Dejaeger: Eric Dejaeger omi

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Ex priest Eric Dejaeger

Dejaeger updated Interpol pic (Interpol/Canadian Press)

Father Erik Dejaeger omi Father Eric Dejaeger omi (L – Interpol photo)

Father Eric Jose Dejaeger omi

Eric Dejaeger omi

Belgian-born.  Came to Canada in 1973.  Ordained as an Oblate priest 1978.

Laicized 2011 – still an Oblate

22 October 2015:  Sentenced to five years on each of Edmonton charges – sentences to run concurrently to the 11 years he is currently serving, therefore, no more jail time for abusing those children in Edmonton.

29 Sept 2015Guilty plea to four Edmonton charges dating to his seminary days:  three victims

04 Feb. 2015:  sentenced to 19 years in jail (8 years deducted as 2:1 credit for time served, therefore 11 years left to serve)

Dejaeger cropped phot from Belgium

Fugitive Father Eric Dejaeger in Belgium

(Canadian Oblate publications and the Canadian Catholic Directory spell Dejaeger’s first name with a `k`- EriDejaeger. He refers to himself as Erik. Somehow media and court documents have him as Eric. I will identify him according to the spelling in given documents) Belgian born Oblate priest.  Arrived in Canada 1973.   Ordained 1978.  Served in the North.  1990 – GUILTY to sex abuse of eight boys and girls in Baker Lake, NWT.  1991:  GUILTY  to sex abuse of a boy and girl in 1988.  1993 – new charges filed – agreement made between Crown and defence to cancel trial scheduled for July 1993.  1995 – charges from Igloolik laid – Dejaeger flees the country for his native Belgium.  These charges stem from his time in Igloolik, Nunavut (formerly North West Territories)  Both Baker Lake and

Catholic priest Eric Dejaeger leaves an Iqaluit, Nunavut, courtroom on Jan. 20, 2011 after his first appearance for six child sexual abuse charges in Igloolik dating back to the 1970s. (CHRIS WINDEYER / CP)

20 January 2011 – Eric Dejaeger leaves Iqaluit courthouse (CHRIS WINDEYER / CP)

Igloolik are part of the Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay.) 2001:  2001 an Intrepol warrant (Red Notice)  was issued. 19 January 2011 – Dejeager deported and returned to Canada in custody to face trial.  November 2011:  charges laid in Edmonton, Alberta in relation to allegations of sex abuse dating to his years in seminary in Edmonton. 18 November 2013:  start of five week sex abuse trial in Iqaluit, Nunavut. 12 December 2013:  Trial adjourned to 20 January 2014 (Crown rested its case).  New charges were laid.  Dejaeger is now facing a total of 80 sex-related charges from his time in Igloolik.  He has pleaded guilty to eight charges.   41 witness took the stand at trial for the prosecution , most of whom are complainants.

10 September 2014:  Guilty verdict on 24 of the charges (Nunavut).

NOTE:  On 29 September 2015, in the Iqaluit courthouse (Iqaluit, Nunavut)  Dejaeger pleaded guilty to two counts of gross indecency, one count of indecent assault on a female, and one count of indecent assault on a male (Edmonton Alberta)

July 2016:  denied legal aid for appeal.  Dejaeger is now a resident in Warkworth Institution, a medium security facility  near  Campbellford, Ontario (located in the municipality of Trent Hills, Ontario, between the communities of Meyersburg and Warkworth.)

March 2017:   Justice Sharkey rules that  Dejaeger to have court appointed lawyer with fees picked up by AG of Canada

September 2018: Appeal of convictions denied.   Ruling on appeal of sentencing outstanding.  Eligible for parole!!

November 2018: Appeal of 19-year sentence denied



26 November 2018:  “Ex-priest loses appeal for 19-year sentence in Igloolik sex-abuse case” & related article

26 October 2018:   “Pedophile ex-priest still guilty, Nunavut appeal court rules” & related article

16 November 2017:  Ex-priest Dejaeger’s appeal starts moving through Nunavut court

27 July 2017:  Appeal now underway in Nunavut for convicted child molester

15 March 2017Nunavut Court of Appeal: Memorandum of Judgment (Justice Sharkey rules that Dejaeger to have court appointed lawyer with fees picked up by Attorney General of Canada)

16 March 2017:  “Nunavut court approves legal funding for pedophile priest Eric Dejaeger” & related article



Next court date re Dejager  appeal: 25 July  2018:  1:30 pm. “to speak to,” Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 15 November 2017:  update on preparations for appeal, Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 26 July 2017:  1:30 pm,  Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut ; 15 March 2017:  1:30 pm, “to be spoken to” brought forward to the court of appeal panel, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 09 November 2016:  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut


30 January 2015:  R v Dejeager 2015 Reasons for Judgment (sentencing)  (Justice Kilpatrick’s explanation for the 19 year sentence – includes a factual summary of each offence for which Dejaeger was convicted or pled guilty)


Media coverage and BLOGS

24 July 2017:  BLOG Betrayed!

27 July 2017:  Appeal now underway in Nunavut for convicted child molester

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13 December 2015:  Sex assault victim sues Catholic organizations and former priest for $3 million

23 October 2015:  “Nunavut court accepts joint sentence deal on Dejaeger’s Alberta sex crimes” & related articles

22 October 2015:  Eric Dejaeger, ex-priest, sentenced to 5 years for Edmonton sex charges

18 June 2015:  Eric Dejaeger, former priest, to plead guilty to Alberta charges

17 June 2015:  Eric Dejaeger hearing put off due to lawyer no-show

19 March 2015:  Eric Dejaeger, ex-priest convicted of child sex abuse, back in court

18 March 2015:  Tech glitches, admin errors wreak havoc on Nunavut court

04 February 2013:  BLOG  Message in Inuktitut

04 February 2014:  Former Arctic priest Eric Dejaeger sentenced to 19 years for sex offences

04 February 2014:  Go to jail for 11 more years, Nunavut judge tells pedophile ex-priest Dejaeger

04 February 2015:  “Eric Dejaeger, former priest, sentenced to 19 years for child sex abuse” & related article

04 February 2015:  BLOG 11 more years in jail

04 February 2015″  BLOG A charmed life


Lawyers, Crowns and judges

15 March 2017:  Appeal:  Lawyer to be appointed to represent Dejaeger – fees to be picked up by office of the Attorney General of Canada   Justice Sharkey

2011:  Edmonton charges:  Defence:  Malcolm Kempt.  Crown: Doug Curliss QC; Barry Nordin; Scott Hughes.   Judge: Justice Sue Cooper

2011 charges (all Nunavut charges eventually laid after deportation):  Defence:  Malcolm Kempt.  Crown: Doug Curliss QC; Barry Nordin; Scott Hughes.   Judge:  Justice Robert Kilpatrick

Initial Defence lawyer:  Andrew Mahar

1995 charges (fled the country) :  Defence:  John M. Scurfield, Q.C

1993 charges (trial scheduled for July ’93 cancelled. ):  Defence:  (was it Scurfield?  I’m not sure)

1991 charges (additional Baker Lake charges.  Sentences of eight months and three months to run concurrent to previous five sentence)  :  Defence:  John M. Scurfield, Q.C.  Crown:  D. McWhinney.  Judge:  Justice Ted Richard.

