Dejaeger: Eric Dejaeger omi

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Ex priest Eric Dejaeger

Dejaeger updated Interpol pic (Interpol/Canadian Press)

Father Erik Dejaeger omi Father Eric Dejaeger omi (L – Interpol photo)

Father Eric Jose Dejaeger omi

Eric Dejaeger omi

Belgian-born.  Came to Canada in 1973.  Ordained as an Oblate priest 1978.

15 May 2022:  Statutory release from jail. (08 June 2022:  “Defrocked priest who sexually abused children in Igloolik, Nunavut, out on parole” & related articles)

Laicized 2011 – still an Oblate

22 October 2015:  Sentenced to five years on each of Edmonton charges – sentences to run concurrently to the 11 years he is currently serving, therefore, no more jail time for abusing those children in Edmonton.

29 Sept 2015Guilty plea to four Edmonton charges dating to his seminary days:  three victims

04 Feb. 2015:  sentenced to 19 years in jail (8 years deducted as 2:1 credit for time served, therefore 11 years left to serve)

Dejaeger cropped phot from Belgium

Fugitive Father Eric Dejaeger in Belgium

(Canadian Oblate publications and the Canadian Catholic Directory spell Dejaeger’s first name with a `k`- EriDejaeger. He refers to himself as Erik. Somehow media and court documents have him as Eric. I will identify him according to the spelling in given documents) Belgian born Oblate priest.  Arrived in Canada 1973.   Ordained 1978.  Served in the North.  1990 – GUILTY to sex abuse of eight boys and girls in Baker Lake, NWT.  1991:  GUILTY  to sex abuse of a boy and girl in 1988.  1993 – new charges filed – agreement made between Crown and defence to cancel trial scheduled for July 1993.  1995 – charges from Igloolik laid – Dejaeger flees the country for his native Belgium.  These charges stem from his time in Igloolik, Nunavut (formerly North West Territories)  Both Baker Lake and

Catholic priest Eric Dejaeger leaves an Iqaluit, Nunavut, courtroom on Jan. 20, 2011 after his first appearance for six child sexual abuse charges in Igloolik dating back to the 1970s. (CHRIS WINDEYER / CP)

20 January 2011 – Eric Dejaeger leaves Iqaluit courthouse (CHRIS WINDEYER / CP)

Igloolik are part of the Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay.) 2001:  2001 an Intrepol warrant (Red Notice)  was issued. 19 January 2011 – Dejeager deported and returned to Canada in custody to face trial.  November 2011:  charges laid in Edmonton, Alberta in relation to allegations of sex abuse dating to his years in seminary in Edmonton. 18 November 2013:  start of five week sex abuse trial in Iqaluit, Nunavut. 12 December 2013:  Trial adjourned to 20 January 2014 (Crown rested its case).  New charges were laid.  Dejaeger is now facing a total of 80 sex-related charges from his time in Igloolik.  He has pleaded guilty to eight charges.   41 witness took the stand at trial for the prosecution , most of whom are complainants.

10 September 2014:  Guilty verdict on 24 of the charges (Nunavut).

NOTE:  On 29 September 2015, in the Iqaluit courthouse (Iqaluit, Nunavut)  Dejaeger pleaded guilty to two counts of gross indecency, one count of indecent assault on a female, and one count of indecent assault on a male (Edmonton Alberta)

July 2016:  denied legal aid for appeal.  Dejaeger is now a resident in Warkworth Institution, a medium security facility  near  Campbellford, Ontario (located in the municipality of Trent Hills, Ontario, between the communities of Meyersburg and Warkworth.)

March 2017:   Justice Sharkey rules that  Dejaeger to have court appointed lawyer with fees picked up by AG of Canada

September 2018: Appeal of convictions denied.   Ruling on appeal of sentencing outstanding.  Eligible for parole!!

November 2018: Appeal of 19-year sentence denied



26 November 2018:  “Ex-priest loses appeal for 19-year sentence in Igloolik sex-abuse case” & related article

26 October 2018:   “Pedophile ex-priest still guilty, Nunavut appeal court rules” & related article

16 November 2017:  Ex-priest Dejaeger’s appeal starts moving through Nunavut court

27 July 2017:  Appeal now underway in Nunavut for convicted child molester

15 March 2017Nunavut Court of Appeal: Memorandum of Judgment (Justice Sharkey rules that Dejaeger to have court appointed lawyer with fees picked up by Attorney General of Canada)

16 March 2017:  “Nunavut court approves legal funding for pedophile priest Eric Dejaeger” & related article



Next court date re Dejager  appeal: 25 July  2018:  1:30 pm. “to speak to,” Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 15 November 2017:  update on preparations for appeal, Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 26 July 2017:  1:30 pm,  Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut ; 15 March 2017:  1:30 pm, “to be spoken to” brought forward to the court of appeal panel, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 09 November 2016:  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut


30 January 2015:  R v Dejeager 2015 Reasons for Judgment (sentencing)  (Justice Kilpatrick’s explanation for the 19 year sentence – includes a factual summary of each offence for which Dejaeger was convicted or pled guilty)


Media coverage and BLOGS

24 July 2017:  BLOG Betrayed!

27 July 2017:  Appeal now underway in Nunavut for convicted child molester

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16 March 2017:  “Nunavut court approves legal funding for pedophile priest Eric Dejaeger” & related article

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14 July 2016:  “Pedophile priest denied legal aid to appeal Nunavut convictions” & related article

13 December 2015:  Sex assault victim sues Catholic organizations and former priest for $3 million

23 October 2015:  “Nunavut court accepts joint sentence deal on Dejaeger’s Alberta sex crimes” & related articles

22 October 2015:  Eric Dejaeger, ex-priest, sentenced to 5 years for Edmonton sex charges

18 June 2015:  Eric Dejaeger, former priest, to plead guilty to Alberta charges

17 June 2015:  Eric Dejaeger hearing put off due to lawyer no-show

19 March 2015:  Eric Dejaeger, ex-priest convicted of child sex abuse, back in court

18 March 2015:  Tech glitches, admin errors wreak havoc on Nunavut court

04 February 2013:  BLOG  Message in Inuktitut

04 February 2014:  Former Arctic priest Eric Dejaeger sentenced to 19 years for sex offences

04 February 2014:  Go to jail for 11 more years, Nunavut judge tells pedophile ex-priest Dejaeger

04 February 2015:  “Eric Dejaeger, former priest, sentenced to 19 years for child sex abuse” & related article

04 February 2015:  BLOG 11 more years in jail

04 February 2015″  BLOG A charmed life


Lawyers, Crowns and judges

15 March 2017:  Appeal:  Lawyer to be appointed to represent Dejaeger – fees to be picked up by office of the Attorney General of Canada   Justice Sharkey

2011:  Edmonton charges:  Defence:  Malcolm Kempt.  Crown: Doug Curliss QC; Barry Nordin; Scott Hughes.   Judge: Justice Sue Cooper

2011 charges (all Nunavut charges eventually laid after deportation):  Defence:  Malcolm Kempt.  Crown: Doug Curliss QC; Barry Nordin; Scott Hughes.   Judge:  Justice Robert Kilpatrick

Initial Defence lawyer:  Andrew Mahar

1995 charges (fled the country) :  Defence:  John M. Scurfield, Q.C

1993 charges (trial scheduled for July ’93 cancelled. ):  Defence:  (was it Scurfield?  I’m not sure)

1991 charges (additional Baker Lake charges.  Sentences of eight months and three months to run concurrent to previous five sentence)  :  Defence:  John M. Scurfield, Q.C.  Crown:  D. McWhinney.  Judge:  Justice Ted Richard.

