Charbonneau: Father Maurice O. Charbonneau

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Father Maurice Charbonneau (from Roots, Ridgetown College newsletter, Fall 2004)

Maurice Charbonneau (from Roots, Ridgetown College newsletter, Fall 2004)

Maurice O. Charbonneau

Father Maurice O. Charbonneau

Father Maurice Charbonneau

Moe Charbonneau

Father Moe Charbonneau

Roman Catholic priest, Diocese of London, Ontario  Ordained 1994.  Removed from parish sometime after allegations made against him Thanksgiving 2017.  In Spring 2018 announcements in various parish bulletins regarding reports of several incidences of  “inappropriate adult relationship” over several years.

Seems to have spent about two years serving in the Diocese of Grand Falls Newfoundland around 2005-2006?


Bishops of London Diocese from time of Father Charbonneau’s ordination:      John Michael Sherlock (07 July 1978 – 27 April 2002 ); Ronald Peter Fabbro, C.S.B. (27 April 2002 – – )

Auxiliary Bishops:  Frederick Bernard Henry (18 April 1986 – 24 March 1995);  Richard John Grecco (05 December 1997 – 27 April 2002); Robert Anthony Daniels ( 21 September 2004 to 01 March 2011); Józef Andrzej Dąbrowski, C.S.M.A. ( 31 January 2015 – )


2004“West Ag Alumni Called to Serve”   (some background info on Father Maurice Charbonneau and word that January 2005 he is heading for a two year assignment in Gander, Newfoundland.  From pages Roots Ridgetown College . Fall 2004 )

Winter 1999 “Snow doesn’t bury the Caravan of Love” (pages 8 and 9 from Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry and Canadian Catholic Students Association, Winter 1999)


Unless otherwise indicated the following information is drawn from media (M), “West Ag Alumni Called to Serve” (Ridegetown), and copies of the Canadian Catholic Church Directories (CCCD) which I  have on hand.

18 March 2018: notice in St. Michael & Sacred Heart Parish Bulletin that  Father More Charbonneau has been removed because of allegations of an “inappropriate adult relationship” St. Michael & Sacred Heart Catholic Parishes bulletin  18 March 2018  (CSt. Michael & Sacred Heart Catholic Parishes bulletin re Father Moe Charbonneau  allegations and suspension)

I have received this note from Fr. John Comiskey, Moderator of the Curia of the Diocese and the Bishop’s Delegate regarding Fr. Moe Charbonneau.  Because Fr. Moe was stationed at Sacred Heart Parish as an associate we are asked to put the following announcement in the bulletin.  Please direct any concerns to the contact people noted below, and please keep all involved in your prayers.

From the Office of the Bishop’s Delegate – 12 March 2018

It was announced on Thanksgiving weekend that allegations had been made against Fr. Moe Charbonneau..  He was subsequently removed from the parishes in which he was serving.

No criminal charges have been laid against him, and the allegation involved an inappropriate adult relationship. It has been discovered through an investigation that the incident first reported to the diocese was not an isolated incident of misconduct; rather, there have been several incidents over the years.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact Ms. Sharon Wright Evans, Director of Safe Environment Services and the Bishop’s Deputy Delegate, at 519-433-0658, x271, or Father John Comiskey, Bishop’s Delegate, at 519-433-0658, x275.

Our hope in placing this notice in the bulletins where Fr. Moe served is two-fold: we need to reach out to see if there are any other persons involved, and we need to let others know that we take these situations seriously.

2017, 2016, 2015:  St. Mary Roman Catholic Church in Maidstone & St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church  South Woodslee, Ontario (CCCD)

Thanksgiving weekend 2017:   announcement that allegations made against Father Charbonneau

08 October 2017:  Pastor,  St. Mary’s and St. John the Evangelist (Fathers Larry Mosseau and Gerry Campeau, both shown in bulletin as being retired priests and both shown as being with St. John’s, with the latter, Father Campeau  shown as being “in residence.”.  ( Father Moe Charbonneau Pastor St Mary’s & St John the Evangelist bulletin )

Spring 2016:  Celebrant for 95th anniversary of St. John the Evangelist CWL (League Lingo London Diocesan Newsletter, Fall 2016  League Lingo Fall 2016 p. 23

“Fr. Moe Charbonneau…spoke of how the League has touched his own life, that of his parishioners and the communities he has served.  There was not a dry eye in the church”

03 July 2014:  “Presided” over  Knights of Columbus prayer service honouring recently deceased Father Chris Quinlan.  (St. John de Brebeuf Council 8233 July 2014, page 3))

Presiding over the service were long 0me friends and colleagues; Father Moe Charbonneau, Father Larry Brunet, and Father Mike Parent. With guitar in hand, Father Moe sang some beautiful songs, and then shared stories of Father Chris’s life.

(Check information re Father Chris Quinlan  and on this April 2013 blog  scroll down to “Quam Bonum” -)

17 June 2014:  member of the Niagara Catholic District School Board (Niagara Catholic District School Board meeting 2014-06-17)

voted against proposal by Father Paul MacNeil to add to the Board Meeting agenda a letter Father MacNeil had written to OECTA (Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association ) opposing OECTA involvement in Pride Parade (that was the World Pride Parade).  (Am I correct in deducing that this means that Father Charbonneau supported OECTA’s decision to march in the pride day event?)