1989 charges (Baker Lake) – five year sentence):  Defence:  Alan Regel.  Crown:   ?? .  Judge:  Justice Michel Bourassa



(Click here for all Media coverage and BLOGS)

30 September 2015 :  “Former priest Eric Dejaeger pleads guilty to more sex-related charges” & related articles

30 September 2015:  Nunavut pedophile priest convicted on four more sex charges

29 September 2015:  BLOG  “GUILTY”: Three more Dejaeger victims in Edmonton

17 June 2015:  Eric Dejaeger hearing put off due to lawyer no-show

19 March 2015:  Eric Dejaeger, ex-priest convicted of child sex abuse, back in court

18 March 2015:  Tech glitches, admin errors wreak havoc on Nunavut court

05 February 2015:  “Ex-priest jailed for sex crimes against dozens of children and a sled dog in the Canadian Arctic” & related articles

04 February 2015:  Defrocked priest DeJaeger sentenced to 19 years for horrific sex-crimes, leaves ‘dark legacy’ in Nunavut

04 February 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Judge’s decision expected today

22 January 2015:  Nunavut ex-priest Dejaeger says he’s sorry for sex crimes against Inuit children

22 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: ‘I promise not to re-offend’

22 January 2015:  BLOG Wrapped up in the twinkle of an eye

22 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Former priest to speak to the court today

21 January 2015:  Nunavut court: Child-molesting ex-priest deserves 25 years jail time, Crown says

21 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Defence asks for 12 years, minus time served

21 January 2015:  BLOG  Dejaeger to address the court tomorrow

21 January 2015:  BLOG Defence wants four years (12 – 8)?

21 January 2015:  Nunavut abuse victim hurls scripture at pedophile ex-priest Dejaeger

21 January 2015:  BLOG Crown wants 17 years

21 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Lawyers’ arguments expected today

20 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: former priest’s hearing continues

19 January 2015:  Sex-abuse victim tells priest’s sentencing hearing wood smell triggers memories

19 January 2015:  Nunavut court: After nearly four decades, Dejaeger’s victims have their say

19 January 2015: CBC  LIVE BLOG: Eric Dejaeger sentencing: 9 victims make impact statements

19 January 2015:  BLOG  Dejaeger sentencing update

18 January 2015:  BLOG  Deported four years ago!

18 January 2015:  Arctic hamlet readies for mental health fallout from priest sex abuse sentencing

12 September 2014:   Nunavut court: pedophile ex-priest Eric Dejaeger guilty on 24 counts


10 September 2014:  Dejaeger verdict Reasons for Judgment

18 March 2014:  Reasons for Judgment (Justice Kilpatrick’s denial of Crown motion to cross-examine on the facts underlying Dejaeger’s earlier convictions)

December 2013: The beauty of Iqaluit  (Pictures)


Upcoming and previously scheduled court dates

Nunavut charges:

Next court date:  18 June 2015:  in am, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut ; 16 June 2015 :  1:30 pm, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut ; 17 March 2015:  09:30 am, “to speak to,”  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut  ;03 March 2015:  09:30 am, “to speak to,”  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut19 January 2015: Sentencing hearing,  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 10 September 2014:  verdict,  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut ; 26 May 2014:  continuation of trial, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 17 – 20 March 2014: continuation of trial which started 18 November 2013), Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 20 January 2014: Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut (continuation of trial which commenced 18 November 2013  (The Crown rested its case before Christmas.  Defence will present its case starting 20 Jan. ’14)

Edmonton charges

Next court date:   22 October  2015: 1:30 pm,  sentencing, Iqaluit courthouse ; 29 September 2015:   guilty plea  to four Edmonton charges (in the Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut) ; 06 March 2015:  09:30 am, in arraignment court, Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench ( 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square , Edmonton, AB) ; 06 February 2015: 09:30 am, in arraignment court, Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench ( 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square , Edmonton, AB) ; 26 January 2015:  09:30 am, to be spoken to, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse;12 September 2015: to set date for trial,  Edmonton, Alberta courthouse (  waived right to preliminary hearing); 31 July 2014:  09:00 am, preliminary hearing, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse (booked for one day)08 January 2014:  09:00 am, courtroom # 356, “to set date,”  Edmonton, Alberta courthouse; Preliminary hearing: 2-3 December 2013, 09:00 am, courtroom # 355,  Edmonton Alberta courthouse.; 29 October 2013:   Pre-trial conference, 09:00 am, courtroom # 001,  Edmonton Alberta courthouse (NOT open to the public); 31 May 2013: Pre-Trial hearing – NOT open to the public;   21 February 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom # 356, “to speak to,” Edmonton Alberta courthouse07 February 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom # 356, “to set a date,” Edmonton Alberta courthouse 20 & 21 December 2012: Preliminary hearing, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse29 March 2012:  9 am, courtroom #265, Edmonton Alberta court house “for election and plea”;   01 March 2012: 09:00 am, courtroom #265, “for a plea,” Edmonton, Alberta,  Courthouse; 25 January 2012: 9 am, court room  #256 `for election and plea` Edmonton, Alberta,  Courthouse; 16 December 2011:  9 am, courtroom #265, Edmonton, Alberta,  Courthouse;  02 December 2011 (Edmonton court house, Edmonton, Alberta)


Click the links below for  pictures

From fugitive in Belgium to incarceration in Iqaluit

 Father Eric Dejaeger omi – living as a fugitive from justice in Belgium

Paters Oblaten retreat in Blanden, Belgium where Father Eric Dejaeger was living as a fugitive


Documents of interest pre Dejaeger’s return to Canada

21 July 2010: – “Wanted: DEJAEGER, ERIC JOSE (Interpol 2010)

08 May 2010: Father Eric (English translation of article in Belgian publication De Morgen. Original Flemish tex below in pdf format) 08 May 2010: De Morgen Part One (pdf) 08 May 2010: De Morgen Part 2 (pdf – scroll to second page to view Interpol warrant – English)

Mid May 2009: Father Dejaeger concelebrates at a funeral Mass in Belgium. His faculties had presumbly been revoked in 2002  

22 April 2002: Dejaeger Adjudication & Disposition

22 April 2002: Warrant for Arrest of Eric Dejaeger (Nunavut)

03 May 2001: Interpol warrant (Red Notice) for Eric Dejaeger“May be dangerous”

05 July 1995: Letter to Father Erik Dejaeger in Belgium from “J.P.” in St. Boniface, Manitoba on Oblate Provincial letterhead (gives a heads up re warrant issued for Dejaeger’s arrest. J.P. is probably Father Jean-Paul Isabelle omi who is listed at the St. Boniface provincial address in 1995 and as Provincial at the same address in 1996 )

20 October 1993: Lawyer letter to Father A. Piche, Oblate provincial superior, re Dejaeger legal bill and belief that it is “unlikely” that there would be further charges but the Crown had not given assurance that there would not

1990: Article in Inuit newspaper re sentencing of Father Eric Dejaeger on sex abuse conviction

20 April 1990:R. v. Dejaeger – Reasons for Judgement

[Note of interest: John A Scurfiled of the law firm Wolch, Pinx, Tapper, Scurfield, was retained by the Oblates to represent Dejaeger in the mid 90s. Sheldon Pinx, a partner in the firm, just got Monsignor Roger Bazin off scott free.]



The following information is derived from newspaper articles (see 1990 above) , a court document (see R. v. Dejaeger above), the Canadian Catholic Church Directory (CCCD), personal phone calls, a translation from the Belgian publication, De Morgen (see “Father Eric” link above to English translation of o8 May 2010 article), and Canadian media. Note that Nunavut, Canada’s largest territory, was formerly part of the North West Territories. Prior to the 01 April 1999 Nunavut Act Baker Lake and Igloolik were in the North West Territories. Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital, was formerly known as Frobisher Bay. For simplicity’s sake, regardless of date I have referred to all locations as part of Nunavut.  According to media reports, also served in Repulse Bay and Pelly Bay

September 2018: Appeal of convictions denied

_ Eligible for parole!!!