1989 charges (Baker Lake) – five year sentence):  Defence:  Alan Regel.  Crown:   ?? .  Judge:  Justice Michel Bourassa



(Click here for all Media coverage and BLOGS)

30 September 2015 :  “Former priest Eric Dejaeger pleads guilty to more sex-related charges” & related articles

30 September 2015:  Nunavut pedophile priest convicted on four more sex charges

29 September 2015:  BLOG  “GUILTY”: Three more Dejaeger victims in Edmonton

17 June 2015:  Eric Dejaeger hearing put off due to lawyer no-show

19 March 2015:  Eric Dejaeger, ex-priest convicted of child sex abuse, back in court

18 March 2015:  Tech glitches, admin errors wreak havoc on Nunavut court

05 February 2015:  “Ex-priest jailed for sex crimes against dozens of children and a sled dog in the Canadian Arctic” & related articles

04 February 2015:  Defrocked priest DeJaeger sentenced to 19 years for horrific sex-crimes, leaves ‘dark legacy’ in Nunavut

04 February 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Judge’s decision expected today

22 January 2015:  Nunavut ex-priest Dejaeger says he’s sorry for sex crimes against Inuit children

22 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: ‘I promise not to re-offend’

22 January 2015:  BLOG Wrapped up in the twinkle of an eye

22 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Former priest to speak to the court today

21 January 2015:  Nunavut court: Child-molesting ex-priest deserves 25 years jail time, Crown says

21 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Defence asks for 12 years, minus time served

21 January 2015:  BLOG  Dejaeger to address the court tomorrow

21 January 2015:  BLOG Defence wants four years (12 – 8)?

21 January 2015:  Nunavut abuse victim hurls scripture at pedophile ex-priest Dejaeger

21 January 2015:  BLOG Crown wants 17 years

21 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: Lawyers’ arguments expected today

20 January 2015:  Eric Dejaeger sentencing: former priest’s hearing continues

19 January 2015:  Sex-abuse victim tells priest’s sentencing hearing wood smell triggers memories

19 January 2015:  Nunavut court: After nearly four decades, Dejaeger’s victims have their say

19 January 2015: CBC  LIVE BLOG: Eric Dejaeger sentencing: 9 victims make impact statements

19 January 2015:  BLOG  Dejaeger sentencing update

18 January 2015:  BLOG  Deported four years ago!

18 January 2015:  Arctic hamlet readies for mental health fallout from priest sex abuse sentencing

12 September 2014:   Nunavut court: pedophile ex-priest Eric Dejaeger guilty on 24 counts


10 September 2014:  Dejaeger verdict Reasons for Judgment

18 March 2014:  Reasons for Judgment (Justice Kilpatrick’s denial of Crown motion to cross-examine on the facts underlying Dejaeger’s earlier convictions)

December 2013: The beauty of Iqaluit  (Pictures)


Upcoming and previously scheduled court dates

Nunavut charges:

Next court date:  18 June 2015:  in am, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut ; 16 June 2015 :  1:30 pm, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut ; 17 March 2015:  09:30 am, “to speak to,”  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut  ;03 March 2015:  09:30 am, “to speak to,”  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut19 January 2015: Sentencing hearing,  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 10 September 2014:  verdict,  Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut ; 26 May 2014:  continuation of trial, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 17 – 20 March 2014: continuation of trial which started 18 November 2013), Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut; 20 January 2014: Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut (continuation of trial which commenced 18 November 2013  (The Crown rested its case before Christmas.  Defence will present its case starting 20 Jan. ’14)

Edmonton charges

Next court date:   22 October  2015: 1:30 pm,  sentencing, Iqaluit courthouse ; 29 September 2015:   guilty plea  to four Edmonton charges (in the Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut) ; 06 March 2015:  09:30 am, in arraignment court, Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench ( 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square , Edmonton, AB) ; 06 February 2015: 09:30 am, in arraignment court, Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench ( 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square , Edmonton, AB) ; 26 January 2015:  09:30 am, to be spoken to, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse;12 September 2015: to set date for trial,  Edmonton, Alberta courthouse (  waived right to preliminary hearing); 31 July 2014:  09:00 am, preliminary hearing, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse (booked for one day)08 January 2014:  09:00 am, courtroom # 356, “to set date,”  Edmonton, Alberta courthouse; Preliminary hearing: 2-3 December 2013, 09:00 am, courtroom # 355,  Edmonton Alberta courthouse.; 29 October 2013:   Pre-trial conference, 09:00 am, courtroom # 001,  Edmonton Alberta courthouse (NOT open to the public); 31 May 2013: Pre-Trial hearing – NOT open to the public;   21 February 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom # 356, “to speak to,” Edmonton Alberta courthouse07 February 2013: 09:00 am, courtroom # 356, “to set a date,” Edmonton Alberta courthouse 20 & 21 December 2012: Preliminary hearing, Edmonton, Alberta courthouse29 March 2012:  9 am, courtroom #265, Edmonton Alberta court house “for election and plea”;   01 March 2012: 09:00 am, courtroom #265, “for a plea,” Edmonton, Alberta,  Courthouse; 25 January 2012: 9 am, court room  #256 `for election and plea` Edmonton, Alberta,  Courthouse; 16 December 2011:  9 am, courtroom #265, Edmonton, Alberta,  Courthouse;  02 December 2011 (Edmonton court house, Edmonton, Alberta)


Click the links below for  pictures

From fugitive in Belgium to incarceration in Iqaluit

 Father Eric Dejaeger omi – living as a fugitive from justice in Belgium

Paters Oblaten retreat in Blanden, Belgium where Father Eric Dejaeger was living as a fugitive


Documents of interest pre Dejaeger’s return to Canada

21 July 2010: – “Wanted: DEJAEGER, ERIC JOSE (Interpol 2010)

08 May 2010: Father Eric (English translation of article in Belgian publication De Morgen. Original Flemish tex below in pdf format) 08 May 2010: De Morgen Part One (pdf) 08 May 2010: De Morgen Part 2 (pdf – scroll to second page to view Interpol warrant – English)

Mid May 2009: Father Dejaeger concelebrates at a funeral Mass in Belgium. His faculties had presumbly been revoked in 2002  

22 April 2002: Dejaeger Adjudication & Disposition

22 April 2002: Warrant for Arrest of Eric Dejaeger (Nunavut)

03 May 2001: Interpol warrant (Red Notice) for Eric Dejaeger“May be dangerous”

05 July 1995: Letter to Father Erik Dejaeger in Belgium from “J.P.” in St. Boniface, Manitoba on Oblate Provincial letterhead (gives a heads up re warrant issued for Dejaeger’s arrest. J.P. is probably Father Jean-Paul Isabelle omi who is listed at the St. Boniface provincial address in 1995 and as Provincial at the same address in 1996 )

20 October 1993: Lawyer letter to Father A. Piche, Oblate provincial superior, re Dejaeger legal bill and belief that it is “unlikely” that there would be further charges but the Crown had not given assurance that there would not

1990: Article in Inuit newspaper re sentencing of Father Eric Dejaeger on sex abuse conviction

20 April 1990:R. v. Dejaeger – Reasons for Judgement

[Note of interest: John A Scurfiled of the law firm Wolch, Pinx, Tapper, Scurfield, was retained by the Oblates to represent Dejaeger in the mid 90s. Sheldon Pinx, a partner in the firm, just got Monsignor Roger Bazin off scott free.]



