Former priest accused of indecent assault” with original French text

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ICI  Ottawa-Gatineau

18 March 2019

Former priest Gilles Deslauriers, of Verchères, Quebec, who has already pleaded guilty to a sexual assault charge in the 1980s, faces justice again.

Investigators from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) filed two indecent assault charges against the former religious, who is now 79 years old.

The actions would have taken place more than 40 years ago, in 1976, in the Ontario municipality of Green Valley, south of Alexandria in Eastern Ontario.

These are the agents of the OPP position

Stormont Dundas and Glengarry investigating this matter.

The suspect was apprehended last week.

The accused was released pending his next appearance in Alexandria on April 3.

The man was previously convicted of sexual assault in the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall in 1986.


Un ancien prêtre accusé d’attentat à la pudeur

ICI  Ottawa-Gatineau

18 March 2019   13:03 pm

L’ancien prêtre Gilles Deslauriers, de Verchères, au Québec, qui a déjà plaidé coupable à une accusation d’agression sexuelle dans les années 1980, fait de nouveau face à la justice.

Les enquêteurs de la Police provinciale de l’Ontario (PPO) ont déposé deux accusations d’attentat à la pudeur contre l’ancien religieux, aujourd’hui âgé de 79 ans.

Les gestes auraient été posés il y a plus de 40 ans, soit en 1976, dans la municipalité ontarienne de Green Valley, au sud d’Alexandria dans l’Est ontarien.

Ce sont les agents du poste de la PPO

de Stormont Dundas et Glengarry qui fait enquête dans ce dossier.

Le suspect a été appréhendé la semaine dernière.

L’accusé a été libéré en attendant sa prochaine comparution à Alexandria, le 3 avril.

L’homme a déjà été reconnu coupable d’agression sexuelle dans le diocèse d’Alexandria-Cornwall en 1986.

3 Responses to Former priest accused of indecent assault” with original French text

  1. Sylvia says:

    Back to Cornwall…

    Father Gilles Deslaurier has been charged again!

    Deslaurier arrived in Cornwall Ontario as a layman, and Master of Ceremonies and bosom buddy to Adolphe Proulx in 1967 when Proulx took over the helm as bishop of the then Diocese of Alexandria . After Deslaurier was ordained, and after Proulx became Archbishop of the neighbouring archdiocese of Gatineau Hull, and after Deslaurier was identified as a molester, Proulx stepped in to protect his dear ‘friend’.

    The above is a google translation, and at this point is the only coverage I can find on the charges.

    Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

  2. Sylvia says:

    By the way, to my knowledge he is not a former priest. Unless he was quietly defrocked within the last few years he is still, sad to say, a priest in the Roman Catholic Church.

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