15 March 2017:  Nunavut Court of Appeal:  Justice Shareky rules that Dejaeger is to have a lawyer appointed with fees paid by the Attorney General of Canada

09 November 2016:  DeJaeger advised court that he would like to have legal representation to assist with his appeal

26 March 2015:  filed a “prisoner’s appeal’

22 October 2015:  sentenced to five years in prison for each of four Edmonton Alberta charges – sentences to run concurrent to each other and to the 11 years he is currently serving on the Nunavut convictions

29 September 2015:  Edmonton Alberta charges – GUILTY plea  to two counts of gross indecency, one count of indecent assault on a female, and one count of indecent assault on a male

04 Feb. 2015:  sentenced to 19 years in jail on Nunavut charges (8 years deducted as 2:1 credit for time served, therefore 11 years left to serve)

10 September 2014:  Guilty verdict on 24 of the charges (plus guilty plea to eight charges)

12 December 2013:  Trial adjourned to 20 January 2013 (Crown rested its case).  New charges were laid.  Dejaeger is now facing a total of 80 sex-related charges from his time in Igloolik.  He has pleaded guilty to eight charges.   41 witness took the stand at trial for the prosecution , most of whom are complainants

18 November 2013:  TRIAL (originally scheduled for 10 weeks, now scheduled for five to six weeks.  Lead prosecutor is Douglass Curliss of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with Scott Hughes of Iqaluit, and Barry Nordin, formerly of  Iqaluit and now of Halifax, Nova Scotia.)  All charges date to the years 1978-1982 and include charges of bestiality

01 October 2012:  Entered not guilty pleas to all 76 charges against him in Nunavut

March 2012: Dejaeger’s previous lawyer for the Nunavut charges was elevated to the bench.  He has retained a new lawyer, Malcolm Kempt of Iqaluit

November 2011:  New charges from Edmonton, Alberta

24 January 2011: three new charges added to the original six in Igloolik: two of indecent assault from Igloolik, and one of failure to appear.

20 January 2011:   He landed in Iqaluit, Nunavut 20 January 2011 and was taken directly to the Iqaluit courthouse and then to the Baffin Correctional Centre where he is currently housed in a single cell and, initially at least and by personal preference,  segregating himself from the rest of the inmate populace.   One week before trial facing 75 charges, some of which are charges related to bestiality.

19 January 2011: DEPORTED (Dejaeger was deported when it became known that he  had lost his Belgian citizenship.  His passport expired in 1997.  He was living in Belgium illegally.)

Sept. 12, 2010: “Oblates issue statement saying Dejaeger will turn himself in” (CP timeline)

September 2010Belgian Foreign Affairs. Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation statement re Dejaeger’s citizenship  

08 May 2010: article in Belgian newspaper De Morgen re Father Eric Dejaeger living in Belgium

May 2010: living with small group ( 6 or 7) of Oblates in Blanden, near Leuven.  Dejaeger’s address is known, as is the fact that he is a wanted man.  No action.

Mid May 2009: – concelebrated at a funeral Mass (click here for picture)

April 2003: April 2003 edition of Oblate Communications notes that Father Erik Dejaeger will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of his ordination on 28 May 2003. Listed as “Belgium North” (

22 April 2002: Nunavut – bench warrant issued for Dejaeger’s arrest.

22 April 2002: Adjudication and Dispostion: Six charges: 3 of buggery, 3 of indecent assault against a male

22 April 2002: Warrant issued for arrest of Eric Dejaeger

27 February 2002: – Dejaeger’s Oblate provincial writes to the President of the the Interdiocesan Committee for Sexual Abuse (Belgium) and states in part:

“… you do not have the right to make this affair public, because it would harm the church and cause injustice to the Oblates”. (De Morgen)

03 May 2001: – Interpol international warrant issued for Eric Dejaeger for ‘rape of minor, sex crimes’ – advises he “may be dangerous.” (De Morgen) Warrant is published in at least one newspaper

– (exact date unknown) Complaint against Dejaeger by young Flemish woman who made a pilgrimage to Lourdes (De Morgen). Apparently the complaint was not of a sexual nature, but rather that she identified him and was aware that he was a convicted child molester. (A newspaper published the Interpol warrant. This may have been fallout from seeing his picture in the paper)  It is believed that after this or around this time he was supposedly stripped of his faculties to say public Masses and hear confessions (phone), however, in 2009 he was pictured concelebrating at a funeral Mass – Despite knowledge that he was wanted by Interpol, no action was taken.

Early 1997 – at least mid 2000: working in Lourdes, France. According to article in De Morgen (Father Eric) Dejaeger was receiving pilgrims and hearing confessions at the Lourdes Shrine. During off season for pilgrimages he stayed with the Oblates in Waregem, Belgium.

1996: Not listed in Canadian Catholic Church Directory

05 July 1995: Letter from Canadian Oblate superior addressed to Dejaeger at Processiestraat 1, Waregem, Belgium states in part:

Dear Eric,the RCMP (Canadian police) called me this morning. There is a search warrant out for you. This means that if you were to come to Canada, you would be arrested upon arrival. They asked me where you were and I told them you were in Belgium, but that I did not know where.”

 July 1995: – Warrant issued for his arrest.

July 5, 1995: “Oblate officials in Belgium are informed that a Canadian arrest warrant was issued against Dejaeger. Dejaeger told by Oblates that nothing is likely to happen unless he comes to Canada.”  (CP timeline)

20 June 1995: fled the country for his native Belgium. (What was Dejaeger doing with his passport or passports? )

20 June 1995:  “Oblate officials are informed that Dejaeger is in Belgium.”  (CP timeline)

13 June 1995: – trial date set

20 April 1995:  Dejaeger invited to return to Belgium (CP timeline)

26 March 1995:  “Dejaeger writes to Oblate officials in Belgium to propose a possible return.” (CP timeline)

19 February 1995: – charged with 6 counts of indecent assault and 3 of buggery (these charges relate to Igloolik allegations). (Why were Dejaeger’s passports not confiscated?)

1994 & 1995: address in index listed as CP 35A, RR 2. Lorrete, Manitoba, ROA OYO (Diocese of St. Boniface, Manitoba) (CCCD)

The first Homes for Growth House was in Lorrete, Manitoba.  Is this the address?  Was Dejaeger perhaps staying here  after his incarceration?


1994:  RCMP interview complainants in Igloolik

Jan-Feb 1993New charges filed

10 June 1993:  “Dejaeger’s lawyer writes to the Crown asking if another trial is needed. After some correspondence and discussion, a trial scheduled for early July is cancelled.” “‘Internal Oblate correspondence indicates ‘no further charges are expected.’” (CP timeline)

11 March 1992Granted full parole subject to conditions in effect till 1995.  Enrolls at University of Manitoba  (M)

12 September 1991Released from Rockwood Prison, a minimum-security institution in Stony Mountain, Man. Moved to halfway house

1989 – 1991: Canadian Press articles re Father Eric Dejaeger’s 1989 & 1991 sex abuse charges

June 1991: GUILTY to sex assault 14-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy in 1988. Sentence to run concurrent to previous sentence. According to one source, served 18 months in jail.

April 1991:  Dejaeger pleaded not guilty to the five charges.  The Crown reduced the number of charges to two 

January 1991:  Five charges from two teenage victims

April 1990: GUILTY to nine offences of sexual assault and indecent assault, committed over a period of seven years in Baker Lake involving eight different victims both male and female. Charges included repeated acts of sodomy of two young boy. The sexual abuse of the boys began when they were between the ages of 8 and 12. Five year sentence.