The following information is derived from newspaper articles (see 1990 above) , a court document (see R. v. Dejaeger above), the Canadian Catholic Church Directory (CCCD), personal phone calls, a translation from the Belgian publication, De Morgen (see “Father Eric” link above to English translation of o8 May 2010 article), and Canadian media. Note that Nunavut, Canada’s largest territory, was formerly part of the North West Territories. Prior to the 01 April 1999 Nunavut Act Baker Lake and Igloolik were in the North West Territories. Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital, was formerly known as Frobisher Bay. For simplicity’s sake, regardless of date I have referred to all locations as part of Nunavut.  According to media reports, also served in Repulse Bay and Pelly Bay

September 2018: Appeal of convictions denied

_ Eligible for parole!!!

15 March 2017:  Nunavut Court of Appeal:  Justice Shareky rules that Dejaeger is to have a lawyer appointed with fees paid by the Attorney General of Canada

09 November 2016:  DeJaeger advised court that he would like to have legal representation to assist with his appeal

26 March 2015:  filed a “prisoner’s appeal’

22 October 2015:  sentenced to five years in prison for each of four Edmonton Alberta charges – sentences to run concurrent to each other and to the 11 years he is currently serving on the Nunavut convictions

29 September 2015:  Edmonton Alberta charges – GUILTY plea  to two counts of gross indecency, one count of indecent assault on a female, and one count of indecent assault on a male

04 Feb. 2015:  sentenced to 19 years in jail on Nunavut charges (8 years deducted as 2:1 credit for time served, therefore 11 years left to serve)

10 September 2014:  Guilty verdict on 24 of the charges (plus guilty plea to eight charges)

12 December 2013:  Trial adjourned to 20 January 2013 (Crown rested its case).  New charges were laid.  Dejaeger is now facing a total of 80 sex-related charges from his time in Igloolik.  He has pleaded guilty to eight charges.   41 witness took the stand at trial for the prosecution , most of whom are complainants

18 November 2013:  TRIAL (originally scheduled for 10 weeks, now scheduled for five to six weeks.  Lead prosecutor is Douglass Curliss of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with Scott Hughes of Iqaluit, and Barry Nordin, formerly of  Iqaluit and now of Halifax, Nova Scotia.)  All charges date to the years 1978-1982 and include charges of bestiality

01 October 2012:  Entered not guilty pleas to all 76 charges against him in Nunavut

March 2012: Dejaeger’s previous lawyer for the Nunavut charges was elevated to the bench.  He has retained a new lawyer, Malcolm Kempt of Iqaluit

November 2011:  New charges from Edmonton, Alberta

24 January 2011: three new charges added to the original six in Igloolik: two of indecent assault from Igloolik, and one of failure to appear.

20 January 2011:   He landed in Iqaluit, Nunavut 20 January 2011 and was taken directly to the Iqaluit courthouse and then to the Baffin Correctional Centre where he is currently housed in a single cell and, initially at least and by personal preference,  segregating himself from the rest of the inmate populace.   One week before trial facing 75 charges, some of which are charges related to bestiality.

19 January 2011: DEPORTED (Dejaeger was deported when it became known that he  had lost his Belgian citizenship.  His passport expired in 1997.  He was living in Belgium illegally.)

Sept. 12, 2010: “Oblates issue statement saying Dejaeger will turn himself in” (CP timeline)

September 2010Belgian Foreign Affairs. Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation statement re Dejaeger’s citizenship  

08 May 2010: article in Belgian newspaper De Morgen re Father Eric Dejaeger living in Belgium

May 2010: living with small group ( 6 or 7) of Oblates in Blanden, near Leuven.  Dejaeger’s address is known, as is the fact that he is a wanted man.  No action.

Mid May 2009: – concelebrated at a funeral Mass (click here for picture)

April 2003: April 2003 edition of Oblate Communications notes that Father Erik Dejaeger will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of his ordination on 28 May 2003. Listed as “Belgium North” (

22 April 2002: Nunavut – bench warrant issued for Dejaeger’s arrest.

22 April 2002: Adjudication and Dispostion: Six charges: 3 of buggery, 3 of indecent assault against a male

22 April 2002: Warrant issued for arrest of Eric Dejaeger

27 February 2002: – Dejaeger’s Oblate provincial writes to the President of the the Interdiocesan Committee for Sexual Abuse (Belgium) and states in part:

“… you do not have the right to make this affair public, because it would harm the church and cause injustice to the Oblates”. (De Morgen)

03 May 2001: – Interpol international warrant issued for Eric Dejaeger for ‘rape of minor, sex crimes’ – advises he “may be dangerous.” (De Morgen) Warrant is published in at least one newspaper

– (exact date unknown) Complaint against Dejaeger by young Flemish woman who made a pilgrimage to Lourdes (De Morgen). Apparently the complaint was not of a sexual nature, but rather that she identified him and was aware that he was a convicted child molester. (A newspaper published the Interpol warrant. This may have been fallout from seeing his picture in the paper)  It is believed that after this or around this time he was supposedly stripped of his faculties to say public Masses and hear confessions (phone), however, in 2009 he was pictured concelebrating at a funeral Mass – Despite knowledge that he was wanted by Interpol, no action was taken.

Early 1997 – at least mid 2000: working in Lourdes, France. According to article in De Morgen (Father Eric) Dejaeger was receiving pilgrims and hearing confessions at the Lourdes Shrine. During off season for pilgrimages he stayed with the Oblates in Waregem, Belgium.

1996: Not listed in Canadian Catholic Church Directory

05 July 1995: Letter from Canadian Oblate superior addressed to Dejaeger at Processiestraat 1, Waregem, Belgium states in part:

Dear Eric,the RCMP (Canadian police) called me this morning. There is a search warrant out for you. This means that if you were to come to Canada, you would be arrested upon arrival. They asked me where you were and I told them you were in Belgium, but that I did not know where.”

 July 1995: – Warrant issued for his arrest.

