Talbot House residents to be removed by board

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CBC News

Posted: Mar 6, 2012 6:07 PM AT

Last Updated: Mar 6, 2012 7:06 PM AT

Talbot House's board of directors has decided to discharge residents of the recovery facility.

Talbot House’s board of directors has decided to discharge residents of the recovery facility. (Talbot House)

Residents are going to be removed from the Talbot House Recovery Centre in Frenchvale, CBC News has learned.

The Nova Scotia Department of Community Services began a review of the operation in February after unspecified allegations were brought against Reverend Paul Abbass, Talbot House’s former director.

“Community Services has been notified that the board of directors has decided to discharge the current residents of Talbot House,” Amanda Pelham, spokeswoman for the department said.

Talbot House is a men’s addiction and rehabilitation facility outside Sydney. The 53-year-old facility normally has 18 residents who stay for between three and six months.

“It was in response to some allegations that we had heard that we were concerned about,” Pelham said. “So the goal is to see if that organization is functioning properly, providing quality service. We’re expecting it to be completed in the coming weeks.”

Pelham couldn’t say whether residents can remain at Talbot House until spaces are found in other recovery centres.

The department’s review of the facility will continue, she said.

“So we have offered to be of assistance in finding alternatives and supports for the residents of Talbot House. We’re available to start working on that right away,” Pelham said.

Talbot House received $420,000 from the Department of Community Services last year.

No one from Talbot House could be reached for comment Tuesday.

1 Response to Talbot House residents to be removed by board

  1. Sylvia says:

    Well, well, – an interesting turn of events this is to say the very least. I would think this would not be a move the board would make without first giving it rather serious thought.

    Why get rid of all the residents? No residents=no $$$$s. Very strange.

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