September 1989:  prior to being charged had been scheduled to take a one year sabbatical to study linguistics and the Inuit language of Inuktitut 

29 August 1989: appeared in Yellowknife court –Released on bail ($85,000) (M)

– was required to deposit his Canadian and Belgian passports with Yellowknife RCMP

Seems to have been residing at the House of Growth (Homes for Growth), in Milner Ridge, Manitoba. Ordered by court to remain there until his next court appearance. The Homes for Growth, also known as Maissons du Croissance, was in part a communal living arrangement founded around 1977 by Sr. Jeanne Wilfort csc, a Sister of the Holy Cross and, according to another source, co-founded by  “Winnipeg-based” Oblate Father, Raymond Beauregard,.   According to one source, Wilfort was` trained in a method of therapy called “PRH” (Personality in Human Relationships)which originated in France with Father Rochais. Wilfort’s specialty “ Affectivity” which, according to one source” is supposed to be how to love and be loved, and to express oneself affectionately.” It seems Wilfert provided ‘treatment’ of some sort and was seen by herself and others as some sort of healer.  The homes were supported by the Holy Cross sisters and the Oblates. In 2002 several religious sisters alleged that they and other females were sexually abused by Wilfort.  A lawsuit was launched.  Click here for further info re House of Growth/Homes for Growth/Sister Jeanne Wilfort csc

21 August 1989:  arrested – seven charges related to allegations of sex abuse in Baker Lake, NWT (Now Nunavut)  (M) Arrested in Langley, BC

August 1989:  according to media, studying linguistics in Langley, BC.

June 1989:  attended a missionary meeting in Edmonton, Alberta

1982-1989:  Baker Lake, Nunavut

May (?) 1989:  On advice of Bishop Rouleau moved out of Baker Lake.  Apparently initially went to a religious house in Winnipeg, Manitoba

April 1989: Bishop Rouleau alleged he learned in April that Dejaeger might be charged. According to media Rouleau said he learned for someone outside the community. (M)  

1985:  Baker Lake (CCCD) (Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay, Manitoba)

1982Transferred to Baker Lake, Nunavut

1978-1981: Igloolik, Nunavut, Canada (Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay) (  Fellow Oblate Father Robert Lechat was serving in and around  Igloolik around the same time.  According to the Oblate directory Father Lechat  served in Igloolik from 1972-1986 and 1988.

1978: ORDAINED as a priest for the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. – As an Oblate priest served in the missions in the Canadian Arctic.

1977 :  Takes out Canadian citizenship.  Served his diaconate in Repulse Bay (Diocese of Churchill).   (he allegedly lost his Belgian citizenship at this time because he did not apply for dual citizenship)

Attended St. Joseph Seminary in Emonton Alberta (the seminary is connected to Newmand Theological College). I am told that Dejaeger did spend some time in seminary formation in Belgium – he was with the Oblates before his arrival in Canada. I have also been told that he spent some months at St. Paul’s, the Oblate administered seminary and university in Ottawa, Ontario. The actual years are at this time unknown. 

(allegations of sex abuse from Edmonton Alberta span the years 1975-1978.  Those are years in which Dejaeger would have been a seminarian)

May 1974Leaves Pelly Bay for Edmonton, Alberta

1973: arrived in Canada.  “”…visits several Arctic Missions.  Stays briefly in Pelly Bay NWT (now Kugaaruk, Nunavut) (M)

28 June 1973:  leaves Belgium.

24 April 1947: Born in Roeselaar, Belgium’ (De Morgen)   


Record of charges

Current Charges in Nunavut:

December 2013: facing a total of 80 sex-related charges from his time in Igloolik.  Pleaded guilty to eight charges.;  41 witness took the stand at trial, most of whom are complainants

May 2012: 35 new charges added for a total of 74.  (One May report says 77) There are 18 new complainants for a total of 39. (this doesn’t marry with previous numbers but will eventually get sorted out in court) 14 May:  There may be one more complainant, in which case there would also be additional charges.  In addition to most of the charges which are  sex-related the charges include one of failure to appear in court, one of unlawful confinement, one of uttering threats, and three counts of use of violence to prevent reporting of suspicious activity and one of bestiality.

15 August 2011:  five more charges added.  The total number of charges Dejaeger now faces in Nunavut is 30. I don’t have them all, but the total now is 30.

21 March 2011: there have been a further 11 charges from five complainants. There are now a total of 11 complainants (7 male and 4 female) and 20 charges (19 sex-related and one failure to appear).

On 09 February 2011 a further charge of indecent assault was added. That charge relate to allegations of a female – all other Igloolik charges relate to allegations by males.. There are now six counts of indecent assault, three counts of buggery, and one count of failure to appear in court. There are five male complainants and one female complainant

On 24 January 2011 three new charges were added to the six of indecent assault and buggery he already faces from Igloolik. The new charges are: two of indecent assault from Igloolik and one of failure to appear for his June 1995 courtdate. According to Crown Paul Bychok “The Crown expects charges to arise in a number of Canadian jurisdictions.”

321 Responses to Dejaeger: Eric Dejaeger omi

  1. 1yellowknife says:

    He is in an Iqaluit detention centre (gevangenis). He now has 26-28 charges. Most charges are for abusing Inuit children. One charge is for beastiality (sex met een hond). He is being well treated during detention. As far as I know, he is not in isolation but chooses to remain in his room most of the time. His return from Belgium – he was expelled – was the result of diligent work by Lieve Halsberghe and a team of amazing Belgian journalists as well as Sylvia, the host of this site. It is an example of superb use of technology – the internet.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Has anyone heard what happened in court today?

  3. Michel B. says:

    Article today…….he is going to sit in jail and try to lessen his sentence…now thats a real honourable person..Sit there until Ferbruary 2012.

    A preliminary hearing will take place next year for Eric Dejaeger, a former Roman Catholic priest accused of sex crimes against children in Nunavut in the late-1970s and 1980s.
    Eric Dejaeger, right, is escorted out of the Iqaluit courthouse on Jan. 20, shortly after he was brought back to Canada from Belgium. He remains in custody at the Baffin Correctional Centre.(CBC)
    Three weeks have been set aside for the preliminary hearing, which will start on Feb. 20, 2012, the Nunavut Court of Justice confirmed Monday in Iqaluit.

    Dejaeger, now 64, faces more than 30 criminal charges — including indecent assault and buggery — from multiple complainants who claim he abused them when they were children in Igloolik, Nunavut.

    The alleged offences took place between 1978 and 1982, when Dejaeger was serving as a missionary in the eastern Arctic community.

    A Canadian citizen, Dejaeger fled to Belgium around 1995, after he had served a jail term in Canada for sex crimes against children in another Nunavut community, Baker Lake.

    Dejaeger lived freely in Belgium, his country of birth, for almost 16 years until January, when Belgian immigration officials declared that he had overstayed his legal residency in that country.

    Since Dejaeger was brought back to Canada on Jan. 19, he has been remanded at the Baffin Correctional Centre in Iqaluit.

    During Monday’s court hearing, defence lawyers confirmed that Dejaeger has waived his right to a bail review, meaning he will remain in custody until the preliminary hearing begins.

  4. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Michel. I now have it posted:

    I guess this means he’s denying the allegations?

  5. Michel B. says:

    Not necessarily all the allegations, if i remember correctly a preliminary hearing is the discovery of information agreed upon. The crown and defence may agree on information in disclosure and then those informaton not agreed upon goes on to trial. End result may be plea of guilt to some of the charges and then contesting of others..What I don’t like however, is that he sits and if found guilty gets credit of half a day over and above his sentence for his days in waiting. The kids in Igloolik who have allegedly been subject to his abuse however don’t get credit for waiting 16 years for their day to have their allegations tested despite the hardship that was created for them, their families and their community.