July 5, 1995: “Oblate officials in Belgium are informed that a Canadian arrest warrant was issued against Dejaeger. Dejaeger told by Oblates that nothing is likely to happen unless he comes to Canada.”  (CP timeline)

20 June 1995: fled the country for his native Belgium. (What was Dejaeger doing with his passport or passports? )

20 June 1995:  “Oblate officials are informed that Dejaeger is in Belgium.”  (CP timeline)

13 June 1995: – trial date set

20 April 1995:  Dejaeger invited to return to Belgium (CP timeline)

26 March 1995:  “Dejaeger writes to Oblate officials in Belgium to propose a possible return.” (CP timeline)

19 February 1995: – charged with 6 counts of indecent assault and 3 of buggery (these charges relate to Igloolik allegations). (Why were Dejaeger’s passports not confiscated?)

1994 & 1995: address in index listed as CP 35A, RR 2. Lorrete, Manitoba, ROA OYO (Diocese of St. Boniface, Manitoba) (CCCD)

The first Homes for Growth House was in Lorrete, Manitoba.  Is this the address?  Was Dejaeger perhaps staying here  after his incarceration?


1994:  RCMP interview complainants in Igloolik

Jan-Feb 1993New charges filed

10 June 1993:  “Dejaeger’s lawyer writes to the Crown asking if another trial is needed. After some correspondence and discussion, a trial scheduled for early July is cancelled.” “‘Internal Oblate correspondence indicates ‘no further charges are expected.’” (CP timeline)

11 March 1992Granted full parole subject to conditions in effect till 1995.  Enrolls at University of Manitoba  (M)

12 September 1991Released from Rockwood Prison, a minimum-security institution in Stony Mountain, Man. Moved to halfway house

1989 – 1991: Canadian Press articles re Father Eric Dejaeger’s 1989 & 1991 sex abuse charges

June 1991: GUILTY to sex assault 14-year-old girl and 16-year-old boy in 1988. Sentence to run concurrent to previous sentence. According to one source, served 18 months in jail.

April 1991:  Dejaeger pleaded not guilty to the five charges.  The Crown reduced the number of charges to two 

January 1991:  Five charges from two teenage victims

April 1990: GUILTY to nine offences of sexual assault and indecent assault, committed over a period of seven years in Baker Lake involving eight different victims both male and female. Charges included repeated acts of sodomy of two young boy. The sexual abuse of the boys began when they were between the ages of 8 and 12. Five year sentence.

September 1989:  prior to being charged had been scheduled to take a one year sabbatical to study linguistics and the Inuit language of Inuktitut 

29 August 1989: appeared in Yellowknife court –Released on bail ($85,000) (M)

– was required to deposit his Canadian and Belgian passports with Yellowknife RCMP

Seems to have been residing at the House of Growth (Homes for Growth), in Milner Ridge, Manitoba. Ordered by court to remain there until his next court appearance. The Homes for Growth, also known as Maissons du Croissance, was in part a communal living arrangement founded around 1977 by Sr. Jeanne Wilfort csc, a Sister of the Holy Cross and, according to another source, co-founded by  “Winnipeg-based” Oblate Father, Raymond Beauregard,.   According to one source, Wilfort was` trained in a method of therapy called “PRH” (Personality in Human Relationships)which originated in France with Father Rochais. Wilfort’s specialty “ Affectivity” which, according to one source” is supposed to be how to love and be loved, and to express oneself affectionately.” It seems Wilfert provided ‘treatment’ of some sort and was seen by herself and others as some sort of healer.  The homes were supported by the Holy Cross sisters and the Oblates. In 2002 several religious sisters alleged that they and other females were sexually abused by Wilfort.  A lawsuit was launched.  Click here for further info re House of Growth/Homes for Growth/Sister Jeanne Wilfort csc

21 August 1989:  arrested – seven charges related to allegations of sex abuse in Baker Lake, NWT (Now Nunavut)  (M) Arrested in Langley, BC

August 1989:  according to media, studying linguistics in Langley, BC.

June 1989:  attended a missionary meeting in Edmonton, Alberta

1982-1989:  Baker Lake, Nunavut

May (?) 1989:  On advice of Bishop Rouleau moved out of Baker Lake.  Apparently initially went to a religious house in Winnipeg, Manitoba

April 1989: Bishop Rouleau alleged he learned in April that Dejaeger might be charged. According to media Rouleau said he learned for someone outside the community. (M)  

1985:  Baker Lake (CCCD) (Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay, Manitoba)

1982Transferred to Baker Lake, Nunavut

1978-1981: Igloolik, Nunavut, Canada (Diocese of Churchill-Hudson Bay) (  Fellow Oblate Father Robert Lechat was serving in and around  Igloolik around the same time.  According to the Oblate directory Father Lechat  served in Igloolik from 1972-1986 and 1988.

1978: ORDAINED as a priest for the Oblates of Mary Immaculate. – As an Oblate priest served in the missions in the Canadian Arctic.

1977 :  Takes out Canadian citizenship.  Served his diaconate in Repulse Bay (Diocese of Churchill).   (he allegedly lost his Belgian citizenship at this time because he did not apply for dual citizenship)

Attended St. Joseph Seminary in Emonton Alberta (the seminary is connected to Newmand Theological College). I am told that Dejaeger did spend some time in seminary formation in Belgium – he was with the Oblates before his arrival in Canada. I have also been told that he spent some months at St. Paul’s, the Oblate administered seminary and university in Ottawa, Ontario. The actual years are at this time unknown. 

(allegations of sex abuse from Edmonton Alberta span the years 1975-1978.  Those are years in which Dejaeger would have been a seminarian)

May 1974Leaves Pelly Bay for Edmonton, Alberta

1973: arrived in Canada.  “”…visits several Arctic Missions.  Stays briefly in Pelly Bay NWT (now Kugaaruk, Nunavut) (M)

28 June 1973:  leaves Belgium.

24 April 1947: Born in Roeselaar, Belgium’ (De Morgen)   


Record of charges

Current Charges in Nunavut:

December 2013: facing a total of 80 sex-related charges from his time in Igloolik.  Pleaded guilty to eight charges.;  41 witness took the stand at trial, most of whom are complainants

May 2012: 35 new charges added for a total of 74.  (One May report says 77) There are 18 new complainants for a total of 39. (this doesn’t marry with previous numbers but will eventually get sorted out in court) 14 May:  There may be one more complainant, in which case there would also be additional charges.  In addition to most of the charges which are  sex-related the charges include one of failure to appear in court, one of unlawful confinement, one of uttering threats, and three counts of use of violence to prevent reporting of suspicious activity and one of bestiality.

15 August 2011:  five more charges added.  The total number of charges Dejaeger now faces in Nunavut is 30. I don’t have them all, but the total now is 30.

21 March 2011: there have been a further 11 charges from five complainants. There are now a total of 11 complainants (7 male and 4 female) and 20 charges (19 sex-related and one failure to appear).

