Father Paul Abbass involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

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2010:  Bbbsi Foundation of Canada (Big Brother Big Sisters ) on AjahFundtrackerPRO shows Paul Abbas as a Board Member (Director) in 2010

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2009:  Listed as past chair of the Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada on  (opencharity.ca)

“Big sister association of ontario joined with big brothers big sisters of canada in 2001 to provide services to big sisters and big brothers big sisters agencies in ontario. All programs are now running through big brother big sisters of canada.

2009:  Listed as Member of the Board of Bbbsi (Director)  Foundation of Canada on opencharity .ca


 [check the Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Report 2006 which appears to have been  published in 2007]

Reflections on a Journey…

Signed by Paul J. Abbass

National Board Chair


Local “little” receives big boost with CIBC Youthvision scholarship

niagarathis week.com

29 September 2006

GRIMSBY — A Grimsby youth has received a prestigious scholarship.

Local "little" receives big boost with CIBC Youthvision scholarship. Grimsby resident and "little" with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln Nat McLaren recently received the CIBC Youthvision scholarship. (L to R) Paul Abbass, Chair of the National Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada; McLaren; and Gerry McCaughey, President and Chief Executive Officer CIBC.

On Sept. 20, Nat McLarenm, a “little” with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln, received the CIBC Youthvision Scholarship Award during a presentation at the CIBC building in Toronto. Nat was one of 30 Grade 10 students from across Canada awarded this scholarship.

The scholarship is a partnership between CIBC, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada and YMCA Canada. There are two parts to the scholarship valued at $34,000 per student.

The first part is a post-secondary scholarship that covers tuition and cumpulsory fees up to $4,000 a year for up to four years. The second facet is a summer internship opportunity through YMCA Canada, with a total stipend worth up to $18,000 over the term of the program.

Evaluation is based upon the student’s academic transcripts, a confidential academic evaluation report from the last school attended, and input provided by the student’s mentor Big Brother or Big Sister or caseworker or YMCA youth worker.

In addition to academic merit, the Selection Commitee takes into consideration the student’s involvement in extra-curricular activities at home, school and in the community (ie. sports, clubs, volunteer activities, employment and family responsibilities).


CIBC awards annual scholarships to 30 Grade Ten students

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM) News


20 September 20o6

CIBC Youthvision Scholarship Program combines post-secondary education, summer internships and mentoring to help youth reach their full potential

TORONTO, Sept. 20 /CNW/ – CIBC today announced the 30 recipients of the 2006 CIBC Youthvision Scholarship awards. The students, who applied earlier this year while in Grade 10, will receive up to $34,000 each towards their post-secondary education. CIBC President and CEO Gerry McCaughey, along with Paul Abbass, Chair, National Board, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC) and Sandy McIntyre, Chair, Board of Directors of YMCA of Greater Toronto, recognized the recipients today.

“The CIBC Youthvision Scholarship program was created to encourage young people to stay in school, complete their post-secondary education and pursue their dreams with energy, confidence and passion,” said Mr. McCaughey.

“Through our unique partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada and YMCA Canada, recipients receive financial support, mentoring and internship opportunities. We congratulate this year’s winners, and are proud of their accomplishments and their determination to build a strong future for themselves.”


5 Responses to Father Paul Abbass involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

  1. Walter Holman says:


    How is the above information relevant to the review of operations at Talbot House and Paul Abbass involvement with Talbot House?

    • 1 abandoned sheep says:

      Walter, it would be about the same as someone involved with Scouts Canada who was accused of sexual interference or abuse at his place of work.
      An abuser does not change his stripes according to the surroundings!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Walter Holman

    You are pulling my leg, right? Father Abbass is a Roman Catholic priest. There are allegations of a sexual nature of some sort against him.

    I will add here that not only did Father Abbass serve on the Bbbs board for years, he also served on the board of the Prison Fellowship of Canada, and on the Board of the Bishop William E Power Family Charitable Foundation.

    I really do wonder what in the name of goodness is a Roman Catholic priest doing serving on all these boards?

  3. Michelle says:


    It’s quite evident that you have never served on a board. Most boards have very little to nothing to do directly with children (with youth serving organizations). Most of their duties include bylaws, fundraising and overseeing that the day to day operations and are in order. An accusation is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly however he should not be hung without an investigation and trial. Have you no idea how many helping professionals are wrongly accused of terrible things each year? Hundreds! Just ask any social worker. I am not saying that Father Abbass is innocent or guilty. I just want to remind not to assume guilt until the evidence is heard!

  4. thalia says:

    it’s all relevant. Of course he’s guilty. Why believe a rapist over a child, or child turned adult. They have no reason to lie because they have only received disbelief and are humiliated by people like you. people are still defending the Catholic Church, but it has been shown over and over again how many lives it has utterly destroyed, and repeatedly deny accusations, which deepens the crime. They should be in jail. There is not god but god, you do not need priests to rape and destroy your children.

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