Trial of previously convicted Viatorian priest adjourned

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The TRIAL for Monsignor James Robertson is booked for two days in October:

17 October 2019, 09:30 am, Corner Brook Courthouse (82 Mt. Bernard Avenue).

Please keep the complainant in your prayers


The second sex abuse trial of previously convicted Viatorian priest Father Ronald Leger csv has been adjourned.  According to media reports Father Leger is in poor health and in palliative care

22 July 2019:  “Priest’s sexual assault trial adjourned due to failing health” & related article

This will be an extremely difficult time for the complainants.  Please keep them in your prayers.


I have tried to get the next court date for Father Cecil Noronha but so far no luck.  Today I left another message.  Unfortunately I will be away until about 07 August so will not be able to get this sorted out until I get back.

(You may recall that after a preliminary hearing Father Noronha was ordered to stand trial.  He will be tried in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  All legal proceedings will now be conducted in Sudbury Ontario rather than Espanola.)


Father Robert Mackenzie continued his battle against extradition today in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.  When I get back I will try to find the status of the appeal.

Enough for now,


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11 Responses to Trial of previously convicted Viatorian priest adjourned

  1. Joe Barriault says:

    Winnipeg media is reporting that a previously convicted priest has died…… They haven’t released a name yet, but it is likely leger.

  2. bc says:

    It`s Léger indeed.
    We don`t criminally prosecute the deceased so the criminal proceedings against Léger will end; but there is ongoing civil litigation and Léger`s religious order along with the Diocese (and perhaps even his estate depending on Manitoba torts) may still be held vicariously liable.

  3. bc says:

    Here is the obituary in french from Le Journal de Montreal for Father Léger.

    There is no suggestion in Father Léger`s obituary of him having been a convicted clerical pervert. Funeral is August the 5th at the Viatorian residence in Outremont, Québec. Father Léger will be buried in Rigaud Québec. Memorial Mass in Ste.Famille parish in Winnipeg on August the 24th.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      A similar situation happened when our pervert collar’s obit was posted. We contacted the Montreal Star and I also sent a comment to the funeral home’s memorial page for sullivan describing his sinister past. The page was shut down for comments the following day and a reporter from the Star went to the visitation but was turned away by security at the parlour entrance. Some of the “mourners” did remark that they never knew of his perverted past. Maybe someone should contact the local paper and comment on the memorial page just to ensure people know of his sordid past.

  4. bc says:

    Phil I didn`t find a leave a comment section on the online site of the Funeral Home arranging Father Léger’s cremation. I would have left a comment; which would have likely been removed… but any simple online search, in part thanks to Sylvia) will reveal that Father Léger was indeed a convicted clerical pervert.

    Father Léger`s ashes will be buried in Rigaud Quebec where a class action against the Viatorians for decades of abuse at one of Quebec`s most prominent private schools; Collège Bourget, is underway.

    • Phil Johnson says:

      Thanks for your reply BC, at least you tried. Too bad he wasn’t defrocked as well. He does not deserve the term “father” either. Take care.

      • Joe Barriault says:

        Even if you had left a comment BC, the free press moderators wouldn’t have let it get posted. You should have seen what I tried to post when Omer Desjardins died in 2017.

        • bc says:

          I believe you Joe!
          The only justification I can see is that obits being commercial products that the publishers are also selling editorial control to their customers.
          Where it backfires for the Diocese and Viatorians is that they charitably fundraise their Sunday memorial ritual when it comes to Jesus but revision and rewrite history when it comes to their dearly beloved jolly good fellow clerical pervert brothers. They can`t have it both ways: Catholicism can`t be about remembering the injustice endured by it`s founder and at the same time be about deceptive amnesia for victims of clerical abuse.

  5. bc says:

    Here`s the obit in the Winnipeg Free Press including an English version.

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