On 09 February 2011 a further charge of indecent assault was added. That charge relate to allegations of a female – all other Igloolik charges relate to allegations by males.. There are now six counts of indecent assault, three counts of buggery, and one count of failure to appear in court. There are five male complainants and one female complainant

On 24 January 2011 three new charges were added to the six of indecent assault and buggery he already faces from Igloolik. The new charges are: two of indecent assault from Igloolik and one of failure to appear for his June 1995 courtdate. According to Crown Paul Bychok “The Crown expects charges to arise in a number of Canadian jurisdictions.”

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    Het enige wat hier telt is dat men bezig is met Pater Erik en zijn familie volledig in discredit te brengen om zoveel mogelijk GELD op te strijken

    • Eve says:


      De jaeger plead guilty to NINE CHARGES OF SEXUAL ASSAULT ON CHILDREN in 1990 so he is a self admitted PEDOPHILLE so no one can discredit him he has admitted to CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN SO DONT EVER LET HIM NEAR A CHILD HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF HE MOLESTED A CHILD YOU LOVED would you still think he’s a great guy or maybe you wouldn’t like him so much hmmmm…….Do some research about your precious Dejaeger then see how you feel. Or are you ok with admitted PEDOPHILES AS LONG AS THEY DONT MOLEST A CHILD YOU CARE ABOUT???

      • Ik woon in Arctic Canada. Ik heb de gerechtzaak bijgewoond. Jij niet. says:

        Hoe weet u dat? Heeft u de aanklagers/slachtoffers ooit ontmoet? Ik wel. En is hij nog steeds een pater? Ik dacht van niet. Zelfs zijn Kerk besefte dat hij een pedofile is. En heeft aktie genomen. Wie bent u eigenlijk en hoe komt u aan uw feiten?

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    In google translate we get this translation of B.V. comments:

    “The only thing that matters is that one is trying to bring MONEY to pocket as many completely discrediting with Father Erik and his family”

    Sound familiar? Poor Father Dejaeger. This is all about people after money. Can you believe it?

  3. Phyllis says:

    Hang the son of a bitch!

  4. Sylvia says:

    I have tried but am unable to copy the link for viewing this video clip, so, click the following to link to APTN: Belgian woman helped to bring rapist Dejaeger back to Canadian justice

  5. Ceilidhe says:

    The acts of this pervert priest are enough to make a maggot gag! May you rot in hell for all eternity you sick perverted bastard!
    I pray for the victims of this vile pervert.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Just posted an article from Nunatsiaq Online covering today’s testimony:

    25 November 2013: Nunavut witness says Dejaeger threatened her with hell if she reported his abuse

  7. Michel Bertrand says:

    What happened in edmonton?

    • Sylvia says:

      I have been unable to check but nothing will happen in Edmonton until the Nunavut charges are wrapped up. De Jagger will not be showing up in court in Edmonton until then. I will check next week.

  8. Sylvia says:

    Something’s happened at the Eric Dejager sex abuse trial. I just had word that proceedings have been adjourned to 17 March. According to CBC North’s Emily Ridlingon’s tweet: “Proceedings from the Dejaeger trial have been adjourned until March 17. I’ll have details at 12:30 EST.”

    As soon as there is news of what’s going on I will post. Meanwhile there is a new article covering testimony from yesterday afternoon which I will post right now.

  9. Michel Bertrand says:

    More and more I feel the judge is leaning towards the defendant..hope it does turn out justly.

  10. Michel Bertrand says:

    Kempt is sure victimizing the defendant. Did not see the post, sorry Sylvia. The way the judge has been leaning makes one think he would not need much to dismiss it outright. Does not smell good as shared by someone else.

  11. Disgusted in the Arctic says:

    So Dejaeger is no longer a priest but remains a member of the Oblates — do I understand that correctly? Would be interested in information on the following
    1. HOW does a rouge, pedofile Oblate get ousted from the order?
    2. WHEN has this happened before — examples welcome
    3. At what point does the defiant, paternalistic, pedofile-friendly behaviour of this order get questioned for their actions and continued pattern of harm — Have their deviant henchmen not abused, terrorized and mauled northern children and has the Order not protected the offenders endlessly? For example, who is paying Dejaeger’s legal costs…… I have inquired and I have been told Dejaeger’s legal costs are being paid by the Oblates….. (Does anyone have added confirmation of this; or other information? If so, please provide)
    4 I am not overstating my disgust when I say: “This Oblate order should be evicted from Canada; We have more to fear from this self-serving order than we do from terrorists.”.
    5. You are welcome to disagree. Spend time in Arctic Canada. Visit the communities. Learn of the multi generational trauma inflicted by imported pedofiles bringing God to the “heathen”. Then tell me I am wrong.

  12. A comparison with Grollier Hall says:

    There now have been several major cleric sexual abuse trials in Arctic Canada. I attended key portions of the Grollier Hall trials and a few days of the Eric DeJaeger trial. I am probably one of a few (if not the only) person who attended both.

    There were differences:
    a) Victim Support was vastly different: Grollier Hall victims had 24 hour support from First Nations/Inuvialuit professionals from the time they arrived for the trial until they left. It truly was 24 hours a day — victims often needed the support most during nights when they could not sleep. It was there. Victim support (and support for their families) was exceedingly well done.
    b) The Grollier-case prosecutors were more culturally acclimatized.
    c) Leroux was not protected by “The Oblate Machine”. It appears DeJaeger continues to enjoy the good will and financial support (legal costs) of the Oblate Order.
    d) Grollier happened without significant southern media coverage. DeJaeger trial was very different. I have mixed feelings about the latter development.

    Just some random thoughts.

  13. Rainbow says:

    Pervasive Abuse Found in Belgian Church

    When he was in Belgiam he certainly was in the perfect place.
    He would fit right in with the others just like him.
    It’s no wonder he went there to hide.
    The church covers for this lot all the time. What is unfortunate is that other religions do the same type of cover ups. Victims do not get the justice or protection, from predators, they need.
    I guess they never thought any of them would ever be caught.
    What really angers me, is that this man was not taken into custody and kept there.
    Any one with a single idota of intelligence, would know a priest is a flight risk.
    Victims should not have to wait for 15 years, for justice to be done.

  14. Sylvia says:

    Dejaeger made it to Canadian Press’ chronological the list of “most significant events of the last 12 months”. Dejaeger is listed under 12 September 2014 (the judges decision of 10 September was read in court 12 September 2014).

    Here is the Dejaeger reference for September 12:

    12 – A Nunavut judge found former Roman Catholic priest Eric Dejaeger, 67, guilty of 24 of the more than 70 sex-related charges he faced involving Inuit children more than 30 years earlier. He had pleaded guilty to eight counts of sexual assault at the start of his trial.

  15. Sylvia says:

    The next Edmonton, Alberta courtdate for ex-priest and Oblate Eric Dejaeger is 23 January 2015. The information was left on my answering machine so I have no information beyond that.

    Dejaeger’s sentencing hearing on his eight guilty pleas and 24 convictions in Nunavut is scheduled for 19 January 2015. At the hearing victim impact statements will be presented in court: there will no doubt also be arguments regarding public safety if/when he is released, as well as reports regarding his propensity to re-offend.