  6. Sylvia says:

    The preliminary hearing is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to go to trial. True some charges can be whittled away in the process, but that can be done apart from a preliminary hearing.

  7. Lona Hegeman, Northwest Territories, Canada says:

    Congratulations, Sylvia on being honoured at the Annual Beyond Borders Media Awards (21 November 2011, Winnipeg, Manitoba) where you will bring the
    Keynote Address: “Bringing a Pedophile to Justice” re the teamwork which brought an end to Father Eric Dejaeger’s days as a fugitive from justice in Canada
    Mike McIntyre (Winnipeg Free Press and national radio program) is a former recipient. He may be there and perhaps could add to the coverage given this important award and this important event. I will be in Nunavut during that time, otherwise I would be tempted to travel to Winnipeg to attend this. I am so proud to know you and your unfailing efforts to address this issue. You are a class act!!

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Yes, indeed, congratulations. It is so easy to think good work is mostly ignored. This shows it is not. It will lead to an opportunity to be more read, better listened to, and thus having a greater effect on getting better solutions to these perlexing cases. You will not run out of the opportunities to do so for a good long time.

  8. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Lona and 1 abandoned sheep.

    Doesn’t life take the strangest twists and turns?

    I’m not giving the Keynote Address Lona 🙂 I think maybe that’s what you think? If that’s the case, Heavens no. That task belongs to Beyond Borders co-founder Mark Hecht who, I know, will do a fantastic a job of telling the sordid tale of how our fugitive-molester-Oblate priest somehow managed to high-tail it out of Canada to elude justice, etc etc etc. I am truly looking forward to his address.

    And, in all of this slowly but surely the message will get out that, thanks to the wonders of the internet and the blogosphere ……they can run but they can’t hide!

  9. Michel Bertrand says:

    I noticed while going over the mountain of material that he was in Repulse Bay just before ordination, I wonder if he entertained is selfish criminal obsession while in that posting…this has the makings of a serial pedophile who should be placed on an international registry and he should be considered un-treatable as he shows obsessive attraction to children. The best we could do for children after he accounts for his behaviour is to monitor closely all of his coming and goings.

  10. Sylvia says:

    I have several of the new articles posted.

    Yes, Michel, he served his diaconate in Repulse Bay. He also spent time in Ottawa, Ontario.

    I encourage anyone with sex abuse allegations against Eric Dejaeger to contact their local police.

  11. Lona Hegeman, Northwest Territories, Canada says:

    Sylvia: Could Hecht’s address be posted online… Would love to read.

  12. Sylvia says:

    I will see what I can do Lona.

  13. Sylvia says:

    Next court date for Dejaeger in Edmonton is 16 December 2011: 9 am, courtroom #265. Edmonton, Alberta court house.

  14. Sylvia says:

    I just spoke to Detective Barb Clover with the Edmonton Police Service sexual assault unit. There are now two complainants with a total of four charges from Edmonton. At their request of the complainants Detective Clover does not want to identify the gender of the complainants.

    The Edmonton charges will NOT be merged with those in Nunavut . Dejaeger will be tried in Edmonton on the Edmonton charges.

    Dejaeger is presently in segregation, meaning he is housed with other sex offenders apart from the rest of the prison population.

  15. 1yellowknife says:

    Thank you, Detective Clover, for providing an update on this important northern story. So sorry there are victims elsewhere as well. Those who are coming forward are brave. Please tell them so.

  16. Michel Bertrand says:

    Thank you from the troll

  17. Michel Bertrand says:

    I wonder what happened today with this idiot…

  18. Sylvia says:

    I have heard nothing re Dejaeger’s court date yesterday and see nothing as yet in the news. If there is no word by next week I will at the very least find time to find out when his next court date is.

  19. Lona Hegeman, Northwest Territories, Canada says:

    Aan alle Vlaams-taligen die de ontwikkelingen rondom Eric (oftewel Erik) DeJaeger volgen. In het afgelopen jaar, is EdJ uit Belgie naar het noorden van Canada gebracht om terecht te staan voor ongeveer 30 aanklachten. Momenteel is hij in een gevangenis in Edmonton, Alberta voor nog merdere aanklachten. In Februarie begint de recht zaak in het noorden van Canada. Ik schrijf u om u ervan te verzekeren dat EDJ niet slecht wordt behandeld. Hij krijgt genoeg te eten. Hij is niet koud. Hij wordt niet mishandeld. Er is een franstalige roomse priester in Iqaluit die zeker ook de gevangenis, Baffin Correctional Centre, bezoekt. Voor degenen die zijn gedwongen overplaatsing naar Iqaluit heeft gevolgd, hoop ik dat ik u hiermede heb gerustgesteld. Tenslotte: Veel heil en zegen in het komend jaar toegewenst aan iedereen die dit leest.

  20. Sylvia says:

    Dejaeger’s next Edmonton court date is 25 January 2012, “for election and plea”: 9 am, court room # 265 at the Edmonton court house, Edmonton, Alberta

  21. Sylvia says:

    I have info on Dejaeger which I will write up and explain as best I can shortly. For now here is the pertinent news

    (1) Dejaeger was in court in Iqaluit this past Monday (09 January 2012).

    (2) Dejaeger has opted NOT to have a preliminary hearing: He wants to go directly to trial. He has opted for trial by judge alone (i.e., no jury)

    (3) There are a total of 37 sex related charges against Dejaeger

    (4) There are a total of 21 complainants. The complainants are male and female.

    (5) Of the 21 complainants one has allegations which relate to Dejaeger’s time in Baker Lake. The other 20 complainants have allegations relating to Dejaeger’s years in Igloolik

    (6) In addition to the 37 sex related charges there is one charge related to Dejaeger’s failure to appear in court back in 1995. Dejaeger is, therefore, facing a total of 38 charges.

    (7) The 23 January 2012 court date in Iqaluit for arraignment still stands.

    (8) The 20 February 2012 date for a three-week preliminary hearing in Iqaluit is gone. There will be no preliminary hearing.

    I will blog in more detail shortly

  22. Lona Hegeman, Northwest Territories, Canada says:

    Het is nu een jaar verder. Veel heil en zegen in 2012. Er zijn nu 39 aanklachten tegen Erik Dejaeger. De aanklachten zijn voor misbruik van beide meisjes en jongens. DeJaeger zal dit jaar voor de rechter in Iqaluit komen. Hij heeft een advokaat. Er zijn ook aanklachten tegen Erik DeJaeger vanuit Edmonton, Alberta. Ik hoop dat ik u hiermede op de hoogte heb gesteld van gebeurtenissen in 2011 vis a vis Eric Dejaeger.

  23. Michel Bertrand says:

    A very big day for my northern friends today, I am hoping that the spirit of justice and healing will rise into the hearts of those individuals involved in the journey of resolution and that you find freedom from the chains of past sorrow so that they will be cast into the depths of of the healing waters of your survivor souls and that you find peace forevermore. Be strong and be courageous young people, stand your ground and affirm your truth. Many of us stand with you !

  24. Sylvia says:

    I cropped, enlarged and posted the CBC photo from today of Dejaeger at the Iqaluit court house. That’s from the CBC article: 23 January 2012: Former priest appears in Iqaluit court on sex charges

  25. Michel Bertrand says:

    Any news yet about the outcome of his appearance today?

    • Sylvia says:

      I haven’t seen anything yet Michel. Hopefully there was media there so we can find out, otherwise it will be a case of finding out when the next court court date is.

  26. Sylvia says:

    Dejaeger’s next court date in Edmonton is 01 March 2012, 09:00 am, courtroom #265, “for a plea.”

