Grecco brothers

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Bio on Convicted sexual predator “Father” Donald Grecco (Donald J Grecco) and his brothers who are, or at one time were, Roman Catholic priests.The information is derived primarily from Catholic Church directories which I have on hand, plus media coverage, plus information passed on via blogs and emails.  If anyone can add to the information please send me an email (
Patrick N. Donald J Richard Denis
 Ordained (date unknown)(studies at St. Augustine’s Seminary DOB: 06 March 1940Raised in Thorold, ONAttended Notre Dame College School in WellandStudied in New Brunswick – when, where and for what unknown1960:  St. Augustine’s Seminary

Ordained 1966

 Ordained 1973(studies at St. Augustine’s Sem.)  Ordained 1983
1967 St. Alfred, SC Not listed
‘68-69 St. Alfred, SC St. Mary’s, Welland
’71-72 Not listed Not listed
’72-73 St. Julia, SC St. Thomas More, Niagara Falls(said to have been here from 73 to 78)
78-79   Not listed(according to The Guardian [PEI] left the priesthood after 10 years.  Became a teacher, is now retired) According to Hamilton Spectator, was at St. Stephens in Cayuga. Some of the sex abuse charges relate to this time frame.  It is said that he arrived in 1978 and was suddenly replaced in 1979.Molested Mike Blum.  In summer 1979 molested another victim in cottage “up north.”
1982  St. Kevin Wellnad (1979-85)Molested James Hennessey between 1984 and 1985 while at St. Kevin’s. Doctor of Theology, University of St. Michael’s College
’85-86 St. Kevin, Welland23 Sept. 1985 Blum reported abuse by Grecco to the diocese – interviewed by Monsignor Dominic Pizzacalla – nothing was done St. Thomas Aquinas, Niagara Falls- in charge of Marriage Prep.- Office of Religious Ed. St. Kevin, Welland
1980 St. Stephen, Cayuga Not in index but listed as member Senate of Priests, Not in index but a D. Grecco listed as member of Senate of Priests
1991 Not listed St. Vincent de Paul Niagara on the Lake 1986-1996.  Met the woman he would later marry while at St. Vincent de Paul St. Thomas More, Niagara Falls St. Ann, Fenwick
1992 St. Vincent de Paul Niagara on the Lake St. Thomas More, Niagara Falls St. Ann, Fenwick
1993 St. Vincent de Paul Niagara on the Lake Apt. 505, 9717-111thStreetEdmonton, Alberta(probably teaching Moral Theology at St. Joseph) 3150 Danforth Ave.,Scarborough, Ontario(address of St. Dunstan’s Church)
1994 St. Vincent de PaulNiagara on the Lake Apt. 505, 9717-111thStreetEdmonton, Alberta(probably teaching Moral Theology at St. Joseph in Edmonton) 3150 Danforth Ave.,Scarborough, Ontario(St. Dunstan’s)
1995 St. Vincent de PaulNiagara on the Lake St. Alfred, SC 3150 Danforth Ave.,Scarborough, Ontario(St. Dunstan’s )
1996 St. Alexander,Fonthill, ON St. Alfred, SC 81 Regal Rd.Toronto, ON(address of Oratory of St. Philip Neri)
1997 St. Alexander,Fonthill, ON St. Alfred, SCNamed Auxiliary Bishop, Diocese of London, ON 81 Regal Rd.Toronto, ON(Oratory of St. Philip Neri)
1998 St. Alexander,Fonthill, ONaccording to media attened Loyola U in Baltimore Maryland from 1998 to 2000) Auxiliary Bishop diocese London, ON P.O.  Box 875,St.Catharines(St. C. Diocesan Centre)
1999 Loyola U P.O.  Box 875m,St.Catharines(Diocesan Centre)
 21 March 2001  According to Bishop Richard Grecco, Don left the priesthood after 30 years and became a certified counsellor. (PEI Guardian)
2002 P.O.  Box 875, St.C.(Diocesan Centre address)according to media, married in 2002worked as a grief and marriage counsellor in St. Catharines, then Belleville and Picton, until 2007. From 2007 to 2008 assited wife with her insurance business Auxiliary Bishop Toronto 123 King St.Port Colbourne, ON
2008 September 2008: first sexual assault chargesstep-son committed suicide Serving on chaplaincy team at St. Thomas U, New Brunswick
2009 11 July 2009:  Bishop of Charlottetown, PEI  09 September 2009:  Head Shepherd Sometime in 2009 – before his brother Richard was installed as Bishop of Charlottetown –  became visiting scholar for the Catholic studies program at the University of PEI.
 2010  April 2010: GUILTY pleaClick here for further infoseparated from wife.  Divorce pending


5 Responses to Grecco brothers

  1. just me says:

    why do we need to pull his brothers into it? If one person has a sickness, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone in the family does.

  2. Catherine Fabello says:

    Richard Grecco was parish priest at Saint Denis in Saint Catharines from 1972-until at least 1977 He officiated at my late husband’s funeral and was a wonderful man. I took classes to join the RC church with his brother Patrick in 1973 before he left the priesthood. CF

  3. Richard says:

    I tell you the truth, I was an altar boy at St. Alfred’s at the time that Patrick was there, and I never met a man more dedicated to the priesthood than him. We spent many hours without so much as a peep of a problem that apparently plagued his brother. Please keep him out of this vendetta you have.

  4. Larry says:

    I do recognize that there are several people in here who claim to be in pursuit of truth and justice but by their attitudes seem more aligned to using this whole sorry state of affairs as a means to fill a void in their own lonley lives. They seem to think that they are reporting on charachters from a novel. I can assure you that the pain and suffering for those who are directly involved is very real and the reality bears no resmblance of the novel you think you’re in.

  5. Cheryl Thomson says:

    Recently moved to PEI within the past two months, I was surprised to hear that the last name of the Bishop for the province is “Grecco”. It’s taken me a while to get on Sylvia’s Site, as I used to visit her often on the web over past years. I was present last Thursday as Bishop Grecco said a few words at the 70th anniversary (Mass and ceremony) of an elderly priest’s ordination in Mont-Carmel, PEI. Not having made any ‘connections’ yet (Gee, that name was familiar?), I felt the man was uncomfortable, hesitant, and in need of some kind of help. In fact, he publicly asked 98 year-old Father Charles Gallant to bless him. Humility is admirable, but the man’s whole attitude was sadly lacking in any kind of strength or conviction. Checking the bio here of the Grecco brothers, I see that Richard Grecco spent many years in the London area, with his brother Donald in the same diocese, for a full 15 years before the latter’s resignation, to get married to a parishioner he had met 10 years before. Furthermore, Richard Grecco spent most of his career as a teacher and “marriage counselor”, rather than the priest of a particular church flock. His aptitude for his office, to my mind, is questionable. But then, I am not a fan of how priests have been educated and brought up, through the ranks, for the past 50 years. Also, for his supporters here, let me say that in PEI I have been told by a lady whose own son is a priest, in Ontario, that the handful of religious priests in the diocese are solely in charge of supervising youth ministry, whereas diocesan priests are too busy to take young people on. Or perhaps, as in the province of Quebec, where the current Archibishop has now forbidden priests to be alone in the same room with a minor, diocesan priests have been staying away from compromising situations for a long time now.

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