    Will Dejaeger have been sentenced on the Nunavut convictions before 23 January? I suppose it’s possible, but…..?? And, if Dejaeger has NOT been sentenced in Nunavut by that date will the Edmonton courtdate be adjourned?

    We shall see…

    Anyway, his next courtdate for the Edmonton charges is currently scheduled for 23 January 2015.

    Please keep the many many Dejaeger victims and complainants in your prayers.

  16. Michel says:

    Hi, just saw a clip on CBC news network reporting tommorow’s sentencing and continuation of the court process. Finally near conclusion. I hope the survivors are looked after and they heal knowing he was finally brought to justice.

  17. Sylvia says:

    Thanks Michel. I couldn’t find that but found this one from CTV:

    18 January 2015: Arctic hamlet readies for mental health fallout from priest sex abuse sentencing

    As I just said elsewhere, hard to believe it’s four years since he was deported, isn’t it?

  18. Michel B. says:

    I’m glad they arranged for support in Igloolik, this is good. Yes it has been long but not as long as the many years victims suffered unaknowledged and unsupported. If this whole tragedy was staged south I believe the process would have been different. I don’t think he will serve much time because of his martyrdom and staying locked up. Positive affirmations for the survivors.

  19. Sylvia says:

    I just called the Iqaluit courthouse. The sentencing hearing for Eric Dejeager will resume at 1:30 pm this afternoon.

  20. northern fancy says:

    Thank you, Jim Bell

  21. Michel B. says:

    He asked forgiveness while only looking at the judge and promised never to reoffend. The judge anticipates a quick turn around on sentencing.

    I am guessing the judge will go with 20 years less 2 for 1 or 12 years. He will have to serve two thirds of his sentence of 12 years leaving him in prison for the sum of 8 more years. I wonder what the outcome of the Edmonton case will be as this may add some time to his prison term.

    • Sylvia says:

      I hope you’re right Michel. I hope you’re right about the 20 years. I got the impression when I was up there during the trial that Justice Kilpatrick was overly concerned about the time Dejeager had already spent in jail, and that in the midst of the heart-rending testimony from the victims . I fear he will go easy on him. I hope and pray I am mistaken.

      • Miecul says:

        I like how the impartial Judges will take the side of and feel sorry for a criminal and a child molester, before he thinks and I mean really thinks about what the criminal has done to 1 or many children. What’s a child’s life worth? I like the term they use I hope you can get over this terrible tradigy at the same time as handing down a light sentence instead of a life sentence to which the child has to live with until his last breath.

        If he’s worried about the criminal Eric Dejaeger dying in prison as cruel and unusual punishment, what about the life sentence the criminal gave to the child, to which there is no escape.

        All Canadian Judges should go through a refresher course. They have little or no understanding of what a victim has to live with for life. If they did they might be a little harsher and use every letter of the law.

      • Michel B. says:

        I can’t see how he would follow the defence or the crown’s submission and the judge may feel less irritated given the 2 for 1 deal. I can’t see him going any lower than the 20 years there has to be an appearence of justice. I wonder about the evasion charge are we going to hear about that…bet it is not going to be talked about ever again.

  22. Sylvia says:

    Eric Dejeager’s Edmonton court date tomorrow starts at 09:30 am, to be spoken to. That will mean the setting of another courtdate.

  23. Cheryl Thomson says:

    As I recall, earlier in the trial, the Judge expressed concern that he had the ‘right’ expert testimony about whether or not the testimony of the victims was true, or the product of the collusion of emotional witnesses over many years’ time. I am going to make a prediction, not a pleasant one. The Judge is going to disregard the 2 for 1, and he is going to follow his own opinions. If he thinks Dejaeger will no longer have young people in his professional life, since he is defrocked and retired, and will no longer be a ‘threat’, and has already ‘suffered’ through years of being on the run — yes, the Judge is going to slap his wrist. No 20 years, no 12 years, no 8 years. Not even 2 years. I hope I am wrong.

  24. Michel B. says:

    What has become of the evading justice charge, there was an interpol warrant ? Was a deal struck between crown, defense and judge to ditch it? This charge is important in it’s own right. It paved the way to justice denied and should be heard by the public to redresss the harm done. A humbling mea culpa no doubt but necessary for full closure.

  25. Sylvia says:

    The next court-date for Eric Dejager on his Edmonton charges is:

    06 February 2015: 09:30 am, in arraignment court, Edmonton Court of Queen’s Bench ( 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square , Edmonton, AB)

  26. Michel B. says:

    Here is an article in Toronto star on his evasion

    • Sylvia says:

      I wasn;t able to access it via the link Michel, byt checked and see that it was already posted. Check Under “Media Covwerage & Blogs” (on the Dejaege page) – then scroll down to 17 November 2013: “Canada let priest Eric Dejaeger flee to Belgium amid sex abuse charges: Official

      Unfortunately (fortunately?) a way back there was so much media coverage that I had to create a new page for media and move the bulk of the media over there. I know it’s not as handy to track coverage, but the only way I could handle it 🙁

      This goes to the question – that of yours and mine and so many others of us who have been following closely for years- of what happened to those charges? I have been wanting to look back through my notes but no chance as yet to do so, but my memory is that I was told that that charge had been lost or misplaced, and I was floored!

  27. Michel B. says:

    Never will there be the will to raise the charges again, a sentence will be given and the legal criminal books will be closed. Sadly generations will have been tragically marked by this selfish criminal and the Church that protected him.

  28. Michel B. says:

    Dejaeger’s sentence is being handed down today

  29. Sylvia says:

    Yes Michel! At 1:30 pm EST. Will post article properly, but for now, from CBC North, here it is:

    Former priest convicted last year on 32 counts of child sexual abuse

    A Nunavut judge will announce today how much time former priest Eric Dejaeger will get for sexually abusing children in Igloolik 30 years ago.

    Eric Dejaeger was convicted last year on 32 counts of child sexual abuse dating back to his time as a priest in Igloolik between 1978 and 1982.

    The Crown has asked for a sentence of 25 years in prison, while the defence suggested 12 years. Both lawyers suggested the accused be credited two days for every day spent in pre-trial custody.

    Dejaeger has been in custody since January 2011 following his arrest on immigration charges in his home country of Belgium. It was discovered his citizenship there was no longer valid. Dejaeger was then returned to Canada to face charges that were laid in 1995.

    Justice Robert Kilpatrick is scheduled to announce the sentence today at 1:30 p.m. ET. Dejaeger is not expected to attend the hearing.

    CBC’s Peter Worden will be tweeting live from the courtroom in Iqaluit.

    On mobile? Click here to follow Peter Worden’s courtroom tweets

  30. Michel B. says:

    Was off by one year. So assuming he does good time he will do 2 thirds of his sentence and may get parole release earlier. I estimate 7 years 4 months in jail time as 2/3 Not sure when he becomes eligible for parole. It may significantly reduce the 7 year 4 month jail time.