  27. 1yellowknife says:

    Verscheidene Belgische kranten beschrijven EDJ as ‘uitgemergeld’. Kindertjes in vluchtelingenkampen zijn vaak uitgemergeld. Die beschrijving past, volgens mij, niet in het geval van EDJ. Hij is gewoonweg een oude man met een onverzorgde baard.

    Hij heeft goed (warm, droog, schoon) onderdak (voor vele Inuit en First Nations is dit NIET het geval); er is – zonder enig twijfel – genoeg voeding beschikbaar. Als hij het nodig heeft, krijgt hij medische zorg.

    Er zijn verschrikkelijke feiten die momenteel voor het gerecht zijn – niet aangaande de lange baard van EDJ maar aangaande vreselijke mishandeling. Geef u aan deze aanklachten aub ook uw aandacht.

  28. Michel Bertrand says:

    The post above is telling us that Dejeager is reported in several Belgium newspapers as being very emaciated however that he is warm well fed and that he is afforded medical treatment if he requires it. The newspapers are also discussing that allegations of his crimes of abuse.

    Googles translation is as follows

    Several Belgian newspapers EDJ describe as ’emaciated’. Children in refugee camps are often emaciated. That description fits, I think, not in the case of EDJ. He is simply an old man with a scraggly beard.

    He did a good (hot, dry, clean) shelter (for many Inuit and First Nations, this is NOT the case), there is – without doubt – enough power available. If he needs it, he gets medical care.

    There are terrible facts currently before the courts – not about the long beard of EDJ And as terrible abuse. Surrender to these charges your attention please.

  29. Lieve Halsberghe says:

    Hi there,
    When I saw the remark on EDJ being emaciated (“uitgemergeld”) in the article of the Belgian journal “Nieuwsblad”, I immediately wrote them to say the same: namely that Dejaeger is VERY well looked after in the Baffin correctional centre in Iqaluit and that he is certainly well fed. I do not agree with the paper because they came to the conclusion that Dejaeger had lost much weight, just by looking at the photograph on the CBC North website.
    Actually, I am convinced that Dejaeger is lucky not to be in prison in Belgium, because people would not be so nice to him there. The conditions in the prisons in Belgium are very very bad.
    What I did notice on the picture, was that Dejaeger has grown a long beard, just like his predecessor Frans Vande Velde, who, I am told, was liked by the Inuit. It is however, very unlikely that this new appearance will change anything about the way the Inuit feel about this man who destroyed the lives of so many.

  30. Michel Bertrand says:

    Positive thoughts for the people involved in tomorrows court appearance. Hoping that victims do not bear undue hardship and ill feelings for themselves and that they find a sense of justice from the outcomes of this proceeding. Hoping further that honesty and respect will be afforded to the afflicted and that they need not be subject to unnecessary vicarious trauma byway of the court process. Hoping for an honourable and healing conclusion to this sordid affair of long date and that internal resolution be within reach of the victims of these alleged crimes. Peace to the community of Baker Lake and Igloolik many stand with you and are with you in the spirit care concern and compassion. Justice has been a long time coming and should not have so long in coming.

  31. 1yellowknife says:

    Dejaeger investigation continues; indictment not yet filed
    Five-member RCMP team gathers evidence in Igloolik

    A dedicated team of five RCMP members continues to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct in Igloolik against disgraced priest Father Eric Dejaeger, Crown prosecutor said in court in Iqaluit Feb. 6.

    This means the RCMP’s investigation investigation into Dejaeger won’t be finished until a May 7 court appearance by Dejaeger in the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit, where the Crown is expected to file a formal indictment.

    Dejaeger currently faces up to 39 criminal charges, most alleging the sexual molestation of children.

    More charges could flow from the continuing investigation.

    The list of allegations Dejaeger faces involves sex offences alleged to have occurred in Igloolik against children between 1978 and 1982.

    RCMP in Igloolik originally charged Dejaeger with six counts of indecent assault in 1995.

    After serving out a five-year prison sentence on convictions related to sex charges involving children in Baker Lake, Dejaeger fled Canada for Belgium in 1995 and missed a scheduled court appearance on those charges.

    Police in Belgium arrested Dejaeger after Belgian authorities discovered he was living there illegally. He had given up his Belgian citizenship in 1977 to become a Canadian citizen.

    Belgian officials sent him back to Canada in early 2011, when he was brought to court to face the outstanding charges.

  32. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for that 1yellowknife. I now have it posted and have updated the Legal Calendar accordingly. I wonder if this means the the 05 March date is cancelled? Hopefully there will be something about that in the news.

  33. Michel Bertrand says:

    Does Dejaeger have court tomorrow with all this movement i am confused, the calendar has him appearing in Iqaluit

  34. Sylvia says:

    No Michel – there is NOT a hearing in Iqaluit. Tomorrow was supposed to be the start of Dejaeger’s preliminary hearing but he has opted NOT to have a preliminary hearing. I left the date on the calendar as a reminder of where things could be at. I will try to make it clearer that it is a cancelled date – if I can’t do that I will remove it.

  35. Sylvia says:

    There is nothing scheduled for 05 March 2012 in Iqaluit. Dejaeger’s next court date in Iqaluit is 07 May 2012.

  36. Michel Bertrand says:

    Any news on the plea by Dejaeger in Edmonton ?

  37. Sylvia says:

    I have heard and see nothing Michel. It looks as thought there is no media coverage of whatever did or did not happen. I will try to find out today.

  38. Sylvia says:

    Dejaeger’s next Edmonton court date is 29 March 2012: 9 am, courtroom #265, Edmonton courthouse “for election and plea”

  39. Brian wolf says:

    I can’t beleive what I’m reading , wow , another preist being charged, how many more are out there , acting out and being queer and going after little innocent childeren . I can’t help but express how sick and tired I am towards that catholic mockery what a joke , how in the hell can anybody possibly even want to have faith and support to the biggest criminal organization in the world especially to have admiration towards that freek dressed in his white bed sheet , the pope when are they going to charge him for the dirt and secrets he’s been keeping to protect his catholic empire ???

  40. 1yelllowknife says:

    Hi there Brian: There is a difference between being a pedofile (sexually abusing kids) and being queer (same sex preference). Pedofiles are criminals who abuse children and the sexual orientation of a pedofile is not the issue. Eric de Jaeger is a good example. He abused both male and female children. I have a problem with his pedofilia. I have nothing to say about his sexual orientation. I don’t care. He is supposed to be celebate but that is also something I don’t care about. I care about his criminal actions and the immense harm he has caused. I hope that explains the difference.

  41. 1yellowknife says:

    Is/was Andrew Mahar EJD’s defense lawyer? If so, he just became a Nunavut judge.

  42. Sylvia says:

    Thank goodness for you keeping an eye on things iyellowknife. Yes, Andre Mahar was indeed Dejaeger’s lawyer. I recall looking up his name when it first appeared ealry last year – the one and only lawyer by name of Andrew Mahar in Iqaluiit.

    I have posted the 02 March 2012 article announcing the appointment.

    I am sick! This means a new defence lawyer will have to be retained – he/she will literally have to spend months wrapping his/her head around the massive Dejaeger file and numerous allegations.

    Could this open the door for an eventual Charter challenge, with Dejaeger claiming that because of the appointment he lost his lawyer and therefore his right to a speedy trial has been violated? or something along those lines?

    I don’t know, but I fear it might.

    Potential challenge aside, has Dejaeger found and retained a new lawyer yet? And, if he has, will the new lawyer be up to snuff for the 07 May 2012 court Iqaluit court date?

