He was all over the place

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And another…

The page for Father Henri Paradis msa  is posted.

As you will see, he was all over the place. I finally stopped – I realized I could literally could spend days listing dates on which he said Mass here, gave a retreat there, conducted a mission somewhere else or was off on a pilgrimage.  I may add more dates over time, but for now I think there is enough information to get a general feel for Father Henri Paradis’ whereabouts over the past years.

Those in the Ottawa Archdiocese please note and spread the word that Father Paradis’ has ministered within the boundaries of the archdiocese, and that at least one of his pilgrimages to Medjugorje was advertised in Ottawa Communique du Jeudi.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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7 Responses to He was all over the place

  1. bc says:

    New documentary on clerical abuse in Poland. Title: Tell No One. Posted 2 days ago; has nearly 10 million views. View by clicking CC (english closed captioning)


  2. 1yellowknife says:

    BC: Why do you refer to Bishop Tom Dowd of the Diocese of Montreal as a not yet captured wolf? I am baffled. Does not compute; based on what are you stating this? Obviously not related to the polish documentary…. are you sure that is what you wanted to say, bc?

    • bc says:

      Jesuit Jacek Prusak said the Church is “a home for a herd of wolves in clerical collars” in the article. I believe there are exceptions. I don`t think Bishop Tom Dowd is part of that herd, for example.

  3. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    I think you may not be correct in your judgement of Bishop Thomas Dowd, bc. Have you ever met him, or engaged him in conversation? Mike.

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