  31. Sylvia says:

    PLEASE NOTE: I just talked to the media relations man with Baffin Correctional Centre in Iqaluit. Eric Dejaeger is still at the BCC. He is NOT in Edmonton.

  32. northern fancy says:

    Is it: “Once an Oblate; Always an Oblate”?

    Will the Oblate order break ranks with EDJ?
    Will there be an “open letter” from the Oblate order — anything at all?

    Does anyone know what the future may hold for the OMI behind Eric de Jaeger’s name?

    Do his actions mean nothing to them?

    • Sylvia says:

      I think the Obkates have spoken northern fancy. When Dejaeger was quietly defrocked or laicized back in 2011 the Oblates opted to keep him as an Oblate.

      I suppose it’s true that at that point none if the charges had been proven in court, but ny goodness he’d already been convicted twice, managed to steer clear of charges another time, and fled the country on yet another set of charges.

      What do they need? Is this the stuff which makes for a good and holy Oblate?

      But, well then, of course the Oblates themselves were his enablers.

      Is that then the stuff that makes for a good and holy Oblate? Covering up for and protecting a fugitive clerical child molester?

      Where do we go with this? I hit a brick wall every time I try to think it through.

      bottom line us it would be nice if the Oblates could find it somewhere in their hearts to issue an apology to the countless souls who suffered at this depraved priest’s hand. And it would be nice if the Oblates who were his enablers offered an apology for leaving the victims in legal limbo while Dejaeger pranced around Belguim an Europe. And it would be nice too if an apology was offered for willfully placing children at risk.

      And, yes, I would be remiss if I didn’t say it would really really be nice = not to mention just – if all those who obstructed justice to aid and abet a fugitive clerical molester were charged.

      Just my thoughts. ..

  33. PJ says:

    Oblates and the Basilian Buffoons, cut from the same cloth when it comes to protecting pervert collars.

  34. just another victim says:

    Sadly many orders do keep convicted priests in their fold even if they have been defrocked. The oblates, Basilian’s, Redemptorists in Canada have all supported and consider them to be ‘their brothers’. Yet what do they do for those who ‘their brothers’ hurt, nothing.

  35. A victim says:

    So I am a victim of Eric. I am from Edmonton awaiting my chance to face this P.O.S. in court. Just finding out that the Crown prosecutor is dropping 2 of my 3 charges against Eric and having him plead guilty to the lesser with no extra time added to his Nunavut sentence.
    I do not get my day in court, I do not get to read my victim impact statement, nothing. I find this grossly insulting.
    I was not contacted about any of this. Anyone have any ideas on what my options are?

    Dying in Edmonton

  36. Sylvia says:

    I am so terribly sorry “A victim.” This is so wrong.

    You surely are entitled to face your molester in court? No? Surely victims have a few rights? Don’t tell me that absolutely every right goes to the predator?

    What did they do, wait until Dejaeger was sentenced in Nunavut and then offer Dejaeger a sweet deal? No more jail time in exchange for a guilty plea to one charge?

    Does anyone out there have any advice?

    Have any of you been through this yourselves? and if yes, what advice can you offer “A victim.”

  37. PJ says:

    We did not get the opportunity to face the pervert collar in court either but perhaps litigation against the diocese will shake something out of that church. Robert Talach is the one to speak to as he can advise you on what actions you could undertake. It is a LOOONG process but might be your only recourse. Hang in there.

  38. 1yellowknife says:

    Highly recommend Robert Talech as well.
    It would be the Oblates, his enablers, who would probably hear from him.

    If the victim’s impact statement will not be read in court, would the following be of interest:

    1. Publish the victim’s impact statement in Nunatsiaq News as a letter to the editor (ask Jim Bell);
    2. Publish the victim’s impact statement on this site (ask Sylvia)
    3. Publish the victim’s impact statement in a Belgian news publication (ask Lieve Halsberghe)

    Ask your lawyer what is permitted under these circumstances. If Eric Dejaeger is pleading to these charges, it may be an option — do not know.

    If you do publish your Victim’s Impact Statement here on this site, it will be widely widely widely read. Many, many thousands will read it. Far more reach than a court room.

  39. Michel B says:

    Any new information regarding EDJ Sylvia? Last known was that he was pleading guilty in Nunavut June court date?

  40. Phil Phyfer says:

    Morning Sylvia.

    I have read a story a couple of days ago (Oct. 20, 2015, I think on CBC) that Erik DeJaeger is appealing his sentence.
    Are you keeping an eye on this?


  41. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Just Another Victim and A Victim;
    You, and many others deserve your say and a day in court, but you have been denied this. You are being re-victimized by this sad, disgusting pig of a priest.
    I can’t begin to imagine your feelings of hopelessness and anger and despair!
    Please know at the very least that a lot of us here on the site are with you in spirit (at the very least).
    As PJ and 1yellowknife have already suggested, contact a good lawyer and proceed with a civil action against this creature. If the criminal courts can’t or won’t give you justice, you WILL receive justice in a civil action!
    There has been previous advice given, and I COMPLETELY concur. Rob Talach in London Ont. will set the stage for you to at least get a partial modicum of justice. Mike.

  42. just another victim says:

    Hi Mike:

    I commend you for your courage as you fight to get justice. I am not a victim of Eric, but of another priest from a different order. As you know coming forward and fighting is no easy task. I thank you for the words.

    Just another victim

    • 1abandonedsheep says:

      To all who have had the courage to come forward, may God Bless you abundantly. I was never abused by a priest, but by an older teenager when I was 12. I never reported it, but, I did get the bastard pretty good when I was seventeen. He is dead now.

  43. JT says:

    Broken and Damaged
    A survivor’s tale?
    I question everything now, because of…I can’t even bring his name forth, and it still sickens me. What should I do, what can I do.
    I feel lost so often like the world is the unimaginable darkness that wants to swallow me whole, but I can’t let it, my wife…my children. I need them to survive and be better than me, this damaged, twisted thing that wishes for any semblance of normalcy.
    What is normal??? I don’t know, I have had no father until late in the game, but he will never understand although I know he wants to, too late?
    My mother so damaged by her own past, she cannot offer me any true support, just more anger….I feel sad for her.
    I am sitting here in the dark, writing this out. Music, my only calming harbour in all of this darkness, inner darkness.
    I try to be this rock, this tough guy, this raging monster to protect them, to protect me…is there anything left of myself worth protecting???? Some say yes, but I truly feel like this empty husk just pretending.
    For as long as I can recall, I have always been the odd man out, the last one chosen for a team. I recall so very little before the red-headed monster that stole who I could have been. I think of him and I have this unrelenting fury, rage, a gnawing, empty sadness, a deep chasm of horror and pain.
    I thought the doc…therapist, took all of this out of me….is it ever going to end? I take my hate, my rage out on anything that I can make into my own personal scapegoat.
    This is a lot of mumbo-jumbo…my writing is all over the place, like my thoughts….constant swirling madness inside of me, pain….unending pain. I just want to scream for days and tear his face, his smell out of my mind. The arrogant shit just hides behind the robes of the church. CHURCH…I hate the word so much. It is a poisonous, dirty oil in my mind, on my skin….
    I have never been able to finish anything that I wanted. My education, training….anything. I sabotage everything, not purposefully…or is it…so many questions they never stop assaulting me AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH! Screaming inside my head, I can feel the pain, the tears welling up inside of me all the time but I have to hide it. I need my family to see this façade I put forth so they can all be so much better than me, they already are.
    I am reaching 50 and I have still not accomplished so much that I wanted to do, I can’t. It feels so heavy….this horrible crippling weight that I carry with me constantly…..I am so broken.
    I pretend to be this eager, confident MAN…..I have never felt like a man….he has made me feel so small, so weak, not like any semblance of a man. This monster has made me question my own manhood…screaming inside my head again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dejarger<<<<<<<<<<<<I hate it so much! A knife through your shrivelled heart would feel so good?
    I have to go to court soon and relieve everything again so that his CHURCH appointed, piece-of-shit lawyer can make me feel so much smaller than I already feel….
    See his lawyers mocking what little of me there is left. They will try to take away anything left of me and show the world that I am this little Metis boy that deserves nothing but their laughter as they walk out of court patting the back of Dejaeger, the creep, the pedophile, the worm.
    I want to stomp on him and crush the life out of him. Truly show him what a little savage Metis boy like me could do to him… Just my twisted little hopes…sad really that my hopes are nothing more than bloody vengeance, as this monster has consumed me.

