Former Niagara Priest convicted of sexual abuse has been released from prison early

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Despite fierce opposition from the victims of Donald Grecco, the former Catholic priest was released 6 months into an 18 month sentence for molesting three boys in 1970’s and 1980’s.

William O’Sullivan, one of Grecco’s victims, has publicly opposed his early release. It was at St. Kevin’s church in Welland at the age of 9 that O’Sullivan was first abused by Grecco. That abuse would continue until he was 12. The two other victims submitted written statements to the board, saying that Grecco’s early release would re-traumatize them.

In a report the parole board wrote that while they recognize their decision to “grant early release would be painful for the victims and their families.” Ultimately they must “base their decision on whether the applicant poses a risk of re-offending while on parole”. Adding that Grecco, at 78 years old and in poor health, poses little risk of re-offending.

This is Grecco’s second conviction for sexually abusing children. In 2010 he pleaded guilty to sexually molesting three former altar boys in Cayuga.

Following his release Grecco will live in a basement apartment he formerly rented from a couple in Brampton. He’s also under court order to stay 500 metres away from his victims and have no contact with anyone under 16.

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