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Unfortunately the software for the Legal Calendar is no longer supported: the plugin is now creating problems on the site.  I have had to deactivate the plugin for the page (linked in the horizontal menu under the picture above), and will have to do likewise for the small calendar which appears in the sidebar to the right.

Alas, now it’s on to trying to find a plugin which will do the same job, and then begin the process of entering upcoming court-dates 🙁


And more headaches:   I am trying to catch what I can of the Cardinal Pell appeal which is being live-streamed from the Victoria Australia Supermen Court.

Enough for now


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  1. Sylvia says:

    They’re on break until 2 pm, which for we in Ontario and all on EDT is midnight.

    Today’s hearing will wrap up at 4:15 pm , which for we in Ontario and all on EDT is 2:15 am.

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