    Too late for me I suppose…

    JT (I can’t even say my own name now, pathetic)

    Not to worry, I will never act on my rage as I still want to see my kids marry, my grandson become a real man, so much unlike me. My beautiful, beautiful wife….I want her to be truly happy, I have tried but it never feels like enough. I have to pretend for awhile longer…

    Not looking for anyone’s pity. I just needed to vent. Show you all what this crap does to a person.

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      JT, Please consider the following for your desire to change.
      I have been in AA for almost 34 years now, having been through a torrent of wrong doing, damaged relationships, and absence of any hope of having Hope!
      One night, early in my start toward recovery, I got out of my bed in the recovery home where I was for 6 months, knelt on the floor, and begged GOD to take my mind until HE knew I could handle it, and give it back then when I was able to deal with it in recovery.
      From that night on I had a slow sense of HOPE for my changing into someone , who though would always remember the past, would be able to change inwardly in spite of the past.
      GOD gave me the Grace of breaking that strangle hold the past was holding me in, and slowly it changed as I learned to live again as a free person- not avoiding the past, but determined to break its hold on me.
      I will pray you have the same Grace and experience of letting go, and letting God take over your healing May God speed to your aid !

  44. Geenda says:

    JT I am so sorry for the loss of your childhood and your stolen future. I am equally sad that I fully understand the damage, and the incredible difficulty you face in trying to overcome the hurt, pain, anger, anxiety but mostly the anger. I wish you all the love and support I can muster to help you triumph over this evil and its disastrous consequences. Move forward with grace and confidence, let this disgusting predator wallow in his own failings as a man and a human being.

  45. Michel says:

    It’s about the very good things in your life today. The black dog that follows you, you try to cage and contain during your day to day and it wears you to exhaustion. That dog is now in a real cage and will be there for a long while. Not the justice you deserve and putting the dog down would feel that a relief would follow but the key to your prison is within you. Acceptance not forgiveness a factual look back and understanding that it was done to you. That this was not your choice and it had an effect on defining who you have become and what you carry. The facts however is that defining you in the now by scanning those good things in your life today gives self sustaining moments and attracts good feelings. Kill the dog with kindness towards you and those around you. Live and let live. The most important is LIVE.

  46. Sylvia says:

    The next court date for Eric Dejaeger regarding his appeal of denial of legal aid is:

    15 March 2017: 1:30 pm, “to be spoken to” brought forward to the court of appeal panel, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut

    Please keep his many victims in your prayers

  47. Sylvia says:

    The next courtdate for Eric Dejager is:

    26 July 2017: 1:30 pm, Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut

    This is now in the Nunavut Court of Appeals – related to his attempt to appeal some of his convictions

    Please keep the victims in your prayers.

  48. Sylvia says:

    The next court-date for Eric Dejaeger is:

    25 July 2018: 1:30 pm. “to speak to,” Nunavut Court of Appeal, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut.

    In this instance Dejaeger’s lawyer will be be trying to convince a group of judges(probably three) from the Nunavut Court of Appeal that the appeal court should hear his appeal of several of his convictions. If they agree, then a time will be set and the appeal will be heard.

    Please keep all the Dejaeger victims in your prayers.

  49. 1Yellowinife says:

    You were right, Sylvia, there were 3 judges …… and they were NOT convinced. CBC News headline: “Expriest Eric Dejaeger loses appeal in Igloolik sex offences case” (related to amount of jail time). Recent photo of incarcerated (medium security) Eric. He appears to be thriving.

  50. 1Yellowinife says:

    You were right, Sylvia, there were 3 Nunavut Court of Appeal judges …… and they were NOT convinced. CBC News headline: “Expriest Eric Dejaeger loses appeal in Igloolik sex offences case” (related to amount of jail time). Recent photo of incarcerated (medium security) Eric. He appears to be thriving.

  51. 1Yellowknife says:

    Eric Dejaeger loses appeal in Igloolik sex offences case (related to jail time). CBC Report, Septembr 26, 2018.

  52. Jeffrey Turcotte says:

    Well, screwed again. I’m one of the Edmonton victims. involved in a lawsuit that has dragged on for almost 10 years against Dejaeger and the Oblates.
    Just had a talk with my lawyer who stated that there is no direct evidence tying Dejaeger to the Oblates during the time of my abuse. So now the church gets away with paying next to nothing for the lawsuit and I am going to end up owing my lawyers a ton of money out of my own pocket.
    This piece of shit plead guilty two of the charges against him and is serving concurrent sentences to what he received in Iqaluit. I have to continue suffering the effects of his abuse for the rest of my life with no compensation, no money for psychologists, nothing.
    People wonder why I lost my faith.

  53. Leona says:

    Jeffrey, I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. From what you are saying the Oblates are taking the lowest ethical position here. As a survivor of abuse by an Oblate, it was my understanding that once an Oblate, always an Oblate. Perhaps someone else could enlighten us. Has your lawyer taken on cases with the oblates before? It’s not okay that they can wash their hands of him.

    Don’t despair.

  54. northern fancy says:

    Jeffrey: Who paid for Eric de Jaeger’s tuition? Who paid for his trip to Edmonton? I am told he has family in (Alberta) Canada but possibly/likely his tuition and other was paid for by the Oblates. Which, if true, makes them not as “detached” as the Oblates now would wish to appear. I have watched their evolution from financially backing him during the Iqaluit trial by a) paying for his lawyer and b) having an Oblate priest cooing to him in the court room …. to withdrawing financial aid for his appeal. This might be more of the same, although I know nothing about your case, Jeffrey. And I am so very sorry this monster was able to hurt you.

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