  43. Sylvia says:

    Dejaeger’s next EDMONTON, Alberta court date is set for 20 & 21 December 2012 for a preliminary hearing.

  44. Michel Bertrand says:

    Mark my words, things will be arranged in such a way as to punish the victims and alight Dejaeger’s court outcome…what a mess and a travesty for the people of Igloolik, Repulse and Baker Lake and Canada. They have not been treated like every Canadian

  45. 1yellowknife says:

    Nunatsiaq news just published the following: Eric de Jaeger OMI has now been charged with SEVENTY OFFENSES.  For those who are new to this macabre story: Sylvia demonstrated  highly effective international leadership in creating awareness of this Eric’s life as a fugitive from justice, via this site. 

  46. Sylvia says:

    I was just literally posting a blog on this when your comment came in 1yellowknife 🙂  I have the article posted:

    08 May 2012: Accused priest misses court, faces more than 70 charges  

    More than 70 charges now!  The RCMP has been busy.  I commend every single soul in Nunavut who has found the courage to speak to police.  Good for you!  Good for you!!!  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    It is taking a long time, but, eventually justice will be done.

  47. Sylvia says:

    I just posted CBC North coverage of yesterday’s court date:

    08 May 2012: Number of charges against priest Dejaeger doubles

    This gives us more details, i.e:

    – In Nunavut, there are 35 new charges for a total of 74.

    – In Nunavut, there are 18 new complainants for a total of 39.

    – The Crown is still awaiting disclosure of hundreds of pages of documents.

    – The Crown and defence will probably agree to ask that these new charges be merged with the previous charges so that there is one trial in Nunavut.

    – Not mentioned is that in addition to the charges in Nunavut there are four charges from two complainants in Edmonton Alberta. The Edmonton charges will be dealt with in Alberta. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 20-21 December 2012 in Edmonton.

  48. MichelBertrand says:

    Send us your weak, your dispossessed, your disenfranchised and we will send you a serial predatory criminal pedophile in the guise clergy.

  49. Sylvia says:

    According to CBC twitter,

    (1) Dejaeger appeared in court this morning in Iqaluit;

    (2)  The Crown said that an indictment will be filed this summer;

    (3) Dejaeger will request trial by judge and jury;

    (4) Next court date in Iqaluit:  16 July

  50. Michel Bertrand says:

    It appears that Dejeager will be required to attend and that assistance is being sought due to the complex nature of this case. He will stand for idectment on September 10th 2012

  51. 1yelllowknife says:

    Status: 77 charges – beastiality still listed as one of.  Up to 400 witnessess possible. The scope is immense.

    NUNATSIAQ NEWS: Nunavut July 17, 2012 – 9:26 am

    Nunavut court postpones Dejaeger indictment until Sept. 10Crown awaits final disclosure of evidence from police


    ID: 29052 –>

    Father Eric Dejaeger will wait until Sept. 10 before he stands before a judge for a possible arraignment on 77 charges, mostly sex offences involving children.

    The Oblate missionary was a no-show at his latest court date July 16, when an arraignment was supposed to have held.

    That was put over so Crown prosecutors can consolidate all charges into a single indictment.

    But Crown prosecutor Paul Bychok does not yet know if a trial date can be set at Dejaeger’s next appearance, or if all charges laid against Dejaeger will be read.

    “From now until Sept. 10, we’re hoping the police will provide us with the final disclosure, and once we receive it, we will start to work our way through it. It’s quite painstaking as you can imagine,” Bychok said.

    The final disclosure package will contain all statements from all witnesses identified by police investigations. Then the prosecutors sift through the evidence provided by the police.

    So far there are 40 complainants alleging various sexual abuse charges against children, and one count of bestiality.

    “Theoretically we could be up to 400 witnesses. But there’s no way of knowing until we get the final disclosure package,” said Bychok.

    “It’s a big task. As I mentioned to the judge, the draft is prepared. We have to review all the fruit of the investigation that the police give us before we can finalize [the indictment].

    To help with the workload, an outside Crown prosecutor from Saskatoon is being brought in to help.

    “It’s not unusual for prosecution services to make sure we have adequate staff. It’s up to 40 complainants, so we want to make sure we have adequate resources assigned to it,” said Bychok.

    There have been no new charges laid against Dejaeger since his last court appearance May 14.

    Justice Robert Kilpatrick is now requiring Dejaeger to start appearing in court from now on, however that can be cancelled at the discretion of the defence.

    Dejaeger, a native of Belgium who gave up his Belgian citizenship to become a Canadian citizen in the 1970s, studied at Newman Theological College in Edmonton and became a Roman Catholic priest.

    Once ordained, he moved to Igloolik and lived there from 1978 to about 1982. He then left for Baker Lake, and stayed there until about 1989.

    In 1990, he pled guilty to nine sex offences related to his stay in Baker Lake, and served time in prison until 1995.

    After more charges were laid against him — this time six alleged offences from his time spent in Igloolik — he fled to Belgium and missed a court date in July 1995.

    More charges were laid through the Nunavut court in 1995 and 2002, and Interpol issued a series of international warrants for his arrest.

    Dejaeger spent time in Belgium until a Belgium newspaper exposed his past and he was arrested in 2011.

    The Belgium government, then discovering Dejaeger was not a citizen of their country, elected to deport him in January of 2011. He is now held in custody.

  52. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Michel and 1yellowknife.  I wouldn’t have had time to check for this news. I now have the article posted:

    17 July 2012: Nunavut court postpones Dejaeger indictment until Sept. 10

    I’m not sure if this is good news.  If I knew that Dejaeger had waived his 11b Charter rights to a speedy trial I would heave a sigh of relief.  That aside, I think it goes without saying that these delays must be so very difficult for the complainants.  Keep them all in your prayers, those in Edmonton included.

    A  final thought:  I pray that if there is any sign of obstruction of justice by anyone in our out of the Church who aided and abetted Dejaeger to elude justice from the mid 90s on that they will be charged.  Let’s hope that the investigation has delved into that little corner of the Dejaeger saga. I for one don’t for as moment believe that he high-tailed it out of the country without assistance from someone, be it a Crown and/or Church officials and/or other friends in high places.

  53. MS says:

    *I agree totally Sylvia.

  54. Lieve Halsberghe says:


    1. What is wrong with the hospital in Iqaluit? It is good enough for inhabitants of Iqaluit.

    2. Dejaeger claimed to be “disabled” because of two broken vertebra in 2001-2002 (and therefore unable to return to Nunavut where he was wanted). Yet he walked 2000 km to Lourdes (and even wrote a book about that experience). (see “Father Eric” on this site)

    3. He is NOT a resident of Nunavut? He is NOT a resident of Belgium either (was illegal for 16 years). Where is he a resident then? When it comes to the oblates, Dejaeger “belongs” to that province.

  55. Sylvia says:

    I just posted the article here Lieve.  The ‘problem’ here is that Dejaeger does NOT apparently qualify to see heart specialist.  I hope and pray that someone up there gets in touch with someone to bring this nonsense to an end.  For goodness sake someone must be capable of  bending whatever the rules are to allow Dejaeger to see a specialist in Iqaluit.  He will make hay out of this. 

    I am sure there is nothing in the books which covers this sort of situation.  The only thing to do, and what should and must be done, is amend the rule book to ensure that those who are not residents of Nunavut but are incarcerated (or in detention or whatever – behind bars) and in need of any manner of health care available in Iqaluit to Nunavut residents can avail themselves of those services while they are behind bars.

    The Baffin Correctional Centre should be fighting for this.  So should everyone in Nunavut who wants to see this case go to trial.