08 June 2014:  Concelebrated Mass at St. Patrick’s Church Dublin with Father John Pirt at 100th anniversary of Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board building in Dublin, Ontario.  Father Charbonneau is a former parish priest at St. Patrick’s.  (Click photo to enlarge)




06 March 2014:  Father Moe Charbonneau is welcomed to St. Mary’s Parish(  06 March 2014 Essex Free Press )

03 March 2014:  Appointed Pastor St. Mary, Maidstone and St. John the Evangelist, Woodslee

– March 2014: Pastor, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Windsor

2014, 2013:  Pastor, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church, Windsor, Ontario (CCCD)

13 December 2013:  Sacrament of Reconciliation at Catholic Central High School .  Identified as “our priest chaplain” (Click image to enlarge)

07 May 2013:  outdoor Mass on church grounds for Catholic Education Week (Click image to enlarge)

Catholic Education Week Windsor event: To celebrate Education Week May 6-10, Fr. Moe Charbonneau, Pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church (804 Grand Marais Rd., E., Windsor) has invited the two schools serviced by the parish (Our Lady of Perpetual Help School and St. Christopher School) to an Outdoor Mass to be celebrated on the church grounds on Tuesday, May 7, at 10:30 a.m. Between the two schools there will be over 1,000 people present. The two schools, separated by the E.C. Row Expressway will be united in faith as one student body for the first time as Fr. Moe brings together church and school in this first time ever event. The Education Week Theme of “Growing Together in Faith” is exactly what is happening here !!


September 2012:  replacing Father Nelson Cabral Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church, Windsor (Father Cabral has been granted a six month sabbatical) (Charbonneau to OLPH 01 Sept 2012 and St Martin de Tours in London)

? 2012 to 01 September 2012:  administrator at St. Martin de Tyrs, London ( “Current Pastor Father Francis Thekkumkatil cst is on health leave ”  (Charbonneau to OLPH 01 Sept 2012 and St Martin de Tours in London)

2012, 2011, 2010:   Pastor, Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Langton, Ontario (CCCD)

18 October 2011:  Celebrant at Mass of St. Theresa  during the Canadian Tour of the St. Thérèse Reliquary, Saint Andrew’s the Apostle Church in London, Ontario (External link)

25-27 April 2008:  COR weekend in Tillsonburg, Ontario (COR is listed here as “Christ on Retreat”; I believe that is probably the same as the COR weekends which are “Christ in Others Retreat”?)  (St Marys Catholic High School Parent Newsletter April 2008 p 4 External link)  (   St Marys Catholic High School Parent Newsletter April 2008 p 4)

2005,2006:  Diocese of Grand Falls, Newfoundland?   (Ridgetown)

January 2005:   to Gander Newfoundland for two year assignment with Diocese of Grand Falls (Ridgetown)

(Martin William Currie was Bishop of Grand Falls Diocese 12 December 2000 – o1 March 2011.   He is now Archbishop of the Archdiocese of  St. John’s Newfoundland)

2004:  Pastor, St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church, Dublin, Ontario (Ridgetown)

2002, 2000:  Pastor, St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church, Dublin, Ontario (CCCD)

1999:  assisting, St. Ursula, Roman Catholic Church, Chatham, (Pastor Father J. J. Devine) (CCCD)  Ontario

15-17 January 1999:   Keynote speaker at CCSA Central Region Conference, Academie Ste. Cecile in Windsor, Ontario.  “Father Moe” lLed many of the group in song in the chapel until 2 am or later.  Saturday Mass at Assumption University with Bishop Sherlock and Fathers Moe and  Dennis Noelke concelebrating. (  “Snow Doesn’t Bury the ‘Caravan of Love” (  “Snow doesn’t bury the Caravan of Love” pages 8 and 9 from Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry and Canadian Catholic Students Association, Winter 1999)

1998, 1997:  assisting, St. Gregory the Great Roman Catholic Church, St. Clair Beach,  Ontario (Pastor Father P.W. Fuerth( (CCCD)

1996, 1995:  assisting at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church,  St. Clair Beach,  Ontario Pastor Father T. J. Lever) (CCCD)

30 April 1994:  ORDAINED (Ridgetown)

“interned”  in  London and Kingsville, Ontario (Ridgetowon)

1991:  M. Div. King’s College, London, Ontario (Ridgetowon)

1988:  BA King’s College, London, Ontario (Ridgetowon)

Fall 1985:  Decision to become a priest (Ridgetowon)

1984 – 1985:  worked at Ridgetowon College as a research assistant (Ridgetowon)

1984:  graduated Ridgetowon College, University of Guelph Ontario  – had studied horticulture with focus on farming and research (Ridgetowon)

1970s  ?:  living in Chatham Ontario

“When Maurice Charbonneau was 15 years old, his parish priest in Chatham told him he would be a priest some day.”  (Ridgetown)


Mega-mass celebrates Catholic Education Week

Windsor Star

08 May 2013

Don Lajoie


Mass to bring schools together

The Windsor Star

24 Apr 2013

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