  56. Michel Bertrand says:

    *The defence is doing it’s work and fighting back now. It does not look good for sure for the victims of this pedophile. Whatever the outcome the courage to come forward and make this known by victims is the most important. If it does get dropped our society should have a good hard look at itself.Doctors can be flown in don’t you know and justice departments have budget lines they can use for such things. Sure sounds like catholic school excuses “I’m too sick to face what I have done”

    God help us all from the trickery of the wicked.

  57. 1yellowknife says:

    Michael: Well said and 100% right.

  58. 1yellowknife says:

    CBC North just received clarification:  RT @neville_c: GN Statement re Dejaeger: “Necessary medical treatment is never denied to an inmate based on residency or the ability to pay.” #cbcnorth

  59. Michel Bertrand says:

    *The truth of the matter is he is being well cared for and any delay is due to the breath and extent of abuse and the need to afford victims every right to come forward and for that information to be weighted and well presented. The victims waited many years for their charges to be heard as result of Erics evasion from justice. I feel the victims, crowns and officers of the court should also be afforded the needed time to process this significant case to it’s fair and just conclusion. He is a Canadian and has right to health care, so just treat him and figure who pays for it latter and move on.

    BTW How many people held in custody are able to not appear in court by choice. In those instances do they use a video system ? The court seems very tolerant of Eric’s wilfulness yet hastens the crown to move it along. Maybe if justice was not so hurried in the first place we would not be visiting this blunder at this time.

  60. 1yellowknife says:

    Michel: The GN statement said exactly that: He will be provided with needed medical care. Medical care will not be denied.  Evading justice has been Erik DeJaeger’s  crowning achievement for the past 20 years.  This is just more of the same.  Why is he still believed?

    I am grateful for the fast response from CBC North -Iqaluit and Nunatsiaq News. WIthin 24 hours, the facts  on medical care provisionwere established and published.

    Time to move on – yes, indeed.


  61. 1yellowknife says:

    UPDATE: October 1, 2012 – Iqaluit Courtroom – CBC Reporter Ridling twitter summarized

    • Eric Dejaeger in courtroom; weightloss noted
    • Trial to commence October 28, 2013 (!?) for a duration of 10 weeks
    • 41 complainants
    • EDJ pleads NOT guilty to all 76 charges – most charges are for child sexual abuse when EDJ was a priest.

    To view the twitter messages, go to CBC North online.


  62. Lieve Halsberghe says:

    *It is amazing that he pleads not guilty. The oblates have settled with 30 victims over the last 5 years before his return to Canada.. That is contradictory. 

    Regarding the weight loss: in a video of 2010 it was clear that Dejaeger was overweight, by far, so losing some weight should be healthy.

  63. Sylvia says:

    Thanks 1yellowknife.  I wasn’t able to find the tweets, but have posted several articles:

    01 October 2012: “Former Nunavut priest pleads not guilty to 76 sex charges” & related articles

    There should be more news tomorrow. 

  64. 1yellowknife says:

    Excellent news story by David Murphy, Nunatsiaq News. Posted at 6:20 AM  — their workload must be staggering. 

    Note that according to Kempt, Mr Dejaeger’s unaddressed health issues are no longer front and centre … and corrections officials are working hard at dealing with it. 

    I suggest Nunavut corrections officials having been “working hard at it” all along. Nothing new and novel here.

    What is new and novel is the appearance of Mr Dejaeger in the courtroom  — very much against his will, it appears.

  65. Michel Bertrand says:

    *Sandusky of Penn state received 30-60 years for 45 convictions..I wonder how many months Dejeager will serve if found guilty. Strangely this case is very similar, hiding, minimizing and covering facts. I did hear his tape or part of it and he takes absolutely no responsibility. He could not even do the right thing and give his victims solace by asking their forgiveness for the tragic wrong he did to those young boys. Dejeager however is a convicted sexual abuser who has pleaded not guilty to 70 + charges and chances are he will do very little time. We should learn from this case. I think 30-to 60 years begins to show how devastating a crime this is to young children in terms of sentencing !.

  66. John says:

    There are many spots along the Canadian border that you could walk across into the United States; how is it that with a few steps people (victims) are worth more to a justice system than here in this country? Our system is badly in need of an overhaul and a return to a proper balance!!!!

    John MacDonald

  67. Sylvia says:

    Whatever happened there was no preliminary hearing in Edmonton on 20 & 21 December 2012. Father Eric Dejaeger’s next Edmonton courtdate is set for 07 February 2013: 09:00am, courtroom #356, “to set a date.” The setting a date will probably be to start again and set another date for a preliminary hearing.

    My goodness but I feel for all the complainants, both in Edmonton and Nunavut. This must be so very difficult for them. The one saving grace in it all I suppose is that as it stutters along toward trial – both in Iqaluit and in Edmonton – Dejaeger is behind bars where he belongs. That really is a rarity. As I say, that’s the one saving grace in it all.

  68. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Father Eric Dejaeger on his Edmonton, Alberta charges is

    21 February 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom #356, “to speak to” (Edmonton Alberta courthouse)

  69. Sylvia says:

    Oh my!

    There is a pre-trial hearing scheduled for Father Eric Dejaeger on his Edmonton charges: 31 May 2013. This is NOT open to the public. It will be lawyers and possibly a judge and that’s it. It’s all done behind closed doors.

    The previously scheduled and adjourned preliminary hearing of December has been booked for two days:

    2-3 December 2013: 9 am, Room #355, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse

    I am wondering how in the name of heaven that December date is going to work out, given that Dejaeger has a ten week trial scheduled to start in Iqaluit 28 October 2013? Do the math. It doesn’t work out does it?

    What’s wrong with this picture? What do the Edmonton lawyers who set the dates know that we don’t know? I rather doubt that the days were chosen without first checking on Father Dejaeger’s ‘availability’ – no?

  70. Michel Bertrand says:

    I wonder… maybe the trial will be settled quickly and the whole allotted time for trial will not be used…or….maybe they will roll up the charges together and be heard in Iqaluit….wheels on the bus go slow slow slow…but ! It is a good sign when the trial time allowance is so lenghty..a lot to consider..I am glad to Sylvia that he is being made to face the charges against him and that he is now incarcerated as it gives some hope to his victims that escaping the courts and abusing children will not be tolerated in our society. I DO HOWEVER FEEL sad that he will be allotted time served credits above is served days against his sentence should he be found guilty. So goes our justice system at least it is being heard and some closure can come from the effects of his passing in the north. What to do with him afterward???

  71. northern fancy says:

    M Bertrand

    What to do with EDJ after he has completed his sentence?
    He can return to the Oblates.
    They can be fully responsible for him and ensure that he does not re-offend.
    They can carry the cost of a) restitution to victims; b) monitoring and surveillance of EDJ; c) all aspects of his physical and medical care, housing, all forms of care and maintenance; emotional/spiritual support until the end of his life. Not an enviable task.

  72. Sylvia says:

    northern fancy is right Michel, EDJ can return to the Oblates. He could even wind up in Ottawa at Springhurst!

    I would hope that the wheels will be set in motion immediately to have him defrocked. IF that were to happen (defrocked), then he would be out and about and fending for himself – unless of course the Oblates, as an act of charity, offered him free room and board at Springhurst or some other Oblate residence? But, were that the case, EDJ would NOT be there as a priest, and he would NOT be allowed to say Mass here or there or anywhere, and he would NOT be able to present himself as priest anywhere or to anyone. And the Oblates would of course be free to monitor him.

  73. Sylvia says:

    Father Dejaeger’s sex abuse trial is scheduled to start at 09:30 am, 18 November 2013. It is scheduled for five weeks (it was previously scheduled for 10 weeks)

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